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Triathlon Challenge: Fly 748 MD Takes On Experienced Athletes in a 7Km Race

by Mustafa Juma

Moses Mwangi, the Managing Director of renown airline Fly 748 services has taken part in the inaugural triathlon challenge.

The provisional challenge organized by Team Tri Fit (TTF)which is taking place in Chale Island, Kwale County seeks to grow and mainstream this sporting event in the country.

Mwangi took on experienced athletes in a seven kilometers off-road trail after being handed the baton by Stephen Mutuku from fly 748’s finance department who had cycled on 30 kilometer off-road track.

Fly 748’s Revenue Manager, Angel Kamae also participated in open water swimming -a distance of 1 kilometer.

Mwangi congratulated all the participants, noting that the event was more than just sporting, but about mental resilience, motivation and self-discipline.

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The event has seen amateur and professional triathletes aged between 17 years to 65 years and three persons of all fitness levels- with a desire to nurture the triathlon compete.

Mwangi promised that moving forward, Fly 748 was going to support the growth of triathlon in the best way possible.

Team Tri Fit (TTF) had in February this year signed a deal with Fly 748 that will see her members fly across the country at subsidized prices from the airline.

This is in line with the airline’s strategy of revolutionizing air travel in the country to enable more Kenyans take it to the sky through competitive pricing.

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TTF which boasts of 65 members seeks to develop triathlon and duathlon and increase their uptake amongst Kenyans to 700 participants by 2025, in its five-year plan.

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