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Media personality Willis Raburu has joined TV 47.

Sources privy to the arrangements have disclosed that the journalist-cum artist is set to be unveiled today Tuesday August 22, 2023, at the Cape Media Limited-owned TV station.

He will be hosting a show dubbed WabebeXp that will be airing every Friday from 10pm.

In June, Raburu quit Royal Media Services after 13 years. He used to host the famous 10 over 10 show among other shows on Citizen TV.

While announcing his exit from Royal Media Services (RMS), the ‘Kalale’ hit maker said he would be taking a break to continue with his Masters at the  United States International University (USIU). 

TV47  on Tuesday, July 18 relaunched and unveiled its new state-of-the-art studios in Muthaiga, Nairobi, and unveiled new renowned news anchors and reporters in a move to set the bar high in the broadcast media space.  

Willis Raburu will be joining Fred Indimuli, Grace Kuria, George Maringa, Victor Mukayane, and Hibaq Said who were recently unveiled. 

Raburu had joined Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja’s office after he left RMS.

Raburu while announcing his role at Sakaja’s office had described himself as a strategist and consultant, indicating that he would be involved in various projects for the governor’s benefit and other companies.

He expressed excitement about this new endeavor while still considering his options, including a potential return to the screen, acknowledging the growth of the digital space.

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Media personality Willis Raburu has announced his exit from the Royal Media Services after 13 years.

Raburu has been hosting the famous adult-rated 10 over 10 show that airs on Citizen TV every Friday from 10pm.

He has also hosted the Day Break morning show on Citizen TV.

During his 13 years at Royal Media Services,  Raburu worked as an on-air personality for Citizen TV Kenya, and Hot 96.

He was a reporter, News Anchor and TV Presenter in the current affairs desk and also covered human interest stories and features.

Through his social media platforms, the journalist-cum music artist said he will be bidding farewell to Royal Media Services this week.

“This week, I bid farewell to Royal Media Services, my home for 13 remarkable years. Thank you for the platform to break barriers, inspire change, and connect with all of you. Onward to new adventures!” said Raburu.

He noted that he was quitting to explore new adventures.

Raburu is also a digital and communication consultant and erudite influencer who has been running his own entertainment agency called Bazu Entertainment.

Watch the video below to know Willis Raburu’s next move after exiting Royal Media Services.

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Nairobi County Governor Johnson Sakaja Saturday announced that he had joined the now famous social media platform, TikTok.

With barely two days of joining the platform, Sakaja has already gained over 206,000 followers as at the time of publishing this article.

Behind the fast growth of his, there is a 20-year-old lady who has been running it since its launch on Saturday.

Speaking on Saturday, January 29 while unveiling the account, Governor Sakaja revealed that the 20-year-old content creator Mbaka Wainaina was behind his new TikTok account.

“I can see everyone is asking who is the one person am following, it is my social media manager, follow her as well,” Sakaja announced while introducing her to the public.

Though a famous TikToker, Mbaka came to the limelight during the campaigns ahead of the 2022 general election.

She had been campaigning for Azimio and pushed hard to influence her followers in voting for her fellow woman, NARC Kenya party leader, and Azimio running mate Martha Karua.

She worked closely with Diana Ngao, head of communications, Martha Karua’s secretariat. She is also a co-founder of Girls for Girls Teens.

Mbaka is the only person being followed by Sakaja on TikTok.

Below are some of the photos we picked from her TikTok account.

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Are you looking for a new show to watch on Netflix? Look no further than kaleidoscope. This new show is definitely worth your time.

Kaleidoscope is a unique show that will leave you on the edge of your seat. This show is one part detective, one part sci-fi, and two parts mystery. Every episode is filled with twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the very end.

Creator Eric Garcia intended his new Netflix show Kaleidoscope to be something his audience can participate in—and that’s exactly what we got.

The resulting heist drama starring Giancarlo Esposito is an elaborate choose-your-own-adventure story that invites viewers to put the pieces together as they watch the show.

Each episode is titled with a color, rather than a number, which influences the tone and visuals of each part of the story. The episodes are said to be arranged randomly for each viewer, except for the finale, which appears last.

Netflix says that “the order in which [viewers] watch the episodes will affect their viewpoint on the story, the characters, and the questions and answers at the heart of the heist.”

So, there are a lot of potential ways to watch everything unfold, but before you see the series, how would you know?

The episode titled “White” is designed to function as a the finale, revealing the answers to a lot of questions throughout the show.

It is not intended to be in any order except last, because it will spoil some things in other episodes. But it is not the actual ending of the story in the chronological sense. To see things along a linear timeline, the order is as follows:

“Violet,” “Green,” “Yellow,” “Orange,” “Blue,” “White,” “Red,” “Pink.”

The overall story spans over two decades, so if you were to get the exact dates of each episode, they are:

Violet: 24 years before

Green: 7 years before

Yellow: 6 weeks before

Orange: 3 weeks before

Blue: 5 days before

White: present (the heist)

Red: 1 day after

Pink: 6 months after.

Again, this is not how Eric Garcia wants people to watch the show. It might, though, be a satisfying way to review the show if you’ve already gone through it another way.

There are a lot of moving pieces, so one final review in chronological order will probably clear up some things that you didn’t catch on the first viewing.

Be random as hell.

Some Redditors have said that logging into Netflix on different devices has presented the order of the episodes to them differently.

It still generally suggests “White” last, the episode that shows the heist itself and everything that goes wrong. Go with whatever the algorithm offers and see what happens.

Another option is to just hit random episodes for yourself and experiment. The possible downside of this is that you might end up watching an episode and not really know (or care about) who anyone is.

Part of watching a show is getting familiar with character dynamics, their background and motives, and why what they’re doing matters, so jumping in at the highest stakes moment could feel anti-climatic.

However, these characters are all played by very engaging actors and the set pieces will suck you in to wonder what happens next.

Go heist first.

Starting with “White” and watching the heist first is exactly the kind of problem described above. Viewers will suddenly be dumped into the culmination of all the plotting and planning and not know who is who and what is what.

It might make you inclined to investigate.

Similarly, “Red” shows the immediate aftermath of the heist and could offer many of the same mysteries to unravel without spoiling what happens at heist time.

Try rainbow order.

Watching the episodes in the ROYGBIV order seems like it might unlock some secret way to enjoy the series, except there’s no “Indigo” episode. Sub in “White” there and see what happens. Or sub in “Pink” and never watch the heist episode at all.

Starting with “Red” means starting with the moment of extreme crisis, then “Orange” downshifts into heist planning stages. This order will definitely jump around the highs and lows.

Watch it in reverse.

That would mean: “Pink,” “Red,” “White,” “Blue,” “Orange,” “Yellow,” “Green,” “Violet.”

Starting with “Pink” means seeing where everyone ends up and then going back through to how they got there. If you want to honor Garcia’s vision, you can still save “White” for last, or put it back where it belongs chronologically after “Red.”

This lets characters age in reverse, come back to life, and arrive at the moment that sets them off in the wrong (or right) direction.

Start with the heist coming together.

The story centers around a man who is trying to get revenge on his former crime partner, and that set-up is covered in “Violet.”

All that background adds a lot of context for why the heist is happening, but it might be more fun to start with just the group being assembled, like in classic heist film Ocean’s 11.

In that case, start with “Yellow,” where Leo (Esposito) brings together cast Paz Vega, Rosaline Elbay, Peter Mark Kendall, and Jordan Mendoza. That way you can watch the rest of the show with some idea of who everyone is and their relationship to one another.

Then going back to “Violet” and “Green” will give more context or can be sprinkled in when you feel ready to know more about Leo and why he’s so determined to break into these particular vaults.

The ending of every episode in Kaleidoscope is very creative. The show makes the closing credits almost feel like a missing scene from a movie.

Sometimes they’re full of clues about what’s going to happen next and sometimes they’re just some cool visual moments. My favorites were the ones that give a glimpse of the overall mythology of the show.

You can skip most of the credits if you want to see a glimpse of what’s to come next or just go straight through to see the final seconds of the show.

At the end of each episode there’s a special moment that I like to call the “Spotlight Moment.” It’s almost like a mini-climax that follows the lead up of the episode, though it’s technically still part of the plot.

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A special red-carpet event for the new Marvel Studios film “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” was held at the Century Cinemax in Sarit Centre, Nairobi, in Kenya on Wednesday.

The premiere, organised by Mobile phone maker Infinix, attracted a large group of talent, filmmakers and the press for the red carpet rollout.

The sequel to the $1.348 billion grossing original film is set to play across multiple screens in Kenya starting Friday.

Lupita Nyong’o’s parents

In attendance were ‘Black Panther’ star Lupita Nyong’o’s parents, Prof Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o, who is the governor of Kisumu County, his wife Dorothy Nyong’o and other family members.

Lupita’s parents were the star attraction of the night, and they mingled and took pictures with fans before the screening started.

Death of Chadwick Boseman

The film follows the death in 2020 of American actor Chadwick Boseman, who played King T’Challa in the original movie released in 2018.

“Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” pulls off a difficult dive after Boseman’s death.

powerful mythical nation

With the introduction of anti-hero Namor (Tenoch Huerta), the king of the underwater kingdom Talokan, who breaches Wakanda’s defences while the country is still grieving for T’Challa, ‘Wakanda Forever’ presents another powerful mythical nation with roots in the Mayan culture.

It expands on that, weaving in a Latin American perspective with a similar degree of cultural specificity in the introduction of the Aztec-inspired antagonist Namor, king of the ancient underwater world of Talokan.

Boseman’s death is poignantly filtered into the story from the start, beginning with off-screen death throes.

‘Wakanda Forever’, grappling in the aftermath of loss, ultimately seeks something rare in the battle-ready superhero landscape.

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Takeoff, the youngest member of the US hip hop group Migos is dead.

The rapper, 28, was reportedly shot dead in an early morning shooting in Houston.

Reports indicate that the fatal incident went down shortly after 2:30 AM when cops got the call for a man shot at a bowling alley called 810 Billiards & Bowling Houston.

Takeoff and Quavo were there playing dice when an altercation broke out and that’s when someone opened fire, shooting him.

The rapper was pronounced dead at the scene.

Two other people were shot and were taken to the hospital in private vehicles. It’s unclear what their conditions are. Quavo was not injured.

Photos taken moments before the shooting incident have now emerged.

Takeoff’s outfit while on the ground after being shot match the one he was in moments before the incident.

Takeoff, who’s real name is Kirshnik Khari Ball, was the youngest member of Migos. Quavo was his uncle, and Offset his cousin.

They came together as a group in 2008 in Georgia, and became multi-platinum hitmakers … dropping their first major hit, “Versace,” in 2013. They would hit number one on Billboard in 2016 with “Bad and Boujee.”

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Days after she came out publicly to claim that she had undergone a butt removal surgery, socialite Vera Sidika has released a music video.

This is even after she kept Kenyans waiting after she promised to release a live butt removal video.

A section of Kenyans who remained glued to the internet to witness the magic were shocked to realize that it was a new music video instead.

Vera Sidika had promised to share the ‘second part’ of her supposed Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) reversal on Friday evening but she instead released a song.

In her new music video, she  raps about how she is still relevant in the industry and is making money through her ventures.

This, however, did not go well with a section of netizens who have trained guns against her over what they claim as using a sensitive topic just to chase clout.

Some netizens are evening reporting Vera Sidika’s YouTube account for what they claim as being spam and misleading.

The reactions were, however, mixed as some praised the socialite for playing her game right.

A section of the netizens are finding it hard to come to terms with the fact that they were played big time.

This did not deter Vera’s husband Brown Mauzo, who was certainly part of this gimmick, as he went ahead to label her the biggest female artiste.

Vera’s latest stunt is not new in entertainment circles as a number of celebrities have put it to good use to boost their numbers.

Controversial singer Willy Paul and his counterpart Bahati have been playing the game for too long.

Just recently, Willy Paul went public on his social media to claim how he was in love with Kenyan female lyricist Jovial.

Days later, they released a song dubbed Lalala.

Bahati on the other hand went missing on his all social media accounts, and event went further to delete his posts on Instagram.

Days later, he emerged and told his followers that he would address the nation through his YouTube channel.

The fans kept glued only for them to be surprised with a new song dubbed “Mambo ya Mhesh”.

Below is Vera Sidika’s new music video released on Friady that already has over 164k views.

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Socialite Vera Sidika has been the talk of the internet for the better part of this week after she allegedly underwent corrective surgery. Or is she?

Well, on Wednesday, Vera shocked her fans when she announced that she underwent surgery due to ‘health risks and complications.’

Describing it as the hardest phase of her life, the Veetox founder asked ladies not to rush to get butt implants as they might ruin their lives for good.

Vera went ahead to state that the side effects of such procedures are many and the complications are ‘unbearable.’

She added that she underwent counseling and is slowly accepting her new body.

She shared a photo of her reduced butt size which became the talk of the internet, with a section of netizens castigating her for the move.

As the talk about her transformation continues, an old photo of the socialite with comedian Eddie Butita has emerged.

The shows Butita with Vera Sidika posing at a place that looks like a studio. The photo had been first shared by Butita in 2020.

Unlike her recent photos, Vera Sidika has a dark skin in the TBT photo.

Her shape in the photo also looks natural, according to netizens.

See the photo below and leave your comments.

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Sensational and songtress South Sudan singer Achol Atem says she is working on a new album which will be released soon.

In a media interview today, the Sawa sawa hitmaker adds she is excited about the new album she is tirelessly working on “I’m officially working. I’m in the studio recording album,” she announced.

The album has 7 songs including one nation one people, Sawa Sawa, there is a song for martyrs day, I have one for 16th May ( 16th MAY is SPLA Day and a public holiday in South Sudan celebrated annually to commemorate the formation of the then rebel group in 1983.

On 16 May 1983, a group of mutineers from the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) opened fire in a barracks near Bor and would form the core of SPLA.

Colonel John Garang de Mabior was sent to quell the rebellion but instead became its leader). So I have a song for that day which is on album too and many more.

It is going to be a huge album for my music fans.

Album is dubbed as ‘One people one Nation’. All the songs on the album are preaching unity and togetherness.

It is all about love and encouraging people from South Sudan to agriculture.

Music is an invisible force that can bring people together and claim the unclaimed and define the outcasts of a culture.

Am creating priceless music on my upcoming album- Achol added.

Achol is currently spending a lot of time in the studio and says that the music on the upcoming album will break barriers and bring people together. We can’t wait!

Achol Atem is a south Sudanese Afro artist based in Melbourne Australia and started music in 2011.

She was born in Malakal in South Sudan and her music style is a fusion of South Sudanese Afro, Congolese Afro, zouk, also inspired by Arabic sweet Melodies from north Sudan.

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Janet Mbugua’s ex-husband Eddie Ndichu has moved on after they parted ways last year over infidelity.

Eddie is dating a beautiful lady identified as Karen Macharia, popularly known as Karsha on Instagram.

Karsha, a single mother of one, is a former air hostess at Etihad Airways.

She quit her job at the airline in 2014 and started a beauty company.

Eddie and Karsha have been spotted several times having fun at high-end entertainment joints.

There is even a video of the two dancing at a popular joint in Nairobi.

The new development comes at a time when Eddie and Janet are entangled in an ugly court battle.

The former TV anchor has filed for divorce and is demanding a monthly child upkeep fee of Ksh 1 Million.

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Lawyer Donald Kipkorir is known for his flamboyant lifestyle. Or is he?

Well, if you thought that the commercial and corporate lawyer is just living large in the city whilst his mother suffers in the village then you are wrong.

In Africa, it is said that mothers are the only people who wish us well, and Donald Kipkorir must be living by the phrase and decided to make sure that his mother eats life with a big spoon.

Photos of a palatial home that lawyer Donald Kipkorir has built for his mother have been shared on social media, and they have left Kenyans mesmerized.

The counsel on Wednesday, May 4, 2022 took to his social media handles to reveal that lawyer Silas Jakakimba together with his wife and friends had visited his mother Katarina in Cheptongei village.


While thanking Jakakimba for paying a courtesy call to his mother in the remote village, Donald Kipkorir shared the photos they had taken while at the home.

The palatial home has left Kenyans talking, with the multimillion house in the background getting the attention of many.


While captioning the photos, the flamboyant lawyer noted that Jakakimba and his friends had taken a whole bag of sugar to his mother.


“My Truest BFF @silasjakakimba and his wife and friends, today, went all the way to Cheptongei to pay a courtesy call on my Beloved Mother Katarina. And they gifted her a whole bag of sugar. Silas & Flo, may Your Cup Always Runneth Over. May Almighty God always Watch over you,” Donald Kipkorir tweeted.

Below are some of the reactions from a section of Kenyans after seeing Donald Kipkorir’s mother’s palatial home in the village.

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Just a day after sharing new details of his struggling relationship with his ex-lover Carol Sonnie back then before the birth of their daughter baby Keilah, comedian Kendrick Mulamwah has come out to claim that the baby is not his.

Mulamwah had on a Thursday Q&A session on his social media claimed that Sonnie sired a child with another man while they were still together but she lost the baby after a successful abortion.

He had claimed that back in April 2020, when he announced that Sonie suffered a miscarriage with their three-month-old unborn baby over online trolls, the baby was not his and that she terminated the pregnancy.

“She cheated on me with a guy living at Arrow Apartments Gitaru around Kikuyu area, I found out they had been seeing each other for over a year. Infact during lockdown as I was burning my shirt in stress, she was living at his house That’s when we first broke up,” he claimed.

However, in a new turn of events, the comedian has taken to his social media pages to announce that baby Keilah is not his kid.

“Keilah is NOT my kid,” reads a post posted by Mulamwah on his Facebook page.

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Going for live entertainment above canned music or something on a TV is really going the extra

It’s a way to add a heightened sense of fun and excitement to the already enjoyable time
that is your party.

However, like the food and the venue and the guest list that you put a lot of time into figuring out, the live entertainment is something you need to determine, as well. And by that, we mean: how do you hire the right live entertainment?

Live performers have a tendency sometimes to put guests on the spot, don’t they?

There are the magicians who request a volunteer from the audience, the comedians who want to interact with the audience to make things seem more personal, and the actors who bring the party guests into their theatrics.

What types of events will call for these possibilities? How can you make things not awkward and ensure everyone enjoys the performers you’ve hired? We’ll give you some tips.

Think of the Clientele

You’re hiring this entertainment for your guests, right? So, when you’re considering what kind to hire, think of your party guests as the performers’ clientele.

Your guests will surely have an overarching personality to them. What kind of people are they? Young and wild? Maybe get a rock band to perform.

Older and more given to traditional parties? Perhaps a suave emcee might do well.
Whatever you do, when you search “entertainment near me” online, make sure you choose
appropriate entertainment from the options you see.

Think of the Mood

Another thing to consider is the mood you want to cultivate at this event of yours. Obviously, you’ll want your live entertainment to mesh with the feelings at the party.

Having a birthday party for a 90-year-old? A rock band ain’t gonna cut it. Maybe go for something more traditional, such as a jazz band or relaxing singer.

On the other hand, if you’re throwing an extravaganza for a seven-year-old, why not go all out on the fun and get a magician to come and do magic tricks while also throwing in some comedy?

There are plenty of options out there for these kinds of performers.

Match up the entertainment with the party, and you’ll do just fine.

Think of the Performer’s Adaptability

You know, not every performer can be everything to everyone. There are areas where an entertainer specializes.

That’s going to be his or her strong suit. If you like this aspect of a performer but not that, see if the person can alter some aspect of his or her usual show.

Entertainers who work for hire are not rigid authorities who offer you one type of performance and won’t budge on any detail.

They will probably be happy you’ve chosen them out of all your options and will be more than willing to work with you on the specifics of what you’re planning.

Watch for this kind of flexibility in the entertainment you hire, and you’ll do much better. Keep all these things in mind when hiring live entertainment, and your guests should have the time for their lives.

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Controversial comedian Eric Omondi has opened up on how he allegedly got journalist Jacque Maribe pregnant.

Taking to his official instagram account of Tuesday evening, the funny man revealed that he first met the former Citizen TV anchor in 2021 at Radio Africa Group.

At the time, Eric Omondi says, Jacque Maribe was working at Kiss TV. The comedian was working at Radio Jambo at the the said period.

According to Eric Omondi, the company held a party for its staff on one night, and after having some few glasses of liqour, he happened to make out with Jacque Maribe in a one night stand.

“So we met at Radio Africa in 2012. I was working at Radio Jambo and Jacque was working at Kiss TV. So one Random night after a Radio Africa Staff Party and after afew bottles of whiskey and wine glasses Jacque and I happened,” reads his post in part.

He went ahead to reveal that at the time, the TV girl was dating one of her fellow journalists at then at KTN, which made them use protection while making out.

“It was really a one night thing because she was dating KTN’s Sam Ogina at the time. WE USED PROTECTION!!!” said Eric Omondi.

However, according to the comedian, Maribe could later, just after two months, claim that she was pregnant.

Eric Omondi allegedly requested for DNA but the journalist has refused.

Below is Eric Omondi’s long Instagram post.

So we met at Radio Africa in 2012. I was working at Radio Jambo and Jacque was working at Kiss TV. So one Random night after a Radio Africa Staff Party and after afew bottles of whiskey and wine glasses Jacque and I happened.

It was really a one night thing because she was dating KTN’s Sam Ogina at the time. WE USED PROTECTION!!! After two Months Jacque tells me she’s Pregnant!!! I immediately ask her how since we used Protection???

She then tells me “It doesn’t matter the mother always knows who the Father is and that I am the Father!!! During the entire Pregnancy nothing happened and we barely saw each other.

Roughly 4 months after the baby was born Jacque called me and asked me if I would help or be part of the baby’s life. I asked her for a DNA test so that I could comfortably be part of the baby’s life and SUPPORT fully.

She got very offended and Refused my request. For 7 seven years I have begged Jacque to allow us have a DNA Test and she has CONTINUALLY refused!!!

Idont mind supporting the child but if you want me to be FULLY PRESENT and SUPPORTIVE, if you Want me to be a FATHER. Then we have to do the RIGHT THING!!!!

Follow the link below to see original post on Instagram.


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The self-proclaimed president of comedy, Eric Omondi, has come out to reveal that he is remaining celibate till marriage and sex will no longer be part of his life.

In an interview that he shared on Instagram, Omondi, who is preparing for the premier of his new season of Wife Material, stated that he is keeping himself pure until he marries, adding that he hopes people will respect his decision.

“I personally I’m not a lover, I’m not a fan of sex and sex is not something that I can think about or I’d love to do.”

According to Eric Omondi, sex is a distraction that will derail his successful comedy career.

He seemed to clear the air, especially given that his reality show had been criticized for its racy, and frequently explicit, content.

He added that he wants to focus with his career adding that sex before marriage is a distraction therefore he wants to keep himself pure.

His show had become controversial, running into headwind after the former KFCB chairman Dr. Ezekiel Mutua castigated him and demanded an investigation into the comedian’s conduct regarding the controversial Wife Material show, claiming it depicted sexual, immoral, and indecent content.

According to moral cop as dubbed by many, young girls were being duped into watching the how and were being forced to commit immoral acts.

Dr. Mutua also claimed that the public were subjected to sexual acts that degraded societal morals and misled young people into copying acts that are against the African culture.

But Omondi who has now promised a bigger and better season of the show says he is focused on his career and is keen on avoiding anything that would bring negative impact on his career.

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Popular artist and producer Nixon Wesonga popularly known as Visita has come out to cry for help after claiming he has gone broke over the past few months.

While speaking in an interview on YouTube on Tuesday, the artist said his rent arrears have accumulated for five months forcing him to sleep in the apartment’s corridors for a week.

Visita later reached out to his DJ friend who has been temporarily hosting him in his studio which he shares with his wife Ann Lenana.

“I have been looking for ways to lay out my challenges in vain. If there is someone out there who feels I should get out of this situation, I’ll appreciate,” stated the ‘Fukuza Mapepo’ hit maker.

He further thanked his girlfriend for being with him throughout despite his financial difficulties.

“I am not embarrassed, such is life. God has a better plan and the fact that she is still with me, I know God has a hug plan, said Visita.

Visita first opened up in May this year, saying that he ran into a financial quagmire after the government closed entertainment spots to curb the spread of COVID-19.

“Many celebrities go through tough times but tend to remain silent for fear of what the public might say. I am not doing well financially,” he told a local daily.

Visita said he owes several months’ rent and could be locked out of his Roysambu house at any moment.

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