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Eric Omondi Reveals Why He Is Avoiding Sex And Wants To Stay Single

by Yahil Felix

The self-proclaimed president of comedy, Eric Omondi, has come out to reveal that he is remaining celibate till marriage and sex will no longer be part of his life.

In an interview that he shared on Instagram, Omondi, who is preparing for the premier of his new season of Wife Material, stated that he is keeping himself pure until he marries, adding that he hopes people will respect his decision.

“I personally I’m not a lover, I’m not a fan of sex and sex is not something that I can think about or I’d love to do.”

According to Eric Omondi, sex is a distraction that will derail his successful comedy career.

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He seemed to clear the air, especially given that his reality show had been criticized for its racy, and frequently explicit, content.

He added that he wants to focus with his career adding that sex before marriage is a distraction therefore he wants to keep himself pure.

His show had become controversial, running into headwind after the former KFCB chairman Dr. Ezekiel Mutua castigated him and demanded an investigation into the comedian’s conduct regarding the controversial Wife Material show, claiming it depicted sexual, immoral, and indecent content.

According to moral cop as dubbed by many, young girls were being duped into watching the how and were being forced to commit immoral acts.

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Dr. Mutua also claimed that the public were subjected to sexual acts that degraded societal morals and misled young people into copying acts that are against the African culture.

But Omondi who has now promised a bigger and better season of the show says he is focused on his career and is keen on avoiding anything that would bring negative impact on his career.

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