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Power of Thighs: More Details On KRA Manager Dorine Mbingi’s Pending Divorce Emerge

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More details have emerged about the pending divorce of KRA’s manager Dorine Mbingi Ndombi from her cuckolded husband.

According to sources from within the tax agency, Dorine’s affairs with Former Commissioner J. Nduati, when working at Investigations and Enforcement department, has seen her dizzyingly ascent to the top of the corporate world, all through the power of her thighs.

In a divorce petition lodged in Milimani law courts under divorce petition DV/23/2/2021, Ndombi is accused of having a five year affair with her boss and when Nduati let, she latched on to a new commissioner, Mr G.

“The respondent, has for the last five years been engaged in an illicit, sexual and extra marital affair with her boss whom she saved him her phone as ‘Mr G sweetheart’. On probing the number 0722 XXX7XX6, I realized that’s her direct boss and a commissioner at KRA,” Reads the divorce affidavit filed in court late last year.

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The husband further adds, “They have been going together on seminars, workshops and trainings guised as work meeting but in essences, they went to fulfil their lustful desires so that the respondent can get promotion at work,” Reads the affidavit.

In the divorce case that is set to open a can of worms about corporate sex for promotions at the giant tax agency, the husband insists his estranged wife has been making staggering amounts of money, and therefore stopped performing wifely duties including conjugal rights.

“The respondent has totally, wilfully refused to be a mother and wife. She has neglected to take care of the children, delegating the duties to the domestic servant. She has also refused to perform wifely duties, leaving the petitioner in constant state of anguish, pain, embarrassment and neglect.”

The meteoric rise of Dorine is a case of study in business administration classes and even KRA insiders are astounded at the power she wields between her thighs, An astute clout chaser, Dorine is known within KRA for being the bosses darling.

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Last week when this site published a story about her demands for bribes from tax payers, she immediately rushed upstairs to the bosses and shortly thereafter wrote a memo to staff, asking them to ignore the online rumors since she already has the full support of the boss above. Well, the boss above was also above her last night.

“Team, focus on your work and ignore the online rumors. The bosses have assured us of their full support,” reads part of the memo she shared to her scared staff.

At work, according to our insiders, Dorine is an incompetent bully who uses her sexual connections to ride roughshod over staff.

“She is currently the deputy commissioner in the Large Tax Payer office where rarely interacts with her staff and barely even knows their names. She forces auditors working under her to falsify records. In the past six months alone, she has made her staff miss their targets because she interferes with their work. If someone owes KRA 400 million, Dorine will force the figure to be 40 million and ask for another forty million from the client. So people are missing their targets and she is getting richer the worst bit is, she eats the money alone and doesn’t share with anyone apart from her co-conspirator, a female manager at KRA,” Said an impeccable source within KRA.

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According to her officers, people in the industry rarely want to deal with her because she takes their money and doesn’t fulfil her end of the deal are crying with her name in this town.” This is part one of a seven part series about the sexual immorality at KRA.

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