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Chemutai Goin and Hassan Mugambi quit Citizen TV

Royal Media Services (RMS) is set to bid farewell to two of its top-notch journalists, signaling the start of exciting new chapters in their illustrious careers.

The highly respected Citizen TV reporter, Jane Chemutai Goin, and the accomplished crime and investigative journalist, Hassan Mugambi, are gearing up for significant career shifts.

Jane Chemutai Goin, known for her insightful political reporting, has decided to part ways with RMS.

Sources close to the development reveal that Goin is already in the process of serving notice and is scheduled to officially depart at the beginning of March.

The seasoned journalist is set to assume the role of Principal Media Relations Officer at the office of the National Assembly Speaker, Moses Wetangula.

Joining Goin on this journey of change is Citizen TV’s esteemed crime and investigative journalist, Hassan Mugambi.

After an impressive tenure at RMS, Mugambi is set to embrace a new role at the Ministry of Defence.

Starting in March, he will take on the responsibilities of a Communication Advisor at the office of Defense Cabinet Secretary Aden Duale.

Mugambi’s journalistic prowess has been evident since he joined RMS in September 2016, rising through the ranks from a reporter to a Swahili news anchor.

His recent duties included anchoring news shows, such as ‘Sema na Citizen’ alongside Lulu Hassan on Fridays.

These departures mark another chapter in the evolving landscape of RMS, with notable journalists leaving the station in recent months.

Among them are Sam Ogina, Raquel Mugai, and Francis Gachuri, who currently serves as the Head of Communications at the Ministry of Interior.

Gachuri’s departure in March 2023 after 16 years of service marked a significant transition for the seasoned journalist.

As Goin and Mugambi set out on their respective new roles, their departures add to the list of accomplished journalists who have carved their paths beyond Royal Media Services.

We wish them both the best in their future endeavors and look forward to witnessing the impact they will undoubtedly make in their new roles.

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Nicki Bigfish's father

Kenyan street prankster Nicki Bigfish’s father is dead.

Nicki Bigfish on Saturday evening took to his official social media handles to announce the passing of his father.

The emotional post revealed that his father had succumbed to illness while undergoing treatment in the hospital.

In a poignant tweet, Nicki shared his regret over not being able to fulfill a promise he had made to his father. He had promised to take his father home while walking but he now regrets that he will have to take him home while in a box.

“Mzee amesema itakua sawa aki tutangulia. I promised to take you back home walking but I’ll have to take you back in a box. I failed you. Pole! Rest easy,” he tweeted.

The news comes after Nicki Bigfish had previously taken to his Instagram page in October last year to share distressing updates about his father’s health.

The elder Bigfish had been diagnosed with a cancerous head tumor, and the family urgently sought financial assistance for the necessary surgery.

Facing the weight of a substantial hospital bill, Nicki Bigfish made a heartfelt appeal to his followers and the public to lend their support during this challenging time.

The response was overwhelming, with an outpouring of generosity from fans and well-wishers who rallied behind the entertainer to help cover the medical expenses.

Despite the pain of his father’s passing, Nicki Bigfish expressed gratitude for the immense support and the flood of prayers and kind words that he and his family have received.

The community’s response showcased the power of unity and compassion, highlighting the positive impact that social media can have in times of need.

As the Kenyan entertainment community comes together to mourn the loss of Nicki Bigfish’s father, the overwhelming support serves as a reminder that even in the face of tragedy, solidarity and kindness can bring solace and strength.

Nicki Bigfish and his family appreciate the support they have received and are sure to find comfort in the collective embrace of their fans during this challenging period.

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Lilian Muli ex husband

Media personality Lilian Muli took to her Insta stories to share some intimate details about her past relationship experiences, offering a cautionary tale to women contemplating rekindling old flames.

The Citizen TV news anchor disclosed that she revisited a previous relationship only to uncover a shocking revelation – her ex husband had a heavily pregnant side chick.

Expressing her heartache in a series of Insta story updates, the mother of two, who is currently co-parenting with her two baby daddies, imparted valuable advice to her followers.

Lilian emphasized the importance of not going back to exes, comparing them to leopards with unchanging spots.

“Never go back to an ex because leopards don’t change their spots. People don’t change,” she shared, recounting a personal experience that left her shedding what she referred to as “premium tears.”

In the Insta story posted over the weekend, she revealed the painful discovery of her ex’s heavily pregnant side woman, leaving her questioning the prospect of change in past relationships. With a hint of humor, she even teased the idea of writing a book about her experiences, asking her audience if they would be interested in such a revelation-packed read.

Lilian Muli’s romantic journey has been far from conventional. The renowned news anchor ended her seven-year marriage to Moses Kanene, with whom she welcomed a child in 2016. Subsequently, she entered into a relationship with Jared Nevaton, the chairman of Shabana FC, resulting in the birth of another son. However, their union faced public scrutiny in 2018, with Lilian openly labeling Jared as a “community husband.”

This revelation adds another layer to Lilian Muli’s complex relationship history, showcasing her resilience and transparency in navigating the highs and lows of love. As fans eagerly await the possibility of a tell-all book, one thing is clear – Lilian Muli continues to captivate audiences not just with her on-screen charisma but also with her unfiltered and relatable off-screen narratives. Stay tuned for more updates on this intriguing chapter of Lilian’s love life.

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Embakasi East Member of Parliament, Babu Owino, has taken to social media to showcase his dance prowess while promoting Stevo Simple Boy’s brand new song titled “Vichuna.”

The unexpected collaboration between the politician and the artist has caught the attention of Kenyans, adding a touch of humor to the local entertainment scene.

Babu Owino displayed his dance moves in a video posted on his official social media accounts.

The video captures the MP dancing energetically alongside Stevo Simple Boy, adding an unexpected yet entertaining element to the promotion of “Vichuna.”


In his usual witty style, Babu Owino humorously noted that he was part of the video vixens in Stevo Simple Boy’s latest release.

This lighthearted comment adds a playful touch to the collaboration, showing the MP’s willingness to engage in unconventional ways to support local artists.

A section of Kenyans online flocked the comment section to thank the MP supporting the artist, as they appreciated Simple Boy for his latest release.

The “Vijana Tuwache Mihadarati” hit maker has been mesmerizing his audience in most of his releases.

Released on Monday, January 15, 2024, “Vichuna” is Stevo Simple Boy’s ode to the beauty of women.

The song, characterized by catchy beats and uplifting lyrics, has quickly gained traction in the online sphere. As of the time of writing, the music video had already amassed an impressive 11,000 views on YouTube.

It was produced by producer Mavo on The Beat, with the video being produced by Ever Blazzing Production.

Babu Owino took the opportunity to encourage Kenyans to rush to YouTube and watch the newly released song.

His enthusiastic endorsement adds a political twist to the promotion, bridging the gap between politics and entertainment in a unique and unexpected manner.

The MP has previously collaborated with other musicians, like in the case of “Adhiambo” hit song by Bahati featuring Prince Indah.

The collaboration between a Member of Parliament and a musician is a rare sight in the entertainment world.

In a move that breaks away from the conventional, Babu Owino’s dance performance in support of Stevo Simple Boy’s “Vichuna” has added a refreshing and humorous touch to the Kenyan entertainment scene.

As the video continues to gain views on YouTube, it remains to be seen if this unexpected collaboration will pave the way for more unconventional partnerships in the future.

For now, fans can enjoy the lively dance moves of Babu Owino and the uplifting beats of Stevo Simple Boy in “Vichuna”.

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Just recently, veteran Kenyan rapper who is currently based in the US, Hubert Mbuku Nakitare famously known as Nonini, AKA Mgenge True, AKA Godfather of Genge, opened up on how he shares a strained relationship with his biological father.

Nonini who was speaking during an interview on Mwafrika’s Iko Nini podcast disclosed that his father has been missing from his life for the better part of the 41 years he has been alive on earth.

According to Nonini, he was teased for being a rich kid when he debuted his music career, despite his biological father missing in his life.

The rapper went ahead to reveal that his father was there for his elder siblings but for him, he was conspicuously absent from his life.

But who is this well-known rich politician?

Well, Nonini’s biological father is a veteran politician from Western Kenya, particularly from Trans-Nzioa County.

Nonini’s father, Captain Davies Wafula Nakitare, served as Saboti Member of Parliament from 2003 to 2007.

Nakitare won the seat following the death of former Vice President Kijana Wamalwa. He ran on a Narc-Kenya ticket and won in the ensuing by-election.

Nakitare served for one term before he was ousted during the 2007 elections by the current Democratic Action Party of Kenya (DAP) party leader Eugene Wamalwa, who won on a PNU ticket.

In 2013, Nakitare unsuccessfully vied for the Trans-Nzoia senatorial seat on a Ford Kenya ticket.

In 2015, he resigned from Ford Kenya and joined the Musalia Mudavadi-led Amani National Congress (ANC) party.

He tried to make a comeback in 2017 as an MP but was floored by the current Saboti MP Caleb Amisi of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).

In 2022, he also unsuccessfully tried to unseat Caleb Amisi of ODM, who retained his seat.

Nonini speculated that his elder sisters and brother could be communicating with their father but for him, he stressed that he doesn’t give a damn.

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Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale has set tongues wagging on social media with his public courting of famous KoX dentist Branice Munyasa.

Dr. Branice is the founder and proprietor of Nextcare Dental, a premium dental clinic that prides itself on providing a pleasant and comfortable experience to its clients.

However, it is not just her profession, that has elevated her to one of the most influential figures on X (formerly Twitter). Branice has a talent for making native African cuisines, which is perhaps inspired by her ‘Mjengo’ appetite. In the era of pizza and burgers, boiled hooves and ugali is an elite meal.

An alumnus of The University of Nairobi, Branice is among the few women who have attracted a huge following on KoX, without using the conventional way of sharing thirst traps.

Apart from her excellent cooking, she is also a fitness maniac, who covers 30 KM in three hours. She participated in the 2023 Stanchart Marathon.

On Twitter, her fans simply refer to her as ‘Daktari’ or ‘Daktari wa meno’ a recognition of her profession in the medical industry.

The fact that she keeps her personal life off social media, and only discusses medicine, food, and fitness has given some of her followers hope that she could be available for dating.

Social media bigwigs have not hidden their intentions, some of them like Osama Otero cannot go an hour without mentioning Daktari. The problem with Osama is that he is a low-life self-proclaimed chair of the Kenya Tuktuk community. I wonder if he can manage a morning marathon, especially with a fitness enthusiast like Daktari Munyasa.

Khalwale Joins the Race

Among Dr. Branice Munyasa’s biggest cheerleaders is Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale. Since realizing that Branice comes from Kakamega County, Khalwale has been publicly asking to meet her.

It seems Khalwale is so love-smitten that he has turned on the notifications on Branice Munyasa’s account. For the past two days, the former Ikolomani MP has been interacting with Branice immediately after she shares any post.

Recently, he asked her if she would want him to organize a medical camp at her former Primary School. According to Khalwale, this will be a way for Branice to give back to a community she cares very much. The doctor has never shied away from talking about her humble beginnings and how her community contributed a lot to her education.

But that is not all, Khalwale has moved from wanting to organize a medical camp to asking Branice to meet and talk to his daughter because he just likes her story. Truth be said, Dr. Munyasa’s journey to the top is nothing but inspirational. But could Khalwale have more ulterior motives?

We are talking about a very proud polygamist who has sired more KCPE and KCSE candidates than anyone else we know.

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Kenya’s digital scene is pulsating, and nowhere is it thrumming louder than on TikTok. With millions of Kenyans scrolling through the endless dance challenges, comedy skits, and cultural glimpses, a new breed of stars has emerged – the TikTok royalty. Today, we crown the top 10 most followed Kenyans on the platform, their content kingdoms, and why they’ve captured the hearts (and thumbs) of the nation.

1. Moya David: The Undisputed King of Comedy (2.8M followers)

Moya David reigns supreme, his infectious energy and relatable humor conquering the FYP (For You Page). His skits mirror everyday situations, from awkward family gatherings to hilarious workplace mishaps, leaving viewers in stitches. Moya’s crown jewels are his parodies, his spot-on impersonations tickling national ribs.

2. Vick Brandon: Dancing Queen with a Side of Sass (2.7M followers)

Vick Brandon isn’t just about the moves; she’s got the whole package. Her dance prowess is undeniable, but it’s her sharp wit and self-assured attitude that truly captivates. Watch Vick slay a trending challenge, then crack you up with a sassy one-liner. She’s the queen of making you laugh while you learn the latest choreography.

3. Azziad Nasenya: The All-Rounder with a Muse for Movement (1.9M followers)

Azziad Nasenya is more than just a pretty face. This actress and choreographer weaves magic with her dance videos, her infectious enthusiasm drawing you in. But Azziad’s not afraid to venture beyond the beat. Her comedy sketches are spot-on, and her collaborations with other creators are pure fun.

4. Nimrod Okech: Master of Mirth and Mimicry (1.6M followers)

Nimrod Okech’s comedic genius lies in his uncanny ability to capture everyday quirks and amplify them to hilarious proportions. His skit videos are like funhouse mirrors, reflecting the absurdities of life with side-splitting accuracy. And then there are his parodies, where Nimrod transforms into familiar personalities, leaving you gasping with laughter.

5. Justbiko: Bringing the Streets to Your Screen (1.5M followers)

Justbiko isn’t afraid to get down and dirty – literally. His street interviews are a hilarious window into Kenyan life, capturing candid moments and unexpected gems. Justbiko’s relatable content hits all the right notes, reminding us that humor can be found in the most ordinary corners.

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Journalist Grace Kuria has quit TV47 barely six months after joining, Daily Trends has learnt.

The acclaimed journalist made a screen comeback at TV47 in July 2023, after quitting BBC.

Kuria bid farewell to her colleagues on January 8, 2024, in a message seen by Daily Trends.

“Hello team. Happy New Year! It’s been an awesome 6 months plus at TV47, working alongside a fantastic, gifted team with so much potential. I’m grateful to each one of you, and particularly those we worked with every Saturday and Sunday, on HerSay and ToThePoint. Like they say, it’s not a goodbye but a see you later. Blessings to each one of you. GKK,” reads the message.

Despite not disclosing her next move in her farewell message, our reliable sources have confirmed that she is headed back to BBC.

She has a wealth of experience from her previous work with K24, CGTN, KTN News, BBC, and most recently, TV47.

Kuria was among the reputable journalists, Mwanaisha Chidzuga and George Maringa, who joined TV47 in July 2023, as they revamped their newsroom.

While at TV47, Kuria handled high profile interviews among them an interview with USA ambassador Meg Whitman, interview with President William Ruto at State House, and an interview first Lady of Namibia Monica Geingos.

Journalists who have recently quit TV47 include Mwanaisha Chidzuga who left to become the deputy govt spokesperson, Ahmed Bahajj who joined BBC, Flora Limukii who recently left to join CNBC Africa in Kigali, Rwanda, and Dennis Otieno who transitioned into the corporate world.

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2024 promises an avalanche of adrenaline-pumping action flicks guaranteed to set your pulse racing. From long-awaited sequels to fresh, innovative concepts, here are some of the most hotly anticipated action movies you won’t want to miss:

1. Dune: Part Two (March 1): Denis Villeneuve’s epic sci-fi saga returns with Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya leading the charge against the monstrous sandworms and political intrigue of Arrakis. Expect even more stunning visuals and mind-bending plot twists in this highly anticipated conclusion.

2. Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga (May 24): Charlize Theron takes center stage as the fierce Imperator Furiosa in this prequel to George Miller’s post-apocalyptic masterpiece. Anya Taylor-Joy joins the cast as a young Furiosa, promising a thrilling origin story filled with high-octane chases and explosive battles.

3. Godzilla vs. Kong: The New Empire (June 14): The legendary titans clash again in this monstrous showdown. With Mechagodzilla potentially entering the fray and a new threat rising from the depths, this sequel promises to be a kaiju spectacle for the ages.

4. John Wick: Chapter 4 (March 23): Keanu Reeves’s iconic assassin returns for another round of gun-fu mayhem. This time, John faces off against a global network of assassins and uncovers the dark secrets of his own past. Expect bone-crunching action, stylish visuals, and plenty of Wick’s signature brand of stoicism.

5. Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part Two (June 28): Tom Cruise defies gravity (and age) once again in the explosive conclusion to Christopher McQuarrie’s globe-trotting spy saga. Expect mind-boggling stunts, exotic locales, and plenty of Ethan Hunt’s trademark grit and determination.

6. The Fall Guy (August 9): Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt team up in this action-comedy remake of the iconic 80s TV show. Gosling plays a washed-up stuntman who teams up with a rookie filmmaker to pull off dangerous stunts for a mysterious film project. Expect high-octane action, laugh-out-loud comedy, and a nostalgic throwback to a golden era of Hollywood.

7. The Beekeeper (November 8): Jason Statham stars in this high-stakes thriller as a former special forces operative turned beekeeper who is drawn back into the world of espionage when his past comes back to haunt him. Expect gritty action sequences, intense fight choreography, and Statham’s signature brand of steely resolve.

8. Argylle (August 23): Henry Cavill trades Superman’s cape for a spy suit in this globe-trotting action thriller based on Eoin Colfer’s best-selling novel. The film boasts a star-studded cast including Dua Lipa, John Cena, and Samuel L. Jackson, promising a stylish, high-octane adventure with a touch of espionage and humor.

9. Gladiator 2 (November 22): Ridley Scott returns to the iconic world of Ancient Rome for this long-awaited sequel. Paul Mescal takes over the mantle of Lucius, the son of Maximus Decimus Meridius, who must navigate the treacherous world of politics and gladiatorial combat to avenge his father’s death. Expect epic battles, political intrigue, and a return to the grandeur of the original film.

10. Civil War (April 26): Alex Garland’s dystopian thriller imagines a deeply divided America on the brink of a second civil war. Kirsten Dunst, Cailee Spaeny, and Jesse Plemons star in this thought-provoking action film that explores the human cost of political extremism and the lengths people will go to for their beliefs.

This is just a taste of the action-packed smorgasbord that awaits us in 2024. So mark your calendars, grab your popcorn

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The brutal murder of Starlet Wahu Mwangi, younger sister of controversial televangelist Pastor Victor Kanyari, has ignited a firestorm of emotions and exposed unsettling questions about her vibrant life, the alleged killer, and a possible pattern of similar targeting.

Kanyari, known for his flamboyant preaching and often-scathing pronouncements, has emerged as a fierce defender of his sister’s character. He publicly refuted accusations that her lifestyle – characterized by social media flamboyance and rumored connections to wealthy businessmen – contributed to her death.

“My sister,” Kanyari declared in a tearful address, “chose her path. She wasn’t born into a life of glitz and glamour. She had dreams, talents, and the right to pursue them as she saw fit. To judge her for her choices, to blame her for becoming a target, is to deny her very humanity.”

The suspect, John Matara, remains in police custody awaiting trial. Initial reports portrayed him as a lone perpetrator, driven by a personal vendetta against Wahu. However, new information paints a potentially disturbing picture.

Three women, speaking on condition of anonymity, have come forward with eerily similar stories. Like Wahu, they too enjoyed a life of relative affluence and online visibility. Each had encountered Matara, describing him as charming but manipulative, preying on their vulnerabilities and financial needs. One even claimed an attempted assault before narrowly escaping.

“He knew how to play us,” shared one woman, her voice trembling. “He’d shower us with compliments, promises of opportunities, then slowly isolate us, making us dependent on him. It was like walking on eggshells.”

Police are now investigating these claims, scrutinizing Matara’s past for any connections to other unsolved cases involving young women with similar profiles. Could he be part of a larger, predatory network operating discreetly within Kenya’s social circles?

Kanyari’s unwavering defense of his sister transcends personal grief. It’s a battle cry against victim blaming, demanding empathy and understanding for choices that don’t conform to societal norms. His plea is both personal and political, pushing for justice not just for Wahu, but for all women vulnerable to exploitation and violence.

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Love Spells
  • By now, you may have seen the viral picture of a lady wearing a T-shirt warning men about taking home potential thieves.
  • The message on the T-shirt emphasises that sleep after a night of passion is usually very heavy and advises men to consider an honest woman if they choose to take someone home.

Donholm – This appears to be a lesson that Pastor Johnathan, known for his sweet, melodic voice and hard-hitting sermons, had yet to learn, and he learned it the hard way.

Pastor Johnathan, who is unmarried and has a soft spot for women, often takes ladies of the night home to satisfy his desires. On this particular occasion, he drove through River Road in Nairobi to pick a lady of his liking.

After agreeing to the terms, they drove home for some quality time, as he lives in Donholm.

Typically, the lady would stay overnight and leave the following day to avoid arousing suspicion from neighbours who know the man of God.

However, this time, the lady seemed nice and innocent but turned out to be the wrong one. She quietly left the house while the pastor was deep in sleep, stealthily ransacked through his belongings, took one of his phones, and Ksh 500,000 from the safe.

“I did not hear anything. I was deep asleep. I never expected such behaviour, especially since I paid her KSh 15,000, which is way more than she would have made that day,” the pastor said.

He added that the money had been collected in church the previous Saturday and was intended for buying a music system for the local church.

Fearing that involving the police would attract unwarranted attention and tarnish his name, the pastor reached out to a close confidant, who connected him with Mugwenu Doctors of +254740637248, known for their expertise in catching thieves using ancient spells.

The herbalists swiftly intervened to save face for the respected preacher, casting spells to catch thieves and recover lost items.

The following day, the lady called the pastor in tears, claiming her stomach had grown excessively big, her privates were oozing pus, and voices were directing her to return the stolen money.

She asked the pastor to come for his money since she couldn’t walk and was smelly. The pastor took a taxi to Kinoo, where the lady stays, and successfully collected his money.

However, the lady had used KSh 15,000 to buy a phone.

“This was no big deal; I could easily cover the difference. I don’t know what I would have done were it not for Mugwenu Doctors. They saved me big time. The church would have expelled me and handed me to the police over the KSh 500k. I thank God for people like Mugwenu Doctors who are helping humanity,” he said, adding that he would be more careful in the future about letting anyone enter his house.

Protection charms and love spells

Mugwenu Doctors advised him to look for a wife and get married for his safety.

They provided him with a protection charm to ward off negative energy and attract the right people. Additionally, they offered him a love charm, although he claimed he was not ready to settle down yet.

How were Kitengela thieves arrested?

Just recently, Mugwenu Doctors were all over the news after they nabbed thieves who stole from an M-Pesa in Kitengela.

The thieves were hit by mysterious headaches that drove them to a hospital, where they confessed their evil ways before police were called in.

They then directed police to a house where they had stashed their loot, thanks to Mugwenu Doctors.

Facing theft issues? Return your stolen goods now!

How to catch thieves and return stolen items

If you have been the victim of theft and need emergency assistance in retrieving your valuables, Mugwenu Doctors are here to help!

Just like Pastor Jonathan who found himself in a similar situation and enlisted the help of an experienced Mugwenu Doctors and recovered his KSh 500,000.

Contact Mugwenu Doctors
Website: www.mugwenudoctors.com
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Your satisfaction and peace of mind is their top priority.

Other spells, charms issued by Mugwenu Doctors are;

  • Business protection charms
  • Customer attraction spells
  • Spells to destroy effects of black magic and evil eye
  • Magic rings
  • Marry me, and love spells
  • Money bags
  • Spells to get visa and green card quickly
  • Spells to talk to the dead
  • Spells to pass exams
  • Spells to see enemies in dreams, read more here
  • Health and body cleansing spells and charms
  • Catching a cheating partner
  • Find more spells here.

How long does it take for Spells from Mugwenu Doctors to work?

Spells from Mugwenu Doctors usually work on the same day they are released or within 24 hours.

Mugwenu Doctors are trustworthy and appreciate clients’ confidence. They only share stories of clients who have consented to the same.

They have over 25 years of experience in the art of casting spells and treating stubborn diseases, among them reproductive problems. You are guaranteed effective spells and test herbal remedies.

Call them today +254740637248.

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Pregnancy spells
  • Have you ever wondered why some people suffer in relationships? A good example is those people who end up in a worse relationship shortly after walking out of a terrible union.
  • Even when they try to be very careful about who they date, they just end up being used by men or women depending on their gender.
  • By the end of this story, you will understand why this happens and how to prevent yourself from being used by men or women for their selfish reasons.

Nairobi – A family in Nairobi has surprised the world after they organised a unique birthday party for their daughter who recently turned 22 years old.

Videos and pictures captured during the colorful event showed that it was attended by celebrities and influencers in the showbiz industry.

The lady who was turning 22 comes from a well-off family and is also a fast-growing TikToker.

Instead of the usual cake cutting, popping of champagne and blasting music synonymous with many birthday parties, this one took a more solemn approach.

The music that played was cool. Most of the tunes that blared from the home theatre were gospel songs.

Birthday party to remember

However, what stood out was an award ritual that was done by the parents. They presented the university girl with a custom-made medal and recognized her as the first daughter in their family who had crossed 21 years without getting pregnant while still in school.

“We have seven children. Njoki here is our last born. We have six girls and one boy. We like joking about this, but it is a serious matter if you look at it keenly. All five girls gave me grandkids while still in school. Even my only son Kamau…he made a girl pregnant. Luckily, it happened that we were good friends with the father of the lady in question. So we ironed out the issues quickly, and now we are taking care of the baby,” said the father as the mother looked on and nodded.

Shot of a beautiful group of young pregnant women taking a selfie together after a yoga session in studio

The unique birthday party ended with a speech from a popular motivational speaker who was hired to share some wisdom with the young girls who had attended the event.

Being used by men and women

During the event, Njoki’s sisters, who spoke, said that they were all duped into getting pregnant by men who later took off and never wanted to take responsibility.

The mother of the girls revealed that the trend broke her heart, adding that even the church sidelined them, with a section of members accusing them of raising promiscuous children.

She revealed that she really looked for a solution to prevent her last-born daughter Njoki from following the trend since she wanted her to finish her education first before thinking of having kids.

“I also look forward to the day I will walk her down the aisle if she ever decides to wed,” she remarked.

In a closed-door set-up, she disclosed that she had visited Mugwenu Doctors, who provided her with charms and spells that prevent being used by men or women.

“They said that my family had been attacked by a spirit that was determined to put us down by exposing us to preying men and women who were targeting my kids. The spells, Mugwenu Doctors said, would ward off any negative energy and such influence,” she said.

True to their word, Njoki has been able to clock 22 years without being used by rogue men.

The spell is set to protect her until the day she will wed a man who truly loves her.

The spell repels people with bad influence. Apart from the spell to prevent being used by men and women, Njoki was also given a spell to help her in her studies, and this is the reason she is topping her class at the university.

Mugwenu Doctors have spell-casting powers that can handle various issues, from legal matters, lottery wins, family and property protection, to future predictions.

His spells work fast, usually within a day of casting them. Many of his clients testify that they have experienced profound healing and improved relationships after seeking his help.

What kind of help can you get from Mugwenu Doctors?

Mugwenu Doctors cure many diseases and conditions, such as pressure, diabetes, ulcers, gonorrhoea, syphilis, TB, and manhood weakness.

They can also help you with life challenges, such as love problems, family conflicts, business difficulties, enhancing your luck, winning lotteries and court cases, getting promoted at work, and removing evil spirits and nightmares.

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Kibra man says he is unable to say no to wife

Just the other day a man from Kibra confessed that the power of Mugwenu Doctors had put him under his wife.

According to him, his wife got a spell to command a spouse and since then, he has become a good husband and never causes trouble like before.

“I can’t say no to anything she says, I literally adore her too much,” he said.

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Celebrated chef Dennis Ombachi, fondly known as the Roaming Chef, has sealed a remarkable partnership with the Royal Thai Embassy in Kenya.

This collaboration was announced with great enthusiasm on Chef Ombachi’s official X account.

Ombachi revealed that the collaboration will be a journey of food diplomacy and cultural exchange that transcends borders.

Ombachi, not just a culinary maestro but also a former Kenya 7’s rugby player, is a unique blend of sportsmanship and gastronomy.

His remarkable journey from the rugby field to the kitchen has captured the attention of many, with the latest collaboration making Kenyans to flock the comment section with congratulatory messages.

His partnership with the Royal Thai Embassy signifies more than just a culinary alliance. It represents a bridge between nations, a platform for cultural exchange, and an opportunity to deepen ties through the universal language of food.

Ombachi’s commitment to “food diplomacy” is evident in his announcement, where he expresses his eagerness to explore the rich tapestry of Thai cuisine and culture.

As Chef Ombachi embarks on this culinary adventure, followers can anticipate a delightful exploration of Thai cuisine.

Ombachi has previously sealed deals with Carrefour, Odi Bets and Kenchic.

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In the glittering world of online celebrities, where love stories unfold under the watchful eyes of millions, popular local influencers Mungai Eve and Director Trevor might have just confirmed their break up.

Fans who once reveled in their picturesque romance are now left to grapple with the sudden disappearance of their shared moments across social media.

Social media pictures pulled down

The first ominous signs emerged when eagle-eyed followers noticed the conspicuous absence of any traces of each other on Mungai Eve and Director Trevor’s social media accounts.

Gone were the cozy pictures, the heart emojis, and the declarations of love that had once painted their profiles in hues of romance.

As if overnight, the digital landscape had been scrubbed clean of their shared history.

Rumors gained traction when whispers of Director Trevor’s New Year’s Eve escapades surfaced.

Speculations reached a fever pitch as sources claimed to have spotted the director in the company of a mysterious woman, igniting a blaze of speculation about a potential third party in this celebrity love triangle.

In the absence of official statements from either party, the silence on their social media channels only fueled the wildfire of speculation.

Fans and followers, accustomed to glimpses into their favorite couple’s daily lives, found themselves faced with an unsettling void.

The journey from the pinnacle of relationship goals to the depths of social media purgatory remains shrouded in mystery. What could have prompted this sudden and dramatic breakup?

Were there signs hidden behind the carefully curated images and the charming smiles? The world may never know the intricate details that led to the dissolution of Mungai Eve and Director Trevor’s once-enviable connection.

Heartbroken fans have flooded social media, expressing disbelief and seeking answers to the questions that now hang in the air.

The online community, once united in admiration for this power couple, now finds itself divided between Team Mungai and Team Trevor.

Their break up rumors first emerged in September last year when Mungai Eve appeared at Thee Pluto’s even alone without Trevor.

Trevor could later on deny the rumors.

We are still together na hatuwachani anytime soon. I was at Pluto’s party, only that I was seated somewhere.

I couldn’t join Eve in dancing with the host and other guests before they were playing Kikuyu songs, which I don’t understand,” Trevor told one of the leading local online publications.

Survives road accident

The YouTube sensation and her long-time boyfriend survived a road crash on the night of Christmas Day.

In videos shared by Trevor, the lovebirds were driving along an unidentified major highway when their vehicle veered off the road and plunged into a culvert after a mishap on a section of road that appears to have been recently repaired.

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, December 26, 2023, Eve while sharing a cryptic message confirmed they are well.

Unpredictable love

As the digital dust settles, one thing is clear – love in the age of social media is as unpredictable as it is mesmerizing.

The breakup of Mungai Eve and Director Trevor serves as a poignant reminder that behind the filters and hashtags, real relationships face the same challenges and uncertainties as those in the non-digital world.

The echoes of their separation will undoubtedly linger, leaving fans to wonder if this is a temporary glitch in the love story or the beginning of a new chapter for each of these online luminaries.

Andrew Kibe warning

US-based controversial Kenyan content creator Andrew Kibe at some point last year reacted to the YouTuber Mungai Eve blocking him on social media.

The YouTuber has for the longest time been involved in a back-and-forth with Mungai and in some cases threw shade at her and her boyfriend Trevor.

Kibe sarcastically reacted to being blocked and he wondered how he will get to know about the young celebrity’s life.

Kibe also took the time to advice Trevor to start investing in himself saying that he will be the biggest loser in the relationship should he and Mungai part ways.

Trevor is known to be the brain behind the Mungai Eve brand and the lass once credited him for pushing her to start doing interviews in 2020 when the coronavirus hit.

Could Andrew Kibe’s famous prophecy be the first to be fulfilled in 2024?

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  • The air was electric with anticipation as Kenyans readied themselves to usher in the new year in unparalleled style.
  • At the stroke of midnight, a breathtaking display of fireworks unfolded, transforming the darkness into a canvas of color.
  • The UAP Old Mutual Tower in Nairobi became engulfed in flames, creating a stark contrast to the earlier festivities.

The clock struck midnight, and with it, a wave of euphoria swept across Kenya as the nation bid farewell to 2023 and embraced the dawn of 2024.

Happy New Year, Kenya! In diverse corners of the country, Kenyans illuminated the night, ensuring the arrival of the new year was nothing short of spectacular.

The Pulse of Celebration: Awake and Alive!

From the coastal shores to the highland landscapes, Kenyans chose to defy the drowsiness that usually accompanies the late hours.

Ululations and joyous screams echoed through the night, creating a symphony of celebration that resonated from one corner of the nation to the other.

The air was electric with anticipation as Kenyans readied themselves to usher in the new year in unparalleled style.

Champagne Showers and Dance Fever: A Festive Frenzy!

As the clock ticked past 12:05 a.m, the atmosphere exploded into a carnival of festivities. Champagne corks popped, releasing the effervescent spirit of celebration.

Dazzling lights illuminated dance floors as Kenyans, young and old, moved to the rhythm of joy, casting away the shadows of the past and embracing the promise of the future.

Fireworks Extravaganza: Painting the Night Sky!

At the stroke of midnight, a breathtaking display of fireworks unfolded, transforming the darkness into a canvas of color.

Across the country, bursts of light and sound filled the air, a collective spectacle that adorned the sky and marked the commencement of a new chapter.

Each explosion was a symbol of hope, unity, and the shared optimism for the possibilities that the coming year held.

Religious Reverie: Gratitude in Worship Spaces!

For many Kenyans, the arrival of the new year was a moment of spiritual reflection and gratitude. Christians flocked to various places of worship, offering prayers and thanksgiving for the journey into 2024.

Praises and dances reverberated through the walls of churches creating an atmosphere of divine connection and appreciation for the gift of a new beginning.

Christina Shusho Shusha Nyavu Crossover

Churchill Show crossover, aptly named “Shusha Nyavu,” held at the Garden City Mall along Thika Road, added an extra layer of musical enchantment.

The renowned gospel artist, Christina Shusho, graced the stage with an electrifying performance, elevating the celebratory atmosphere.

Her soul-stirring vocals and uplifting melodies resonated through the crowd, creating an unforgettable musical experience.

As Shusho’s performance echoed under the night sky, it served as a unifying force, bringing together people from all walks of life to share in the joy of the new year.

The fusion of laughter from Churchill Show’s comedic brilliance and the soulful tunes from Christina Shusho’s repertoire made the crossover event a diverse celebration that showcased the rich tapestry of Kenya’s cultural and artistic expressions.

Several other gospel artists, among them Mercy Masika, Solomon Mkubwa and the famous Zablon singers from Tanzania performed at the event.

Overflowing Gatherings: Tents Pitched, Hearts United!

Religious centers and entertainment joints alike witnessed an overflow of joyous souls. Packed to the brim, these venues became the epicenters of communal celebration.

Families, friends, and strangers alike pitched tents in a united effort to usher in the new year in a style uniquely their own. The collective energy was palpable, a testament to the resilience and spirit of togetherness that defines the Kenyan people.

UAP Old Mutual Tower in Nairobi on fire

In the midst of Kenya’s spectacular New Year’s celebrations that painted the sky with dazzling fireworks, an unforeseen turn of events cast a shadow over the jubilation.

The UAP Old Mutual Tower in Nairobi became engulfed in flames, creating a stark contrast to the earlier festivities. The juxtaposition of the celebratory fireworks and the unfolding tragedy served as a poignant reminder of life’s unpredictability.

While the nation reveled in the promise of a new year, the flames at the iconic tower underscored the fragility of the present moment.

Despite the sobering incident, the resilience and solidarity of the Kenyan people were palpable as efforts to address the fire unfolded amidst the echoes of both celebration and concern.

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  • Bahati and Diana had appeared at UDA Secretary General Cleophas Malala’s SuperCup tournament held at Mumias Complex.
  • The event showcased the couple enjoying the spotlight with their fans.
  • Bahati took to social media to share a video that has become the talk of the town, featuring his clearly inebriated wife, Diana, expressing her displeasure at being prematurely escorted home from the night club.

The evolution of singer Kevin Bahati from the beloved “Mtoto wa Mama” to the undisputed “Nightclub Royalty” alongside his wife, Diana Marua, has left fans both amused and intrigued.

In recent times, the dynamic duo has been painting the town red, making headlines with their wild nights out that are sparking a whirlwind of reactions on social media.

The party doesn’t seem to be over for these lovebirds, and the latest escapade involves a drunken dispute that has taken the internet by storm

The Drunk Diana Marua Drama

Bahati took to social media to share a video that has become the talk of the town, featuring his clearly inebriated wife, Diana, expressing her displeasure at being prematurely escorted home from the night club.

The hilarious yet genuine exchange between the couple has captured the attention of Kenyans, leaving everyone in splits.

In the viral video, Bahati playfully questions Diana about her thoughts on the situation, unleashing a wave of raw emotions from the tipsy songstress.

With a hunger for more fun, Diana admonishes Bahati never to cut short her club adventures again, asserting that she had only enjoyed a mere 70% of the night.

The banter between the couple provides a candid and relatable glimpse into their playful relationship.

Bahati and Diana had appeared at UDA Secretary General Cleophas Malala’s SuperCup tournament held at Mumias Complex on the outskirts of Mumias town in Kakamega, on Friday, December 29.

The event showcased the couple enjoying the spotlight with their fans. From impressive performances to pouring drinks for each other, Bahati and Diana sure know how to keep the party alive.

A Stylish Affair

Detailing their fashionable exploits, Diana was a vision in an Ankara outfit, while Bahati rocked Denim jeans, a black shirt, and a bomber jacket paired with stylish white sneakers.

The couple effortlessly blended fashion with their vibrant personalities, creating a visual feast for their followers.

Flashback to September

This isn’t the first time the couple has graced the nightclub scene together. In September, they were spotted dancing, laughing, and enjoying the night away, proving that their love for each other and a good party is a consistent theme in their lives.

Bahati and Diana Marua’s journey from the stage to the nightclub reflects the multifaceted nature of their relationship. Beyond the glitz and glamour, they embrace the joy of shared moments and unfiltered laughter.

As the internet continues to buzz with their latest escapades, one thing is for sure – the party is far from over for this dynamic duo, and fans can’t wait to see what they have in store next!

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