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International Women’s Day: What Kenyans Should Celebrate So Far

by Maureen Mwangi

International women’s day celebrated every March 8th of every year, is earmarked to celebrate
women’s achievements in social, economic, cultural political developments and challenges that
women are undergoing.

Gender Equity

According to research done by UN women, no country has achieved gender equality.

Looking at decades back, women were viewed as housewives and their duty was to fulfil duties
around that concept.

Currently, the view of women as housewives has reduced due to emerging developments in the women empowerment sector that we all need to embrace.

In Kenya, we have seen efforts in achieving women inclusivity through the implementation of the two
_thirds gender rule as per article 177 of the Kenyan constitution, Inclusion of 47 county women
Representatives, paid maternity leave in most companies and women representation in different
sectors of the economy.

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The Kenyan government is working effortlessly to achieve gender equality by creating programs such as Uwezo fund, Enterprise fund, and end of Female Genital mutilation.

Gender equality cannot be achieved if the government, institutions, Faith based organizations and companies don’t address on equitable access of resources.


We’re all looking forward to a generation where all voices will be listened to without discrimination(discrimination against race, ethnicity, language, health status, economic,
physical and social weakness), stereotypes, stigma and violence.

Violence Against Women

End of all forms violence against women is the desire of every girl or woman growing up in a very harsh and
stereophonic society.

All genders can deliver the same talent and skills , there is no gender superior than the

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Equal Career Opportunities

We have currently seen women greatly taking lead in STEM fields and careers, spaces that the society has always branded them as one Gender course, men.

According to Phumzile Mlambo,the executive director for UN women pointed out that women need to be represented in all their diversities, abilities and across all cultural ,social, economic and political solutions.

International Organizations that have taken lead to empower women are but not limited to United Nations, Ananke Magazine, connected women in Pakistan , Pakistan women in computing e.t.c they have taken the Frontline to empower young girls and women.

Most countries have also set aside positions in for women representation in parliament.

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Access To Sanitary Towels

Just in November 2020,the Scottish government was celebrated by the world for implementing free and universal access of period products.

Scotland became the 1st country in the world to move into that direction.

The implementation of free period products has helped to tackle period poverty in Scotland and has also encouraged women to bleed with pride.

If this move is implemented in Kenya ,am certain that it will increase the rate of girls attending classes in schools and boost their confidence in public speaking.

Let’s try to break barriers and embrace gender equality in order to empower women from all spheres of the earth and achieve gender equality.

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