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Chaos In Britain As Petrol Pumps Run Dry, Army On Standby

by Yahil Felix

As Kenya is struggling with the high costs of fuel, drivers in Britain encountered frustrations as they hunted petrol for hours or sat stuck in queues wanting to fill their tanks in gas stations. This is was as a result of major gas stations running dry as a result of trucker shortage, this compelled the government to deploy the army to out the army on standby.

According to Reuters, dozens of forecourts had been closed with signs that saying they had no petrol or diesel. This was exasberated by a shortage of lorry drivers and a halt to truck-driving license testing during COVID-19 lockdowns. This has resulted in chaos through supply chains and increasing the spectre of shortages and increase in prices up to Christmas.

Kwasi kwareteng, the Business Secretary said that a limited number of military tanker drivers are ready to be deployed to deliver fuel if necessary.

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Reports say that fights broke out in some fuel stations as drivers struggled for fuel. Medics have said that health workers should be given a priority to fill their cars.

Chaos erupted in the world’s fifth largest economy as shortage of truck drivers grio the nation, straining the supply chain and an increase in European wholesale natural gas prices tipped energy companies into bankruptcy.

Retailers, truckers and logistics companies have warned that prices for everything from energy to Christmas gifts ought to rise.

Ministers in the country, fuel companies and petrol stations claim that there are sufficient supply of fuel but the lack of drivers coupled with panic buying has drained the system.

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On Sunday, the government announced that it was making plans to issue 5000 visas to foreign truck drivers. Polish hauliers have however seen this as a joke arguing that only fee might take it up. Hauliers and petrol dealers in Britain have argued that there are no quick solutions as the shortage of drivers is estimated at 100,000, they said this is serious and transporting fuel needs extra training and licensing.

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