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Mental Health Awareness: Parents Urged To Embrace Positive Relationship With Their Children

by Pauline Waswa

Parents have been asked to create a good relationship between them and their children in order to create a free platform where they can share their issues without any fear of being scolded during this festive season.

Speaking during a pad drive event at red cross offices in Bungoma, Tracy Mutala who is a youth advocate and a mentor to young people noted that the act of keeping the children close and mentoring them accordingly will see many of them feel wanted, listened to and also adapting good characters and avoiding the bad behaviors that have seen many of them participate in unrests in schools.

Miss Tracy asked the parents to use this holiday to bond with their children to allow an emotional presence between them and the children Moreso the teenagers saying that mental health issues is one of the reasons that contributes to school unrest.

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She went ahead to ask the parents and guardians to caution their children on excessive exposure to social media during this holiday noting that they tend to be wasting their time, instead they should direct their energy to profitable events like games, tournaments and church competitions to consume their free time.

She called out the advocates of change and mentors to not only focus on empowering the girl child in the society but to empower both genders.

“It is very important to empower both genders because the more we empower one gender leaving out the other, the impact become null and void because one gender ends up to be more empowered and it will not be easy to push the other gender to be at the same level with the other,” she said.

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She further called upon the society at large to take a responsibility in guiding the young people to adopt good behaviors so that the rising school unrests come to an end.

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