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Thieves Confess After Developing Smelly Wounds on Their Private Parts

by Ian Gitau

Three men who had stolen from an M-Pesa shop in Nairobi were in for a rude shock when they developed smelly wounds on their private parts. 

The wounds were painful and started producing pus, making them uncomfortable and embarrassed. They had no idea what was happening to them, and they feared for their lives.

In the first instance, they visited a clinic, hoping to get some treatment and relief. However, the clinic referred them to a regional hospital, as the condition seemed too complicated and beyond their capacity. 

The trio decided to visit the hospital, but as they waited for the medics for tests, they started hearing strange voices.

“Return the things you stole; return them, or you will suffer more,” the strange voices told them.

The pain became too much, and they started to groan in pain, forcing them to sleep on the floor. They wailed in pain, sending the whole hospital in panic. The doctors and nurses rushed to attend to them, but they could not find any explanation for their condition.

The confession

However, the three continued to writhe in pain. A nurse who was somehow religious approached them and said a prayer. She hoped that God would heal them and reveal the cause of their affliction.

Instead of the three listening to the prayer, they started shouting.

“Leave us alone. leave us alone. We are thieves; we are sorry we stole; the voices are too much; please stop. The pain is too much,” the men said in unison.

The sentiments attracted patients, doctors, and even the police, who were called in after the three claimed they were thieves.

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In their confessions, the men said they had stolen from an M-Pesa shop two days ago, and since then, they have been tormented by strange voices in their heads telling them to return the money and phones they stole.

The three were bundled in a police Land Cruiser, and they directed the police to the shop where they conducted the crime.

But before they went to the shop, they took the police to where they had stashed the loot. They hoped that by returning the stolen items, they would find some peace and mercy.

How do Business cleansing and protection work?

At the shop, they found the shopkeeper, who had also reported the incident. She was, however, not surprised to see the thieves who had robbed her at gunpoint and left her traumatized.

They handed her the money and phone and begged for her forgiveness. The shopkeeper revealed that she had contacted Mugwenu Doctors immediately after the robbery, and they cast a spell to track down the thieves.

“It was just a matter of time before their situation exposed them and their evil works. Mugwenu Doctors assured me they would just bring themselves and it has come to pass. He said I should call him after they come,” the lady, who smiled constantly, said.

She then called Mugwenu Doctors, who had been following the events on the phone. The thieves found relief after hearing the voice of the herbalist.

“My children, you have chosen the wrong path, and you are going to pay for it,” the herbalist said on loudspeaker.

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He then lifted the spell from them but warned them to change their ways or face worse consequences.

The justice

Their pain ended, but the police arrested them. In their house, more stolen goods and, fake guns and crude weapons were recovered, thanks to the business cleansing spell Mugwenu Doctors had provided.

The spell, Mugwenu Doctors said, helps protect businesses from negative energies. This includes thieves, unfair competition, and lazy employees.

Apart from business cleansing, Mugwenu Doctors also provide:

  • Business sales spells: To increase the revenue and profit of a business.
  • Customer attraction spells: To draw more clients and customers to a business.
  • Spells for promotion at work: To help one advance in their career and get recognition and rewards.
  • Spells to win tenders: To help you secure contracts and tenders in the government and private sector.
  • Magic rings: To give one power, wealth, luck, and success in various aspects of life.
  • Pregnancy spells: To help one conceive, prevent miscarriages, and have a healthy baby.
  • Lucky charms for financial problems: These ones help one overcome debts, poverty, and bad luck.
  • Finding missing person: Such spells are special and help one locate a lost or kidnapped person using a spell.
  • Spells for loan repayments: To help one clear their loans and debts without any hassle.

Customer attraction spells for Kisumu bakers

Another time Mugwenu Doctors came through for a nearly crumbling business was when they helped restore the bakery business of two investors in Kisumu.

The duo found themselves counting losses after a human finger was found inside a cake they delivered to a wedding in Mamboleo.

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Mugwenu cast a business cleansing spell and customer attraction spell that restored the loyalty of customers.

The duo said they even landed a bigger deal to bake 15 cakes for a Migori prophet who was having a house opening party.

“We had to use our Noah Van to deliver the cakes to Migori. Delivery was the most difficult part since the cakes are delicate and could be messed up during long-distance delivery. But we made it. I won’t reveal the amount we were paid, but what I can say…it was good money,” they said.

The couple is now set to open a new branch in Luanda to serve parts of Kisumu, Vihiga, Siaya and Kakamega counties, all thanks to Business expansion spells by Mugwenu Doctors.

How to find spells, charms customised for you

Mugwenu Doctors are not only experts in finding missing persons, but they also help treat diseases like arthritis, high blood pressure, cancer, severe period pains, asthma, STIs, TB among others. 

They also help in penis enlargement and have medicines that improve libido both in men and women. The spells they cast work on the same day they are cast. 

The herbalists can treat you from anywhere; distance is not an issue. If you have a lost person you want to find, or if you need special charms to help you in business, health, relationships, and education, contact Mugwenu Doctors today. 

They will help you with their powerful and effective spells and herbs. You will not regret it.

Email: mugwenudoctors@gmail.com
Website: www.mugwenudoctors.com
Phone: +254740637248

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