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David Wanjohi is a name that has become synonymous with fraud, deception, and betrayal in Nyeri and the surrounding areas. The man who used to be a pastor has since turned his back on his religious beliefs and resorted to conning people out of their hard-earned cash.

Wanjohi’s downward spiral started when he began to crave wealth and material possessions. He believed that he could not achieve this through legitimate means, so he decided to take matters into his own hands. He established a company called Biz Guide Investments Limited, which he used as a special purpose vehicle to defraud unsuspecting Kenyans.

One of his victims, Alex, had known Wanjohi for over 20 years and had no reason to doubt his intentions when he asked for a loan of one million Kenya shillings. As a friend and a pastor, Alex believed that Wanjohi would use the money for a legitimate business venture. However, Wanjohi disappeared without a trace after receiving the money, and his phone was turned off. Alex tried to contact the Nyeri church where Wanjohi used to be a pastor, but it was closed indefinitely.

Other sources close to Wanjohi have also confirmed that he has swindled many of his friends and associates by borrowing money and issuing fraudulent securities as collateral. He has also been seen hiding in Nanyuki after being arrested in Nyeri for failing to pay for lodging. Wanjohi even went as far as borrowing a vehicle from a friend and was caught trying to cross the border with a ready client in Uganda.

It’s clear that David Wanjohi has no regard for his friends, associates, or even his own religious beliefs. He has chosen a path of deception, greed, and betrayal, which has left many people devastated and struggling to recover their losses. His actions have not only harmed individuals, but they have also tarnished the reputation of genuine pastors who genuinely serve their congregations.


“I’ve never felt more betrayed or violated in my life.” David Wanjohi was someone I trusted as a pastor and a friend, but he used that trust to cheat me of a large sum of money. It’s been a harrowing experience, and I pray that justice finds him soon. I would encourage anyone who knows him to avoid him.” – Mary K., a victim of Wanjohi’s deception.

“I knew David Wanjohi for many years and considered him to be a man of integrity and honesty.” I had no reason to suspect him when he approached me with a business proposal, so I invested heavily in his company. It wasn’t until long later that I realized the whole thing was a hoax and that he had used my money for his own gain. It was a difficult lesson to learn, but I’m happy for the experience since it taught me to be more cautious in my interactions with others.” – John M., yet another victim of Wanjohi’s deception.

It is crucial to highlight that the names mentioned in this article, such as Mary K. and John M., are pseudonyms and not the real identities of the people whose lives have been impacted by David Wanjohi’s acts. These names were used to shield their identities for their own safety and to avoid any potential legal complications that could result from using their real names. It is critical to respect these people’s privacy and avoid seeking to identify them in any way.


It’s crucial that the public be warned against dealing with Wanjohi and his company, Biz Guide Investments Limited. If anyone has any information about Wanjohi’s whereabouts, they should contact the police or the email provided in this article: fraudreport254@gmail.com to prevent him from conning anyone else.

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Just a day after former president Uhuru Kenyatta held the Jubilee National Delegates Convention (NDC) at the Ngong Racecourse, the registrar of political parties Ann Nderitu has approved his ouster.

Nderitu addressed her directive dated May 19, 2023 to Joshua Kutuny, Deputy Secretary General of the Kanini Kega faction.

She also confirmed the approval of David Murathe and Jeremiah Kioni as Vice Chairman and Secretary General respectively.

Uhuru’s faction during the NDC expelled a dozen officials in an attempt to reconstitute a National Executive Committee (NEC) dominated by President William Ruto loyalists.

The Kenyatta-backed camp axed Kanini Kega, the Acting Secretary General according to changes ratified by a Ruto-backed NEC.

Monday’s meeting also removed Sabina Chege whom the Kega-led group named as Acting Party Leader replacing Kenyatta in changes upheld by the Political Parties Tribunal.

In its judgment delivered on April 16, the tribunal said that the notice for the National Executive Committee meeting issued on February 2 and the subsequent NEC meeting on February 10 which imposed Kega was conducted in line with the party Constitution.

Also removed alongside Kega who served as the Director of Election prior to the leadership coup are former Cheragany MP Joshua Kutunny (Deputy Secretary General) and Former Taveta MP Naomi Shaban (Deputy Party Leader, Outreach).

Others are Jimi Angwenyi (Deputy Party Leader), Kinoti Gatobu (Deputy Party Leader, Operations), Peter Mositet (Deputy Party Leader, Programmes), Nelson Dzuya (National Chairman)  and Kitui Woman Representative Racheal Nyamai (Deputy Director of Elections).  

Kenyatta’s camp led by besieged Secretary General Jeremiah Kioni announced Chege’s replacement as House Deputy Minority Whip with Embakasi West David Mwenje.

It named new officials who include Maoka Maore  (Deputy Party Leader, Operations), Saitoti Torome (Chairman), Pauline Njoroge (Deputy Organizing Secretary), Jamleck Kamau (National Director of Elections) and Maison Leshoomo (National Women League Chairperson).

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Infinix has announced its new collaboration with HARMAN’s legendary audio and technology brand JBL, to bring Sound by JBL audio excellence to the next generation of their highly-regarded NOTE Series.

At Infinix, the user experience is a top priority, and sound quality plays a fundamental role in that experience.

Together with the 75-year legacy of acoustic quality and expertise that the brand is renowned for, the upcoming release of the NOTE Series will be enhanced by the Sound by JBL tuning along with the latest innovations from Infinix.

Users can look forward to an upgraded audio experience in the next generation of Infinix’s NOTE Series, thanks to this exciting new collaboration with JBL. Stay tuned for more information on the release date and features of the new series.

“We’re incredibly excited about our collaboration with the JBL brand here at Infinix. Our hardware expertise combined with JBL’s acoustic technology means we can provide an enhanced audio experience to customers worldwide. With a device that delivers upgraded sound quality, we’re confident we’re in exceeding users’ expectations.” – Liang Zhang, Deputy General Manager at Infinix.

Integrated with JBL Tech
When building the NOTE Series, Infinix collaborated closely with JBL engineers to optimize the software system of their new generation NOTE Series.

The software processing within the Note series was tuned to deliver JBL’s signature sound that ensures well-balanced mid-tones as well as rich bass, along with high-quality and faithful sound reproduction.

“The JBL brand is all about delivering the fullest sound experience, and we are therefore extremely proud to collaborate with the Infinix team to deliver superior audio through Sound by JBL.

Rooted in a shared passion for sound, we know the Infinix team is committed to audio excellence in their mobile devices, and we will continue to work together bringing upgraded sound quality to more consumers as we look forward to deepening our cooperation with Infinix for more product development.” – Roumu Hu, Vice President and General Manager, HARMAN Embedded Audio.

Infinix intends to introduce this new technology in their upcoming phone models, starting with the next release of the NOTE series.

The launch is scheduled for May, so customers can look forward to experiencing the enhanced sound quality of this innovative technology very soon.

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Trouble is brewing at Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) as disappointed staff bitterly complain about corruption, nepotism and mismanagement by acting Director General Prof Elija Songok.

According to sources within the institution, morale is at historic low and important research work has ground to halt due to graft.

To make matters worse, there has been no substantive DG or CEO at Kemri for three years since Prof Yeri Kombe retired. Prof Sam Kariuki who was in acting capacity until March 2023 took a sabbatical leave due to frustrations.

He handed over to Prof Elija Songok who was imposed by the Principal Secretary for Health Engineer Peter Tum. Songok had been serving as the director of research.

Songok was elevated to the position in dubious circumstances reeking of nepotism. Tum, PS for health is a village mate (they are actually next door neighbors) to Songok. They have a relationship going back decades and are close family friends.

When Tum’s children were studying in Canada, it’s Songok who hosted them in his house.

Curiously, Songok is earning double salary as the acting DG Kemri and also as a staffer at University of Manitoba in Canada. He is actually a Canadian citizen is its curious how a dual citizen can be appointed to head such an important Kenyan institution.

The biggest case of corruption involves a product developbed by Kemri known as Ujiplus.

While serving as the director of research, Songok led the team of researchers that came up with Ujiplus, a herbal flour to be used in fighting neglected tropical diseases.

Ujiplus is a fortified herbal formulation designed to be taken as a school meal snack for both nutrition and deworming.

Scientists at Kemri developed the integrated deworming and nutritious porridge but in a move that stinks of corruption, Songok grabbed the product and is privately selling it.

Usually when Kemri comes up with a product like this, it is sent to the commercial department which sells it to generate revenue for the research institution.

In a move that should interest EACC, Songok founded a company known as Terik Foods and Nutraceuticals Limited which now produces and sells Ujiplus yet the product was developed by Kemri.

Interestingly, Terik is the name of the sub clan in Nandi community where he hails from.

To make matters worse he has roped in his 2 sons into this corrupt scheme. The boys operate a shop just next to Kemri headquarters in Nairobi where they sell the Ujiplus. The sons also live in his official Kemri residence.

When Tum served as the CEO of KMTC, he had a personal assistant known as Barnabas Kimatoi. The he has since seconded the same guy to serve as Songok’s PA.

There are also irregular appointments and promotions happening under Songok’s watch at Kemri.

He has promoted his cronies and partners in dubious dealings to influential and lucrative positions.

Songok has removed Dr Kizito Lubano as director of research and development and replaced him with a Dr Nelly Mugo with who Songok has business interests with.

Dr Mugo runs an NGO known as Partners in Health Research and Development (PHRD) which is funded by Kemri. She runs the NGO with a Dr David Bukusu whose spouse Prof Elizabeth Bukusu also work at Kemri.

Another case of conflict of interest involves Dr Onono Maricianah who runs an NGO known as Kargeno Group. Kargeno group focuses on sexual reproductrive adolescent and child health.

Songok has appointed Dr Onono to be director of scientific programs and partnerships while still running the NGO.

In another case of malpractice at Kemri, the director, legal, Martin Machira whose contract is lapsing in August 2023 is irregularly pushing the HR committee of Kemri board to renew his contract.

Machira has blatantly continued to engage external lawyers are exorbitant cost to the institute against government directive when he should be the one going to court to represent the institution.

Another issue if the irregular hiring of the internal auditor. When James Mwangi was serving as internal auditor, he exposed a lot of rot in the finance department including the cash purchases totaling Shs 52 million which were highlighted in Auditor General Report 2020/21.

So the finance director Antony Wachira hatched a plot to get Mwangi out of the way. Wachira colluded with an intern who he had an affair with to falsely accuse Mwangi with attempted rape. The intern entered Mwangi’s office at noon and started screaming that Mwangi wanted to rape her.

When Mwangi was suspended over the issue, Wachira arranged for his own cousin Patrick Gitau to be seconded from treasury as the acting internal auditor.

When Wachira was made the acting director of Corporate Services, he used the position to confirm Gitau as the internal auditor even before Mwangi’s case was heard and determined.

Mwangi was eventually cleared by court and reinstated to his job but his office had been irregularly filled. Now Kemri has 2 internal auditors.

Another problem causing low morale within Kemri is the failure by Songok to pay some 2.27 billion shillings owed to unionisable staff as extraneous allowance.

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Pastor Ezekiel Odero of the New Life Prayer Centre and church will face criminal charges related to mass killing of his followers, Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki has said.

The televangelist was Thursday morning arrested and taken to Mombasa for further questioning after spending a better part of Wednesday with Kilifi DCI officers.

He was taken to the Coast Police Headquarters.

CS Kindiki has confirmed that church has been closed down and over 100 people who were holed up at the premises have been evacuated and will be required to record statements.

“It is notified for information of the general public that today Thursday, 27th April 2023, Mr Ezekiel Ombok Odero the Head of New Life Prayer Centre/Church at Mavueni within Malindi Sub-County of Kilifi County has been arrested and is being processed to face criminal charges related to mass killing of his followers. The said Church has been shut down. The over 100 people who were holed up at the premises have been evacuated and will be required to record statements,” reads Kindiki’s tweet.

The televangelist is accused of being an accomplice of Pastor Paul Mackenzie. 

Briefing the media on Thursday, April 27, Coast Regional Commissioner Rhodah Onyancha said various deaths have been reported on his premises and some recorded in morgues that may be linked to him.

The pastor denied the claims of occultism at his church before Kilifi detectives on Wednesday.

Police aware of the developments said the move to summon him on Wednesday was prompted by the ongoing exhumation of bodies from a farm in Shakahola Forest.

The farm is linked to pastor Paul Mackenzie of Good News International Church.

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Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu has broken his silence after yet another student lost his testicle after he was assaulted by his teachers in a school in Kisii County.

A 19-year-old form four student at Nyabisia Secondary School, in Nyamache division, Bobasi constituency has stirred a debate after he narrated how teachers at the school brutalized him.

According to the student, five teachers and a school security guard brutalized him and damaged one of his testicles which doctors at Hema Hospital in Kisii said had raptured.

The students testicle raptured following the beating he received. It was removed at the hospital.

CS Machogu while commenting on the incident said the law should take its course.

Machogu termed the perpetrators as criminals and not teachers, who should be taken to court and dismissed from the service.

The CS said teachers are not allowed to go to that extent while administering discipline.

“To me, these are just criminals and I cannot even call them teachers. The law should take its course. They should be taken to court and dismissed from service,” Machogu was quoted by Nation as having said.

This is the second incident involving rogue teachers beating up and leading to a student losing his testis, after minor offences committed by the learners. A week ago, another student suffered the same fate after vicious beatings by his teachers.

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In the heart of Nairobi, the Infinix HOT 30 Series launch brought together a diverse group of University students, fans of the brand, industry leaders and experts for a day of thought-provoking performances and networking opportunities.

The event, which was organized by Infinix Kenya, took place on 7th April at KICC grounds.

The launch was an amusement themed product launch with a concert theme which was a highly orchestrated event designed to generate excitement and buzz around the new HOT 30 Series.

The event was attended by industry insiders, media representatives and fans of the brand with Fanta, Blaze by Safaricom and Onfon as launch partners.

The event kicked off with performances from finalists of competing dance crews from the Hottest dance crew challenge.

This was followed by a series of presentations for the
HOT 30 Series product introduction.

One of the highlights of the event was the dramatic product unveiling which was ushered by fireworks display and lighting up of the KICC building at the heart of Nairobi.

In addition to the interactive sessions, the event also provided ample networking opportunities for attendees.

Participants had the chance to connect with industry leaders and experts, and to exchange ideas and best practices.

“The launch was on another level. It was super tremendous and the performances too were lit”, Ronah student from the University of Eldoret.

“We’re thrilled with the success of this year’s event,” said Cynthia, Infinix Kenya Marketing Manager, “We had an outstanding group of performances and attendees, and the experiences were both mind blowing and inspiring. We look forward to continuing to build on this success in the years to come.”

Overall, the HOT 30 Series was a tremendous success, bringing together a diverse group of industry leaders and experts for a day of thought-provoking performances from famous Gen z artists and networking opportunities.

The event demonstrated the power of collaboration and innovation in driving change, and left attendees feeling inspired and energized.

We look forward to seeing you at the next launch event!

For more details visit: http://www.infinixmobility.com/

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Infinix Kenya has officially launched the HOT 30
series, which includes the HOT 30, HOT 30 Play and HOT 30i models.

The HOT 30 series has undergone significant upgrades to its processor, screen, fast charging, and video features.

These upgrades make it a leading gaming phone with superior screen quality, powerful performance, and the fastest charging capabilities in its class.

“At Infinix, we place great importance on understanding the needs of our young customers and are dedicated to incorporating innovative technologies into our mobile phone development. With the HOT 30 series, we’ve equipped these devices with powerful gaming processors, ample memory, lightning-fast charging capabilities, and the most vivid highdefinition screens available in their class. We believe these features take the mobile gaming experience to new heights. Moreover, the HOT 30 series is competitively priced, which we believe will impress every young user seeking high-quality mobile devices.” – Mr. Shane

Built for mobile entertainment

Infinix recognizes that young people often use mobile gaming to relieve stress, but ordinary cell phones often provide low image quality, high heat generation, and unstable network speed, causing inconvenience and annoyance.

To address these issues, Infinix has introduced the HOT 30, a reliable and high-performing gaming phone that offers high image quality, low heat generation, and strong network speed for a sublime smartphone.

Gaming experience

The HOT 30 is equipped with a strong and power-balanced Helio G88 processor with an 8-core architecture design containing two powerful ARM Cortex-A75 cores with a maximum frequency of 2.0GHz.

This ensures that games run faster and smoother. With
up to 16GB of expandable memory, the HOT 30 doubles the performance of the physical 8G memory, enabling faster loading times, and supporting up to 18 applications to be opened simultaneously.

In terms of software features, the HOT 30 integrates the highly optimized Dar-Link 3.0 gaming engine, which provides intelligent sensing of load scenarios and stage-specific matching of cooling strategies to guarantee 3D games stability.

The HOT 30 also supports Link-Booming network optimization technology for multi-network concurrency, with Wifi and data working together to keep players connected during critical moments.

The XArena gaming space is specially designed for gaming fans, with cool icons promoting a gaming atmosphere and an easy-to-spot real-time game status, creating the perfect environment for smartphone gaming.

Powered for the day Smartphones not only require powerful performance but also long-lasting battery life.

The HOT 30 series addresses this need with a 5000mAh battery that can last throughout the day.

In addition, the HOT 30 offers the exclusive Power Marathon power-saving function, which enables the phone to standby for a whole day or operate continuously for 2 hours at the 5% limit.

This feature ensures that users can enjoy an uninterrupted gaming experience while on the go.

For gamers who need a quick battery boost during critical moments, Infinix has equipped the HOT 30 with 33W fast charging technology.

This charging technology is about 2 times faster than the previous generation, enabling the phone to charge up to 55% in just 30 minutes.

With the combination of a 5000mAh large battery and 33W fast charging, the Hot 30 is an ideal choice for epic weekend group gaming sessions and can support avid gamers until the end.

Experience ultra-bright gaming in style

To deliver an immersive gaming experience, the HOT 30 boasts a 6.78-inch perforated screen with a 1080P high resolution, 90Hz high refresh rate, and 270Hz touch sampling rate.

The screen has excellent clarity and coherence, with timely touch response for rapid micro-operations. It also includes self-developed dark area display enhancement technology, making outdoor display clear and bright, with a maximum brightness of 600nit
and a color gamut of 96% DCI-P3 for vivid visual performance when viewing photos and videos.

The HOT 30 is designed with a light aesthetic on the back that creates dynamic shadows that provide a unique sense of liveliness unlike any other phone on the market today.

The side fingerprint is sensitive and efficient for convenient phone unlocking.

The HOT 30 also features a slim body with a dual-speaker design and DTS technology, providing a threedimensional surround sound effect for immersive viewing and gameplay.

Other practical features include NFC, and more, making it a comprehensive flagship model.

Crystal clear optics

The HOT 30 is equipped with a 50-megapixel main camera lens featuring a larger F1.6 aperture, providing greater light intake, along with a multi-frame overlay algorithm that enhances night shot quality and offers a range of night filter styles.

These features make it an ideal choice for photography enthusiasts, whether capturing moments on busy city
streets at night or stunning landscape shots.

The HOT 30 also includes a film mode, providing a lot of editing templates, which allows users to easily capture their vlogs without editing, soundtracks or transitions by themselves.

With its competitive price and exceptional gaming experience, the HOT 30 series is expected to make its mark on smartphone gaming in 2023.

Infinix is committed to providing fast and comfortable experiences through affordable top-of-the-line game phones, accessible to today’s youth.


The HOT 30 Series RRP will vary from shop to shop.

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Raila Odinga’s Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya coalition party has unveiled its team that will face President William Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza in the bi-partisan parliamentary talks.

The Azimio team on Thursday held its Parliamentary Group meeting at the Stoni Athi hotel in Machakos County.

During the PG meeting, Azimio unveiled a team of seven allies that will lead in the negotiations with the ruling government.

The list of seven consists of Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna, his Narok counterpart Ledama Olekina, Kitui Senator Enoch Wambua, Amina Mnyanzi (Malindi), Millie Odhiambo (Suba North), David PKosing (Pokot South) and Otiende Amollo (Rarieda).

The meeting that was chaired by Raila was also attended by the coalition’s top leadership including Narc Kenya leader Martha Karua and her Wiper counterpart Kalonzo Musyoka.

Former President Uhuru Kenyatta and KANU chairman Gideon Moi sent their apologies for failing to attend.

President William Ruto last week urged the opposition to call of the Monday and Thursday demonstrations, proposing a bipartisan approach to the issues raised by Azimio team.

Raila has, however, threatened to call for the demonstrations should the Ruto team show lack of seriousness in the negotiations.

The ODM party leader has proposed a National Accord approach as it was in 2008 during the post-election violence.

President Ruto’s allies have, however, vowed not to allow the national accord approach proposed by the former prime minister.

They argue that Raila wants to force his way into the government through a grand coalition form of government.

The Raila-led faction has reiterated the need to have the team expanded outside parliament as they maintained that they were not interested in sharing the government.

Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza has not yet released its list of the negotiators.

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Online gaming and betting have taken the world by storm, and Kenya is not an exception.

The country has seen a surge in the number of online gaming and betting platforms that cater to all types of players.

Among these websites, BangBet Kenya stands out as one of the best online gaming and betting destinations in Kenya.

This website has been gaining popularity in the online gaming and betting industry, with many players considering it the ultimate gaming and betting platform in Kenya.

Launched in 2019, BangBet Kenya has quickly gained a reputation for its user-friendly interface, extensive game selection, generous bonuses, and excellent customer support.

The website is licensed and regulated by the Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB), which ensures that all its operations are fair, transparent, and secure.

The website caters to all types of players, from beginners to experienced players, and offers a variety of games and betting options.

One of the key factors that make BangBet Kenya the ultimate online gaming and betting destination in Kenya is its extensive game selection.

The website offers a wide range of games that cater to all types of players, including sports betting, virtual sports, casino games, and live dealer games.

The sportsbook section of the website offers betting options for a variety of sports, including football, basketball, tennis, rugby, and cricket.

The virtual sports section offers betting options for virtual football, horse racing, greyhound racing, and more.

The casino section of the website is packed with a wide range of games, including slots, table games, and live dealer games.

The slots section offers a wide variety of games, from classic slots to video slots, with different themes and features.

The table games section offers games such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and poker.

The live dealer games section offers games such as live roulette, live blackjack, and live baccarat, giving players a real-life casino experience.Another key factor that makes BangBet Kenya the ultimate online gaming and betting destination in Kenya is its commitment to responsible gambling.

The website offers tools and resources to help players gamble responsibly, such as self-exclusion, deposit limits, and reality checks.

One unique selling point (USP) of BangBet Kenya is its mobile app. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices and offers a seamless gaming experience on the go.

The app is easy to use, fast, and offers all the features and games available on the website. The app also offers exclusive bonuses and promotions for mobile users.

BangBet Kenya is also known for its excellent customer support.

The website has a comprehensive FAQ section that answers most common questions. If players have any further questions or issues, they can contact the customer support team via live chat or email.

The customer support team is available 24/7 and is responsive and helpful.

The website also offers a variety of bonuses and promotions for players. New players can enjoy a welcome bonus when they sign up and make their first deposit.

The website also offers reload bonuses, cashback offers, and free spins promotions for existing players. The website also has a loyalty program that rewards players for their loyalty.

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The Latest Smartphone from the Infinix HOT Series! Get ready to experience the cutting-edge technology and innovative features of the HOT Series newest smartphone.

With its sleek design and powerful performance, this device is set to revolutionize the world of mobile technology.

Equipped with the latest hardware and software, this smartphone boasts a high-speed processor and advanced camera system that will capture every moment with crystal clear detail.

Whether you’re an avid photographer, a social media influencer, or simply someone who loves to stay connected on the go, this device has everything you need. But that’s not all! The HOT’s Series newest smartphone also comes with a range of exciting features designed to enhance your user experience.

From a sleek and intuitive interface to an advanced security system, this device has it all. And with Infinix’s commitment to youth empowerment, it was only right to invite students from Universities all over the country to share an innovative experience.

Infinix kicked off on high gear since they launched the #MuHOAT Dance challenge, with top 3 finalists standing a chance to win a cash prize at the launch on ,7th April.

The launch will feature performances by the faves amongst Genzers mostly with brand’s commitment to promoting talent and creativity as young as possible. Infinix has in addition partnered with like minded brands like Fanta and Blaze by Safaricom.

So get ready to experience the future of mobile technology. Stay tuned for the official launch of the Infinix HOT 30 and be the first to get your hands on the hottest device of the year!

For more details visit: http://www.infinixmobility.com/

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A parliamentary committee has ordered the Ministry of and wildlife to stop the completion and construction of the multi-billion Ronald Ngala Utalii college until a probe it has initiated is finalized.

The National Assembly Departmental committee on Tourism and Wildlife wants the National Treasury to provide a clear roadmap on how it will finance the project as well as clear the pending bills which include penalties arising from delayed payment and lack of funding on time.

The first phase of the project, funded by the State through the Tourism Fund, includes administration and tuition blocks, hostels, staff quarters, and a dining hall.

The Tourism Fund is seeking 3.3 billion shillings to complete the construction of the facility which includes clearing pending works of sh. 1.2 billion, operation of the project (furniture sh. 215 million shillings and Services sh. 433 million shillings) and pending bill of sh. 1.5 billion shillings.

The project whichstarted as a Vision 2030 project was earmarked to be completed in 2018 at 4.9 billion shillings but is now scheduled to consume up to 11 billion shillings once completed, as of February 2023 and is 77.74 percent complete.

Addressing a press conference on Monday after touring the facility accompanied by Tourism Principal Secretary John Ololtuaa and officials of Tourism Fund, Maara MP Kareke Mbiuki, who chairs the committee, said the national government must make up its mind on whether the project, remains stalled and continues to accrue interest and penalties, or money is allocated to complete the project.

Mbiuki directed the ministry not to allocate any monies for purposes of its completion or settling pending bills as well as penalties, until such a time the committee is seized with the matter, makes a report to be tabled in parliament proposing a funding formula, and a report on the implementation of the project.

“So, for the time being, don’t dare appropriate or allocate any amount to this project, not until, we have a serious discussion with President William Ruto’s administration to agree on a way forward. Let pending bills stay as they are but don’t touch even a coin within the sector, but the other campaigns within the tourism sector can proceed as scheduled, but as Ronald Ngala Utalii college, allow us almost two weeks or one month as we work on the rescue program,” he said, adding that his committee will also be in serious consultation with the ministry.

The Maara legislator lamented that it was unfair for the National Treasury not to finance the institution, which will complement the Kenya Utalii College in Nairobi, offer maritime courses as well as contribute to the promotion of tourism.

“We don’t want the project to be left to the Tourism Fund and Tourism Promotion Fund because they cannot raise the monies owned to the contractor, consultants, and charges as well penalties that have already been accrued due to defaulting by the state,” he held.

According to Mbiuki, the ministry of tourism and its state agencies cannot be left to finance the remainder because they have other obligations to meet like allocating resources to Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC), Kenyatta Utalii College among others.

He said his committee will be engaging the National Treasury to ensure that the project is allocated monies for its completion.

“We want the National Treasury to come and commit to allocating funds to this project because in the supplementary budget, there was zero allocation and in the Budget Policy Statement, the allocation is still nil, once monies are allocated it will supplement what you (ministry) have already assigned to the project,” he held.

Tourism Principal Secretary John Ololtuaa disagreed with the committee decision asking it reconsider its decision to stall the project as money has already been put into it saying the only solution is to complete it.

“I think the objective should be one. How it should be completed as well as thinking ways of raising money for the project especially if there is a way stakeholders can all together reach out to the National Treasury to also either put it as an emergency to finish the project once and for all,” said Ololtuaa.

While agreeing on the project to be stalled, Nominated MP Abubakar Talib Ahmed, who is a member of the committee said there ought to be serious interrogation by the committee as the project had all characteristics of a white elephant.
“This is a white elephant. The committee should have a serious consultation interrogation of the project, as you advised Kenya Tourism Board and Tourism Fund not to put a single shilling into the project until we get to the bottom of it,” said Abubakar.

Other committee members include Wanjiku John Njuguna (Kiambaa), Kilel Richard (Bomet East), Ruku Geoffrey Kiringa (Mbeere South), Chebor Paul Kibet (Rongai), Shake Mbogho Peter (Voi), Mugabe Innocent Maino (Likuyani), Abdi Khamis Chome (Voi), Obo Ruweida Mohamed (Lamu East), and Bedzimba Rashid Juma (Kisauni).

The committee is on a five-day coast region inspection visit to flagship projects with the Ministry of Wildlife, Tourism, and Heritage, its departments, and agencies under its purview.

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Mount Kenya University (MKU) has prided itself as one of the fastest growing institutions of its kind in the 2000s.

Over the period of its existence many cases have emerged, some going all the way to the court, with accusations of the founder of the university for poor land handling and in some cases, obvious land fraud allegations.

But frequent invitations to the mention of the name of its founder Simon Gicharu allows one to interrogate the nature and type of the explosive rise of the university.

Gicharu, a close ally to the Kenya state operatives has been a great beneficiary of State appointments, serving in leading parastatals in the country including the multi-billion shilling Geothermal Development Corporation, a clear reward for his reward towards former President Uhuru regime since 2013.

At the same time, the Ministry of Education capitation for private universities saw thousands of students get State capitation with MKU among the biggest beneficiaries of the programme.

“We are working on the figures and monies that MKU received and soon, we shall make it public. The figures are high and I can assure you that some of you will be shocked,” says a member of the National Assembly Education Committee.

On the other hand, the country’s legal fraternity is still apprehensive of the university’s School of Law at the speed it acquired the charter to offer Law ahead of some of the established public universities.

“MKU has a few things to reply to in this country. The millions they received and the nature of the scandals they have weathered in the recent past has many people thinking about the operations. We cannot rule out the closeness to power that the owner enjoys in many places in our country. All that will be known when the matter is put to discussion,” the MP in the Education Committee says.

Investigations by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) looking into the allegations of fraud in an inflated Sh1.2 billion campus purchase deal between MMUST and Mount Kenya University (MKU) has been set rolling.

The commission had commenced investigations into the matter following a complaint that MMUST had purchased the MKU Turkana Campus at an exorbitant price of Sh1.2 billion yet the property was valued at Sh600 million.

Investigations established that the acquisition was initiated through a letter dated March 17, 2016, by the Deputy Vice Chancellor of MMUST, Planning, Research and Innovation to the Cabinet Secretary of Education Science and Technology.

Investigations by the EACC established by the Commission of University of Education (CUE) approved the acquisition stating that it had already accredited the campus. The MMUST University Council also deliberated and approved the acquisition on June 17, 2017.

On July 28, 2022, a report was compiled by the EACC team and forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) with a recommendation for closure of the inquiry file. The report further held that the VC (Prof Otieno) who would have been culpable for failing to adhere to the procurement law and regulations is deceased.

Prof Otieno left office on December 1, 2018, amid a barrage of audit queries. He died in 2019.

Step Up Holdings

Similarly, in its expansion strategy, MKU in a deal sewed up by Simon Gicharu has been embroiled in a land tussle with a firm Step Up Holdings that according to court documents, claim they were shortchanged.

Apparently, MKU through Gicharu, allegedly entered into an agreement with Step Up in 2011 to set up a Nakuru campus mini wing in Kericho town but the owner didn’t measure up leading to a court battle in a supposed Sh511M botched deal between the two entities. Step Up ran the operations of the Nakuru Campus before the clash. This was a gentleman’s deal between the two entrepreneurs meaning it was all verbal.

Step Up Holdings avers that a month after their verbal agreement, the university forced the firm to close the Kericho Campus leading to a loss of Sh953,881.

The firm claims the university then “illegally took over” the campus by relocating 3,807 students and 295 staff to other premises. The court sided with Step Up Holdings and found the university liable for Sh511 million.

In 2012, the Court of Appeal in Nakuru dismissed appeal attempt by MKU dismissing the appellants’ application for stay of proceedings pending Arbitration.

“The background to the appeal is that, both the appellant and the respondent entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) containing an arbitration clause,” Court records show.

However, Nakuru High Court judge Justice Hillary Chemitei allowed the university to file defence Sh511million dispute.

“The interlocutory judgement entered against the applicant or defendant on November 17, 2011, is hereby set aside,” ruled Justice Hilary Chemitei.

“The applicant shall within 30 days from the date herein deposit Sh511million in a joint interest-earning account in the names of both counsel for the applicant and the defendant pending the hearing and determination of the suit,” stated Justice Chetimei.

The court also ordered Step Up Holdings to provide a Sh511million bank guarantee from a reputable firm within 30 days pending the hearing of the case.

Provisions of the MoU cited by the university in its flopped attempt to push for arbitration were dismissed by the Court of Appeal.

Mount Kenya University has found itself once again on the receiving end after entering into a scandalous land deal with an alleged fraudulent businessman leading up to a court battle.

In what was thought to be a smooth deal to acquire a piece of land in Nairobi’s Industrial Area, the institution’s owner Simon Gicharu has once again fallen prey.

The institution dragged a controversial British national Vallabh Haribhai Bakrania to court for allegedly defrauding them of Sh20 million.

Bakrania is accused of obtaining the money by pretending he was in a position to sell to the university a piece of land located in Industrial Area, Nairobi.

Bakrania allegedly committed the offence on 27th November 2020 in Nairobi, with intent to defraud Mount Kenya University.

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In May 2021, the Uasin Gishu County Government partnered with Tampere University, Finland, in a programme that would see students from the devolved unit airlifted to live, study and work in the foreign country.

It was a dream come true for many, given the yearning of young Kenyans to join universities overseas.

Many, especially those from humble backgrounds, had enthusiastically applied for the opportunity, hoping it would save them from the tedious immigration processes that come with obtaining travel documents.

The first batch of learners left the country in September 2021, three months after the deal was signed – the 51 students were to pursue medicine and other science-related courses: 25 were going to pursue degree courses and 26 were to pursue diplomas.

The icing on the cake was that the successful applicants in the programme were guaranteed employment in Finland upon completion of their courses.

Because of this, many families took a chance, organising fundraisers to raise the fees to enable their sons and daughters to pursue the dream that would alleviate them from their challenging backgrounds. 

The county government went ahead to open an account – the Uasin Gishu County Government Overseas Trust Fund – at KCB Bank to collect the tuition fees the students were required to pay.

Under the deal, the devolved unit was to act as a guarantor for the students in their respective universities in payment of their tuition fees.

The county government agreed to collect money from the parents and remit it as a lump sum, thus there was no agreement between parents and the universities to pay the tuition fees directly to the institution.

On September 14, 2021, former Governor Jackson Mandago (now the county senator) flagged off the first batch of 51 students to travel to Finland to study in a partnership that sought to produce qualified health personnel for the international labour market, while at the same time addressing youth unemployment.

Some of the parents are demanding a refund of their money terming the entire arrangement a scam.

The complaints prompted the formation of an ad hoc committee to establish the legal framework on which the Finland scholarship programme was anchored. The team is looking into whether there is a memorandum of understanding between the county government and the targeted Finland universities. 
The committee was informed that 202 students are in Finland under the programme, which was to be implemented at Tampere, Jyvaskala and LUT universities, among others. According to the county education department, Max-global acted as the agent in the recruitment of students and the county stood in for the bank statements for the students.

Committee Findings

The ad-hoc committee has recommended disciplinary action against officials implicated in the scam. It has further recommended a refund of money paid as fees by parents under the much-hyped Uasin Gishu students airlift programme.

The committee found out that senior County officials colluded with Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) and agents to fleece parents of millions in a Finnish scholarship scandal that saw learners airlifted and dumped in Europe.

Following its investigation, the team, whose report was endorsed by the county assembly for consideration, now wants the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC), the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), and other relevant agencies to move in and investigate the implicated senior county officials for forgery, abuse of office and integrity.

The committee led by Mr Gilbert Chepkonga has endorsed the recovery of the stolen money to support some of the students who are said to be stranded in Finnish universities.
According to the report, the Uasin Gishu County Government, under the stewardship of former Governor Jackson Mandago, now the Uasin Gishu Senator, opened the ‘Uasin Gishu County Government Overseas Trust Fund’ account in Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) for purposes of receiving tuition fees for the students benefiting from the scholarship programme.
Protesting parents led by Mr Reuben Chepses Koech told the committee those who applied for the opportunity were required to pay an interview fee of Sh6,500, but were not issued with receipts for the payment.

The students were then required to pay 8,650 euros — equivalent to Sh1.19 million in school fees, Sh80,000 accommodation fee for three months, Sh30,000 insurance fee, Sh49,000 for a visa, Sh5,000 for Covid test and 100,000 for their flights.

The eligible candidates were issued with acceptance letters from their respective universities, while the County Government of Uasin Gishu issued them with a certificate of full scholarship.

On September 14, 2021, Mr Mandago flagged off the first batch of 51 students to travel to Tampere to study in various fields, in the partnership that sought to produce qualified health personnel for the international labour market, while at the same time addressing youth unemployment.

However, according to the report by the committee, the implementation of the programme was a highly guarded secret that even then-county head of Education Joseph Kurgat was kept in the dark, despite it being under his docket.
Mr Kurgat told the committee that the programme was not discussed at the county Cabinet level and no policy framework was tabled for Cabinet approval.

Case with KCB

While accusing KCB officials of being part of the bigger plot, the committee is demanding a forensic financial audit of the Uasin Gishu Education Overseas Trust Account at the KCB Eldoret East branch, and that county employees mentioned as beneficiaries of the transactions from the account be suspended pending investigations.

According to bank statements tabled before the committee, several individuals, including senior county officials are among the irregular beneficiaries of funds meant for the students.

“The County Executive to engage the services of an independent and reputable external forensic auditor to audit the account and report back to the county assembly within 30 days.

The forensic auditor’s term of reference shall be to analyse the financial data to look for evidence of the crime,” said the report.

The committee further wants KCB to investigate and take necessary action against its staff for professional negligence, by allowing the Uasin Gishu Overseas Education Trust Account to be opened without conducting due diligence.

The report reveals that some trustees heavily benefited financially from withdrawals from the account, although they were not entitled to a monetary benefit.

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Ad Dynamo by Aleph has appointed Stephen A. Newton as its managing director for Africa. Newton will prioritise pan-African expansion and assisting Ad Dynamo by Aleph’s  partners in overcoming the challenges of doing business across the continent.

Ad Dynamo by Aleph is Spotify, Twitter, Snap, and  Yahoo’s  exclusive media buying extension in Africa. As an enabler of digital advertising in emerging markets, the organisation is helping to break down barriers. 

“As both  a developing market and a continent with a rapidly growing population, Africa is poised to house not only a sizeable portion of the world’s population but also a sizeable portion of the world’s eligible workforce,” says Newton. “I am excited to play a part in implementing Aleph’s goal of breaking barriers.” 

“At Ad Dynamo by Aleph, we plan to continue to grow in anticipation of our partners’ needs and solidify our position as a preferred partner,” he adds. “We will build where they need us using tried and trusted methodologies, and we will continue to collaborate to create platforms that reduce the friction associated with doing business in these markets.”

Newton, an entrepreneur at heart, has more than 25 years of experience leading EMEA businesses across the digital space. He is currently on a number of advisory boards for startups and mid-sized African companies that work in different parts of the online space. He is also the chairman and co-founder of The Illuminate Africa Group Ltd., a consulting firm that helps companies achieve their African expansion goals.

Newton has worked as managing director of Google South Africa, vice president and managing director of the Ad Exchange for Google-bought DoubleClick EMEA, managing director of Africa for PostivoBGH, chief executive officer of Date.ce, and interim chief operating officer of Universal Music Group Africa.

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By Veerakumar Natarajan, Country Head, Zoho Kenya

Technological progression plays a crucial role in fostering economic growth. A lack of access to technology can hinder local economies, particularly in developing countries such as Kenya and other African nations.

Access to technology can be a game changer for businesses in less urban areas, providing a range of benefits that can help them thrive and expand. For instance, by leveraging tools that automate tasks and utilizing e-commerce platforms, businesses can tap into new markets and streamline operations. Additionally, technology that facilitates the gathering and analysis of data can be particularly valuable, as it allows businesses to gain valuable insights into their own performance and the broader market.

Armed with this information, they can make informed decisions that improve processes, enhance the customer experience, and optimize growth. By leveraging technology in this way, businesses can boost their competitiveness and increase their chances of success, even in a rapidly changing environment. The integration of technology at the micro-economic level can mitigate inequality and foster wealth creation in economically challenged areas, ultimately contributing to overall macroeconomic development and greater stability and long-term growth for both individual businesses and the communities they serve.

Growing small businesses

The most obvious area where technology can have a significant micro-economic impact is among small businesses. This is especially important in markets like Kenya, where statistics from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) show that the SME sector employs at least 86% of the Kenyan population and contributes about 45.5% to the country’s gross domestic product.

These SMEs not only create employment opportunities, but also play a crucial role in developing the communities in which they operate. They provide a platform for local talent to showcase their skills and can act as catalysts for attracting other businesses to the region, fostering a supportive ecosystem for economic growth.

To make their work easier, SMEs can use technology to their advantage. For example, SMEs can automate time-consuming tasks like inventory management. Similarly, e-commerce tools can significantly expand the reach of SMEs, particularly in remote areas. By leveraging real-time business intelligence, small business owners are able to free up valuable time to focus on their core competencies and drive business growth.

Zoho prioritizes serving underrepresented segments, specifically small businesses in regions that are frequently overlooked. The company places a strong emphasis on providing affordable and accessible technology solutions to meet the needs of these businesses.

Fostering entrepreneurship through low code

With low-code and no-code tools, entrepreneurs do not need to rely on expensive developer resources to build the applications they need. Low-code platforms offer a graphic development environment that allows entrepreneurs to build and test their applications, using snippets of pre-written code, allowing for a far quicker development process.

Additionally, because low-code platforms eliminate some of the more complex parts of the application development process (such as creating frameworks and linking databases), it becomes easier and faster for entrepreneurs to take their solution to market.

Empowering communities

With internet connectivity, a startup can function from anywhere. By opening their offices in small towns or rural areas, they can reduce their operational costs significantly, gaining a longer runway to operate. When companies hire local talent, they are empowering individuals to contribute to their communities and address local issues more effectively instead of them needing to seek employment elsewhere. The retention of highly skilled and talented youth within the community can lead to innovative solutions and drive empowerment for local populations.

Micro matters

From afar, the positive shifts technology brings to individual businesses, entrepreneurs, and community organizations may appear small, but they can have cumulative effects. With enough momentum, these effects can ripple from the community to the municipal, provincial, and even national levels.

Therefore, while it is important to evaluate national macroeconomic policies critically, the influence that technology can have at the micro-economic level should not be overlooked or undervalued.

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