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Concerned Kenyans Get Worried Over Hassan Joho’s New Look

by Yahil Felix

Mombasa’s governor Ali Hassan Joho caught the attention of curious Kenyans after photos of him seemingly in a reduced weight than other days.

Besides being popular as a politician, Joho is well known to be a “fashion-killer”.

He has continuously displayed his unquenchable taste of fashion ranging from clothes, shoes and even the style of hair-cut.

The soft spoken governor apart from working in his office also works on his body and the results have been outstanding. He has left ladies drooling over his looks.

Various sites have described him as trendy and the most awoke politician in these times.

Joho has proven that even with older age, and his stomach which some said makes him look ” oldie”, one can still over look with the keen interest of an agent in a polling station, their sense of fashion.

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What to wear and what to avoid, diet and physical fitness. Joho has gone a bit higher by even making sure that he wears the most expensive outfits which he displays in his Instagram account.

All these portray that Joho has been enjoying his life without much issues. However, what caught Kenyans unaware sending spasms of worry in their already shaken souls brought by the dilemma of BBI, is Joho’s sudden loss of weight.

In the photos shared online, Joho seems to have experienced a dramatic loss of weight which made inquisitive Kenyans ask questions whether the self-proclaimed sultan is well.

Photo: Joho (Center) with Uhuru Kenyatta/ Courtesy

Here are some of the comments from concerned Kenyans:
@Clement Richu Malikh, “He looks dilapilated…hope all is well.”

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@Gilbert Tanui, “The Governor has lost much weight he as to reduce zoezi”

@Julie Wanna, “Kariuki Mwangi amekonda sana😳😳

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