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Confusion engulfed a family in Kavaluka area in Kithimu, Embu North when a woman who got lost 45 years ago resurfaced.

The family that lost their mother was today caught in dilemma on whether to celebrate or not because they were not sure whether that was their mother despite having identified her name in resemblance of that of their mother.

According to the woman’s daughter, Emmaculate Mugo who is now 56-years-old, their mother got lost in 1975 when she was 9 years old.

She recalled how their mother left them at their grandmother’s home to go to the farm then pass by and pick them in the evening but never came back again.

She says that a woman came last week and sought refuge at a family within Kavaluka area in Manyatta in Embu north and introduced herself as Teresia Kina.

The host identified as Dominic Kathuri would do an announcement at a local radio station and that is how the family started following up.

Emmaculate due to the confusion surrounding her and the woman having mental disorder, they are not sure whether it is their mother because it’s been long since she lost.

The host recounted how the visitor mad her way to his home compound.

He gave her food and water, the woman then requested for a place to sleep since she was tired. Faith Wambeti who is a leader of Nyumba Kumi Initiative in Kavaluka area said when the woman saw children suspected to be hers, she ran where they were and hang on one of them.

The family has said hey will go for DNA test on her and other family members to ascertain whether it’s their mother.

The woman however could not speak well due t her mental state and gave a light of where she has been and how she got lost.

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Residents of Ngurunga village in Ithanga Gathanga in Murang’a wants the closure of church that does not allow them to go to hospital when they fall sick.

The residents claimed a lot of people have died and called upon the government to take action. This was sparked by the death of a 30 year-old woman while giving birth at her home.

According to reports, Stella Njeri developed birth complications which prompted one of the neighbors to call health officers to rush her to Maragua Hospital

On reaching there, her husband declined to have her undergo cesarean section delivery as advised by the doctor. A health officer identified as Ceciliah Mahinde said that Njeri’s husband appended a signature on the hospital records that he won’t allow his wife to be admitted in the hospital.

The officer said that she took her time to convince them to go to the hospital for safe delivery but on reaching there, they refused to be attended by the doctor. Reportedly, Njeri died a few hours after arriving home from the hospital.

The residents irked by this threatened to set ablaze their home claiming that it is not the first incident. Mary Wambui one of the residents said six people have died under the same circumstance for refusing to go to the hospital.

She added that the church called ‘Kigoocho’ has strict doctrines that prevents its members from seeking medical help. She said when the members are sick, they are advised to stay indoors as church leaders pray for them.

She further revealed that the founding bishop of the church alongside his wife and four children died for failing to seek medical attention.

Another neighbor John Waithaka called upon the government to take action against the church leaders saying that they take advantage of the vulnerability of the people to brainwash them.

County Executive officer for health Joseph Mbai said it is unacceptable for people to die in their homes instead of seeking treatment. He said he shall present a petition to Health CS Mutahi Kagwe and the Interior CS Fred Matiang’i to take action against such churches.

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Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe has announced an extension of nationwide curfew for another 30 days.

In a statement issued on Monday 4th October 2021, the CS said the 4 am to 10 pm curfew will continue for another month in a bid to curb new infections of coronavirus.

Kagwe also announced that all public gatherings and political meetings have been banned nationwide.

This announcement comes as politicians continue traversing the country in campaign efforts ahead of the 2022 general elections.

In September, the CS said that the government would not easy COVID-19 protocols unless the infection rate go down.

“Our real problem has been funerals, funerals where people gather in large numbers and it’s crucial for us to avoid that. If the infection goes down, we will release the economy and allow people to attend funerals since we shall have curbed the virus. This is when people will have the freedom to run their normal activities but until then we need to be vigilant,” he said.

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The following are some of the most guarded people in Kenya and their security details.

President Uhuru Kenyatta

He is the most-guarded VIP currently in the country.

Together with his family, the President has about 200 security guards drawn from the GSU.

State House and state lodges are guarded by the officers drawn from GSU’s G-Company.

The officers attached to the President are headed by PEU commandant Josephat Kirimi, who is a former head of Recce Company that is assigned to protect the President, Deputy President and some select VIPs.

PEU is a fully-fledged team, which can handle the movement of the President and his family anytime.

They, however, usually get the help of the local police whenever the President visits.

As part of security measures, they don’t allow armed police officers, especially those with rifles, at the events, apart from their members.

Whenever the President moves, the local police commander has to ensure the movement is guarded.

And if and when he addresses a gathering, tens of local officers are deployed.

The President enjoys some of the best police officers’ services as they are drawn from various units and trained on a common agenda.

Other than police officers, officials from National Intelligence Service also provide crucial services to the President.

Deputy President William Ruto

As the second in command, Ruto has more than 50 armed security officers, who also guard his family.

The officers also guard his property, personal assistants and some relatives as well.

Ruto enjoys the services of a lead car and a backup whenever he is on the move, and traffic personnel are always alerted on time to make way for him.

Changes in his security team on August 26 elicited concerns amid his fallout with the President.

His security is drawn from various units, including PEU, APS and Prisons.

Whenever the DP moves, the local police commander has to ensure the movement is guarded and if and when he addresses a gathering, tens of local officers are deployed.

Just like the President, the DP enjoys some of the best police officers’ services as they are drawn from various units and trained on a common agenda.

Before the trend was stopped, the members used to interchange between the President and DP for, among other reasons, exposure.

House Speakers Justin Muturi and Ken Lusaka

The speakers for both National Assembly (Muturi) and Senate (Lusaka) have security with them on the move, at home and in the office.

They usually have lead cars with up to eight police officers whenever they travel.

Their families are enjoying the security of armed police.

The officers are drawn from GSU, general duty, APS and Prisons.

Former President Mwai Kibaki

As former President of the republic, Kibaki still enjoys heavy security all the time.

Apart from himself, his businesses, family and some friends still enjoy security courtesy of him.

He still has a lead car and a backup together with another that usually carries his personal assistants.

His homes are also guarded by officers from G-Company of GSU.

Chief Justice Martha Koome

As the head of the Judiciary, which is also the third arm of the government, Justice Koome enjoys heavy security all the time.

Her home is heavily guarded and she enjoys the services of a lead car whenever she is on the move.

The officers are drawn from various units in the National Police Service.

Like many other VIPs, she is allowed to choose the security she needs.

Cabinet Secretaries

All Cabinet Secretaries enjoy armed security services.

Their personnel are drawn from various units in the service and are allowed to choose the people they want to protect them.

Some of the members of the Cabinet have lead cars that serve as a backup.

They include Fred Matiang’i (interior), Ukur Yatani (Treasury), Joe Mucheru (ICT), George Magoha (education) and James Macharia (infrastructure).

Apart from the CSs, a number of Chief Administrative Secretaries, Principal Secretaries and some senior government officials also enjoy security around the clock whenever they are on the move as well as at their offices and homes.

The CSs are entitled to at least two armed guards at their homes at any time, and another two while travelling.

But depending on the risk assessment levels determined by security chiefs, some could have more security detail.

Other beneficiaries

Some embassies and ambassadors in the country are heavily guarded by Kenyan security.

They include those of the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Britain and Australia, China and Russia.

They have police including those from GSU deployed to them for their use.

Some heads of parastatals are also accorded police bodyguards.

The Central Bank Governor, Inspector General of Police and Deputy IGs, DCI, Director of Public Prosecutions and Attorney General and Chief of Defence Forces are also in the league of the heavily protected public officers.

They each have a chase car, at least five guards and another division protecting their spouses and children.

All judges, Controller of Budget and Auditor General, a number of commissioners, governors and their deputies and a number of staff at the counties also enjoy the security services.

An unspecified number of influential personalities, former Cabinet ministers and retired public servants also have police guards. This is because of risks posed by decisions they made and information they have by virtue of office.

Police sources reveal up to 13,000 police officers — out of the national tally of 60,000, some of whom, are in the traffic department — guard ministers, MPs, politicians, and top Government officials.

According to official policy, each of the more than 400 MPs and senators is entitled to an armed guard.

Senior police officers, however, claim some politicians and well-connected businessmen at times exploit their connections in government to be assigned police protection.

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The World Health Organization has warned Kenya to be aware of fake Covid-19 vaccines that are still circulating in Uganda.

WHO has urged Uganda’s neighbouring countries to be on the alert.

According to WHO, the products are falsified AstraZeneca vaccines which Serum Institute of India, manufacturer of the genuine ones, has confirmed to be fake.

“The falsified products were reported to WHO in July and August 2021,” WHO said in a statement.

“WHO requests increased vigilance within the supply chains of countries and regions likely to be affected by these falsified products.” 

No falsified vaccines have been reported in Kenya so far, but some health facilities have been charging illegally for the free vaccine, the Ministry of Health says.

“The DCI has moved in some facilities that have been illegally vaccinating people for Covid-19 and charging them for that vaccination and I would like to tell Kenyans that such exercises that are going on are illegal,” Health CS Mutahi Kagwe said last month when the fake products were first reported in Uganda.

He warned Kenyans against getting the Covid-19 vaccine from unauthorised facilities, especially those that claim to offer Covid-19 certificates.

“Chances are that you are not even being vaccinated with proper vaccines. There is every possibility that you are even being vaccinated with water and paying for it and therefore I want to warn the country and Kenyans at large first, vaccination in Kenya is free, nobody should be charging you for it,” he added.

The WHO requested authorities in Uganda and neighbouring regions to increase alertness.

In Kenya, all vaccines have so far been imported through the Covax facility and are administered in centres listed by the ministry.

In Uganda, the falsified vaccines were brought in when infections were high at 1,700 cases daily and there was a shortage of vaccines.

Last week, the Uganda State House Health Monitoring Unit, and the police revealed that over 800 people got injected with water, according to tests done by the country’s Directorate of Government Analytical Laboratory.

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Ruth James, the woman who has hence gone viral after threatening to name over 100 names of men she has allegedly infected with HIV/AIDS has a mental problem.

This was revealed by her father who has taken to social media to speak about his daughter who is currently the talk of the internet.

According to Mr. James Ochieng, Ruth’s sad mental condition begun when she lost her sibling.

He revealed that Ruth James’ mental problems, frustrations, depressions and stress started immediately after the death of her younger sister Christine Auma Ochieng who was tragically killed by a lorry on a campaign trail at Maseno in August 2017.

“By then Christine was in form three at Kuoyo Secondary School. After that i started noticing the change of behaviour in my daughter Ruth.

“She could dream of Christine on several occassions and this resulted in her choice of heavy drinking and later addictive to alcohol, which made her lose her job. Since then my daughter’s life has been a hell of chaotic, she needs therapy, counselling or rehabilitation and prayers,” his post reads in part.

“What she is writting in facebook page of her accounts is as a result of depressions. Some of the allegations she is making are not true and factual and she is not sick at all. I would urge anyone reading her updates not take it as a true picture of reality, what am currently looking at, is how i can really save the life of my daughter,” he posted.

Ruth James had taken to her Facebook account and threaten to expose the men she has allegedly infected.

Her post followed a previous one in which she lamented over unending suffering that had pushed her to contemplate suicide.

After hours of waiting and anxiety, concerned Kenyans kept visiting her Facebook page in turns each and every minute to confirm the much-awaited identity of persons alleged to be infected.

The mother of one who has since been established to be living in Nairobi’s Nyayo Estate, has made real her threat and has released a few photos of her alleged victims.

The released photos have since gone viral and sent shockwaves across the social community platforms.

She noted that her victims will have to die of stress because she cannot bear the pain alone since she has been infecting them deliberately.

Some of the men featured in the list have since protested her claims urguing that the photos were taken during healthy engagements and not anything to do with intimate affairs.

One man in the photos defended himself saying that he took the featured photo with Ruth James on an interview at super squad productions TV.

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Making a right career choice has remained a challenge among many people. Or is it?

Over a long period of time, people have found themselves in a predicament of having to choose what they are passionate about.

Well, many if not all have heard of such cases or experienced at one point but the big question still remains, what is the cause of all these?

Choosing a career can be hard especially when you have a wide range of choices that you are interested in.

Wrong career choices

In most cases, people have found themselves in wrong careers, but how does this just happen? Well, most people choose careers basing on different aspects. Some pursue careers as a result of influence from their parents, guardians or friends and there is also another category that choose courses because of the name and a group that choose courses basing on their gender.

During our early years in school, we dreamt of becoming big tittles in the society but we happen to change our mindsets as we step to the next ladder.

Uncertainty in careers choices

Uncertainty in careers choices does not only affect high school graduates but also college students who ran for courses they did not have passion in, that is why we hear most university graduates saying at the end of their course that “I have finished my parents course”.

Farida Abdallah a youth coordinator at SOS Children’s Village ,states that she has taken the initiative of supporting young people attend national career programs to ensure that youths understand what the career selection process is all about.

She also gives one on one mentorship on career guidance and have access to labor information of current employer needs to be able to meet marketable courses with accordance to an individuals interests.

“I help high school youths in subject selection with the choice of specialization based on individual abilities, talents and skills,” she said.

Career path should be a personal choice basing on one’s goals and passion. According to Anam Javed a student of Fashion Design at Asian Institute of fashion design, her career choice was greatly influenced by self-awareness and diverse experiences. She states that passion has always driven her to achieve all her

“Career is the most important path and you should be the decision- maker, because when you stop making decisions for yourself people try to take control,” said Javed.

Anam acknowledges the fact that gender has been a hindrance for many young girls to pursue their dream courses in East Asian countries where women are merely given a chance to go to school. She expresses her happiness as her parents helped her make a bold move.

“Fashion designing is a male dominated field but women in Pakistan have earned their names. I am willing to be a top-notch designer renowned across the globe,” she said.

Parents have a great influence on child’s behavior or attitude towards a certain course. In most cases ,parents wants their kids to pursue courses that they feel that their child deserves instead of exploring where their potential and passion lies .

This will give parents swift time in mentoring their child into the right courses.

Ann Njeru a mother of two, says that she never had anyone to guide her on what course to pursue which gave her a hard time before joining college and that challenged her to take her children through mentorship programs whether online or physical to ensure her children are satisfied with the courses they select as they transit to college.

In Africa, many communities have been so stereotypical about girls and young women acquiring education or becoming leaders.

African traditions that hinder women from achieving their goals should be sensitized on the importance of
education for girls.

The unquenchable desire for women to acquire education has been spearheaded by great women lead organizations such as the UN women to at least ensure that gender equality is achieved in all fields.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics fields (STEM) are courses that have always been pursued by the male gender but with the empowerment women have also been able to pursue these fields.

It’s now clear that women have similar ambitions as men do but many women lack motivation to pursue
their dream careers.

I have seen many graduates working in fields they never trained for, this should act as a challenge for parents, teachers or lay leaders to empower children to follow their passion at an early age.

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Kakamega County Governor Wycliffe Oparanya has urged the National government to intervene and help his government get the new 1,000 liter per minute capacity oxygen plant which is being held by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) at Mombasa Port over taxes.

According to Oparanya, KRA is demanding a total of Sh 8 million in taxes from the contractor who is currently unable to pay the said amount.

Through a statement posted on his official social media accounts on Wednesday July 07, 2021, Oparanya appealed to the Ministry of Health and the National Treasury to assist and enable the plant to be cleared and installed.

He said the equipment should be released to help save lives of his people during this Covid-19 pandemic, urging the National government not to impose heavy taxes on equipment that are critical to save lives.

“I appeal to the @MOH_Kenya to assist and enable the plant be cleared at the Port and installed to save lives during this Covid-19 pandemic. I urge the Government not to impose heavy taxes on equipment that are critical to save lives,” Oparanya tweeted.

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Food is the most primal form of comfort to everybody. And a healthy outside starts from inside. We all
eat so as we can live healthy and long. However, most people tend to spend a lot of money on junk foods i.e pizza, hamburgers, sweet desserts, soft drinks etc..which are considered hazardous to our

Occasionally some do it unaware, often some do it trivially. Consuming these foods regularly is unhealthy to our bodies and can lead to risk of numerous disorders.

They are often high in calories, fat, cholesterol, sugar and salt components, they normally offer no
nutritional value. Since they tend to reduce the level of body concentration they call for Chronic
diseases such as cancer, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, among other dangerous

These junk food are associated with the rise of numerous cancer diseases. According to research,
separately men show high risk of lung cancer and women showed a high risk of liver and
postmenopausal breast cancer.

In our daily lives, most people complain about severe stomach pains. This is obviously caused by what
kind of foods we eat.

Not knowing what might happen next if it continues, they assume is just for a short

It also facilitates the fact that individuals who consumes junk food are predisposed towards H.

After many years, they can cause sores, called ulcers, in the lining of your stomach which for
some people, the infection can lead to stomach cancer.

How easy is it to acquire a bag of chips compared to fresh vegetables at your local convenience store?

That’s the question we need to take into consideration. Dwelling more on organic food helps in many
ways, reduce the risk of developing cancer which are skin cancers, prostate cancer and colorectal

This is important for people to focus on the risk factors they can control. You do not have to wait until you’re dying to take precautions and think about living.

Living for tomorrow is living today. Reality is all these diseases can be prevented by choosing to eat quality food such as vegetables and fruits, healthy fats, whole grains and healthy sources of proteins. Medicine is not
health care rather a sick care. Quality food is health care. It is time we see it for what it is.

Additional reporting by Zamzam Ahmed, student at Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (Kimc).

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Deputy President William Ruto’s daughter June Ruto is off the market.

The Kenya’s second in command on Saturday, May 8, 2021 played a host to his Nigerian in-laws at his Karen home.

June got engaged to Dr. Alexander Ezenagu in a low key ceremony that saw the merging of two cultures, the Kalenjin community and their counterparts from Nigeria – the Igbos. 

Details have emerged that the marriage negotiations were successful, giving way for June to marry her future husband Dr. Ezenagu.

DP William Ruto’s Nigerian in-laws at his Karen home during June Ruto’s marriage negotiations on May 8, 2021. PHOTO/COURTESY.

Dailytrends.co.ke has hence established that Dr. Ezenagu is an assistant Law Professor at the Hamad Bin Khalifa University.

While looking at his portfolio on the University’s official website, he had been described as an international tax expert, who specializes in international tax law, transfer pricing, tax planning, investment advisory and commercial law advisory and practice. 

His well-decorated CV further revealed that he obtained his Ph.D. in international tax law from McGill University, Canada.

Dr. Alexander Ezenagu, June Ruto’s future husband. PHOTO/COURTESY.

Ezenagu is also a graduate of the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, where he obtained an LL.M. in commercial law.

He holds an LL.B. degree from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria and has been admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. 

He has also had multiple publications in academic journals and other globally recognized platforms and has been quoted in the Financial Times, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists’ Paradise Papers, Tax Notes International, International Tax Review, Quartz and other media outlets.

He has also consulted for the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the Coalition for Dialogue on Africa (CODA)- an African Union Commission body, TaxCoop Canada, the International Bar Association Human Rights Institute (IBAHRI).

One of the guests was businessman and Nigerian politician Osita Chidok, who posted on Facebook saying, the Kalenjin people of Kenya are pastoral people and have so much in common with the Igbos of Nigeria.

DP William Ruto and his daughter June Ruto. PHOTO//COURTESY.

“I was the negotiator at the bride price settlement ceremony. We haggled, we negotiated and at the end, we agreed on how many cows would be a fair price for the hands of June.”

He further heaped praises on DP Ruto, saying that he kept the event simple and family-focused, despite his Deputy President status.

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International women’s day celebrated every March 8th of every year, is earmarked to celebrate
women’s achievements in social, economic, cultural political developments and challenges that
women are undergoing.

Gender Equity

According to research done by UN women, no country has achieved gender equality.

Looking at decades back, women were viewed as housewives and their duty was to fulfil duties
around that concept.

Currently, the view of women as housewives has reduced due to emerging developments in the women empowerment sector that we all need to embrace.

In Kenya, we have seen efforts in achieving women inclusivity through the implementation of the two
_thirds gender rule as per article 177 of the Kenyan constitution, Inclusion of 47 county women
Representatives, paid maternity leave in most companies and women representation in different
sectors of the economy.

The Kenyan government is working effortlessly to achieve gender equality by creating programs such as Uwezo fund, Enterprise fund, and end of Female Genital mutilation.

Gender equality cannot be achieved if the government, institutions, Faith based organizations and companies don’t address on equitable access of resources.


We’re all looking forward to a generation where all voices will be listened to without discrimination(discrimination against race, ethnicity, language, health status, economic,
physical and social weakness), stereotypes, stigma and violence.

Violence Against Women

End of all forms violence against women is the desire of every girl or woman growing up in a very harsh and
stereophonic society.

All genders can deliver the same talent and skills , there is no gender superior than the

Equal Career Opportunities

We have currently seen women greatly taking lead in STEM fields and careers, spaces that the society has always branded them as one Gender course, men.

According to Phumzile Mlambo,the executive director for UN women pointed out that women need to be represented in all their diversities, abilities and across all cultural ,social, economic and political solutions.

International Organizations that have taken lead to empower women are but not limited to United Nations, Ananke Magazine, connected women in Pakistan , Pakistan women in computing e.t.c they have taken the Frontline to empower young girls and women.

Most countries have also set aside positions in for women representation in parliament.

Access To Sanitary Towels

Just in November 2020,the Scottish government was celebrated by the world for implementing free and universal access of period products.

Scotland became the 1st country in the world to move into that direction.

The implementation of free period products has helped to tackle period poverty in Scotland and has also encouraged women to bleed with pride.

If this move is implemented in Kenya ,am certain that it will increase the rate of girls attending classes in schools and boost their confidence in public speaking.

Let’s try to break barriers and embrace gender equality in order to empower women from all spheres of the earth and achieve gender equality.

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Mombasa’s governor Ali Hassan Joho caught the attention of curious Kenyans after photos of him seemingly in a reduced weight than other days.

Besides being popular as a politician, Joho is well known to be a “fashion-killer”.

He has continuously displayed his unquenchable taste of fashion ranging from clothes, shoes and even the style of hair-cut.

The soft spoken governor apart from working in his office also works on his body and the results have been outstanding. He has left ladies drooling over his looks.

Various sites have described him as trendy and the most awoke politician in these times.

Joho has proven that even with older age, and his stomach which some said makes him look ” oldie”, one can still over look with the keen interest of an agent in a polling station, their sense of fashion.

What to wear and what to avoid, diet and physical fitness. Joho has gone a bit higher by even making sure that he wears the most expensive outfits which he displays in his Instagram account.

All these portray that Joho has been enjoying his life without much issues. However, what caught Kenyans unaware sending spasms of worry in their already shaken souls brought by the dilemma of BBI, is Joho’s sudden loss of weight.

In the photos shared online, Joho seems to have experienced a dramatic loss of weight which made inquisitive Kenyans ask questions whether the self-proclaimed sultan is well.

Photo: Joho (Center) with Uhuru Kenyatta/ Courtesy

Here are some of the comments from concerned Kenyans:
@Clement Richu Malikh, “He looks dilapilated…hope all is well.”

@Gilbert Tanui, “The Governor has lost much weight he as to reduce zoezi”

@Julie Wanna, “Kariuki Mwangi amekonda sana😳😳

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Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe has dismissed the call from health workers for allowances.

Speaking on Wednesday November 18 when he appeared on Citizen TV’s JKLIVE show hosted by Jeff Koinange, CS Kagwe said that this is not the right time for health workers to say that they want more money.

CS Kagwe said that doctors and all health workers should currently concentrate on their worker, owing to the situation of the Covid-19 pandemic in the country.

He noted that the health workers should at the moment focus on saving lives.

“This is not the time, in my view, to start saying that ‘I want more money..for now let’s focus on saving lives,” he said.

The doctors through their unions have been complaining of neglect from government.

Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Union (KMPDU) had argued that their members have been receiving low quality personal protective equipment from the government, and that their allowances have not been paid.

The union had early this week issued a three week strike notice, if the government will not take any action.

On Wednesday, Members of Parliament sitting in the Parliamentary Health committee were brought to tears when doctors explained to them their plight.

However, CS Kagwe dismissed the issue of allowances, saying that the doctors should understand that the pandemic has hit every organization, and some workers are even taking half their salary.

On the issue of PPEs, CS Kagwe said that they are not currently an issue, since the country has enough of them.

Kagwe indicated that even some of the local PPE manufacturers are exporting them.

He added that counties are free to get protective equipment for their hospitals from the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA), since the government already allocated them funds.

On the issue of providing a better health cover for health care workers, CS Kagwe noted that it has been already sorted, citing that all civil servants are currently enjoying a better medical cover, effective from October this year.

While addressing the issue of doctors contracting Covid-19, CS Kagwe said that the health care workers are also socialising with others just like any other human being, bringing a possibility of them contracting the disease from elsewhere, not necessarily their work place.

He said that the government is committed to protecting health care workers against getting infected while on their line of duty.

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Controversial Embakasi East MP Paul Ongili alias Babu Owino is set to try out a new subject in his online classes.

The lawmaker is this afternoon set to take the students who have now overstayed at home following schools’ closure due to covid-19, through Islamic Religious Education (IRE).

Born a Christian, Babu Owino on Saturday September 5, 2020 donned a Sheikh outfit and took to his official social media handles to announce his 1pm IRE class.

To prove that he was not limited to any subject, the first term MP announced his lesson in Arabic language, followed by various quotes from the holy book, the holy Quran.

He then finished his statement with a Takbir, an Arabic statement which is also similar to Allah hu Akbar, meaning God is great and magnificent.

Babu Owino has been recognised by the United Nations and the Voice of America (VOA) for teaching students online amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The ODM legislator has been taking the 2020 KCPE candidates through revision lessons.

He started in May with mathematics and taught Chemistry in his second online lessons which are normally live on his Facebook page.

A story done by Voice of America about Babu’s online teaching was posted on the United Nation Swahili website.

The lawmaker is a First Class Honours degree holder in Actuarial Science from the University of Nairobi (UoN).

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Mental health is a major concern that  should be taken seriously and  discussed by experts to help victims trying to deal with mental illnesses as a result of  covid-19.

 Following the outbreak of the global Covid-19 pandemic , many cases of mental instability are being reported by pyschiatrics all over the world .

The numbers of people being affected by the pandemic is increasing daily .The current number of people affected by the virus is 17,727,75 ,according to the results of worldometers .

Recently the  UN secretary General Antonio Guteress expressed his grief concerning mental health  “unless we act now to address the mental health needs associated with the pandemic,there will be enormous long term consequences for families,communities and societies”.

This means that almost every sector of the economy worldwide  has been affected in one way or another, reducing the number of business activities carried out per day.

The disease brought about heavy precautions such as reduced or no movement  at all in many parts of the world that have made so many people lose their jobs hence so many families are really struggling to put food on their table or they don’t find something to feed their families.

According to President Uhuru Kenyatta, development of any nation  is wholly dependent on the wellness of its people.

Many people are struggling to deal with stress and depression as they try to cope with the economic instability in their regions.

Cases are being reported in the media of how people are dying by suicide and homicides. This shows that there is need on giving people knowledge on how to control their mental health .

Creating awareness will reduce the hopeless state that many citizens are going through.

Research shows  that mental health has led to family break ups and divorce hence many children ending up to be homeless , family violence as many children are being sexually and  physically  harassed by their parents, stigmatization of patients testing positive of corona virus and recently pregnancy cases have increased as teenage girls claim to indulge into sexual behaviors due to hard economic times.

The health experts are calling on all religious leaders,family members and the media to help in giving people the right knowledge about mental illness.

It is the duty of everyone to help in improving the state of mental Health in our various nations.

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Foreign Affairs PS Macharia Kamau, who tested positive for Covid-19 last week has taken on government over billions meant to fight the pandemic.

PS Kamau was forced to hand over his duties to political and diplomatic secretary Ambassador Tom Amollo as he went into isolation.

According to a report by The Star on Thursday July 30, 2020, PS Macharia regretted that the government’s contact tracing has collapsed.

The local daily reported that there is no access to proper care and even more tragic is that there is no medical insurance cover for the virus, as per PS Macharia’s observation.

The PS has questioned the country’s management of the pandemic and wondered what the billions spent so far have achieved.

“For all the billions that have been spent on this campaign, it’s hard to imagine that at the point of contact where the disease actually happens, there is no system to make sure that we have access to proper care and the proper contact tracing is actually done to keep track of those who are not well or maybe infecting others,” Macharia is quoted to have said in a WhatsApp group of top government officials.

Macharia said after he tested positive, he quickly informed his contacts about his condition, but to his surprise, none of them have been contacted by the government. 

The PS said no one has been in touch with him about contact tracing.

He said he has had malaria-like symptoms – hot and cold flushes and intense dizziness as well as disorientation, although he is yet to go to hospital.

Days before the virus arrived in Kenya, Macharia termed as “short-sighted, careless and xenophobic” Kenyans who raised the red flag about the government’s handling of the pandemic.

He hit out at critics saying coronavirus is “not the first global epidemic and is not the most deadly”. 

This was after a Southern China Airline arrived with 239 passengers in Nairobi from Guangzhou – the then second-most affected region in China – triggering an immediate uproar from Kenyans. 

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