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itel, the global leading smart life brand committed to provide affordable and good quality consumer electronic products, proudly announces the launch of its latest innovation smartphone from Super Series – itel S24. Boasting the industry’s first 108MP camera in the same price range, itel S24 is poised to revolutionize the way budget-friendly smartphones capture and create stunning visual content.

Featuring “Clear Imaging Stories Uncovered,” itel S24 introduces users to a world of unparalleled clarity and detail, empowering them to become photography creators anytime, anywhere. The outstanding camera performance of S24 is attributed to the Samsung HM6 ISOCELL Sensor, the first of its kind to adopt the Nonapixel Plus technology. By merging nine pixels at once, this sensor captures more light in low-light conditions and enhances clarity in night scenes, ensuring breathtaking images even in challenging environments. Additionally, S24 features a 3X in-sensor zoom, enabling users to shoot farther and capture more details with ease.

With various shooting modes including Portrait mode, Movie Master mode, and Fancy Photography Filters, itel S24 ensures that everyone can be a lifestyle creator. Portrait mode employs advanced AI beauty algorithms to analyze facial features comprehensively, resulting in enhanced three-dimensional attributes and flawless portraits. It can also quickly identify skin colors, facial features, ambient light, etc., smartly adjusting settings to deliver perfect imaging. Movie Master mode offers an array of vlog templates, simplifying the video creation process and fostering creativity. Fancy Photography Filters enrich the storytelling experience, enabling users to capture their street shots with personal style and depth.

In addition to its groundbreaking camera capabilities, itel S24 is powered by a super-powered Helio G91 processor, delivering great everyday performance for seamless multi-tasking, video shooting and gaming. Coupled with a large memory and RAM expansion options of up to 16GB RAM + 256GB storage, S24 ensures enhanced smoothness and ample space for storing memories.

itel S24 also features a pioneering artistic design with a 90Hz 6.6-inch punch-hole display, offering an incredibly smooth sliding experience every time – whether scrolling through videos or playing high-refresh-rate games. Available in Dawn White, Coastline Blue, and Starry Black, itel S24 back cover design adopts creative color-changing technology and waves-like glitter texture, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Notably, itel S24 stands as the sole 108MP smartphone among $110 price range, making it accessible to a wider audience without compromising on quality. It redefines the standards of mobile photography technology penetration and elevates the user camera experience to new heights.

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Nairobi, Kenya – June 4, 2024 – Xiaomi Kenya is thrilled to announce the launch of the “Xiaomi Deals Carnival,” a month-long promotion featuring unbeatable deals and discounts on a wide range of Xiaomi smartphones. From June 4th to June 30th, customers can enjoy amazing offers on some of Xiaomi’s most popular models, available at all Xiaomi promoter stores across Kenya.

Xiaomi’s “Deals Carnival” aims to provide customers with high-quality smartphones at incredible prices, making cutting-edge technology more accessible than ever. Whether you are looking for a feature-packed device for everyday use or a powerful smartphone to support your busy lifestyle, Xiaomi has the perfect option for you.

Highlights of this Exciting Promotion Include:
Redmi 13C Series: Known for its robust performance and stunning design, the Redmi 13C series offers a range of options to suit different needs and budgets. users can expect exceptional performance and value.

Redmi 13C 8GB+128GB – KES 12,599 Redmi 13C 12GB+128GB – KES 15,099
Redmi 13C 16GB*+256GB – KES 16,499

Redmi 12 Series: With superior camera capabilities and sleek aesthetics, the Redmi 12 series is perfect for those who love to capture life’s moments in vivid detail. Enjoy enhanced photography features and a seamless user experience at a fraction of the usual cost.

Redmi 12 8GB+128GB – KES 14,999 Redmi 12 12GB+128GB – KES 16,999
Redmi 12 16GB*+256GB – KES 19,999

Redmi A3: An excellent choice for budget-conscious consumers, the Redmi A3 combines essential smartphone features with reliable performance. Its stylish design and practical functionality make it a standout option for everyday use.

Redmi A3 6GB+64GB – KES 10,499 Redmi A3 8GB+128GB – KES 12,099

More over Xiaomi fans can join an exciting online campaign where they stand a chance of winning either Xiaomi S1 Active, Redmi Watch 3 or Redmi Power bank weekly. To join the campaign simply purchase any device on offer, more details can be found HERE

Don’t miss out on these extraordinary deals available exclusively during the Xiaomi Deals Carnival. Visit any Xiaomi promoter store in Kenya to take advantage of these offers and upgrade your smartphone experience.

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Maybets, the latest sensation in the Kenyan betting market, has made a significant stride by introducing its Android application on the Google Play Store.

Since its inception, Maybets has captivated the market with its innovative approach and customer-centric offerings. Now, with the launch of its dedicated mobile app, the company aims to further enhance user experience and accessibility.

The Maybets app promises a superior gaming experience, boasting seamless functionality that allows users to indulge in their favorite betting activities with ease. Notably, the application is designed to be lite and consume minimal data bundles, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay even in areas with limited internet connectivity.

One of the highlights of the Maybets app is its exclusive bonuses tailored for app users. These bonuses include the much-anticipated Monday bonus, deposit bonus, jackpot bonuses and free bets, adding an extra layer of excitement to the betting experience. Additionally, every user is entitled to a bonus upon downloading the app, further incentivizing users to explore its features.

In line with its commitment to user satisfaction, the Maybets app incorporates several user-centric features aimed at enhancing convenience and flexibility. These features include bet cancellation, rebet, and sharebet options, allowing users to manage their bets effectively and adapt to changing circumstances seamlessly.

Moreover, the app introduces the highly anticipated cash-out feature, providing users with the flexibility to cash out their winnings before the conclusion of a game or event. This feature adds a new dimension to the betting experience, empowering users with greater control over their bets.

In addition to traditional betting options, the Maybets app expands its offerings to include a diverse range of games. From  Aviator to Spin2Win, Virtuals, Roulette, and Comet Crash, users can explore an array of exciting games within the app, catering to a variety of preferences and interests.

With the launch of its app on the Google Play Store, Maybets reaffirms its position as a trailblazer in the Kenyan betting industry. By combining cutting-edge technology with user-centric features and exclusive bonuses, the company continues to set new standards for innovation and customer satisfaction in the market.

As Maybets continues to gain momentum, the introduction of its dedicated mobile app marks a significant milestone in its journey towards becoming the preferred choice for betting enthusiasts across Kenya. Whether it’s the thrill of sports betting or the excitement of casino games, the Maybets app promises to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience to users, redefining the landscape of online betting in the region.

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Maybets, a leading name in the online betting industry, has announced the release of its much-anticipated Version 2.0.

This major update promises to enhance user experience with a new mobile-friendly interface, robust product offerings, and a variety of exciting features designed to provide a seamless and thrilling betting experience.

Enhanced User Experience

The new version of Maybets boasts an intuitive and easy-to-use mobile interface. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or new to the scene, navigating the platform has never been easier.

The improved design ensures that users can quickly find and place bets with minimal hassle, making the overall experience more enjoyable and efficient.

Cutting-Edge Features

Maybets Version 2.0 comes packed with a suite of innovative features aimed at enhancing the betting experience:

  • Boosted Odds: Get better returns on your bets with the highest odds in the market.
  • Fastest Livebet: Enjoy real-time betting with the quickest live betting option available.
  • Instant Withdrawal: Withdraw your winnings instantly without any delays.

Expanded Product Range

Maybets has significantly expanded its product lineup to cater to diverse gaming preferences:

  • Crash Games: Dive into thrilling crash games such as Aviator, Comet Crash, JetX, Rocketman, and more.
  • Casino Games & Slots: Explore over 200 casino games including slots, spins, poker, and roulette. There’s something for everyone!

Android App

The new Android app, available for download from the Playstore and the Maybets website, is extremely lightweight at just 2MB.

Despite its small size, the app offers a full range of features and ensures a smooth betting experience on the go.

Promotions and Bonuses

Maybets is also introducing several promotions and bonuses to reward its users:

  • Sharebet Promotion: Win big by sharing your bets with friends. Every week, 200 winners will be selected, with the top winner receiving 70,000.
  • Bonuses: Enjoy a variety of bonuses including app download bonus, freebet bonus, deposit bonus, casino bonus, and referral bonus.
  • Jackpots: Test your luck with daily jackpots of 500,000 and weekly jackpots of 10,000,000.

Easy Deposits and 24/7 Support

Depositing money into your Maybets account is now simpler than ever. Users can deposit funds easily via Mpesa STK push on the website or using the paybill number 498098. Additionally, Maybets offers round-the-clock customer support through social media, call, or WhatsApp at 0701 001 000, ensuring help is always at hand.

With these exciting updates, Maybets Version 2.0 is set to redefine the online betting experience, offering users more convenience, excitement, and rewards than ever before. Download the app today and join the revolution!

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Aquila East Africa, a pioneering force in the marketing industry, has set a new standard with the unveiling of its striking new Pan-African look.

This bold move marks a significant milestone in the journey towards embracing African identity in the marketing landscape.

The unveiling event, held at The Location opposite Yaya center was attended by esteemed guests and senior brand representatives, including Betty Wamaitha, Chief Marketing Manager of Quickmart, Millan Kabata, Marketing Manager of Dairyland, and James Sogoti, General Manager Commercial at NMG.

The event also saw the presence of Dr. Wale Akinyemi, a recognized figure in the African business community, who served as the chief guest. Aquila East Africa’s new Pan-African look embodies the vibrancy and diversity of the continent, setting the agency apart from its competitors.

Aquila East Africa Unveils New Pan-African Look, Leading the Charge in AfricaWith this rebranding initiative, Aquila aims to amplify the beauty of being proudly African, reflecting the richness of African heritage and culture.

During his address at the event, Dr. Wale Akinyemi emphasized the importance of African brands both within the continent and on the global stage. His inspiring speech resonated with the audience, highlighting the need to take pride in growing African brands and showcasing them to the world.

“We are thrilled to unveil our new Pan-African look, which represents a significant milestone in our journey towards celebrating African identity,” said Kester Muhanji, Director at Aquila East Africa. “With this rebranding initiative, we aim to redefine the narrative of African marketing and inspire others to embrace their African heritage.” Aquila East Africa’s commitment to authenticity and innovation sets a new benchmark for marketing agencies across the continent.

The agency’s new Pan-African look is a testament to its dedication to promoting African brands and amplifying the beauty of African identity.

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A few years ago, three friends Njogu Kinyanjui, Titus Marenye and Samuel Njuguna came together to launch an application that would enable people to save and invest small amounts of money.

In a country where a majority of the working population earns no more than Sh50,000 a month, the trio felt that most of the investment tools available in the market had high initial deposit requirements that discouraged willing individuals from investing with them.

Leveraging on their backgrounds in computer science, finance and technology, the three thus developed an application dubbed Chumz that would enable anyone to save and invest with as low as five Kenyan shillings.

“The idea was to help individuals who struggled with creating a savings and investment culture due to lack of discipline and the high capital requirements of most investment channels,” said Njuguna, co-founder of Chumz.

In 2022, they secured a license from the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) to enable them to channel the funds collected to a licensed fund manager who would then offer a return to the fund, and the interests thereafter distributed to individual clients.

The platform would utilize behavioral psychology to guide users on when to save and invest based on their spending habits.

When a user gets a discount on a purchase for instance, the app prompts the user to invest the money they have received as a discount, instead of spending it elsewhere.

“For example, if cooking oil was going for Sh500 but a customer finds it is on discount for Sh400, they can save the Sh100 difference,” posed Njuguna.

The same applies when users negotiate for lower prices. They can save the difference between the marked price and the negotiated price.

“Psychology wise this makes sense because the user had planned to spend the money anyway,” noted Njuguna.

The app sends alerts to users when they are in places where they are likely to overspend, such as on outings.

“A user in a pub for instance can get an alert which will help him or her to avoid over indulging in consumerism,” stated Njuguna.

It also has a group functionality for merry go rounds (chamas), that sends an alert once one member makes a deposit, to encourage other members to follow suit.

The tool also sends reminders at strategic times during the month to encourage clients to save and invest so that they can make the most out of their income.

Titus Marenye, co-founder of Chumz, notes that getting people to change spending habits that have sometimes pushed them to rely heavily on predatory mobile loans for quick cash, and instead focus on saving small amounts of money that could in the long run guarantee financial independence has not been easy.

“Basic financial literacy is lacking and this has meant that we have had to create financial literacy content and partner with a number of entities that do financial literacy. We have also recognized that financial jargon has kept many retail investors from investing, and we are breaking down this jargon to make it more accessible to everyone,” notes Marenye.

He says these approaches have helped even the people who have never saved or invested before to do so, and change the perception that investing is only for a select few.

“For instance, a shoemaker in Ngara called Maina would save Sh50 daily until he managed to purchase his work equipment. His biggest aha moment was when his small savings amounted to something substantial,” notes Marenye.

Njogu Kinyanjui, co-founder of Chumz, says they have also recently noticed that some parents are using the Chumz app to teach their children about finance, how interest accumulates, the long-term effects of deferred gratification, and how to create future financial goals.

“Eliud, a father of 3, has been using the app to save for his kids and train them on how money grows,” poses Kinyanjui.

Currently, the Chumz app, which is available for download on Google playstore and the Appstore, has over 150,000 registered users.

Compared to the continental average of 17 percent, Kenya’s average savings and investment rate is still low, with only about 13 percent of the population engaged in saving. Samuel says they plan on enhancing the app to encourage saving and investing by making it a fun activity.

“We are working on achieving this by creating gamified experiences around saving and investment triggers tied to the clients’ lifestyle around money. We have also created financial calculators to guide clients on how to manage their funds on our website,” notes Kinyanjui.

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14 years ago, billionaire Mohan Galot went to court to regain control of his company where his nephews had stolen billions of shillings in revenue. It was sweet justice yesterday when the High Court settled the vicious battle for the control of garment maker Manchester Outfitters Ltd (MOL) by declaring Mohan Galot as the legitimate director.

Mohan and his nephew Pravin Galot have been battling in court for the control of the company incorporated on November 3, 1977.

But Justices Lilian Mutende, Chacha Mwita and Mugure Thande on Thursday found that the director of Manchester Outfitters Ltd is Mohanlal Pusharam Galot who is also the governing director.

Mohan testified in court that Manchester Outfitters was established in 1954 by his father the late Lachman Pusharam Galot as a sole proprietorship to carry on the business of uniform production and distribution.

It was later converted into a 50/50 partnership between Pusharam and Mohan.

They employed Mohans brothers, Lalchand Pusharam Galot, Ganeshlal Pusharam Galot and Sohanlal Pusharam Galot.

When Pusharam died on November 12, 1973, he left a will dated October 27, 1973, in which he bequeathed his four sons a quarter of his 50 per cent interest in the partnership.

As a result, Mohan’s share of the partnership increased to 62 per cent while each of his brothers got 12.5 per cent of the business.

The issues for determination according to the bench were who the shareholders of MOL are, and who are the directors of MOL.

They relied on the company’s articles of association, specifically article 10 which indicated that once Lalchand died, Mohan was to automatically and without any meeting of shareholders or directors assume the position of governing director of MOL.

He was to hold office until his death or vacate office under Article 13.

As the new governing director, the Judges said Mohan could exercise all the power and authority of the position.

“One of the powers he could exercise was the removal at any time of a director of MOL, howsoever appointed, other than a permanent director,”

Judges said it is not in dispute that Pravin was appointed managing director but at the same time indicated no evidence was placed before the court to demonstrate that Pravin or Rajesh Galot were ever permanent directors in MOL.

“The claim by the defendants that they were permanent directors is therefore without any basis,” the judges ruled.

During the hearing, Pravin and Rajesh admitted that their father Ganeshlal, Mohan, Sohanlal and Lalchand are brothers and the sons of Pusharam.

According to Pravin, he was appointed Managing Director of MOL in 1991.

His case was that there was no board resolution removing him from an office he had held for 31 years.

But the Judges in their ruling found that the removal of Pravin, Rajesh and Ganeshlal as directors of MOL by Mohan in 2007, was an exercise of the power conferred upon him as governing director by Article 10.

“In the circumstances, the conclusion we come to on this issue is that Pravin and Rajesh ceased to be directors of MOL on 14 March 2007 while Ganeshlal ceased to be a director on June 7, 2007,” they said

“It follows therefore that Mohan is the only remaining director of MOL,” they added.

The three-judge bench also cited a registrar record which contains notification of change of directors and secretaries dated March 17, 2007 showing that Pravin and Rajesh ceased to be managing director and executive director respectively, with effect from March 14, 2007.

They subsequently found and held that the shareholders of Manchester Outfitters Limited are Lalchand Pusharam Galot with 1 management share and 349 ordinary shares.

Mohanlal Pusharam Galot with 1 management share and 349 ordinary shares. Galot Limited with 700 ordinary shares and the director is Mohan.

Following the court’s ruling, Mohan in a notice to its employees welcomed the decision saying “I have been reaffirmed as not only the sole director but also its chairman and Governing Director of MOL.”

He assured the staff members that their employment remains secure amidst the changes which will be made.

“We appeal for your patience and cooperation during this period of transition,” read the notice.

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itel, a leading reliable smart life brand, has announced a significant enhancement to its after-sales policy: an extension of warranty coverage for its feature phones across SSA markets from the standard 12 months to an impressive 24 months.

This upgrade not only sets itel apart from its industry competitors, but also serves as a powerful testament to its unyielding dedication to providing trusted services and support to its customers across the region.

Starting its business journey in 2008, itel has deep roots in SSA markets for over 15 years. Throughout its journey, it has always aimed to stand behind the quality of its products and build enduring relationships with its consumers.

The feature phone range offered by itel embodies not only affordability but also practicality, tailored to the diverse needs of users in tier 3 and tier 4 markets across SSA.

Furthermore, itel maintains a stringent focus on product quality, ensuring its devices are resistant to drops and water. This dedication has earned itel the prestigious titles of the global No.1 feature phone brand and No.1 feature phone brand in SSA markets for an unprecedented five consecutive years.

This upgrade not only signifies itel’s position as a global smart life brand, but also underscores its steadfast commitment to prioritizing consumers satisfaction and valuing long-term loyalty among its users. By consistently providing reliable and affordable products and services in emerging markets, itel continues to redefine industry benchmarks, setting new standards of excellence.

As always, itel remains dedicated to transparency and tries to ensure that consumers are fully informed. While after-sales service policies vary by country and product, consumers are encouraged to refer to local policies for detailed information. For further inquiries or to learn more about itel’s innovative product portfolio, please visit www.itel-life.com

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Xiaomi has today announced the launch of Redmi A3, hailed as the best gift you can gift someone this April Holiday season and the latest addition to the entry-level Redmi smartphone family.

Boasting a stylish design, a large, high refresh rate display, AI dual camera, and more, Redmi A3 elevates the entry level smartphone user experience to unprecedented levels of functionality and elegance.

Making style its central priority, Redmi A3 addresses the preferences of users seeking an affordable yet elegant glass design, as well as those who prefer a more subdued finish. Under bright light, the back panel of the Midnight Black is designed to resemble stars in the night sky, while the Star Blue variant reflects a rainbow-like sheen that exudes sophistication and class.

Redmi A3 is also available in Forest Green1, featuring a smudge-resistant, matte, leather-textured back design that exudes rationality and refinement.

All Redmi A3 models feature a large, circular, finely detailed camera deco that presents a different sheen depending on the angle of refraction and lighting environment. Moreover, with an 8.3mm2 ultra-slim body for an excellent in-hand feel, Redmi A3 feels reassuringly robust, sleek, and crafted for optimal comfort.

Redmi A3 brings high-definition video and social media content with a large 6.71-inch HD+ display that offers a refresh rate of up to 90Hz3 to deliver a silky smooth, immersive experience that defies its price-point.

Screen durability is ensured with Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 display protection, while enhanced eye-care protection is provided by DC dimming that reduces exposure to blue light and overall flicker.

Users on a budget can still enjoy the upgraded AI dual camera system with 8MP main camera supported by an auxiliary lens that enables stunning portrait shots. Users can also take advantage of film Camera, which allows them to preview scenes using several filter effects in real-time before taking the shot, a feature previously exclusive to Redmi Note devices.

A 5MP front camera is bolstered by a beautifier that smooths skin tone, and a soft-light ring that brightens selfie shots in low light conditions.

Every effort has been made to ensure reliable user experience, with Redmi A3 supporting advanced security features that include both Face Unlock4, and Fingerprint Unlock via a fast and responsive side-mounted fingerprint sensor.

Featuring a convenient 3.5mm headphone jack, Redmi A3 is also equipped with a USB Type-C 10W charging port5. Sporting a large 5000mAh (typ) battery, Redmi A3 will keep pace with users throughout the day and beyond, delivering up to 29 hours of call time6, and up to 17 hours of video playback6.

Redmi A3 has also been rigorously tested to deliver outstanding physical durability, completing roller testing (300 times)6 and USB durability testing (10,000 times)6.

Delivering ample performance and power efficiency, Redmi A3 is powered by an octa-core MediaTek Helio G36 processor, and is available in 3GB+64GB, and 4GB+128GB configurations.

Extended memory technology expands available RAM to up to 8GB7, ensuring slick app loading and switching, while additional data storage is available via a microSD slot, which supports microSD cards of up to 1TB8.

Redmi A3 is available in Midnight Black and Star Blue1, in 3GB+64GB, and 4GB+128GB memory and storage configurations, and will be available starting from KES 11,599.

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Kilifi Governor Gideon Mung’aro is a man in dire need of a shoulder to lean on after it emerged that he is nursing the wounds of being dumped by a concubine who is believed to have vanished with close to Sh200 Million and other multi-million properties registered in her name.

The two have been in a three year secret but romantic relationship built on trust and honesty in what appears to have been a strategic move by the concubine to strike when she has amassed enough from the unsuspecting governor.

The concubine in question is a surveyor by profession and first met with Mung’aro when he was serving as the Cabinet Administrative Secretary in the ministry of lands.

The concubine who is almost hitting 30 is only identified as Loise Makena and is known for her stunning, delightful, charming, dazzling and intoxicating approach and lifestyle that played a get role in sweeping Mung’aro off his feet.

According to our documents Makena is still the Director at her survey firm.

Makena, as per the grapevine chronicles made deep rooted networks in the ministry of lands and her partnership with Mung’aro saw them swindle millions through proxy companies for consultancy services.

When Mung’aro declared interest to run for the Kilifi seat, their relationship rocketed miles high with Makena getting elevated into serving more like Personal Assistant, manager and advisor on critical issues especially mobilization of funds.

She sat at the helm of the campaign.

She is the one Mung’aro chose to trust when he got elected and one of her primary roles was to identify and bring on board companies, suppliers and partners to help the governor swindle public coffers either through ghost supplies, commissions on fraudulent contracts at dubious partnership programs.

She is known to be very aggressive, smart and intelligent with top tier social skills that make her an outstanding negotiator and one that is difficult to doubt.

This made Mung’aro trust her with all illicit money emanating from dirty deals and it is estimated that she was in control of at least 2M USD which is approximately Sh200 million.

The governor, blinded by the steamy and irresistible love escapades courtesy of Makena, is believed to have bought and registered a number of properties under Makena’s personal details.

Some of the multi-million properties are located on the Coast.

Makena is a strong figure in the procurement corridors in Kilifi and seats at the head of the table in key decision making moments.

Most of the deals as per our grapevine revolve around garbage collection, consultancy services especially in the office of the governor and his lieutenants and key programs key to Mung’aro’s development agenda.

However, the fallout between the two imparts more pain to Mung’aro who had trusted Makena as he was amassing funds for his reelection in 2027.

A section of the MCAs who are aware of the happenings are happy that the governor has been taught a lesson.

“Boy child Kimemuramba and he deserves it,” a jubilant MCA stated. Another MCA said: “A man who trusts a slay queen more than his wife or even brother deserves it,”

The governor who is said to be using close friends to Makena to try and lure her back for negotiations has been pleading that the shameful ‘telenovela’ does not hit headlines.

As for Makena, word has it that she must be counting her profits far away from her enemies as she plans to settle with one of her boyfriends

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The Ministry of Interior and National Administration’s Ad Hoc Appeals Committee has directed the Private Security Regulatory Authority (PSRA) to reinstate the licenses of nine private security firms.

PSRA had earlier revoked their licenses citing non-compliance with the minimum wage requirements and other breaches.

The Protective and Safety Association of Kenya (PROSAK) has said this decision is a major win for private security companies.

“PSRA has been disregarding the law and demonstrating impunity through illegal pronouncements. The law remains supreme. This order is a key win for private security guards and the companies whose licenses had been revoked, ” said PROSAK.

“Thousands of private security guards whose jobs were on the line have been saved by this order,” the Association added.

PROSAK had estimated that the private security sector could lose between 500,000 to 700,000 jobs due to recent pronouncements, new laws, and directives by the Fazul-led PSRA. These decisions were made without considering stakeholder participation despite having far-reaching implications that could potentially lead to up to half of the private security workforce losing their jobs.

“The appeals by the nine (9) companies be and hereby allowed.” the Appeals Committee wrote in an order dated March 8,2024.

The nine firms are Hipora Security Solutions Limited, Senaca East Africa Limited, Superb Marketing Solutions Limited, Salama Fikira International (Kenya) Limited, Bedrock Security Alarms Systems and Product Limited, Bedrock Security Services Limited, Victory Protective Services Africa Limited, Victory Consultants Limited, and Marco Security Limited.

Furthermore, the Appeals Committee nullified Legal Notice NO. PSRA/001/2024 that was previously issued by the regulator.

The Appeals Committee stated that PSRA’s decision concerning the minimum wage increase for guards is null and void.

“The Legal Notice NO. PSRA/001/2024/ dated February 5, 2024, is hereby lifted and the cancelled certificate of registration are reinstated,” reads the ruling by the Appeals Committee.

Any adjustments in wages must be gazetted by Labour CS Florence Bore, as stipulated under the Employment Act No 11 of 2007. CS Bore had already disowned the PSRA’s illegal directive that requires private security firms to pay their guards a minimum salary of Sh30,000.

The committee has directed all parties to withdraw any court cases related to the matter which we will adhere to.

PROSAK has maintained that PSRA’s cancellation of licenses was done without following the proper procedures outlined in the PSRA Act Articles 32 and 43, which require notice and appeal before taking such a drastic measure.

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How to register on 1xBet using Promocode MILTONCASH20 and Get Ksh 200 plus 200% bonus on your first deposit.

Enter your first name and surname, choose a suitable password you can remember and re-enter it for confirmation. Enter the 1xBet bonus code MILTONCASH20 in the “Enter promo code” space.

Next, select between the sports or casino + 1xGAMES welcome bonus offer.

Tap “Register” for 1xBet to create your account.

These codes allow you to unlock special offers, bonuses, and exclusive rewards on the 1xbet platform. In this article, we will guide you through the process of inputting a booking code on 1xbet.

Step 1: Create an Account

Before you can input a booking code on 1xbet, you need to have an account on their platform. If you haven’t already signed up, visit the official 1xbet website and click on the “Registration” or “Sign Up” button. Provide the required information, including your email address, password, and personal details. Ensure that you provide accurate information as it may be verified during the withdrawal process.

Step 2: Log in to Your Account

Once you have created your account, log in to your 1xbet account using your credentials. You will usually find the login area at the top right corner of the website.

Step 3: Access the Promo Code Section

After logging in, navigate to the “Promo” or “Promo Code” section on the 1xbet website. You can usually find this section in the main navigation menu or on the account settings page. Click on the corresponding link to proceed.

How to register on 1xBet using Promocode MILTONCASH20 and Get Ksh 200

Step 4: Enter the Booking Code

In the Promo Code section, you will find a designated field where you can enter your booking code. Booking codes typically consist of a combination of letters, numbers, or both. Carefully type in or copy and paste the booking code into the provided field. It’s important to double-check the code to ensure it is entered correctly, as any errors may prevent the code from being successfully activated.


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Itel has officially launched the P55+, a smartphone that had recently made waves in the tech community after being spotted in the Google Play Console’s database.

This eagerly anticipated device brings a slew of impressive features, including a high-refresh-rate 90Hz display, a robust Unisoc T606 chipset, substantial internal storage options of up to 256 GB, and a lightning-fast 45W charging capability. 

itel P55+ boasts a sleek 3D leather texture design and an impressive array of features

Catering to the Kenyan market, the P55+ promises a seamless user experience with its Android 13 OS and Itel’s custom UI.

In this article, we delve into the specifications, unique features, and the expected price tag of the Itel P55+, offering a comprehensive overview for tech enthusiasts and potential buyers alike.

Battery and Charging:

At the heart of the P55+ is its remarkable 45W PowerCharge capability combined with a robust 5000mAh long-lasting battery.

This groundbreaking feature ensures that users can charge their devices with unprecedented speed and reliability. The three distinct charge modes further underscore itel’s commitment to enhancing user experience.

45W HyperCharge mode can ensure in just 30 minutes, users can charge up to 65% of their device, and 33W Smart Charge mode goes beyond mere charging. It actively reduces battery aging, thereby extending the overall lifespan and performance of the battery.

18W Low Temperature Charge mode can proactively controlling the temperature, the P55+ ensures that the device remains below 35°C during charging, preventing overheating and associated issues.

itel P55+ places user safety at the forefront, incorporating comprehensive protection mechanisms for the charging port, motherboard, charging IC, and battery. This commitment guarantees a secure charging experience even in cases of overcharging, extreme temperatures, and voltage fluctuations.

Display and Design:

The Itel P55+ boasts a 6.6-inch IPS LCD punch-hole display, presenting visuals in HD+ (720 x 1612 pixels) resolution. What sets it apart is the inclusion of a 90Hz refresh rate, ensuring smoother animations and a more responsive touch experience.

The punch-hole design contributes to a higher screen-to-body ratio, enhancing the overall viewing experience. Users can expect vibrant colors and sharp details, making the device suitable for multimedia consumption and gaming.

The Dynamic Bar, complementing the display, offers smart notifications and free interactions without leaving applications.


Powering the P55+ is the Unisoc T606 chipset, a formidable player in the mid-range segment. Complemented by 4 GB or 8 GB of RAM, and the option for up to 8 GB of virtual RAM, the device promises smooth multitasking and efficient performance. 

With internal storage variants of 128 GB and 256 GB, users have ample space for apps, media, and files. This 4G-ready phone ensures a reliable and fast internet connection, catering to the connectivity needs of modern users.


Capturing life’s moments is effortless with the advanced camera system featuring a 50MP primary camera and an 8MP front camera. The P55+ ensures that every detail is vividly preserved, providing users with high-definition shots and memorable selfies.

Software and User Interface:

Running on Android™ 13 (Go Edition) and powered by the T606 processor, itel P55+ offers a seamless, safe, and elegant user experience. Android™ 13 prioritizes privacy and security, and the octa-core processor delivers excellent performance, enabling efficient multitasking and smooth operation.
Connectivity and Additional Features:
The P55+ covers a comprehensive range of connectivity options, including dual SIM support, 4G VoLTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, a microSD card slot, a USB-C port, and a 3.5mm audio jack. 

Additionally, the inclusion of face unlock adds a layer of convenience to the device’s security features. The device aims to cater to the diverse needs of users, ensuring seamless connectivity and accessibility.
Colour Options:
Available in Galaxy Blue, Royal Green, and Meteor Purple, the P55+ combines functionality with aesthetics. The choice of colors adds a touch of personalization, allowing users to express their style through their smartphone

Expected Price and Availability:

The Itel P55+ is anticipated to hit the market with an approximate price tag of Ksh XXXX offering a compelling package of features at an affordable price point. 

The device is set to be released exclusively in the African market, catering to the growing demand for budget-friendly smartphones with premium features.


In conclusion, the Itel P55+ emerges as a noteworthy contender in the smartphone market, especially within the mid-range segment. 

With a focus on delivering an immersive display experience, powerful performance, and rapid charging capabilities, Itel aims to provide users with a device that aligns with their modern lifestyle. 

The combination of the 90Hz display and the Unisoc T606 chip ensures a smooth and responsive user interface, while the 45W fast charging addresses the perennial challenge of battery anxiety.

The camera capabilities, coupled with AI enhancements, contribute to the device’s appeal for photography enthusiasts. The inclusion of Android 13 with Itel’s custom UI adds a layer of customization and features, enhancing the overall user experience.

The Itel P55+ not only offers technical prowess but also pays attention to design and aesthetics. The availability of multiple color options allows users to choose a device that reflects their personal style. 

With a competitive expected price point, Itel is poised to capture the attention of budget-conscious consumers seeking a feature-rich smartphone.

As the smartphone market continues to evolve, devices like the Itel P55+ serve as a testament to the democratization of advanced features. Itel’s strategic focus on the African market underscores the brand’s commitment to meeting the diverse needs of users in the region. 

In essence, the Itel P55+ stands as a compelling option for those in search of a well-rounded smartphone that doesn’t break the bank.

The itel P55+ is set to redefine user expectations for fast charging, offering a perfect blend of speed, safety, and style. For more information, visit http://www.itel-life.com/

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Nearly seventy years after independence, racist white people still think Kenyans are their slaves. Today, we were shocked and deeply disappointed by the unprofessional behavior displayed by one of staff members, presumably the owner at Matteo’s in Karen.

The incident which sparks of inbult racism occurred when one of the patrons accidentally broke a nail. Instead of addressing the situation with tact and understanding, the owner a faded Italian Francesco Checchini approached the patron in a confrontational and disrespectful manner, using offensive and deeply racist language and derogatory terms.

“Do you think this is a toilet? get out of my fucking restaurant, go break your nail outside my premises, Jinga sana” he fumed. This behavior was not only uncalled for but also completely unacceptable and racist.

To the patrons dismay, the situation escalated further when the owner Francesco Checchini proceeded to insult and demean the patrons, referring to them as “fucking animals.” Such derogatory language and hostile behavior towards paying customers is entirely reprehensible and has no place in any establishment.

“As Kenyan patrons who have frequented Matteo’s establishment in the past, we were deeply disappointed by this experience. We believe that customer service and hospitality should be paramount in the hospitality industry, and the behavior exhibited by your staff member fell far short of these standards,” says a disgruntled customer Odongo who witnessed the sad situation.

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MossBets has launched more gambling option for its customers as it seeks to control the betting industry in Kenya.

With a focus on maximizing customers’ winnings and ensuring a seamless gaming journey, MossBets.com offers an array of features and promotions designed to elevate excitement and satisfaction.

With unmatched betting options, MossBets.com, provides diversity to its customers. Whether a seasoned bettor or just starting out, the platform caters to every betting style with a wide range of options.
Customers can place single bets for straightforward predictions.

For those seeking simplicity and directness in their wagers, single bets offer the perfect avenue. Customers can predict the outcome of a single event and watch as bet unfolds.

Game lovers can also delve into the realm of multi-bets, where intricate strategies come to life. Within this category, MossBets.com offers various options. They can choose to link multiple single bets in a sequence, with the potential to amplify your winnings as each bet’s outcome influences the next or engage in strategic combinations across multiple selections, granting flexibility and mitigating risk.

With Mossbets innovative Kontrol feature, game lovers can take control of their bets like never before. One can opt for partia cashout to secure a portion of their winnings while leaving the rest in play or enjoy full cashout for complete control over bets.

The customers can also utilize automatic cashout to set predefined conditions and minimize potential losses.

Imagine you’ve placed a bet on a football match, and your team is leading as the game progresses. With MossBets.com’s full cashout option, a customer has the power to cash out entire bet before the game concludes.

This means one can lock in their winnings at any point during the match, regardless of the final outcome.
Partial cashout offers a unique blend of control and flexibility, allowing one to cash out a portion of their bet while leaving the remainder in play.

Suppose has placed a multi-bet on several football games, and most of their selections are winning, but one game is still undecided. Instead of waiting for all the games to conclude, one can opt for partial cashout and secure a portion of their potential winnings. This feature empowers one to strike a balance between locking in profits and riding out the remaining outcomes.

On the other hand, auto cashouts introduces automation into the cashout process, streamlining one’s betting experience and removing the need for constant monitoring. Punters can set predefined conditions that trigger an automatic cashout when met.

Mossbets provides exciting Crash Games and Virtual games where bettors can enjoy a diverse selection of classic and modern Crash Games and Virtual games, including the thrilling Aviator http://bit.ly/3ORxShS.
Through the exclusive Cockpit Bonanza promotion on Aviator, customers have a chance to win exciting cash prizes every hour.

By participating in this promotion, players not only enjoy the thrill of gaming but also stand the chance to walk away with enticing cash rewards of Ksh1000, Ksh3000 and Ksh5000 every hour.

To win the rewards, punters need to stake Ksh100 minimum and if the multiplier reaches the stated amount, they walk away with the prizes.

With hourly prizes up for grabs, the Cockpit Bonanza promotion ensures that the excitement never wanes. Participants can immerse themselves in the fast-paced action of Aviator, aiming to land themselves among the winners with each passing hour.

Apart from Cockpit Bonanza promotion, Mossbets also offer exciting freebet to its new clients. To get the bonus, new clients need to use promo code EPL while registering on the platform.

To join the MossBets.com community is quick and easy. Visit Mossbets.com via this https://bit.ly/3wB4y97, enter your mobile number, create a secure password, verify your account with the OTP sent to your phone, enter the promo code EPL to claim your free bet and start your winning journey.

Navigating MossBets.com is a breeze, thanks to our intuitive interface and efficient search function. With unmatched features, diverse betting options, and exciting promotions, Mossbets is committed to maximizing customers winning potential and ensuring a seamless gaming experience.

Mossbets is also committed to participating in community empowering activities by supporting grassroot football and boxing. The Mossbets team will be coming to a town/City near you.

Sign up today and join the winning team at MossBets.com!

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Guard Force Number (GFN) by Private Security Regulatory Authority (PSRA)

Private  Security Companies and their associations  have expressed concerns about the issuance of Guard Force Number (GFN) by Private Security Regulatory Authority (PSRA), which could potentially lead to a multi-billion shilling scandal.

All employees in the private security sector, including guards, bouncers, consultants, close protection officers, and others, are required to attend training at institutions licensed by PSRA to obtain the  security ID called GFN.

There are between 1.2 million to 2 million employees in this sector, and the training costs between Kes 10,000 to Kes 12,000 Kes.

It leaves alot of unanswered questions regarding the high cost of this government ID, which could potentially cost all security more than Kes 12 billion. Additionally, it is unclear who the beneficial owners of the training institutions are.

There are concerns that a government institution is charging for such services, with the money being paid to a private security company. It is also worrying that guards are expected to pay for personal numbers, while NSSF and NHIF Numbers are never charged.

There are reports that PSRA CEO, Fazul Mohammed, has shares in several licensed security training schools via proxies and that he is allegedly pressuring security companies to get training from his security training schools, potentially making him one of the key beneficiaries.

So far, PSRA has not only  forced security bouncers from hospitality clubs, lounges and Security Bouncers Association to get training from the same  schools but has also reached out to Universities.

Even highly trained security directors and general managers are being forced to get training from these schools located in Eldoret, Mombasa, Nakuru, and Nairobi.

We are reading Mischief because Fazul Mohammed  is the only CEO or Director running a whole Government Institution without a fully constituted PSRA Board. He also continues to make serious National Private Security Industry decisions without any Industry Stakeholders Consultation and engagement.

It is equally worrying that neither the PS nor CS has spoken out against these unprofessional and unethical practices, and there have been reports of threats against anyone who dares to speak out as well as claims that he has full backing from the President and Chief of Staff.

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