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Father Reveals Unknown Details Of Woman Who Threatened To Name Those She Infected With HIV

by Musa Abdirahman

Ruth James, the woman who has hence gone viral after threatening to name over 100 names of men she has allegedly infected with HIV/AIDS has a mental problem.

This was revealed by her father who has taken to social media to speak about his daughter who is currently the talk of the internet.

According to Mr. James Ochieng, Ruth’s sad mental condition begun when she lost her sibling.

He revealed that Ruth James’ mental problems, frustrations, depressions and stress started immediately after the death of her younger sister Christine Auma Ochieng who was tragically killed by a lorry on a campaign trail at Maseno in August 2017.

“By then Christine was in form three at Kuoyo Secondary School. After that i started noticing the change of behaviour in my daughter Ruth.

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“She could dream of Christine on several occassions and this resulted in her choice of heavy drinking and later addictive to alcohol, which made her lose her job. Since then my daughter’s life has been a hell of chaotic, she needs therapy, counselling or rehabilitation and prayers,” his post reads in part.

“What she is writting in facebook page of her accounts is as a result of depressions. Some of the allegations she is making are not true and factual and she is not sick at all. I would urge anyone reading her updates not take it as a true picture of reality, what am currently looking at, is how i can really save the life of my daughter,” he posted.

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Ruth James had taken to her Facebook account and threaten to expose the men she has allegedly infected.

Her post followed a previous one in which she lamented over unending suffering that had pushed her to contemplate suicide.

After hours of waiting and anxiety, concerned Kenyans kept visiting her Facebook page in turns each and every minute to confirm the much-awaited identity of persons alleged to be infected.

The mother of one who has since been established to be living in Nairobi’s Nyayo Estate, has made real her threat and has released a few photos of her alleged victims.

The released photos have since gone viral and sent shockwaves across the social community platforms.

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She noted that her victims will have to die of stress because she cannot bear the pain alone since she has been infecting them deliberately.

Some of the men featured in the list have since protested her claims urguing that the photos were taken during healthy engagements and not anything to do with intimate affairs.

One man in the photos defended himself saying that he took the featured photo with Ruth James on an interview at super squad productions TV.

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