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New Trouble For British Soldier Who Murdered A Woman In Nanyuki As LSK Demands This

by Yahil Felix

Law Society of Kenya President Nelson Havi has called on the British government to surrender the British soldier suspected of killing a woman in Nanyuki for probe and prosecution.

Havi’s response comes a few days after The Sunday Times ran an investigative piece alleging the soldier’s involvement in the killing of Agnes Wanjiru and subsequent cover-up.

During an interview with Spice FM radio, Havi said it’s time the British High Commissioner to do something more than talking.

“There could be a motive to conceal the crime. That explains why this particular case has taken time to unfold. They must surrender the suspect as soon as possible for investigations to be concluded and the suspect prosecuted for this heinous murder.

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When the story was released, the British High Commissioner Jane Marriott said the British government is cooperating with Kenya’s investigation authorities.

She noted that the British soldiers’ conduct in Kenya is important to the High Commission.

Nelson Havi added that crimes by the soldiers in question are prevalent and questioned what they’re doing in Kenya.

He said their transgressions had prevailed and recently, they lighted a fire that killed an elephant and no action was taken.

The bosy of the 21-year-old Agnes Wanjiru was found decomposing by a hotel worker while running his daily routine in March 31st, 2012.

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