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Kenya Navy in Deep Trouble After Abandoning Stranded Fishermen in The Sea For 17 Days

by Musa Abdirahman

Kenya Navy has found itself on a chopping board after reports emerged that it had abandoned stranded fishermen in Indian ocean after their boat capsized.

The eight fishermen who miraculously survived 17 days in the Indian Ocean along the Kenyan coast were spotted and rescued by marine police on patrol on Christmas Day.

“Their boat were taken to the deep waters and capsized by strong winds and they have been in the ocean,” said Malindi Sub County Police Commander Vitalis Otieno who confirmed the incident.

They had been reported missing at Ziwayu beach, on the north coast and were using an Alhafidh Fibre 15HP boat.

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Upon their rescue, the eight were rushed to Malindi Sub County Hospital for a medical check-up.

However, the internet has been set ablaze after the victims narrated their ordeal in the sea.

On their 9th day in the sea, they spotted Kenya Navy soldiers who were on patrol.

Stricken by thirst and hunger, they tried to ask for help, but the soldiers ignored them.

They then tried to ask for drinking water and food, a request that was also ignored.

The eight survived on salty sea water and dry fish for 17 days.

The move displayed by Kenya Navy has angered Kenyans who have flocked social media to bash them over failure to rescue stranded Kenyans.

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The Navy is now being accused of leaving innocent Kenyans to die in the sea.

Here are some of the reactions.

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Mungai December 27, 2019 - 14:29

This is shameful…..a situation I wouldn’t wish to happen to
my enemies


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