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Woman Threatens To Name Over 100 Men She Deliberately Infected With HIV

by Musa Abdirahman

A Kenyan woman has shocked social media users after publicly threatening to name the people she has infected with HIV & AIDS.

The woman who identifies herself as Ruth James took to Facebook and threatened to name over 100 men she has deliberately infected with the disease.

She made the threats in what seemed to be a revenge mission.

It all started with the middle-aged woman disclosing that she was overwhelmed by untold suffering that left her with suicidal thoughts.

“Dying is the best thing. I have suffered a lot,” she wrote.

While revealing intentions to name her victims, Ruth said that she had infected over 100 Facebook friends.

“I want to expose everyone i have given HIV. Itugona. Chuo 100 mar facebook dwa thoo gi stress . (Don’t take it for granted. About 100 Facebook users will die from stress),” she posted.

Ruth who is a mother of one daughter, judging from her Facebook profile, pointed at ostensible neglect and rejection from her neighbors at Nyayo estate as reasons for her move.

Read some of the comments below;

Joshua: You have taken a serious wrong step shemeji. Call me if you my sincere advice. Kindly delete this from your wall.

Pamba: Be very careful jaber, some of your content will land you in big trouble.Just be wise with what you share to the public.

Hagai: This is a lady who needs help. May be she doesn’t know the implications of this statement. She’s playing with fire.

Juddy: It’s not too late to pull yourself back together Ruth..You can still get up and dust yourself and move on as nothing ever happened in your life.Dont make yourself useless you still very young and your daughter needs you a lot.Plis get some counseling,it will be of great help but only if you are willing.We now know why you been acting weirdly..its clear that you are depressed.Otherwise earth is very hard.

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