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Nzoia sugar company is set to close for a period of two months for to undergo repair and maintenance.

Speaking to the press at the company, the company’s Managing Director Chrispin Ogutu said that the sugar miller has been operating on old equipment which has affected the production.

He said that the company needs modernized equipment for efficiency in production of sugar.

The national government had recently allocated 500 million shillings to aid in reviving the miller and some of the money was used to import new equipment from overseas to at least boost the production.

Ogutu went ahead to note that 216 million shillings is going to be used for that exercise where by 150 million shillings will be used on spare parts while the remaining will be used to pay the experts who will participate in repairing the equipment and also paying the skilled casuals and laborers.

The managing director went ahead to ask the farmers whose sugarcane is ready for cutting to be patient and reserve them as they wait for the company to resume saying that when it resumes, it will be able to process more sugar hence more canes will be needed.

Ogutu also noted that the company still owes the farmers 787 million saying that since the reopening of the company in 2020 which was languishing in debts, it has paid to about 1.5 billion shillings debt as at April and it looks forward to pay more farmers when the company resumes.

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Infinix today announced the launch of the all-new smartphone HOT 12, a fresh smartphone that integrates long endurance and fun.

The announcement was made at the University of Nairobi during this years’ Tech Week, an event where students are offered an opportunity to showcase their innovative ideas through projects and exhibitions they
are working on.

Established in 2018, the event is currently being occasioned by 20 universities country wide with this years’ event being hosted at the University of Nairobi.

In partnership with Infinix the winners were awarded cash prizes of up to Ksh 50,000 and brand new Hot 12 Play Series phones that were officially launched at the event.

Winners of Tech Week 2022, Taifa Hall UoN

About The HOT 12 Series

The Infinix HOT 12 is equipped with a Helio G85 processor, a 6.82″ 90Hz Pro-Level gaming screen for electronic sports to create an ideal game entertainment platform.

It comes with a 5000mAh battery, an 18W fast charger and the famous Dar-link game optimization engine to stimulate all-day gaming pleasure.

The trendy straight-edge design presents light and thin scientific and technological aesthetics, for a powerful and stylish Infinix HOT series mobile phone.

Eric Zheng, Infinix Product Manager expressed: “We are continuously committed to designing intelligent smartphones with excellent performance and trendy aesthetics for young consumers, and we will constantly bring the latest, best and most cost-effective products to users.

“The Infinix HOT 12 has achieved a breakthrough in improved performance, ultra-long endurance and trendy
aesthetics, which allows young people around the world to express themselves through their smartphones. ”

A Blazing-Fast Chipset

Thanks to the blazing fast MediaTek G85 gaming chipset, The Infinix HOT 12 comfortably handles higher frame rates to run demanding games resulting in shorter response times and faster communication connections.

The G85 gaming chipset adopts dual-core flagship CPU architecture, two fast ARM Cortex-A75 cores up to 2 GHz for performance tasks and six small ARM CortexA55 cores up to 1.8 GHz for efficiency.

All eight cores can be used together thanks to heterogeneous multiprocessing support.

These headline features combined make for a fantastic gaming smartphone enabling HOT 12 to run the top games in sublime quality for an immersive gaming experience.

Power All Day Long

The Infinix HOT 12 uses a massive 5000mAh battery, fast-charging and ultra-power mode to ensure consistent performance alongside rapid juice ups for all day long battery life.

Equipped with a 5000mAh “Big Mac” high-density and large-capacity battery, which can support the power consumption of demanding apps, games and general use, users can enjoy power all day long.

Additionally, it also supports Type-C interface18W supercharge with a 50% power up time of just 50 minutes allowing users to focus more on their games and less on their battery levels.

To further improve battery quality, The Infinix HOT 12 is equipped with Infinix self-developed battery lasting technology, which improves the longevity by approximately 25% in a single click.

With just 5% power remaining, an additional 2.6 hours of usage can be unlocked using Ultra Power

Packed With Memory

Coming stacked with 128GB+6GB of memory & RAM, the HOT 12 allows users to run multiple demanding applications with ease and operate them smoothly with the ability to switch between apps without lag and the storage to keep everything in one place.

Gamers can enjoy fluid frame rates and blazing speed when playing the latest games giving them a considerable advantage over players with older devices.

Infinix’s self-developed RAM fusion technology allows HOT 12 phones to support 5GB of extended RAM and up to 11GB of combined RAM, increasing the number of background cached applications by three to nine and improving the average launch time of TOP20 applications by 10%- 50%.

The extra RAM gives users power when they need it for a sublime smartphone experience in a wide variety of usage scenarios.

Trendy Eye-catching Design

The Infinix HOT 12 features a superbly trendy flat-edge flagship smartphone design language for an eye-catching look.

The straight-edge design gives the device a visibly thinner effect of a 3mm textured look with cleaner lines. The angular exterior is paired with a rich reflection of flowing light and shadow representing a strong & bold image.

The devices come with rich & vibrant color options including Racing Black, Legend White & Origin blue giving young consumers a color option for every occasion.

The HOT 12 features a full 6.82″ 90Hz Pro-Level esports screen for a silky-smooth display. It also

provides almost instant visual feedback on touch input with a 180Hz touch sampling rate giving the
HOT 12 a snappy response rate which is absolutely ideal for smartphone gaming and demanding applications.

Rich Immersive Sound

HOT 12 comes fully upgraded with both dual upper and lower speakers for a truly immersive audio experience with deep lows, clear mids and rich crisp highs.

Users can enjoy a top-quality audio experience when listing to music, consuming online media and playing fast-paced games where footsteps can be heard giving gamers an advantage when another player is on the hunt.

The Infinix HOT 12 also delivers a fantastic photographic experience for users with a clean user interface.

Fully equipped with an 8MP AI front camera, 13MP AI triple rear camera, and a powerful image algorithm, HOT 12 provides an AI portrait that enhances the focus of every snapshot in the best way possible.

The XOS 10 operating system redefines style with a brand-new design and artistic chromatic aberration through Smart Scene and integrates some applications designed for a smarter life.

Its built-in XArena enhances your gaming experience by integrating game applications on smartphones into a single area and enabling game boosters to boost performance.

There is also a quick setting that mutes messages and calls during a gaming session so users can focus on the task at hand.

Combined with the underlying game optimization algorithm through Dar-Link, it brings users an immersive gaming entertainment experience unrivaled by smartphones at its attainable price point.


Infinix HOT 12 will be available in 3 variants HOT 12 Play 128+4 for Ksh 18,499, HOT 12 Play 64+4 for Ksh 16,499 and HOT 12 128+4 going for Ksh 19,999 soon in outlets countrywide.

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Kenyan companies linked to land sales in Kiambu County are again embroiled in controversy after a flagship property was accused of fraudulent dealings.

In court filings, Finsco Africa and Heri Homes are accused of selling land over which the heirs of a coffee farming dynasty are feuding.

The 200-acre parcel, marketed as Legacy Ridges, sits on Ruiru-Kamiti Road and is advertised as “affordability meets lifestyle”, with properties starting at Kshs 8.4 million.

Also known as Wamikey Estate Limited, the family property is allegedly being illegally sold off by Virginia Waithera, in collusion with Finsco Africa and Heri Homes, without the authorisation of other family members.

Waithera is the second wife of prominent Kiambu businessman David Ndua Thuo (deceased).

The children of Thuo’s first marriage to Alice Njeri moved to court to stop Waithera from managing Wamikey “without transparency to the rest of the family to the extent that she has sold and/or transferred shares and/or tampered with the registration of the property.”

“Waithera has entered into an illegal joint venture agreement with developers known as Heri Homes, Finsco Africa, who are developing the property belonging to the estate and have named the development Legacy Ridges,” said Godfrey Alfred Hinga, a son of the deceased businessman.

Following the launch of the real estate project at an event on 22 February 2022, Higa says he wrote to Waithera, Heri Homes and Finsco Africa, but they failed to respond to the letter.

In court filings, Hinga states that the land allegedly misappropriated for Legacy Ridges has a value of more than KES 1 billion and that the Wamikey Estate “as a whole risks being lost to scammers.”

“Virginia Waithera does not have any higher right than the other beneficiaries of the estate,” he states.
The court case risks snarling the Legacy Ridges development.

The woes of Finsco Africa and Heri Homes stretch across Kiambu County to another development, Riverline Ridges, now stalled due to court allegations of a fraud that pits heirs of Bernard Njinu Kiarie, a powerful Moi-era police chief, against each other.

According to court filings, Fisnco and Heri Homes have not purchased the 428 acres but are already selling the land to unsuspecting buyers without disclosing the lack of clear title.

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Fly 748

748 Air Services (K) Ltd is set to showcase its new routes, air ticket deals and other tourism packages during during the five-day bi-annual Holiday 2022 Tourism Fair taking place at the Sarit Expo Centre this week.

This comes as momentum grows in air travel recovery.

During the five-day event, the airline will also be looking to connect face to face with current and prospective customers.

According to Fly 748 Managing Director Moses Mwangi, the airline will leverage on the opportunity to showcase its current affordable flight rates and accommodation packages and market its destinations across the country.

In a press statement issued on Friday April 1, 2022, Mwangi said the mouthwatering packages will give their customers unforgettable experiences without breaking the bank.

“The outlook for travel is positive both for domestic and International travel. In line with our vision of having all Kenyans fly, we will be showcasing our competitive ticket pricing and accommodation packages that will give our customers unforgettable experiences without breaking the bank,” said Mwangi.

The event kicked off on 30th March and is expected to run until 3rd April 2022.

It will offer the airline an opportunity to share industry insights with travelers to boost their confidence.

“We are slowly leaving the Covid-19 turbulence behind us as the pandemic become endemic, giving more people confidence to fly as economies also open up to boost disposable income,” said Fly 748 Chairman, Ahmed Jibril.

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The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) has proposed new rules that will see the involvement of industry players in the examination and classification of content meant to air on their respective platforms.

According to the Co-Regulation Framework for broadcast, Video on Demand (VOD) and Over the Top (OTT) content, KFCB proposes to allow broadcasters, and online streaming service providers to classify 70 percent of audiovisual content on their platforms using the local film classification guidelines.

Under the proposed arrangement, KFCB will only classify 30 percent of the content meant for broadcast on traditional broadcasting and new media platforms. To ensure compliance, the local film and broadcast content regulator shall undertake regular audits on 70% of the self-classified content.

Broadcasters, VOD and Online streaming service platforms will be allowed to self-classify a predetermined proportion of audiovisual content intended to air on their respective platforms only after their staff undergo training on the KFCBs Film Classification Guidelines.

According to the proposed Framework, content broadcasters, VOD and OTT platform operators will be allowed to affix KFCB’s age-appropriate symbols on self-classified content.

Currently, the law requires KFCB to examine and classify audiovisual content meant for broadcast, distribution, and exhibition in the country. However, digitization and increase in the number of players in the broadcast sector has witnessed a proliferation of unclassified audio-visual content on broadcast, VOD, OTT and online streaming platforms.

The migration from analogue to digital TV transmission and the rapid increase and penetration of the internet has also resulted in an increase in content production and content distribution platforms, making it necessary for the regulator to rethink its regulatory processes and frameworks to cope up with market dynamics.

With the existing staffing levels, the film and broadcast content regulator, KFCB, cannot cope with the legal requirement to examine and classify all audiovisual content meant for broadcast, distribution and exhibition in the country.

Implementation of the proposed Framework is expected to lead to enhanced industry compliance with the Films and Stage Plays Act as well as ease the process of examination and classification for broadcasters, in light of the rapidly evolving market and technological dynamics.

The framework is also meant to facilitate an enabling regulatory environment for the broadcast sector which has come under intense competition from digital platforms, including VOD and online streaming services.

KFCB has published the framework on its website for public and stakeholder comments and input. The consultation closes next month on April 4.

The consultation document can be accessed on https://kfcb.go.ke/policies

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A Nairobi man has gone viral on social media for writing an official complaint to Co-operative bank of Kenya that his wife has been sleeping with the bank’s three top officials.

The man called Samuel T Mwangi claims that his wife identified as Caroline Wanjiku, who works at Cooperative Bank Westlands Branch, is cheating on him with her office colleagues and as a result, he wants her to be transferred from the branch.

Surprisingly, this has been happening for over a year, and the man just played cool so that he can gather enough evidence.

He wrote a letter to the bank’s Human Resource Officer and presented evidence in PDF form to prove that his wife is having sexual affairs with her office colleagues.


His evidence included MPESA transactions, CCTV footages and google maps that placed the accused senior officials at the bank at the alleged scenes.

He revealed that his wife even had sex with one of her colleagues in the car along Thika Road.

He goes on to argue that one of the bosses at the bank’s Westlands branch has been blocking his wife’s numerous transfers.

Here’s the evidence that he presented to the HR manager in PDF form and left his wife badly exposed.

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Heads of government bodies are gradually attempting to extend their tenures when not working with sidekicks to get ‘some work’ once they get out of office.

Remember the case of Ezekiel Mutua when he was CEO at Kenya Film and Classification Board?

The man Kenyans nicknamed ‘Deputy Jesus Christ’ for playing moral police with content on television, allegedly tried arm-twisting the Board to extend his term in 2021?

In a letter to ICT Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru in July 2021, the State Corporations Advisory Committee (SCAC) said Mutua, had planned to extend his term in office, to serve a third term at the helm of KFCB.

He however dismissed the allegation terming it as sideshows. “I’m concentrating on my responsibility of protecting children from harmful content and I have no time for sideshows,” Mutua said, then.

More than that, the ‘Deputy Jesus’ was also accused by the Auditor General Nancy Gathungu of overpaying his salary by Sh3.1 million in 2020 without approval from the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC).

A similar script could be playing out at the Kenya Year Book Editorial Board where the leadership of CEO, Edward Mwasi, is being questioned in some quarters.

Allegations against Mwasi include planning to plant stooges like Peter Okong’o as his possible successor.

Okong’o, who was laid off from mainstream media houses like The Standard over issues related to performance, was hired while another employee (with a Masters Degree) was laid off and has since taken legal action.

Other disgruntled parties who have threatened legal action include contracted writers like Francis Mwaniki, previously an experienced Revise Editor at the Daily Nation.

Mwaniki engaged lawyers over payments for editorial work done for the Kenya Year Book.

Furthermore,Mwasi hoodwinked Information Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru into appointing Wilson Kipkazi “a perennial member of many government boards” into the Board of Kenya Year Book despite having served his full term!

The move was illegal, and George Opiyo, a former hired insider has threatened to take legal action over the matter.

Other murmurs of discontent revolve around arm-twisting the procurement department into favouring specific service providers in publishing books.

Then there are some money-wasting and kickback-inspired projects meant to showcase milestones of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Big 4 Agenda.

But the books being churned out by Kenya Year Book feature scanty research and are little more than an “internet compilation of other government reports.”

A source from the ministry of ICT, Innovation and Youth Affairs said; “Mwasi has created power structures within and outside the organization through which he fights employees and consultants perceived to know the end result of his machinations. Moreover, the Year Book has nothing other than some compilation of other government reports.”

The quality of content in this year’s Kenya Year Book, for one, has been singled out as being below par.

The 2021 Kenya Year Book, which is meant to summarize progress and opportunities in different key sectors of our country, is nothing but 300 pages of photos most of them downloaded from the internet!

It compares poorly to other Kenya Year Books before he took over as CEO.

Basically, the 2021 Kenya Year Book is nothing but a series of photos with deep captions!

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  • Make strong concrete paving blocks of different designs with Makiga Paving Block Moulds
  • Makiga Engineering brings you the most affordable and durable soil blocks in the Kenyan market.

Interlocking soil blocks are a growing trend in the construction sector as they can help you cut approximately half of the total building cost.

Did I hear you ask how? bit.ly/3s6g1c4

1. When you buy a Makiga interlocking block pressing machine you get up to 25% off.

This eco-friendly machine is capable of making upto 500 blocks in a single day.Interlocking Stabilized Soil blocks (ISSBs) technology is able to cut cost of construction by upto 50% as compared to masonry blocks.

In the process of making ISSBs you are required to stabilize the soil with the help of cement in the appropriate ratios depending on the type of soil.

From a 50kg bag of cement you expect 100-150 blocks!!

Curing is done by watering the blocks for 7 days then dry curing for another 7 days.

After the Eco-friendly, solid concrete blocks are cured, they will be able to withstand rain without weathering.

2. In just 14 days your blocks will be ready to use.

This is by far the most affordable and sustainable method of building a house in Kenya.
Since Cement is used sparingly this also makes Makiga interlocking blocks the most affordable blocks/house materials in the Kenyan market.

3. How about making alternative income after building your house or pavements?

The machine can also be used to start a business.

The machines offer an alternative way to make money.

Makiga also offer a wide range of machines from;Curved Interlocking Soil Block Press Machine,Wide interlocking Soil Block Press Machine, Briquette machines among a wide range of eco-friendly products that can be found on https://makiga-engineering.com/

These machines can help you propel your construction business to the next level.

4. Makiga engineering are by far the leaders of innovative products in the construction/building technology

Some of their famous machines include:

  • Press Machine Blocks
  • Interlocking Block Press Machine
  • Non-Interlocking Soil Block Machine
  • Curved Interlocking Soil Block Press Machine
  • Wide Interlocking Soil Block Press Machine
  • Curved Interlocking Soil Block Press Machine
  • Diesel Engine Hydraulic Block Press Machine

Just to name a few of their bestsellers.
BUild Smart!! Build the Makiga WAY !!

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Having a litter bag in your can is necessary for keeping the car clean. That’s why a CarCan is handy in avoiding littering in cars.

Read on to learn the advantages of using a Car Garbage Can.

Advantages of using a CarCan

Carcan allows car users to keep their cars clean and well organized.

Used plastic bags litters cars and the environment at large. Thus, these bags are environmentally friendly.
Gifting friends and family is made easy.

You can order these garbage bags and surprise them.

Car Garbage Can can also be used as storage bags by car owners. Having a storage bag in the car keeps the car neat.

Also, they’ve four big pockets to enhance the storage experience.

They’re reusable, washable, and waterproof. Once you’ve used the bag, you can wash it and reuse it later.

In case of rain or contact with water, you’re safe knowing it won’t leak.

They hang easily on the car seat and don’t interfere with space for a headrest.

They’ve got a slight push button to close them. Avoiding foul smells emanating from the bag is easy. Also, opening the bag is simple.

Customer service staff handle their customers well. They answer customers’ questions quickly and guide customers to order the bags.

Communication between the customer ordering and receiving the bag flows effortlessly. The process of ordering the bags online is simple.

Lastly, the bags are easy to assemble.

Car Garbage Cans provide a place to litter inside your car. Keep your car clean. Order online your CarCan today.

I will suggest to you this beautiful site https://carcan.com/ which has the best carcans which are Washable, Resusable and Environment Friendly.

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Fly 748, the Kenya’s leading airline Wednesday February 16, 2022 entered deal with Team Tri Fit (TTF), a dynamic endurance sporting group that brings together amateur and professional athletes who have a desire to compete and nurture the triathlon, with an aim of growing the sport in the country.

Through a press statement sent to newsrooms, the airline announced that the partnership agreement will offer subsidized air-tickets to TTF members and participants who will take part in upcoming triathlon events.

This starts with the TTF Chale Island Triathlon Challenge scheduled to take place in Diani, Kwale County later in May.

“We are delighted to partner with Team Tri Fit for their Chale Island Triathlon Challenge slated for the 29th May 2022 in Diani, Kwale County as we continue to make a significant contribution to development of sports in the country,” said Fly 748 Schedule Services Manager, Alijan Merdin.

TTF, the 65-membership sporting group seeks to develop triathlon and duathlon and increase uptake of its activities amongst Kenyans to 700 participants by 2025.

The group also seeks to “Increase investment in triathlon sports in Kenya through public and private partnerships by 50 percent by 2025.As a result, I call upon   stakeholders to support our efforts in promoting and growing triathlon in Kenya,” said Michael Orwa, Team Manager,TTF.

This partnership is in line with the airlines strategy of revolutionizing air travel in the country to enable more Kenyans take it to the sky through competitive pricing.

The partnership comes barely a month after the airline sponsored the Kenya Police Football Club to the tune of KSh 6 Million.

The partnership was sealed at TTF Offices located at the Court Yard in Lavington.

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How To Buy A House

by Adelide Kamau

Buying a house can seem like a difficult task- it may cost you expensively and emotionally.

However, careful research coupled with determination can earn you your dream house during the pandemic.

But before deciding to buy, you should first consider if homeownership is appropriate for you.

Renting or buying?

When looking for a place to live, the first question you ask yourself will help determine your decision-making process.

Buying may look good since you will end the increasing rent and can build equity.

But the routine maintenance and repairs can drain your bank account. However, renting or buying depends on your needs.

The following are the basic conditions you should consider before buying a house:

  • How long do you plan to stay there?
  • How much can you afford?
  • What’s on the market?
  • Current market price

This means that as a buyer, you should be ready to make several offers and know that you may need to pay more than a home is listed for.

If you still can’t decide whether buying is appropriate for you, you can calculate your payments at https://www.mortgagecalculator.uk/ to understand more about differences in expenses.

If your lifestyle and the hard numbers converge towards buying, then the next step is to determine how much home you can afford.

The above site provide additional calculators which have features like estimating mortgage affordability based on income, you can check this at https://www.mortgagecalculator.uk/affordability/ among others.

How Much Can I Spend On A Home?

To determine how much you can spend, you should consider your budget. Check your bank statements and spending habits for the last several months to determine how much you spend.

Due to this pandemic, homeownership has become more affordable.

Interest rates on mortgages and near record-low territory are approximately three percent. Once you clearly understand your spending habits, consider how much you want to spend on a monthly home payment.

The amount includes your interest, principal, tax, and insurance payment, which add to your monthly mortgage sum.

However, you should note that buying a home involves additional one-time payments that can easily add up, including closing costs, legal fees, and other expenses related to buying.

There are also other payments such as moving or home improvement fees. The pandemic has also caused the financial stakes on the costs for new homeowners to rise.

This is because real estate is competitive; in a bid to get a boost, many buyers have opted to waive contingencies to have their offers accepted.

Plan your finances

If you have decided to buy, attend workshops, open houses and ask questions to real estate agents, take time to ensure your finances are in order. Other factors that may help include:

  • Check your credit score
  • Decide Digital or analog
  • Obtain a mortgage preapproval
  • Prepare cash
  • How Do I Search for The New Home?
  • Check the neighborhood
  • Compare between different places or homes.
  • Visit the site of the chosen house


Even if you decide to begin your journey on a home search to check the existing properties, you may end up deciding to build to get exactly what you want. Also, you may plan to build but later realize an existing home was better. Therefore, seek the help of a qualified professional to ensure the process goes on smoothly.

Citation: https://www.nytimes.com/guides/realestate/how-to-buy-a-house

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Hello guys, I want to recommend to you this online store here in the US, I found it very easy to use, reliable, reasonable prices, faster delivery services and amazing offers. I bought food for my dog from them and the products are amazing and cheaper compared to other online stores.

Click this link https://chippinpet.com and buy your favourite product now.

Chippin provides delicious, planet-friendly food for our pets.

All their products consume 80%+ less resources than the status quo options. Proteins(Silver carp,cricket,spirulina) ars hypoallergenic and scientifically shown to be more digestible than chicken.
Their Packaging contains recycled plastic and is certified plastic neutral.
Carbon Neutral Shipping

I’m giving them Five star because I think they worth it.

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Optiven Ltd took the initiative to compensate all customers who bought greenhouses at the Kilimo Tujijenge project, after the partner who had been paid to do this reneged on executing their part of the deal.

Soon after 2017, it became clear to Optiven that SME Resource Centre Ltd and its CEO Josephine Gathoni aka June Gathoni were bent on not delivering what they had promised. Optiven took a quick step to report this entity and its director to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), upon which a criminal case has been ongoing for the last 4 years at the Kiambu Law Courts. Optiven and several Kilimo customers are state witnesses against SME Resource Centre and Josephine Gathoni in this ongoing case.

Optiven is a caring partner; so pending the determination of this ongoing case, Optiven begun refunding all affected customers through a cushioning Risk Sharing Initiative. Under this Initiative, Optiven has refunded most of the affected customers’ funds that were directly paid to SME Resource Centre for greenhouses. This underlines the fact that OPTIVEN CARES and is a RELIABLE PARTNER.

Customers have either been refunded cash or swapped the amount that they had lost through SME Resource Centre with new plot/s of land across the various projects owned by www.optiven.co.ke or offset any outstanding balances on plots they are already servicing.

The Kilimo Tujijenge Project, which was to begin in 2017 in Kajiado County, was a partnership between Optiven and SME Resource Centre and was aimed at enabling customers who were to come on board to venture into agribusiness through a greenhouse farming model.

Optiven was to provide the land and value additions such as drilling of boreholes and piping water into every plot, which it did successfully.

SME Resource Centre on the other hand was to install and manage the greenhouses on behalf of customers in addition to marketing the produce. Customers were to get directly paid by SME Resource Centre after all the harvested produce had been sold and expenses deducted.

SME Resource Centre however reneged on its contractual obligations, which saw customers lose on their investments.

Optiven believes in the empowerment of its customers and opted this route as a positive outcome from the ongoing criminal case is hopefully awaited.

Meanwhile, Optiven is alive to the fact that there are a few customers who were affected by this reneged execution by SME Resource Centre, and who opted not to take up the offered cushion, but opted to seek for their compensation through a court process. Optiven will await the outcome of this case that is pending at the Kajiado Law Courts and commits to fully respect and follow the ultimate outcome of this matter when and once concluded.

Optiven Leadership takes this opportunity to apologize to the customers who got affected by this venture. We VALUE you and this is the reason why we opted to do a refund of the cash paid for those greenhouses that did not materialize.

In case you paid for your greenhouse and you have not gotten your refund maybe due to change of your contact or for any other inadvertent technicality, call this number for your refund 0790 300 300 or send an email to customerservice@optiven.co.ke for immediate action.

For those who would like to invest with Optiven, check on our unique properties on www.optiven.co.ke and enjoy our 21 years of experience in empowering current and prospective property owners.

For all philanthropic community support, kindly visit Optiven Foundation page; www.optivenfoundation.org


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Covid-19 vaccination requirements

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), a serious respiratory viral infection caused by a novel coronavirus named SARS-COV2 whose outbreak started in Wuhan City, Hubei Province in mainland China and has since spread globally has remained to be a thread to the entire world.

To offer a life-saving protection against the Covid-19 pandemic, scientists around the globe have worked so hard to come up with Covid-19 vaccines.

Despite the record speed at which they have been developed, COVID-19 vaccines have still been subject to the same checks, balances, and scientific and regulatory rigour as any other vaccine, and shown to be safe.

So far, the vaccines have been spread across the world, with African countries receiving donations from developed nations.

Kenya is among the countries that have been receiving the Covid-19 vaccines from donors around the world, and the country targets to vaccinate a large population by next year.

So far, Kenya has only managed to vaccinate a smaller percentage of her populations, with citizens being encouraged to come out in large numbers and get vaccinated.

However, the vaccination is currently among the requirements of international travels.

According to studies, fully vaccinated travelers are less likely to get and spread COVID-19.

However, international travel poses additional risks, and even fully vaccinated travelers might be at increased risk for getting and possibly spreading some COVID-19 variants.

To avoid such issues, many countries have denied entry to visitors who have not been vaccinated against Covid-19 pandemic.

In November 2021, Kenya’s Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe announced that only people who have got both shots of the vaccines, such as AstraZeneca, Pfizer or Moderna or the single shot Janssen jab will be able to access government services or travel across the country.

According to the health minister, all travellers to Kenya will have to carry a Covid-19 vaccine certificate.

After the announcement, Kenya joined Spain, Iran, Italy, Denmark, Israel and Germany in imposing such strict measures in the fight against the virus.

Kagwe said that visitors, tourists, travellers from the European region must be fully vaccinated and provide proof of vaccination before they enter Kenya.

But how is someone considered fully vaccinated?

Well, for you to be considered fully vaccinated, you have to meet the following conditions.

  1. You will be considered fully vaccinated 2 weeks (14 days) after your dose of an accepted single-dose vaccine
  2. Two weeks (14 days) after your second dose of an accepted 2-dose series
  3. Two weeks (14 days) after you received the full series of an accepted COVID-19 vaccine (not placebo) in a clinical trial
  4. Two weeks (14 days) after you received the full series of a Novavax (or Covovax) COVID-19 vaccine (not placebo) in a phase 3 clinical trial
  5. Two weeks (14 days) after you received 2 doses of any “mix-and-match” combination of accepted COVID-19 vaccines administered at least 17 days apart.

The United States of America has also advised U.S Citizens, U.S. Nationals, U.S. Lawful Permanent Residents, and Immigrants not travel internationally until they are fully vaccinated.

In case they travel, they have also been advised to always check their destination’s COVID-19 situation and travel requirements before traveling since countries may have their own entry and exit requirements.

When you travel to the United States by air, you are also required to show a negative COVID-19 test result or documentation of recovery from COVID-19 before you board your flight. You have been exposed to COVID-19, unless you are fully vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19 in the past 90 days.

People have also been discouraged to travel if they are sick or tested positive for COVID-19 and haven’t ended isolation (even if you are fully vaccinated).

You are also advised not to travel if you are waiting for results of a COVID-19 test. This is because the results may come back positive while you are at your destination. This means you will need to isolate and postpone your return until it is safe for you to end isolation.

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The South Sudan government is nearly grinding into a halt after it emerged that 70% of the tax collected doesn’t go into government coffers but is siphoned away by none other than the man incharge of South Sudan Tax agency, a Tanzanian Patrick K Mugoya.

The Tanzanian who got the job last year, immediately formed a cartel that siphons money with martial precision, a fate that has even amazed some of the most corrupt South Sudan leaders.

Patrick K. Mugoya, a Tanzanian national was hired in 2020 as National Revenue Authority Commissioner General to help the government of realise effective tax collection and custom administration under a contract funded by the Africa Development Bank

On assuming the office, Patrick landed in the hand of cartels who have always been stealing taxes.

The South Sudan national intelligence agency estimates the money lost in the past 18 months Mugoya has been at helm is at at least USD 240 million.

According to intelligence briefs that was shared with Africa Development Bank six months ago and yet no action has been taken against their employee draining South Sudan government coffers, notably one officer, Mugoya’s deputy Lino Ajang Ajang was the one who recruited the New commissioner General into the cartel, but it is Mugoya who professionalised it to international standards that has even shocked the most corrupt people in South Sudan government, Mugoya began to collect taxes directly from tax payers and transport it by air, using private plane tail number UJF428 to Uganda with the help of Lino Ajang Ajang. At one time Ajang had to carry 3 million dollars in a bag up to Tanzania where is was received by Mugoya’s three children.

Intelligence from South Sudan intelligence agency reveal other members of this cartel include: Deputy Commissioner General of NRA Hon. Africano Mande who joint the cartel after Realizing that he couldn’t stop them. He opened various accounts in the name of NRA in commercial banks who’s collection do not go to government coffers. We have the account numbers and the amounts that have passed through the said accounts, information that was shared to Africa Development Bank.

He turned NRA to spending agency for him to siphon money out through projects and purchase of nonessential things.

The other person in the cartel is Gen. Akol Ayii, the Director General of South Sudan Custom. He is well connected with the first family who protect him from being remove from the office. Gen. Akol takes away 70% of custom duty tax at various border point and juba airport which he shares with other powerful individuals inside the system.

Hussain Abdelbagi Ayii, the Vice-president in charge of services cluster. This VP is one of Lino Ajang Ajang pillars. He is said to be building a powerful Islamic movement in South Sudan in which Ajang Ajang is helping him mobilise funds from government taxes.

The cartel include many people from Domestic Tax Division where Mr Ajang Ajang is a patron.

Unknown to the Africa Development Bank, the person they are paying salary has forgotten expertise role he was hired for/ sourced to come and play, he indulged himself in deadly financial fraud, taking advantage of lack of oversight of his performance.

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The Nairobi West Hospital has unveiled a 24-hour customized helipad to bolster medical emergency services.

Founded in the1980s with a view of offering excellent care to millions of patients from all walks of life, the facility’s unveiling of the helipad targets a growing local and international demand.

This will boost the hospitals ability to respond to medical emergencies by facilitating air evacuations in the country and across the East Africa region.

According to the Nairobi West Hospital chief medical officer, Dr. Andrew Gachie, the lifesaving resource will speed up access to medical services especially for critically ill patients.

“Each minute will now henceforth make a huge difference in our patients lives. The new helipad will speed up the time incurred transferring critically ill patients to the Hospital, giving them the very best chance of survival,” Dr. Gachie said.

He added that the facility will also cure the challenge of navigating traffic that has been a major headache in medical emergency evacuation especially for ground ambulances that normally waste hours of crucial time.

“We are now moving away from the ground to a more efficient air medical emergency evacuation regime,” Dr Gachie added.

The 50.5 meters-high helipad that is perched atop its 17 story- modern medical facility is designed to give patients quick access to crucial care in cases involving trauma, critical care, surgery, high-risk birthing and premature new-born critical care.

The Helipad has been designed and built to Joint Commission International standards with a capacity to hold up to eight tonnes.
A trauma bay has been developed below the helipad to handle critical events during the emergency evacuations.

The Hospital has expanded into a center offering general and specialized services to clients both locally and from the East African region, since it was founded.

The helipad will be a shot in the arm for the hospital forays into medical tourism bouyed by its solid reputation in the fields of cancer management, Accident & Emergency and transplants.

“We now have the right modern medical facilities that can offer a record 2-5 minutes treatment of critical illnesses. We are changing management of cancer in the country and across the region,” Dr Gachie said.  

Through partnerships with Turkish and Indian firms, the hospital intends to offer packages of cancer treatments including bone marrow transplant.

The hospital has a state of the art laboratories, 78-bed ICU facility and six operational theatres that will see the start of organ transplant over the next two months.

Dr. Gachie noted the latest development will be a great addition to the hospitals infrastructural developments.

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