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Bluebird Aviation: Air Charter Business Drastically Impacted By Covid-19

by Musa Abdirahman

Air Charter business travel has been drastically impacted by the Covid-19 Pandemic, regional airline Bluebird aviation has said.

In a press release sent to newsrooms, the airline said that the effect on the business comes as many customers opt to work from home.

According to the airline, the Covid-19 pandemic has also forced most business transactions to move online.

Air Charter

Air Charter is simply an Air Taxi where an airline takes you to a destination, waits for you to transact your business and then flies you back.

Drastic effects

According to Bluebird Aviation General Manager Captain Hussein Mohammed working from home has affected the air charter business.

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This, Captain Mohammed said, because of people working from home, the business segment has been affected in terms of those dedicated charter airlines.

“This Business segment has been drastically affected by virtue of the fact that you can transact business in a zoom meeting and electronically you can now transact business. So technology has evolved to an extent where you are able to transact business without having to go to a physical destination like Singapore,” said captain Hussein Mohammed.

Captain Hussein Mohammed- General Manager, Bluebird Aviation. Photo/Courtesy

Medical Charter has also reduced drastically, since most patients being transferred from point A to point B are COVID-19 positive.

Captain Mohammed noted that there is No airline that wants to expose their staff, both cockpit and cabin crew to COVID.

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“Most airlines want to first know the medical status of the passenger before they start evacuation. Most of these cases are referred to airlines that are specially equipped for medical evacuation,” he remarked.

However, commercial airlines business travel has been enhanced to a little extent by the virtue of the fact that those who can afford it and want to fly, there is sufficient social distancing and more room in the business

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