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Street Prankster Nicki Bigfish’s Father is Dead

by Mustafa Juma

Kenyan street prankster Nicki Bigfish’s father is dead.

Nicki Bigfish on Saturday evening took to his official social media handles to announce the passing of his father.

The emotional post revealed that his father had succumbed to illness while undergoing treatment in the hospital.

In a poignant tweet, Nicki shared his regret over not being able to fulfill a promise he had made to his father. He had promised to take his father home while walking but he now regrets that he will have to take him home while in a box.

“Mzee amesema itakua sawa aki tutangulia. I promised to take you back home walking but I’ll have to take you back in a box. I failed you. Pole! Rest easy,” he tweeted.

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The news comes after Nicki Bigfish had previously taken to his Instagram page in October last year to share distressing updates about his father’s health.

The elder Bigfish had been diagnosed with a cancerous head tumor, and the family urgently sought financial assistance for the necessary surgery.

Facing the weight of a substantial hospital bill, Nicki Bigfish made a heartfelt appeal to his followers and the public to lend their support during this challenging time.

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The response was overwhelming, with an outpouring of generosity from fans and well-wishers who rallied behind the entertainer to help cover the medical expenses.

Despite the pain of his father’s passing, Nicki Bigfish expressed gratitude for the immense support and the flood of prayers and kind words that he and his family have received.

The community’s response showcased the power of unity and compassion, highlighting the positive impact that social media can have in times of need.

As the Kenyan entertainment community comes together to mourn the loss of Nicki Bigfish’s father, the overwhelming support serves as a reminder that even in the face of tragedy, solidarity and kindness can bring solace and strength.

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Nicki Bigfish and his family appreciate the support they have received and are sure to find comfort in the collective embrace of their fans during this challenging period.

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