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Lawyer Donald Kipkorir is known for his flamboyant lifestyle. Or is he?

Well, if you thought that the commercial and corporate lawyer is just living large in the city whilst his mother suffers in the village then you are wrong.

In Africa, it is said that mothers are the only people who wish us well, and Donald Kipkorir must be living by the phrase and decided to make sure that his mother eats life with a big spoon.

Photos of a palatial home that lawyer Donald Kipkorir has built for his mother have been shared on social media, and they have left Kenyans mesmerized.

The counsel on Wednesday, May 4, 2022 took to his social media handles to reveal that lawyer Silas Jakakimba together with his wife and friends had visited his mother Katarina in Cheptongei village.


While thanking Jakakimba for paying a courtesy call to his mother in the remote village, Donald Kipkorir shared the photos they had taken while at the home.

The palatial home has left Kenyans talking, with the multimillion house in the background getting the attention of many.


While captioning the photos, the flamboyant lawyer noted that Jakakimba and his friends had taken a whole bag of sugar to his mother.


“My Truest BFF @silasjakakimba and his wife and friends, today, went all the way to Cheptongei to pay a courtesy call on my Beloved Mother Katarina. And they gifted her a whole bag of sugar. Silas & Flo, may Your Cup Always Runneth Over. May Almighty God always Watch over you,” Donald Kipkorir tweeted.

Below are some of the reactions from a section of Kenyans after seeing Donald Kipkorir’s mother’s palatial home in the village.

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Just a day after sharing new details of his struggling relationship with his ex-lover Carol Sonnie back then before the birth of their daughter baby Keilah, comedian Kendrick Mulamwah has come out to claim that the baby is not his.

Mulamwah had on a Thursday Q&A session on his social media claimed that Sonnie sired a child with another man while they were still together but she lost the baby after a successful abortion.

He had claimed that back in April 2020, when he announced that Sonie suffered a miscarriage with their three-month-old unborn baby over online trolls, the baby was not his and that she terminated the pregnancy.

“She cheated on me with a guy living at Arrow Apartments Gitaru around Kikuyu area, I found out they had been seeing each other for over a year. Infact during lockdown as I was burning my shirt in stress, she was living at his house That’s when we first broke up,” he claimed.

However, in a new turn of events, the comedian has taken to his social media pages to announce that baby Keilah is not his kid.

“Keilah is NOT my kid,” reads a post posted by Mulamwah on his Facebook page.

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Going for live entertainment above canned music or something on a TV is really going the extra

It’s a way to add a heightened sense of fun and excitement to the already enjoyable time
that is your party.

However, like the food and the venue and the guest list that you put a lot of time into figuring out, the live entertainment is something you need to determine, as well. And by that, we mean: how do you hire the right live entertainment?

Live performers have a tendency sometimes to put guests on the spot, don’t they?

There are the magicians who request a volunteer from the audience, the comedians who want to interact with the audience to make things seem more personal, and the actors who bring the party guests into their theatrics.

What types of events will call for these possibilities? How can you make things not awkward and ensure everyone enjoys the performers you’ve hired? We’ll give you some tips.

Think of the Clientele

You’re hiring this entertainment for your guests, right? So, when you’re considering what kind to hire, think of your party guests as the performers’ clientele.

Your guests will surely have an overarching personality to them. What kind of people are they? Young and wild? Maybe get a rock band to perform.

Older and more given to traditional parties? Perhaps a suave emcee might do well.
Whatever you do, when you search “entertainment near me” online, make sure you choose
appropriate entertainment from the options you see.

Think of the Mood

Another thing to consider is the mood you want to cultivate at this event of yours. Obviously, you’ll want your live entertainment to mesh with the feelings at the party.

Having a birthday party for a 90-year-old? A rock band ain’t gonna cut it. Maybe go for something more traditional, such as a jazz band or relaxing singer.

On the other hand, if you’re throwing an extravaganza for a seven-year-old, why not go all out on the fun and get a magician to come and do magic tricks while also throwing in some comedy?

There are plenty of options out there for these kinds of performers.

Match up the entertainment with the party, and you’ll do just fine.

Think of the Performer’s Adaptability

You know, not every performer can be everything to everyone. There are areas where an entertainer specializes.

That’s going to be his or her strong suit. If you like this aspect of a performer but not that, see if the person can alter some aspect of his or her usual show.

Entertainers who work for hire are not rigid authorities who offer you one type of performance and won’t budge on any detail.

They will probably be happy you’ve chosen them out of all your options and will be more than willing to work with you on the specifics of what you’re planning.

Watch for this kind of flexibility in the entertainment you hire, and you’ll do much better. Keep all these things in mind when hiring live entertainment, and your guests should have the time for their lives.

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Controversial comedian Eric Omondi has opened up on how he allegedly got journalist Jacque Maribe pregnant.

Taking to his official instagram account of Tuesday evening, the funny man revealed that he first met the former Citizen TV anchor in 2021 at Radio Africa Group.

At the time, Eric Omondi says, Jacque Maribe was working at Kiss TV. The comedian was working at Radio Jambo at the the said period.

According to Eric Omondi, the company held a party for its staff on one night, and after having some few glasses of liqour, he happened to make out with Jacque Maribe in a one night stand.

“So we met at Radio Africa in 2012. I was working at Radio Jambo and Jacque was working at Kiss TV. So one Random night after a Radio Africa Staff Party and after afew bottles of whiskey and wine glasses Jacque and I happened,” reads his post in part.

He went ahead to reveal that at the time, the TV girl was dating one of her fellow journalists at then at KTN, which made them use protection while making out.

“It was really a one night thing because she was dating KTN’s Sam Ogina at the time. WE USED PROTECTION!!!” said Eric Omondi.

However, according to the comedian, Maribe could later, just after two months, claim that she was pregnant.

Eric Omondi allegedly requested for DNA but the journalist has refused.

Below is Eric Omondi’s long Instagram post.

So we met at Radio Africa in 2012. I was working at Radio Jambo and Jacque was working at Kiss TV. So one Random night after a Radio Africa Staff Party and after afew bottles of whiskey and wine glasses Jacque and I happened.

It was really a one night thing because she was dating KTN’s Sam Ogina at the time. WE USED PROTECTION!!! After two Months Jacque tells me she’s Pregnant!!! I immediately ask her how since we used Protection???

She then tells me “It doesn’t matter the mother always knows who the Father is and that I am the Father!!! During the entire Pregnancy nothing happened and we barely saw each other.

Roughly 4 months after the baby was born Jacque called me and asked me if I would help or be part of the baby’s life. I asked her for a DNA test so that I could comfortably be part of the baby’s life and SUPPORT fully.

She got very offended and Refused my request. For 7 seven years I have begged Jacque to allow us have a DNA Test and she has CONTINUALLY refused!!!

Idont mind supporting the child but if you want me to be FULLY PRESENT and SUPPORTIVE, if you Want me to be a FATHER. Then we have to do the RIGHT THING!!!!

Follow the link below to see original post on Instagram.


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The self-proclaimed president of comedy, Eric Omondi, has come out to reveal that he is remaining celibate till marriage and sex will no longer be part of his life.

In an interview that he shared on Instagram, Omondi, who is preparing for the premier of his new season of Wife Material, stated that he is keeping himself pure until he marries, adding that he hopes people will respect his decision.

“I personally I’m not a lover, I’m not a fan of sex and sex is not something that I can think about or I’d love to do.”

According to Eric Omondi, sex is a distraction that will derail his successful comedy career.

He seemed to clear the air, especially given that his reality show had been criticized for its racy, and frequently explicit, content.

He added that he wants to focus with his career adding that sex before marriage is a distraction therefore he wants to keep himself pure.

His show had become controversial, running into headwind after the former KFCB chairman Dr. Ezekiel Mutua castigated him and demanded an investigation into the comedian’s conduct regarding the controversial Wife Material show, claiming it depicted sexual, immoral, and indecent content.

According to moral cop as dubbed by many, young girls were being duped into watching the how and were being forced to commit immoral acts.

Dr. Mutua also claimed that the public were subjected to sexual acts that degraded societal morals and misled young people into copying acts that are against the African culture.

But Omondi who has now promised a bigger and better season of the show says he is focused on his career and is keen on avoiding anything that would bring negative impact on his career.

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Popular artist and producer Nixon Wesonga popularly known as Visita has come out to cry for help after claiming he has gone broke over the past few months.

While speaking in an interview on YouTube on Tuesday, the artist said his rent arrears have accumulated for five months forcing him to sleep in the apartment’s corridors for a week.

Visita later reached out to his DJ friend who has been temporarily hosting him in his studio which he shares with his wife Ann Lenana.

“I have been looking for ways to lay out my challenges in vain. If there is someone out there who feels I should get out of this situation, I’ll appreciate,” stated the ‘Fukuza Mapepo’ hit maker.

He further thanked his girlfriend for being with him throughout despite his financial difficulties.

“I am not embarrassed, such is life. God has a better plan and the fact that she is still with me, I know God has a hug plan, said Visita.

Visita first opened up in May this year, saying that he ran into a financial quagmire after the government closed entertainment spots to curb the spread of COVID-19.

“Many celebrities go through tough times but tend to remain silent for fear of what the public might say. I am not doing well financially,” he told a local daily.

Visita said he owes several months’ rent and could be locked out of his Roysambu house at any moment.

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Comedian Terence Creative’s skit about ‘wash wash’ has lately been the talk of town . In the video, we have an American by the name Darren Collins.

The American national has explained his life in Kenya and how he landed his role in Terence Creative’s video. Mr. Collins has said that he landed in Kenya 10 years ago but started living in the country six years ago.

He said that he came to Kenya in 2012 on a mission to do a research project about HIV/AIDS prevention education through story telling. He said that he visited hospitals and spoke to persons living with HIV/AIDS at that time.

Collins said that after completing his project, he was invited by Nairobi Rotary club upon which he decided to stay in Kenya, he then met comedians Fred Omondi and Terrence Creative.

About landing his role in Terrance’s viral ‘Wash Wash’ video, “I landed the role in the wash wash, kemikal video because I am a white guy who was around. He added that he has ever worked with Terrence and therefore they have a close working relationship.

He said while doing his research in 2012, he did comedy with Terence and Fred Omondi. In the recent video, Terrence decided that he was the right person for the role.

Collins revealed that whenever Terrence gives him a call, he will accept it knowing that the skit will be done well.

He also said he enjoys his stay in Kenya adding that the people refer to him as mzungu, mlami and now wash wash.

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After few months of taking a break from music, Naiboi has threatened to sue his record label claiming he has had difficulties in releasing new songs.

Naiboi took to social media on Wednesday and asked his fans to pray for him saying his hands have been tied for almost two years which have prevented him from releasing more music.

“I might need serious lawyers. I might, I think. Nimefika mwisho (I’ve reach the end). I miss Naiboi as much as you do. Pray for me. I keep everything to myself a lot, but imefika mwisho (It has reached the end). I love music so much it hurts. I love music so much and it hurts to have over 800 songs and I can’t release even a single one,” said Naiboi.

Naiboi came into the limelight following his collabo with Timmy T-Dat in their song ‘Welle Welle‘ in 2014 followed by ‘Daktari‘ featuring Frasha in 2015.

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Radio presenter Stacy Atieno has come out to reveal how controversial artiste Willy Paul sexually assaulted her two years ago.

During an interview with a local blog, she stated that the singer sexually assaulted her when she went to look for a job opportunity at his music studio Saldido in Sosian Estate, Nairobi.

The presenter also shared screenshots of her direct message to the artiste telling him the accusations she made against him. The screenshot shows the radio girl explaining to Willy Paul that she had exposed what he allegedly did to her at an interview with a local blog.

May be an image of 1 person and standing
Stacy Atieno. Photo/Courtesy/Stacy Atieno Facebook

She stated that she was irked at the mention of Willy Paul’s name during the interview and she got triggered to expose him.

The radio girl cum video vixen revealed that Willy Paul touched her ‘butt’ without her consent, made her sit on his laps while showing her a song with a lady from Jamaica. She further said that the artiste forced her to touch his genitals. “But you know I made peace with myself cause I was not at fault. I was just a naive little girl with no job and excited to meet ‘Pozze’ but little did I know your intentions,” she stated.

Willy Paul however downplayed her allegations saying that it was just a clout chasing stunt as he is yet to release a new album.

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COTU boss Francis Atwoli’s wife and KTN news anchor Mary Kilobi has shared a video of him dancing while on a shopping spree at a high-end fashion store in Egypt.

In the video that has hence gone viral, the COTU boss breaks into dance while his Kilobi records him.

Atwoli can be seen receiving some clothes from a shop attendant.

Atwoli was also in the company of Muhoroni Member of Parliament, Onyango Koyoo who is also seen breaking into dances.

“Hon Koyoo and SG himself shopping in style,” Kilobi captioned the video followed by a laughing emoji.

The flamboyant COTU boss may have spent a lot of money at the high-end fashion store since his taste for expensive clothes is well known.

On September 7, Atwoli left the country for Seychelles for a continental meeting with Federation of Workers’ Unions officials from the government.

It is not clear whether he has been in Seychelles all through or jetted back into the country before heading to Egypt accompanied by Kilobi.

Below is the video.

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Kenyan musician Kennedy Ombima popularly known as King Kaka has opened up on the struggles his wife Nana Owiti has been going through for the past three months he has been sick.

Taking to his official Instagram account on Monday evening, the Dundaing hit maker showered his wife with sweet words for being by his side throughout his illness.

The musician has been unwell for the past three months after he was diagnosed with a disease that made him lose 33kgs.

“Let me count my blessings.The last 3 months has been nothing short but terrifying , This lady here @nanaowiti has shown and proven what a wife and a best friend is,” reads part of King Kaka’s Instagram post.

He went ahead to reveal that Nana Owiti has been sleeping on a hospital couch and wake up to shower in the same hospital before going to her work place and act as if everything was normal.

At times, the artist said that his wife had to fight with nurses after she accused them of being too slow while attending to her husband.

“From kulala kwa couch ya hospitali next to my bed then you wake up shower in the same hospital , go and smile kwa TV like everything is okay to fighting with Nurses on why they are ‘slow’, to praying and encouraging me to eat, to sponge-bathing me when the temperatures were too high,” continued King Kaka.

The musician told his fans that he is currently recovering, and prayed that God guides and grants her wife all her heart’s wishes and desires.

“I am currently walking on that road to recovery but I pray that God guides you and grants you all your hearts’ wishes & Desires. Just leant the new meaning of the word ‘Partner’ in a relationship. Be blessed and Asante Nana,” he posted.

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Kenyan musician Kennedy Ombima, popularly known as King Kaka has moved Kenyans after sharing his first photo after mysterious illness that made him lose weight.

Taking to his official social media accounts on Saturday September 11, 2021 while donning a Manchester United’s home jersey for the 2021/2022 season, the ‘Dundaing’ hit maker opened up on how he has been in and out of hospital.

About a week ago, King Kaka had opened up about misdiagnosis and illness that made him lose 33kgs.

The rapper in his recent post reiterated how being in hospital was really boring, asking his fans to always pray for good health.

King Kaka’s first photo after illness. PHOTO/COURTESY/KING KAKA.

“Hospitali Ceilings are really boring always pray for good health. Kwa sasa analyzing the possibility of Ronaldo scoring 3 goals today against Newcastle!!!” he tweeted.

King Kaka has in recent weeks expressed optimism that he will bounce back and has often thanked those who have reached out to him.

King Kaka went into the details of how he has struggled to eat and was only taking porridge and eating fruits for the three months that he has been sick.

He also revealed that his wife Nana Owiti has always stood by him throughout the trying moment.

His recent post moved Kenyans who flocked his social media to wish him a quick and full recovery.

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Kenyan journalist and CNN international correspondent Larry Madowo has been thrown into deep mourning.

The journalist on Friday afternoon took to his official social media accounts to announce the passing on of his grandmother Francesca Madowo.

While mourning her in a very touching message, Larry Madowo described his grandmother as the family matriarch, family heartbeat and his comedy partner.

He went ahead to note that her death has left him numbing, and ripped his heart from the chest.

The journalist noted that light had gone out of the family following the death of the matriarch.

“My grandmother, the family matriarch, our heartbeat, my comedy partner, the dearly loved Francesca Madowo has joined the ancestors. I am numb. My heart has been ripped from my chest. Light has gone out of my life. Nind gi kwe, min Omollo,” tweeted Larry Madowo.

Before joining CNN, Larry Madowo worked as a North America correspondent for the BBC based in Washington, DC.

He was also named a young global leader by the World Economic Forum and twice listed among 100 most influential Africans by NewAfrican Magazine.

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Tanzanian Superstar Rayvanny on Thursday night landed in Kenya ahead of his lavish Birthday party with Machakos Governor Dr Alfred Mutua.

Governor Mutua on Friday morning took to his social media accounts to reveal that he had received the musician at the Homo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).

The duo is set to throw a lavish double birthday party at the Emara Ole Sereni Hotel which is located along Mombasa road in Nairobi.

The bash will also have some concert with live performances from Rayvanny.

Mutua and Rayvanny share a birth date, the 22nd of August, thus their choice to celebrate it together.

The party will go down on Sunday August 22, with a few people in attendance.

Radio Africa Group radio stations, that is Radio Jambo, kiss FM and classic 105 have been running promos which will enable people win tickets to the event.

Governor Mutua earlier toured Tanzania where he visited Rayvanny at his studios.

He shared a video of himself in the studio jamming to some of the musician’s hit songs.

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Lawyer-cum politician Karen Nyamu has been hitting headlines over the recent past, exposing her troubled relationship life.

For the first time, her first baby daddy, DJ Saint, has come out to reveal his relationship life with Karen Nyamu.

Speaking in an interview with one of the local radio stations, DJ Saint said that Nyamu, whom he knew before she became a politician, is hard to deal with.

DJ Saint
DJ Saint. Photo/Courtesy

Despite dating for several years after meeting for the first time at an even, DJ Saint said Karen did not want to be challenged in so many things.

He noted that she would tell him not to come home at 3 am and the following day she comes at that same time.

According to him, this is one of the reasons as to why Karen Nyamu has been facing troubles in her relationships.

Every time was an argument. It was getting toxic and separating was the best option left,” said the father of two.

Karen Nyamu recently accused musician Samidoh of beating her and smashing her phone. The two have a child together.

In a live conversation on Instagram on Monday night, Karen alleged that Samidoh assaulted her, yet she is three months pregnant with their second child. 

Samidoh and Karen have a nine-month-old baby together. He is married to Edday Kimani and together they have two children.

In March, the singer publicly apologised to his family and fans after Karen shared a video of him sharing a moment with their child.

Samidoh further admitted to having a ‘friendship’ with the former Nairobi Woman Representative candidate, which led to the birth of their son.

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A Kenyan woman has shocked social media users after publicly threatening to name the people she has infected with HIV & AIDS.

The woman who identifies herself as Ruth James took to Facebook and threatened to name over 100 men she has deliberately infected with the disease.

She made the threats in what seemed to be a revenge mission.

It all started with the middle-aged woman disclosing that she was overwhelmed by untold suffering that left her with suicidal thoughts.

“Dying is the best thing. I have suffered a lot,” she wrote.

While revealing intentions to name her victims, Ruth said that she had infected over 100 Facebook friends.

“I want to expose everyone i have given HIV. Itugona. Chuo 100 mar facebook dwa thoo gi stress . (Don’t take it for granted. About 100 Facebook users will die from stress),” she posted.

Ruth who is a mother of one daughter, judging from her Facebook profile, pointed at ostensible neglect and rejection from her neighbors at Nyayo estate as reasons for her move.

Read some of the comments below;

Joshua: You have taken a serious wrong step shemeji. Call me if you my sincere advice. Kindly delete this from your wall.

Pamba: Be very careful jaber, some of your content will land you in big trouble.Just be wise with what you share to the public.

Hagai: This is a lady who needs help. May be she doesn’t know the implications of this statement. She’s playing with fire.

Juddy: It’s not too late to pull yourself back together Ruth..You can still get up and dust yourself and move on as nothing ever happened in your life.Dont make yourself useless you still very young and your daughter needs you a lot.Plis get some counseling,it will be of great help but only if you are willing.We now know why you been acting weirdly..its clear that you are depressed.Otherwise earth is very hard.

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