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VIDEO: Officer Who Mishandled Sonko in Dramatic Voi Arrest Becomes Dead Beat Dad

by Musa Abdirahman

A video of a jilted woman confronting her husband who is a retired police officer, accusing him of absconding parental duties remained the talk of the internet for the better part of Tuesday 16, 2020.

The woman, who was breathing fire, mishandled her husband like a toddler as members of the public watched, and washed his dirty linen in public, revealing how he has failed to take care of their kid.

The woman cursed her husband and said that he is not man enough because he cannot look after his own flesh and blood.

He desperately tried to cool her down but the woman continued causing more drama in the busy street. But did you know that the man in the video is the police officer who mishandled governor Mike Sonko during his dramatic arrest in Voi last year?

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Well, governor Sonko on Wednesday morning took to his social media handles revealing that the man in the video is the same man who assaulted him at the time of his arrest.

Sonko intimated that he has forgiven the commander for the assault levelled on him during his arrest and offered to pay the child support arrears.

“The Voi Base Commander who handcuffed me becomes a dead beat dad. I do not support domestic violence. I condemn the use of violence in any relationship but pole sana my friend Mr. Mureithi the recently retired Voi Base commander who forcefully handcuffed me with two pairs of handcuffs just to board a police chopper during my arrest at Voi,” reads the post in part.

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Further, he added, “My humble advice to you, if the baby the woman is alleging is really yours kindly accept the responsibility its just normal part of life and since you are now retired, I’m willing to pay for you the 300,000/= upkeep the woman has been awarded by the children’s court.”

The governor also indicated that Mureithi’s colleague who aided in his dramatic arrest is also suffering from a kidney problem and pledged to cater for his medical expenses.

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“I have also been made to understand that one of your colleagues who also manhandled me has a kidney problem I’m as well willing to help in meeting his medical expenses,” wrote Sonko.

Governor Sonko was arrested in December 2019 over alleged misappropriation of Ksh357 million from county coffers.

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