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Breaking News: Miguna Miguna Barred From Boarding His Plane to Kenya

by Musa Abdirahman

Exiled lawyer Dr Miguna Miguna has been barred from boarding his plane to back to Kenya.

Miguna has been barred from leaving Berlin Airport following a red alert that was issued which bars him from travelling to any African country.

Miguna while speaking to Royal Media’s hot 96 said German authorities have been instructed not to allow him board flight to JKIA or any other African country.

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“In fact, the Kenya Government has demanded that Lufthansa must refund my fare. They have demanded that Lufthansa should not fly me into any other African country, either,” he said.

“Lufthansa flight manager is saying that the Government of Kenya must send official communication to Lufthansa at Frankfurt office before I can be allowed to fly to Kenya or any other African country.”

Miguna was expected to land at JKIA at 9:25 pm today.

The Immigration Department on Monday said it will comply with a court order to facilitate the return of Miguna Miguna, who was deported in 2018, over the swearing-in of NASA leader Raila Odinga following a repeat Presidential election in which Uhuru Kenyatta was declared the winner.

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Miguna was deported for taking part in the swearing-in, and trying to mobilise Kenyans into a revolution, state officials said at the time.

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