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Kileleshwa Member of County Assembly Robert Alai has listed Cabinet Secretaries who he says President William Ruto must fire for him to succeed in his first term.

Taking to his official social media handles Thursday morning, the blogger-politician listed CS Eliud Owalo ICT), Florence Bore (Labour and Social Protection), Aisha Jumwa (Public Service, Affirmative Action and Gender), Alfred Mutua (Fireign Affairs) and Roselinda Soipan Tuiya (Environment, Climate Change and Forestry).

He further accused Dr. Mutua of lacking truth and honesty.

“Ruto, if you want to succeed in your first term; Fire Eliud Owalo, Florence Bore, Aisha Jumwa, Alfred Mutua and Roselinda Soipan. Give them other jobs like directors elsewhere but the CS job imewashinda. Mtu kama Mutua I think doesn’t have any affinity with truth or honesty. His character is to exaggerate and tell petty fibs,” Alai posted on Twitter.

Alai’s comments comes amid speculations of a looming cabinet reshuffle.

The speculations are based on the attacks on some Cabinet Secretaries by President Ruto’s close allies.

Embattled Jubilee Party Secretary General Jeremiah Kioni told one of the leading local dailies that the ongoing happenings are most likely being informed by an approaching cabinet reshuffle.

MPs allied to Ruto have been attacking ministers, the latest one being Sports Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba.

Namwamba has found himself under heavy criticism over claims he failed to facilitate the Kenyan team that participated in the Special Olympics in Germany.

According to Kioni, these are not just MPs holding the minister to account, but possibly people being used to paint him and the others who have been accused black to give Ruto a reason to switch them.

Ruto’s MPs have also had issues with Owalo, Kithure Kindiki (Interior), Susan Nakhumicha (Health) Florence Bore (Labour) and Alfred Mutua of the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

Do you think Robert Alai’s advice to the head of state is as a result of the actions of the above-mentioned MPs?

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Former Raila Odinga’s political strategist Eliud Owalo has joined Deputy President William Ruto’s political camp, weeks after ditching Musalia Mudavadi’s Amani National Congress (ANC).

Former Kakamega senator Boni Khalwale on Monday September 14, 2020 took to his official twitter account to reveal that DP Ruto had received Owalo into his camp at his Karen home in Nairobi.

Khalwale further revealed that former Machakos senator Johnson Muthama and Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua were also in attendance at the event.

“Today the Hustlers’ Clerk, @WilliamsRuto, at his Karen residence, received @EliudOwalo into the Hustlers Movement. @nduyamuthama and Hon Gachagua and I also attended,” Khalwale tweeted.

Owalo ditched Raila’s ODM party last year, just a few months to Kibra parliamentary by-elections.

He then joined Mudavadi’s ANC side where he got a ticket to vie for the Kibra parliamentary seat. Mudavadi traversed the constituency with him in search of votes, but he did not make it after ODM’s Bernard Imran Okoth emerged victorious.

About a month ago, Owalo ditched ANC.

In a letter copied to the Registrar of Political Parties, Owalo said that his exit was necessitated by the need to create ample space within the party.

He stated that the move will allow the party “strategically position itself effectively in the operational environment and craft a suitable road map moving forward without feeling suffocated by my views and suggestions.”

Thanking the party stakeholders with special mention to Mudavadi, Owalo who runs a management consultant firm, wished the party well.

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Former ODM leader Raila Odinga’s campaign manager Eliud Owalo has dumped Musalia Mudavadi.

Owalo on Friday August 14, 2020 resigned as a member of Amani National Congress (ANC )party.

In his statement, Owalo said he felt it was “imperative to create ample space within the Party”.

“… to enable the ANC strategically position itself effectively in the operational environment and craft a suitable road map moving forward without feeling suffocated by my views and suggestions,” he said.

“I also want to create a reasonable leg-room between myself and Mudavadi to safeguard and sustain our personal friendship, respect and positive professional engagements that has been in existence over a span of 25 years.”

His exit comes just a day after Barrack Muluka resigned as secretary general of the party citing similar reasons of giving the party ‘space’ to strategise.

In a letter addressed to Mudavadi on Wednesday, Muluka said ANC needs a fresh start ahead of 2022 polls.

“I doubt that i could add more value to what i have done so far. Moreover, it is now fitting that the space around you should be decongested. this will allow you to make critical decisions on the population and leadership of the party under the new constitution,” he said.

  Muluka said his resignation will ease  Mudavadi’s making of personal political choices in the lead up to the 2022 elections.

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Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party has taken to social media to congratulate their candidate Bernard Imran Okoth for “winning” the just concluded Kibra constituency by elections.

The party however seem to have relied on the results that have been doing rounds on social media, which Kibra constituency returning officer Beatrice Muli had earlier disowned.

“Congratulations Bernard Otieno Okoth Imran for your resounding victory in the just concluded by-election in Kibra. We give praise and thanks to the Lord for your victory. To your worthy competitors, we appreciate their effort. Zidi kutenda Mheshimiwa,” tweeted ODM.

The tallying process is however ongoing, with Imran leading.

According to the results that have been heavily shared by ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna, ODM’s Bernard Okoth garnered 33649 followed by Jubilee’s McDonald Mariga who has garnered 17651 votes. Coming third is ANC Eliud Owalo with 7860 then Ford Kenya’s Khamisi Butichi with 470.

IEBC has not announced the official results.

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Jubilee party candidate in the forthcoming Kibra by-elections McDonald Mariga and Musalia Mudavadi’s ANC party candidate Eliud Owalo on Sunday camped in Kibra to woo voters.

During their campaigns, the two attacked Raila Odinga-led Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).

The two attended a church service at Lindi Central PAG church.

Mariga told reporters outside the church that the residents are still grappling with poor sanitation, lack of water and lack of jobs because they have not been in government for decade.

The constituency has been under the leadership of the opposition since the early 1990s. ODM leader Raila Odinga served as MP for the larger Kibra and Lang’ata for more than 20 years. 

MP Ken Okoth took over from him in 2013 when the new Constitution barred Raila from contesting the seat as he was vying for President. 

Okoth, who was elected on ODM ticket, died on July 26 of cancer, triggering the by-election scheduled on  November 7.

On Sunday, Owalo was at Lindi PAG church where he promoted his manifesto. In a direct attack on ODM candidate Bernard Imran Okoth, Owalo, a former Raila campaign manager, promised to reconstitute the Kibra CDF board to mirror all communities living in Kibra.

Imran was the CDF manager during his brother’s tenure as an MP.

“Why should you bring in your wife and brother? It is the people of Kibra who should sit on the board, not relatives,” he said. 

“We will establish employment centres, seek partnerships to bring in fire engines and fix drainage that has been a perennial problem.” 

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Former ODM leader Raila Odinga’s aide Eliud Owalo has revealed the reason as to why he is seeking to be the shield and defender of Kibra people ahead of the upcoming November 7 by-elections.

Owalo who defected from ODM to Musalia Mudavadi-led Amani National Congress (ANC) was unveiled on Wednesday at ANC’s headquarters.

Through a long post on his facebook page, Owalo has outlined the reasons that have pushed him to contest for the seat that fell vacant following Ken Okoth’s demise.

Owalo says that when he made the decision to present himself as a candidate for Member of Parliament for Kibra constituency, the first question that came to his mind was “why is it that despite 56 years of independence and various interventions costing billions of shillings from Government and NGOs; Kibra is still wallowing in abject poverty and disease with the people still living in despicable conditions of abject poverty?”

Below is the long post.


Ladies and Gentlemen,I wish to clarify and confirm two issues which have been a major subject of speculation in the recent past.

ONE; that following my recent resignation from the ODM Party, I have since formally joined and become a dully-registered Life Member of the Amani National Congress (ANC) Party; and

TWO: That subsequent to the same, I will be seeking the ANC Party Ticket to run for the Kibra Parliamentary seat in the by-elections slated for 7th November 2019.


When I made the decision to present myself as a candidate for Member of Parliament for Kibra constituency, the first question that I asked myself was;

Why is it that despite 56 years of independence and various interventions costing billions of shillings from Government and NGOs; Kibra is still wallowing in abject poverty and disease with the people still living in despicable conditions of abject poverty?

It has become abundantly clear to me that there has been a problem with the approaches being deployed to resolve the problems facing Kibra and the entire issue of poverty in Kenya.

I concluded that Kibra is in part, a victim of doing things the same way for 53 years yet expecting different results. My well-considered opinion is that it is now time for a total paradigm shift.

We must stop looking at Kibra just as a slum but instead as the human resource backbone of Nairobi that it is; which then requires investment in skills development; healthcare; social services; security; welfare; housing and recreation, among other conscious and deliberate interventions.

Kibra is the home of the toiling and resilient men and women who carry the industries and factories of Nairobi on their backs for as low as Ksh.150 per day. The profit is obviously invested elsewhere; with none trickling down back to Kibra.

Kibra houses the most hardworking construction workers who build and maintain our roads, houses, bridges and railways in the scorching heat or biting cold every single day. The roads obviously lead elsewhere and serve other people. They do not bring wealth and prosperity to Kibra.

Kibra is the home of our shamba boys, maids, watchmen, ayahs, cleaners, boda-boda riders, makangas, mama mbogas and mkokoteni pushers. They have invested heavily in other people’s lives but unfortunately with little returns in their own households in Kibra.

Indeed Kibra is a significant player in Nairobi’s economy and part of its human resource backbone yet very little is invested back or even trickles down back to its residents. We have become a society that does not care about its human resource.

Kenya pursues a policy of trickle-down economics designed to empower the owners of capital who are then expected to invest and generate wealth that is subsequently expected to trickle down to the rest of the country, including those that toil at the lower end of the production chain like the Kiberans. This however does not happen.

Consequently, the bottom-line or net-effect is that the rich get richer while the poor get even poorer. That is how we end up with huge slums like Kibra waiting in vain for our National Wealth to trickle down to them.

Kenya’s Annual Budget of Ksh. 3.02 trillion is hardly trickling down to the poor resulting in our country becoming one of the most unequal societies in the world. The gap between the rich and poor in Kenya is widening everyday with the number of the super-rich millionaires being among the fastest growing while on the extreme opposite end, those living in abject and extreme poverty is also increasing at an alarming rate.

The people of Kibra have been patient for long enough waiting in vain for our national wealth to trickle down to them yet this hasn’t happened in 53 years. Instead they see one third of our budget (approximately Ksh. 1 Trillion) lost to corruption at their expense. From my perspective, they are now rightfully running out of patience. Something definitely has to change.

As a candidate for MP for Kibra I have an elaborate plan to shift this paradigm and change from the unsuccessful model of trickle-down economics to trickle-up economics whereby among other measures, I shall seek initiatives to empower the Kibra as is required for them to be fully functioning citizens in our society living happily in dignity and sharing in our prosperity.

In my view, an empowered, skilled and healthy citizenry in the middle and lower classes of society is the success that will trickle upwards in corporate balance-sheets in the form of higher performance and outputs by middle and lower level workers leading to higher profits. The trickle-up approach is therefore a potential game-changer for Kibra.

Achieving dignity and prosperity for Kibra requires partnership with a political party that has a shared vision and which is equally ideologically inclined towards shifting this paradigm.
The Amani National Congress Party (ANC) Party is a Social-Liberal Political Party. Worldwide, social liberal governments address economic and social issues such as poverty, health care, education and equity and focus on empowerment of the lower and middle classes through planned government and market interventions and policies towards equalization while also addressing the common good in harmony with the freedom of the individual.

Having carefully analyzed and interrogated the ANC policy documents, legislative agenda and ideology, I am convinced beyond any doubt that the ANC Party led by Hon. Wycliffe Musalia Mudavadi offers the best vehicle for us to work together towards shifting the paradigm in Kibra and bringing about the much-needed empowerment of the people.

I have noted that the ANC Party has the most elaborate and appealing pro-poor policies. More appealing to me is Musalia Mudavadi’s mastery of Kenya’s economic issues and persistent proposals on feasible policy alternatives; his zero-tolerance to corruption; zeal for good-governance; advocacy for effective debt-management; concerns on inflationary tendencies and the high-cost of living index; and advocacy for the rule of law.

This is why I chose ANC. And this is why the people of Kibra should vote Eliud Owalo and ANC on November 7th.


Ladies and Gentlemen, I am a proud son of Kenya who envisages the best for our beloved Country. Over the years, I have served worthy causes by partnering with local communities in socio-economic activities and agents of real change in worthy political causes; with the ultimate objective of realizing a better, equitable and all-inclusive Kenya.

In Kibra where I first lived upon coming to Nairobi, and continue to maintain strong-links to date, I have first-hand experience of the plight and challenges facing the people. I therefore have a strong-will, conviction and zeal to make life more bearable for the good people of Kibra.

Even as an ordinary Kenyan citizen, the people of Kibra and the country as a whole have known me as a strong defender and advocate for basic human rights, the rule of law, widening of the democratic space and key agent for real-change.

Augmenting this is my passion and pursuit for sustainable economic empowerment of families in Kibra. It is my considered belief that I am focused and committed enough to providing fearless, participatory and impartial representation to all the communities of Kibra.

My view is that this by-election should and must be about ideas. When I decided to challenge the late Hon. Ken Okoth, I told him as much: that my challenge would be based on a contest of ideas. That position has not changed.

My overall Goal therefore is to provide effective and servant leadership that facilitates the protection of civic rights and uplifting of the standards of living of the people of Kibra. When elected as MP;I will pursue an appropriate Legislative Agenda that promotes full implementation of the 2010 Constitutional dispensation; with particular focus on Strengthening of the Devolved System of Government; Equitable Distribution of Resources; Good Governance; Inclusivity; and Promotion of the Rule of Law.

My Vision for Kibra is “An empowered, educated, healthy and compassionate Kibra community living in a decent, clean and secure environment”.

To realize this Vision; my Kibra Mission therefore is “To provide effective representation and facilitate the basic rights and needs of the Kibra people through servant and participatory leadership; strategic alliances; and relevant partnerships to empower and enhance the standards of living of the people”.

My Values are (i)Fidelity to the Rule of Law; (ii)Servant and fearless leadership; (iii)Active Public Participation; (iv)Integrity; and(v)Inclusivity and Impartiality.

Since I started partnering with the people of Kibra in various programmes and activities in the year 2013,I have not only aptly demonstrated my accessibility to the people of Kibra but also effectively espoused my empowerment Agenda. The Key Milestones in this regard are well-known to the Kibra people; and are available in my Kibra 2017 eliudowalo.comcampaign website; which is currently undergoing update.

My areas of focus upon being elected MP will be Democracy, Good Governance and the Rule of Law; Human Rights; Health; Education; Shelter; Youth and Women empowerment; Environmental management; Water and Sanitation; Security; Disaster response; Social security; and Sports.

Critical success factors for my Kibra Agenda include (i)Effective Strategic Planning: (ii)Effective Stakeholder engagement and Public Participation; (iii)Elaborate Strategic Alliances and Partnerships; (iv)Effective Resource Mobilization; (v)Good Governance; and (vi)Effective Performance Management Framework; while augmented by (vii) Effective Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting.



“I will promote the widening of democratic space, good governance and conformity to the Rule of Law for the benefit of the people of Kibra”.


MY PLEDGE TO THE PEOPLE OF KIBRA NO.2 :“I will advocate for and protect the basic and fundamental political, economic and social rights of the people of Kibra”.



“ I will facilitate enhancement of the health status of the people of Kibra by partnering with health institutions and non-governmental organizations in the health sector to provide relevant periodic medical camps and mobile clinics”.

“I will augment the CDF Bursary efforts by facilitating the education of needy but bright and capable dependents within the Kibra Community. More specifically, I will promote TVET programmes to harness the unexploited potential of the Kibra Youth”.


“I will partner with key stakeholders to support the people of Kibra in accessing low-cost but optimal and decent shelter”.


“I will facilitate empowerment of the Youth and Women of Kibra to enable them exploit their full potential by engaging in viable and sustainable income-generating activities in order to access basic subsistence”.


“I will facilitate a framework that realizes and maintains a clean and habitable environment to enable the people of Kibra live in an environmentally-friendly settlement free of garbage and diseases”.


“I will facilitate enhanced access to clean water and elaborate sewerage infrastructure to enable the Kibra people meet basic water and sanitation needs”.

I will also jointly work with other stakeholders to clean-up and restore the Nairobi Dam so that it can again be not only an important source of clean and healthy drinking water but also a magnet for water sports enthusiasts, fishermen, picnickers and bountiful bird life.


“I will identify and partner with all the relevant stakeholders to determine and implement viable initiatives that will augment efforts towards guaranteeing the security of the people of Kibra and their property”.


“I will establish and operationalize a Constituency Disaster Management Fund to provide timely and adequate response in instances of disasters like fire and floods”.



“I will recognize that the Aged are integral members of the Kibra society and should obtain the inalienable economic, social and cultural rights indispensable for their dignity and the free development of their personality and are therefore entitled to realization of the same, through joint efforts and co-operation and in accordance with the organization and resources of the Constituency”.


I will sponsor an Annual Sports Tournament to promote cohesion;physical development; positive attitudes and discipline; manage pressure; improve endurance: build character; boosts self-esteem; strengthen perseverance; develop teamwork; and promote healthy competition amongst youthful members of the Kibra Society.

Eventually, I will facilitate enhanced competitiveness of Kibra United Football Club and the purchase of a Van each for the Kibra Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards Football Club Supporters Branches.

Ladies and Gentlemen, in response to the challenges faced; emerging issues; and with a view to realize the above objectives, I will in the short-term be pursuing the following Flagship Projects to address what in my view are the most immediate and pertinent needs of the People of Kibra;


1. Establishment and Operationalization of Youth Employment Centres in all the Constituencies;
2. Development of a Technical Industrial Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training Centre to harness the skills and exploit the full potential of the Kibra Youth;
3. Purchase of a Fire Fighting Vehicle for each of the 5 Wards in Kibra;
4. Development of a Maternity Hospital and provision of Periodic Mobile Clinics for selected diseases;
5. Purchase of Five(5) Funeral Buses; one for each Ward; 
6. Purchase of a Welfare Bus each for the Bukhungu Community and Muliro Gardens Pressure Group;
7. Pursuit of Land Title Deeds for all the Markets; 
8. Development of 2 Ultra-Modern Sports Stadiums; one at Woodley and the other at Line Saba Grounds;
9. Purchase of a Transport Van each for the Kibra Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards Branches; and
10. Development of a Cultural Centre for the Nubian Community.

It is on the basis of my Agenda as outlined above and my proven track record that I now humbly submit my Candidature to the Kibra people-seeking their Vote to become their Member of Parliament.

A Vote for Eliud Owalo will be a Vote for a Shield and Defender; an Astute and Visionary Leader with proven development record; Advocate for Human Rights; Key Agent for Change; and opportunity for wide local and international networks for the benefit of the people of Kibra.

As I conclude, I wish to lay bare an issue that has caused me a lot of pain, anguish and sleepless nights over the past 7 years. Persistent attempts have been made in the past and prime segments of Kibra land runs the risk of being lost to faceless, nameless, mysterious people from outside Kibra.

Hard working Kenyans living in Kibra are in danger of being evicted from their business premises to make way for these egocentric land grabbers. I commit that this will NOT happen under my watch. And it will NOT happen under my watch.

In the face of all unfolding circumstances, I will remain the Shield and Defender for the people of Kibra.

Let the people of Kibra decide.


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