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Lawyer Donald Kipkorir is known for his flamboyant lifestyle. Or is he?

Well, if you thought that the commercial and corporate lawyer is just living large in the city whilst his mother suffers in the village then you are wrong.

In Africa, it is said that mothers are the only people who wish us well, and Donald Kipkorir must be living by the phrase and decided to make sure that his mother eats life with a big spoon.

Photos of a palatial home that lawyer Donald Kipkorir has built for his mother have been shared on social media, and they have left Kenyans mesmerized.

The counsel on Wednesday, May 4, 2022 took to his social media handles to reveal that lawyer Silas Jakakimba together with his wife and friends had visited his mother Katarina in Cheptongei village.


While thanking Jakakimba for paying a courtesy call to his mother in the remote village, Donald Kipkorir shared the photos they had taken while at the home.

The palatial home has left Kenyans talking, with the multimillion house in the background getting the attention of many.


While captioning the photos, the flamboyant lawyer noted that Jakakimba and his friends had taken a whole bag of sugar to his mother.


“My Truest BFF @silasjakakimba and his wife and friends, today, went all the way to Cheptongei to pay a courtesy call on my Beloved Mother Katarina. And they gifted her a whole bag of sugar. Silas & Flo, may Your Cup Always Runneth Over. May Almighty God always Watch over you,” Donald Kipkorir tweeted.

Below are some of the reactions from a section of Kenyans after seeing Donald Kipkorir’s mother’s palatial home in the village.

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Infinix today announced the launch of the all-new smartphone HOT 12, a fresh smartphone that integrates long endurance and fun.

The announcement was made at the University of Nairobi during this years’ Tech Week, an event where students are offered an opportunity to showcase their innovative ideas through projects and exhibitions they
are working on.

Established in 2018, the event is currently being occasioned by 20 universities country wide with this years’ event being hosted at the University of Nairobi.

In partnership with Infinix the winners were awarded cash prizes of up to Ksh 50,000 and brand new Hot 12 Play Series phones that were officially launched at the event.

Winners of Tech Week 2022, Taifa Hall UoN

About The HOT 12 Series

The Infinix HOT 12 is equipped with a Helio G85 processor, a 6.82″ 90Hz Pro-Level gaming screen for electronic sports to create an ideal game entertainment platform.

It comes with a 5000mAh battery, an 18W fast charger and the famous Dar-link game optimization engine to stimulate all-day gaming pleasure.

The trendy straight-edge design presents light and thin scientific and technological aesthetics, for a powerful and stylish Infinix HOT series mobile phone.

Eric Zheng, Infinix Product Manager expressed: “We are continuously committed to designing intelligent smartphones with excellent performance and trendy aesthetics for young consumers, and we will constantly bring the latest, best and most cost-effective products to users.

“The Infinix HOT 12 has achieved a breakthrough in improved performance, ultra-long endurance and trendy
aesthetics, which allows young people around the world to express themselves through their smartphones. ”

A Blazing-Fast Chipset

Thanks to the blazing fast MediaTek G85 gaming chipset, The Infinix HOT 12 comfortably handles higher frame rates to run demanding games resulting in shorter response times and faster communication connections.

The G85 gaming chipset adopts dual-core flagship CPU architecture, two fast ARM Cortex-A75 cores up to 2 GHz for performance tasks and six small ARM CortexA55 cores up to 1.8 GHz for efficiency.

All eight cores can be used together thanks to heterogeneous multiprocessing support.

These headline features combined make for a fantastic gaming smartphone enabling HOT 12 to run the top games in sublime quality for an immersive gaming experience.

Power All Day Long

The Infinix HOT 12 uses a massive 5000mAh battery, fast-charging and ultra-power mode to ensure consistent performance alongside rapid juice ups for all day long battery life.

Equipped with a 5000mAh “Big Mac” high-density and large-capacity battery, which can support the power consumption of demanding apps, games and general use, users can enjoy power all day long.

Additionally, it also supports Type-C interface18W supercharge with a 50% power up time of just 50 minutes allowing users to focus more on their games and less on their battery levels.

To further improve battery quality, The Infinix HOT 12 is equipped with Infinix self-developed battery lasting technology, which improves the longevity by approximately 25% in a single click.

With just 5% power remaining, an additional 2.6 hours of usage can be unlocked using Ultra Power

Packed With Memory

Coming stacked with 128GB+6GB of memory & RAM, the HOT 12 allows users to run multiple demanding applications with ease and operate them smoothly with the ability to switch between apps without lag and the storage to keep everything in one place.

Gamers can enjoy fluid frame rates and blazing speed when playing the latest games giving them a considerable advantage over players with older devices.

Infinix’s self-developed RAM fusion technology allows HOT 12 phones to support 5GB of extended RAM and up to 11GB of combined RAM, increasing the number of background cached applications by three to nine and improving the average launch time of TOP20 applications by 10%- 50%.

The extra RAM gives users power when they need it for a sublime smartphone experience in a wide variety of usage scenarios.

Trendy Eye-catching Design

The Infinix HOT 12 features a superbly trendy flat-edge flagship smartphone design language for an eye-catching look.

The straight-edge design gives the device a visibly thinner effect of a 3mm textured look with cleaner lines. The angular exterior is paired with a rich reflection of flowing light and shadow representing a strong & bold image.

The devices come with rich & vibrant color options including Racing Black, Legend White & Origin blue giving young consumers a color option for every occasion.

The HOT 12 features a full 6.82″ 90Hz Pro-Level esports screen for a silky-smooth display. It also

provides almost instant visual feedback on touch input with a 180Hz touch sampling rate giving the
HOT 12 a snappy response rate which is absolutely ideal for smartphone gaming and demanding applications.

Rich Immersive Sound

HOT 12 comes fully upgraded with both dual upper and lower speakers for a truly immersive audio experience with deep lows, clear mids and rich crisp highs.

Users can enjoy a top-quality audio experience when listing to music, consuming online media and playing fast-paced games where footsteps can be heard giving gamers an advantage when another player is on the hunt.

The Infinix HOT 12 also delivers a fantastic photographic experience for users with a clean user interface.

Fully equipped with an 8MP AI front camera, 13MP AI triple rear camera, and a powerful image algorithm, HOT 12 provides an AI portrait that enhances the focus of every snapshot in the best way possible.

The XOS 10 operating system redefines style with a brand-new design and artistic chromatic aberration through Smart Scene and integrates some applications designed for a smarter life.

Its built-in XArena enhances your gaming experience by integrating game applications on smartphones into a single area and enabling game boosters to boost performance.

There is also a quick setting that mutes messages and calls during a gaming session so users can focus on the task at hand.

Combined with the underlying game optimization algorithm through Dar-Link, it brings users an immersive gaming entertainment experience unrivaled by smartphones at its attainable price point.


Infinix HOT 12 will be available in 3 variants HOT 12 Play 128+4 for Ksh 18,499, HOT 12 Play 64+4 for Ksh 16,499 and HOT 12 128+4 going for Ksh 19,999 soon in outlets countrywide.

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Exiled Kenyan lawyer Miguna Miguna on Thursday, April 28, 2022, gave his opinion just days after Westlands Member of Parliament Tim Wanyonyi announced that he will be defending his seat.

Tim made the announcement after his Nairobi gubernatorial ambitions were ended following Polycarp Igathe’s entry into the race.

Igathe’s entry through the Jubilee party ticket complicated Azimio La Umoja’s Nairobi formation, forcing other aspirants to step down for him.

May be an image of 2 people, people sitting, wrist watch and indoor
Westlands MP Tim Wanyonyi and Polycarp Igathe. Photo/ Courtesy/ Tim Wanyonyi Facebook.

Tim Wanyonyi’s entry into the Westlands parliamentary race sparked mixed reactions, with a section of Kenyans opining that he was going to retain the seat.

He will now be facing off with the immediate former Law Society of Kenya president Nelson Havi, who is vying on a United Democratic Alliance (UDA) ticket.

Wanyonyi has pledged his loyalty to his party, the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), which he will be using to defend his seat.

However, Miguna Miguna has a different opinion.

The controversial lawyer claims that Havi will defeat Tim Wanyonyi in the August 9, 2022 polls.

NELSON HAVI regrets almost immediately after joining RUTO's UDA as he comes  face-to-face with the reality on the ground – Look! He never expected this  at all | DAILY POST
Nelson Havi. Photo/Courtesy/Nelson Havi Twitter

Through a post on his official Twitter account, Miguna argues that Havi will be the best MP for Westlands, claiming that Wanyonyi is a coward, probably for accepting to step down for Igathe.

“President @NelsonHavi has been my lawyer. We don’t agree on many issues. However, he will be the BEST MP for Westlands. Tim Wanyonyi may be a good man. But he is a COWARD and has never LEGISLATED in Parliament. Parliament DESERVES eloquent and brilliant WARRIORS like @NelsonHavi,” tweeted Miguna Miguna.

Igathe on Thursday, April 28, 2022 paid a courtesy call on Tim Wanyonyi, who endorsed him for the Nairobi gubernatorial race.

“A courtesy call from the Azimio La Umoja – One Kenya Alliance Nairobi Gubernatorial candidate Polycarp Igathe. Asante,” Tim Wanyonyi posted.

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A recent political move by ODM Party Leader Raila Odinga has faced heavy opposition from the public and further proved why he is the wrong candidate ahead of the August 9th general polls.

In the latest turn of events, the former Prime Minister suffered a major embarrassment after a section of the electorate in his Nyanza backyard rejected calls to adopt a six-piece voting pattern for ODM candidates in all 5 positions of the MCA, MP, Woman Rep, Senator, and Governor seat.

Speaking at Nyasore Village in Rachuonyo East Sub County during the burial of the late Ambassador of Kenya to Qatar Paddy Ahenda on Monday, Raila claimed that the mode of voting would help enhance the formation of a stable government in the unlikely situation he is elected president.

“While I have committed to take the bull by its horns at the national level, I am asking you to vote six-piece for our ODM candidates, from the MCA seats, to the presidency come the General Election, for us to have the required strength,” said the Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya Alliance presidential aspirant.

According to him, those who are seeking alternative parties or going independent after defeat in nominations are ‘enemies of the people’ out to divide the region.

But moments later, his controversial remarks provoked reactions that painted a rather harsh reality on the ground.

As soon as the story was picked up by local media, voters from all corners of the country – including some from his own support base – took to social media to protest the comments made by the veteran politician struggling through his fifth bid for the ever-elusive presidency.

From some of the responses featured below, netizens took turns in dismissing the skewed tactic that calls for one to ignore the suitability or otherwise of candidates or how they got their respective party tickets, and simply vote for the party because the cabal at the helm has declared so.

A majority of those who aired their views described it as a greedy move only aimed at protecting his personal selfish interests.

Others urged him to give up on his mistaken cause and prepare for what is predicted as the imminent downfall of the Odinga’s dynasty just as is happening to the Moi’s in Kalenjin land years after their catastrophic 24-year regime.

“This year the Kenyatta family is wondering why Kikuyus have rejected them. I pray that by 2027, Luos will reject the Odinga family just as the Moi family is quickly being forgotten in Kalenjin land,” one wrote.

“Any average Kenyan will know that this is a politician trying to greedily secure his interests…. For your interest guys, vote in personalities and not parties,” another added.

As things seem to turn out, political parties and politicians that favour the so-called 6-piece voting pattern might soon be licking their political wounds unless they learn to embrace free, fair, transparent and accountable nomination exercises.

Over the past few weeks, we have seen major political parties in the country like Jubilee and ODM staying intent on locking in politicians in regions where they dominate so that such people are denied an opportunity for fair competition against preferred candidates.

The parties and their leaders are running scared that newcomers might unseat seasoned politicians most of whom no longer make sense to young voters.

This when contrasted with DP Ruto’s non interference in primaries, young and undecided voters seem to be appreciating the UDA Party for giving a fair opportunity to the voters to decide who should be their candidate by not imposing friends and family on them.

This is particularly true within the ODM regions of Nyanza and elsewhere where newly registered voters do not necessarily appreciate a candidate being forced on them just because they belong to a political outfit when these candidates have no progressive developmental agenda for their constituencies.

Voters want development.

Voters don’t care why the regions were not favoured in the past, they care about the present and future.

Voters will see performance of the candidates and would look at their vision.

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Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) based in Juja, Kiambu County, are hunting down three suspects who killed a 23-year-old university student in cold blood on Monday night.

The killers are said to have escaped with the victim’s mobile phone and other valuables.

DCI boss George Kinoti in statement on Tuesday evening said Joel Juma, a fourth year Industrial Chemistry student at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), was stabbed two times on the chest by one of the thugs before they fled to darkness in the 2am incident.

According to Juma’s girlfriend who is a Law student at the Mt Kenya University, Parklands Campus, she had escorted her boyfriend to get some revision materials from his classmates a few blocks away, when the blood thirst gang accosted them.

The girlfriend had gone to visit his lover last evening at around 6pm and found him studying for his examinations. She prepared a meal that they shared together before they retired to bed.

However, Juma later woke up and embarked on his books but at 2am, he asked her to escort him to where a classmate lived a few blocks away, to get some reference material that he needed before morning.

It is while on their way when the thugs attacked them near hotel Lilies, demanding for money and mobile phones.

Two of them descended on Juma with blows and kicks before stabbing him twice on the left side of his chest, leaving him lying on the ground in a pool of blood.

The third assailant manhandled the lady who hadn’t carried any valuable and luckily, left her unscathed. Local guards who heard the commotion rushed to the scene and together with the heavily shaken girlfriend, helped Juma to a local dispensary where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Detectives have since established that pockets of a notorious gang, which escaped the ongoing operation to rid Kayole and Dandora of criminals, has found a safe haven in Gachororo, where they are regrouping with the aim of establishing a fiefdom.

Consequently, a major undercover operation to completely annihilate the gang has been launched in the area. Detectives from the Crime Research and Intelligence Bureau (CRIB) and the Special Service Unit (SSU) have been dispatched conduct the operation.

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The Maendeleo Ya Wanawake Organisation has urged the Eastern region political leaders to help end teenage pregnancies.

While targeting those seeking elective seats in the region as the country heads to the August general elections, the organization said the rising cases of teenage pregnancies has become a disaster that is robbing off the Eastern region future leaders.

The orgnaisation’s National Chairperson, Rahab Muiu called on parents to reflect back on where they let the ball fall in protecting young girls from falling victims to under-age pregnancies.

“This is beyond sad; it’s very unfortunate that the generations we hope to be our leaders in the years to come are being wiped out by this monster. As leaders and especially as women we need to take up this issue and fight for our girls. As we fight for those political seats let’s take up this as our agenda,” said Muiu during the Eastern region celebrations to mark 70 –years of MYWO transforming the place of women in the country through socio-economic programmes.

At the height of the pandemic, schools shut-down to control spread of COVID-19, with the prolonged closure of learning institutions, it came with a lot of challenges among them being a spike in teenage pregnancies.

According to a research done by Kenya Health Information System in 2020, 152,000 Kenyan teenage girls became pregnant which translated to 40%.  The survey also indicated that 3,964 girls under the age of 19 were pregnant in Machakos County alone.

MYWO has linked the teenage pregnancy menace in the region to several issues among them poverty, lack of parental guidance, forced marriages and sexual violence.

“There is an urgent need to address poverty as one of the root causes of teenage pregnancy. Men and boys should be engaged as advocates against teenage pregnancy too,” said Muiu. 

Underage pregnancies she said is now out of control across the country with the National Council for Population Development (NCPD) survey released November 2021 shows cases of teenage pregnancies among girls aged 15-19 in 2020 and 2021 (Jan- Oct) were also high in Bungoma, Meru, Kakamega, Narok and Nairobi counties.

The event bringing women leaders from eight counties that make up the Eastern region-Machakos, Kitui, Makueni, Meru, Embu, Tharaka, Isiolo and Marsabit also acknowledged key roles played in empowerment fellow weomen.

They include CS Prof Margaret Kobia who have stood with MYWO in a huge way, current Chief Justice, Martha Koome –Kenya’s first female Chief Justice,  Deputy chief Justice Philomena Mwilu among other leaders who have fought for affirmative action, improved access to water and social health initiatives.

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The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) has proposed new rules that will see the involvement of industry players in the examination and classification of content meant to air on their respective platforms.

According to the Co-Regulation Framework for broadcast, Video on Demand (VOD) and Over the Top (OTT) content, KFCB proposes to allow broadcasters, and online streaming service providers to classify 70 percent of audiovisual content on their platforms using the local film classification guidelines.

Under the proposed arrangement, KFCB will only classify 30 percent of the content meant for broadcast on traditional broadcasting and new media platforms. To ensure compliance, the local film and broadcast content regulator shall undertake regular audits on 70% of the self-classified content.

Broadcasters, VOD and Online streaming service platforms will be allowed to self-classify a predetermined proportion of audiovisual content intended to air on their respective platforms only after their staff undergo training on the KFCBs Film Classification Guidelines.

According to the proposed Framework, content broadcasters, VOD and OTT platform operators will be allowed to affix KFCB’s age-appropriate symbols on self-classified content.

Currently, the law requires KFCB to examine and classify audiovisual content meant for broadcast, distribution, and exhibition in the country. However, digitization and increase in the number of players in the broadcast sector has witnessed a proliferation of unclassified audio-visual content on broadcast, VOD, OTT and online streaming platforms.

The migration from analogue to digital TV transmission and the rapid increase and penetration of the internet has also resulted in an increase in content production and content distribution platforms, making it necessary for the regulator to rethink its regulatory processes and frameworks to cope up with market dynamics.

With the existing staffing levels, the film and broadcast content regulator, KFCB, cannot cope with the legal requirement to examine and classify all audiovisual content meant for broadcast, distribution and exhibition in the country.

Implementation of the proposed Framework is expected to lead to enhanced industry compliance with the Films and Stage Plays Act as well as ease the process of examination and classification for broadcasters, in light of the rapidly evolving market and technological dynamics.

The framework is also meant to facilitate an enabling regulatory environment for the broadcast sector which has come under intense competition from digital platforms, including VOD and online streaming services.

KFCB has published the framework on its website for public and stakeholder comments and input. The consultation closes next month on April 4.

The consultation document can be accessed on https://kfcb.go.ke/policies

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Digital Content Creation Skills Programme, an initiative spearheaded by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) through the British High Commission in Nairobi and the African Centre for Women in ICT (ACWICT) in partnership with the Kenya Film Classification Board, among other partners has been launched today.

State Department for Broadcasting and Telecommunications, PS, Ms. Esther Koimett, CBS, presided over the launch of the program that targets to train least 2,832 young women aged between 18 and 34 on digital skills and development of local relevant digital media content in a bid to enhance their livelihoods. 

Mr. Christopher Wambua, Ag. CEO, Kenya Film Classification Board. Photo/Courtesy.

Themed: Enhancing Livelihoods for Vulnerable Women Through Digital Skilling, Development of Local Relevant Digital Media Content, the programme also seeks to inspire young women to either join or grow in digital spaces for employability. 

Ms. Koimett commended the UK Government for the tremendous support that the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, through the Digital Access Programme, continue to avail to state agencies under the Ministry of ICT, Innovation and Youth Affairs.

The PS lauded the programme, noting that it resonates well with the Government’s desire to empower young people for wealth and job creation through Ajira and other relevant projects.

She noted that the digital economy has gained substantial importance within the global economy as a driver of innovation and competitiveness, adding that digital technologies have become the cornerstone of Government and private sector operations as well as a builder of the economy.

I am glad to note that you are also spearheading the Cyber Hygiene Programme that seeks to create awareness among 30,000 Excluded and Marginalized Digital Populations in Kenya. This shall go a long way in empowering 1,000 upcoming artistes (women) as well as sensitizing them on the regulations governing the creation of audio-visual content, the PS said. 

As we seek to seize the significant opportunities that digital technologies present us, it is worth noting that the prospects presented by digital spaces and technological advances are extremely immense, hence the need to adopt and adapt to new technologies. The now ballooning global market and increased connectedness calls for tailored policies that help us exploit online spaces in confidence. The Government remains committed to ensuring the ease and safety of users at all stages, PS Koimett stated.

The PS urged content creators to arise to the fact that the digital economy is the new driver for innovation and competitiveness, stating that the Ministry of ICT, Innovation and Youth Affairs n the frontline in ensuring that policies such as the National ICT Policy and Kenyas Digital Economy Blueprint are in place for the good of the industry.

The Boards Ag Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Christopher Wambua, thanked the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office for picking KFCB as among the implementing partners of the programme.

He said the programme is anchored on the Boards Media Literacy function on consumer advisory aimed at sensitizing digital content producers, exhibitors and distributors on standards of digital content creation, compliance and monetization.

As part of our engagement in this noble programme, KFCB has already mobilized the targeted 1,000 participants in readiness for the training, Mr. Wambua said.

Ms. Nicole Gregory, representative from the British High Commission, Nairobi. Photo/Courtesy.

ACWICT CEO Ms. Constantine Obuya said that their programmes have reached at least 250,000 women in a bid help them grow in digital skills for employability.

Also present at the launch was Ms. Nicole Gregory representing the British Deputy High Commissioner, Nairobi. She complemented the Government of Kenya through the Ministry of ICT, Innovation and Youth Affairs for a job well done and appreciated them for appreciating to partner with the UKaid through the implementing partners.

Mr. Charles Juma, FCDO, DAP Programme Manager and Advisor commended the programme that is bound to equip young women with skills to navigate social and economic challenges.

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A Nairobi man has gone viral on social media for writing an official complaint to Co-operative bank of Kenya that his wife has been sleeping with the bank’s three top officials.

The man called Samuel T Mwangi claims that his wife identified as Caroline Wanjiku, who works at Cooperative Bank Westlands Branch, is cheating on him with her office colleagues and as a result, he wants her to be transferred from the branch.

Surprisingly, this has been happening for over a year, and the man just played cool so that he can gather enough evidence.

He wrote a letter to the bank’s Human Resource Officer and presented evidence in PDF form to prove that his wife is having sexual affairs with her office colleagues.


His evidence included MPESA transactions, CCTV footages and google maps that placed the accused senior officials at the bank at the alleged scenes.

He revealed that his wife even had sex with one of her colleagues in the car along Thika Road.

He goes on to argue that one of the bosses at the bank’s Westlands branch has been blocking his wife’s numerous transfers.

Here’s the evidence that he presented to the HR manager in PDF form and left his wife badly exposed.

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Gidjoy Investment Operations Manager has failed to explain to court why the incident report of an attack on their property in Donholm says the report was made at Savanna base and not Buruburu police station as he alleged.

Mark Munge testified during examination in chief that after receiving a call from his head of security informing him that they were under attack, he called Buruburu police station and told the guard to do the same.

Giving his testimony before Principal Magistrate Gibert Shikwe, Munge testified that he called the OCS Buruburu and reported the matter.

“On 27th March 2018, he received a call from Dickson Nyairo, the security in charge saying that they were being attacked by Patrobas (one of the accused persons) and his group. I told him to call the police,” said Munge.

Munge testified that he recorded his statement on the same day at 5 PM.

The defense lawyer also pointed out that the crime and incident report also shows it was reported at 10.30 AM and not 8AM as the manager claimed.

The court heard that the manager has worked for the land selling company since 2012 and had been authorised by one of the directors, Gideon Muriuki, the CEO Cooperative Bank of Kenya, to testify on behalf of the company.

Munge said that he received the call at about 7.45 and visited the property at 9 am.

According to the witness, when he got there, he went inside the said land together with the guards and found that about 100 meters of the wall had been destroyed.

“We had a fence of wooden poles and wires around the 7 acre land. The damage was valued at about Sh 144,000,” Munge testified.

The court further heard that the land has been subdivided into 36 parcels.

In the case, 10 Sawesava group members are charged with malicious damage of a perimeter wall belonging to Gidjoy.

The accused perons are Benita Alando Nailanel, Peter Keya Owino, David Mutuku Makau, Kennedy Odhiambo Alex, Titus Ochieng Okoth, Boniface Oduor Anyiego, Calvince Ochieng Ooko, Patrobas Awino (group secretary), Nick Omondi Owango and Philemon Otieno are charged with malicious damage of the said fence.

Sowesava Self-help group and Gidjoy Investment have been in logger heads over the ownership of the said land.

Both parties claim to possess title deed as proof of ownership.

The High Court ordered the parties not to interfere with the said land until the hearing and determination of the case.

Munge also testified that the property had been invaded before, about three days before the March 27 attack where again the fence was damaged.

“About three days before, on 24th March 2018 we were attacked again by unknown people,” the witness added.

In addition, the court was told that the witness was named as the victim of the offence and not Gidjoy Investment, a company associated with Muriuki and wife Joyce.

Questioned on which plots the fence was damaged, the witness said he was not sure of the same.

During cross-examination by the sixth accused who did not have legal representation, the court heard that the Operations Manager had nothing to prove that the wall was erect the day before the alleged damage.

The court further heard that the Manager did not know who attacked them on 24th March yet is indicated in the charge sheet that it was the accused persons.

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