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Uhuru exposes ‘con’ politician

by Mustafa Juma

Politicians have over a long period of time used little chances available to loot from public coffers. Most of them have been quoting high figures when they get a chance to be in charge of any development. Do you remember the incident where ex-Kasarani MP Elizabeth Ongoro used National Government Constituency Development Fund amounting to Ksh 48 million to build a non-existent Kasarani Girls High School?

Well, last month, one of the leading Kenya’s local dailies reported on a senior politician who had hatched a plot with some international businessmen to persuade President Uhuru Kenyatta to purchase a new ship for the refurbished Kisumu port.

Two weeks ago while inaugurating the Nairobi-Suswa SGR line, Uhuru made it public that indeed, the individual had attempted to present his scheme were it not for the Kenya Navy that told him that the vessel could not cost what the politician had quoted.

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During Mashujaa Day celebrations, in Mombasa, the politician is said to have attempted to whisper to Kenyatta that it was unfair to embarrass him in public. Those in know say the President brushed him off.

On July 6, during his two-day private visit to Tanzania, Uhuru and Magufuli resolved to revamp ferry services on Lake Victoria.

The two heads of states noted that regular maritime travel between Kisumu, Mwanza, Bukoba and other ports on Africa’s largest lake “will help create employment, enhance connectivity and spur related economic activities.”

Kisumu Port has been under utilized for over 20 years.

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