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Drug addiction can also be referred to as substance use disorder. It is best referred to a disease that affects a person’s brain or behavior and leads to the inability to control the use of a legal or illegal drug or medication.

There are various types of drugs like alcohol, marijuana and nicotine. Excess use of these drugs can cause drug addiction and diseases. It can cause effects like delayed puberty and lower bone mineral density and leads to continued use despite the harm it causes to the body.

Internet has played an important role in overcoming drug addiction for many youths who are battling with the said disease.
This is through the use of phones, laptops and other gadgets, there are also online games that are a great distraction to the youth to those who are battling with drug addiction those who are trying to overcome it and it also benefits those who are not using drugs too..

These online games act as a form of entertainment. Some are paid for and others are free.You can download and watch when offline and you can click and watch some of it when online.

The platforms; https://www.solitaire.org/ offer a wide variety of games to suit all ages. The solitaire is highly preferred because it offers free browser based online games that you can play directly with no app downloads. Moreover there are no distractive ads, there is absolutely something for everyone. The wide genre to choose from makes you come back for more.

My favorite game is Mahjong. This is a simple and fun game anybody can play, and my younger likes Freecell Solitaire. I also like playing Golf Solitaire.

These solitaire games platform has made my alcoholic brother so busy nowadays, in fact he no longer gets time to drink alcohol.

Look no further. Internet has provided a wide range of solutions to drug addiction. Grab your phone or laptop and you’ll find distractions to help overcome drug addiction.

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Residents of Konyunyo, Wang’chieng’ in Rachuonyo East Homa Bay County are on spot after a farm manager allegedly died after being beaten to death.

The 45-year-old Boniface Orwa is said to have been accosted at night at Konyunyo in Wang’chieng’ and killed. Reportedly, his attackers accused him for encroaching on other people’s land.

The deceased is said to have been involved in an ugly altercation with owners of farms near the one he managed.

It is alleged that the group attacked him with crude weapons, killing him on the spot. They then set his body ablaze.

A resident, Michael Kiage condemned the people for taking the law into their own hands and said they ought to have reconciled.

A village elder, Joshua Otieno said Orwa had serious differences with some residents and that could have led to the attack.

He said the victim once attacked area assistant chief who was only trying to solve the differences between him and his neighbors.

The police moved Orwa’s body to Rachunyo South Sub-County Hospital. Area chief Elisha Wadanda warned the residents against taking the law into their own hands.

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In a rather shocking scenario, a 14-year-old boy who was rolled-up in a mattress and doused in petrol then burnt by elder brothers has died. According to the police, the boy died while undergoing treatment at Mandera County Teaching and Referral Hospital.

“His father Abullah Hassan, who couldn’t come to terms with the loss of his beloved son, shed tears of pain and anguish as he reported his death to our officers,” said the police.

The victim, a standard seven pupil in a local primary school in Mandera was burnt by his elder brothers who feared he might testify against one of them, accused of stealing a mobile phone.

He was lured to their home by his elder brothers Ibrahim Ahmed Shaur, 20 and Yusuf Ahmed Shaur, 17. They then rolled him up in a mattress before dousing him in petrol.

The two brother who committed the beastly act are currently in police custody at Mandera Police Station. The two will be charged for murder contrary to section 203 as read with section 204 of the penal code, said the police.

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The legal battle between former Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko and Deputy Governor Ann Kananu could deny Nairobi County a substantive governor until after the 2022 elections.

Another whose fate is on the balance is the Nairobi Metropolitan Service because a deed of transfer of functions to the National Government is expected to expire in March next year. This can only be extended by a substantive office holder with the backing of the County Assembly.

While the elections are 10 months away, Sonko’s move to the Supreme Court to stop the swearing in of Ms. Kananu as governor has lifted the lid on a ploy to delay her ascension to power through legal hurdles.

On Monday, the Supreme Court stopped Kananu’s ascension to the seat after Sonko challenged a Court of Appeal decision on Friday that dismissed his case against her assumption of office.

The Court of Appeal declared that the ex-governor has been out of office for more than 10 months hence he is no longer the county boss.

Legal experts have argued that these supremacy battles could lead to the governor’s office remaining vacant until August 9, 2022.

Constitutional lawyer Bobby Mkangi has argued that that Sonko’s appeals have led to litigation suits that continue to delay the selection of a substantive governor.

He noted that Kananu has no option but to wait until the legal suits are done away with and the courts decide the way forward for Nairobi.

Also, there is another pending case at the Appelate court that seeks to establish whether Sonko was illegally impeached. The case is coming up for consideration and determination next month.

Mkangi argued that Sonko’s move to the Supreme Court will buy him time. He added that Nairobi County could go for a by-election if the court finds out Kananu’s appointment was unlawful.

If the court finds she’s in office illegally, then this will give IEBC a chance to plan for a by-election within 90 days even as the Speaker occupies the seat in acting capacity.

Kananu who is acting governor is currently barred from conducting some Executive roles as stipulated in Section 30 of the County Government Act and the Constitution.

Sonko is still hopeful of reclaiming his seat. He told his followers in a video clip shared on his Facebook page to be patient and wait for November when the petition challenging the removal will be heard.

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Kisii Governor James Ongwae has set up a witchcraft taskforce to assist in unraveling the issues surrounding witchcraft murders in the county.

The taskforce, through the County Department of Culture have been given the task to find out and determine the extent of deep-seated superstitions that have seen the elderly murdered on suspicion of witchcraft.

This comes after the recent brutal killing of four women in Marani Sub-County last week after being suspected of practicing witchcraft.

The taskfroce comprises county staff and stakeholders from members of the public and human rights organisations. The group will probe and report back to the governor in three weeks’ time for further action.

While responding to the murder of four women in his home ground- Sindege Mayaka (83), Jemima Mironga (60), Sigara Onkware (62), and Agnes Ototo (57)- the governor said their killings makes no sense.

He said his government will foot postmortem and burial expenses of the four women. He added that if Kisii residents do not protect their senior citizens, they risk losing them on such flimsy grounds.

Meanwhile, police in Marani on Sunday arrested a student who was allegedly abducted by t he suspected witches sparking the lynching of the four women.

Detectives are pursuing more suspects on the run. At least six suspects connected to the lynching are in custody after appearing in court.

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According to Communications Authority of Kenya (CA), a total of 224 polling stations might bring headache since they have no network coverage, a move that might disadvantage transmission of results.

CA Director General Ezra Chiloba yesterday told the senate ICT Committee that if no action is taken between now and August, then the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission will be compelled to use satellite mobile phones to transmit from the areas.

Ezra Chiloba said that CA is making all efforts to ensure that most polling stations and centers are covered with either 3G or 4G network.

Submission of electoral results to IEBC headquarters is by law supposed to be done electronically from the polling stations, and was the min sticking point in the 2017 elections, as this was not proved to have been done in many cases due to lack of reliable internet connectivity.

The Supreme Court in the 2017 that nullified the presidential elections narrowed down on 11,000 polling stations, some of them in Kiambu, Murang’a, Kisumu, and other places that generally should have good internet network, and with the IEBC said could not transmit their results forms because of lack of connectivity.

Mr. Chiloba has said 481 polling centers that have 2G network coverage will be upgraded to 3G and/ or 4G network before the polls.

Mot of these 224 polling stations are in marginalized areas. Chiloba said that CA is facing challenges such as insecurity and resistance from the communities in the region in ensuring they are covered.

“You got to Turkana for example to ensure that they have network but the locals will tell you they need water and not network,” Mr. Chiloba told the committee chaired by Baringo Senator Gideon.

He said that due to accessibility challenges, the electoral commission is yet to submit GPS coordinates of 140 polling centers so that they can be covered.

However, Kitui SEnator Enock Wambua asked why the network coverage issue was being addressed late.

“An election cycle is five years in Kenya, why wait until few months before elections to release that some areas don’t have network. Why do I have the feeling that CA is just concerned with the 2022 elections and connecting various parts of the country to network coverage?” he asked.

Nominated Senator Abshiro Halake told Chiloba to ensure that technology will be an equiliser for all the regions ahead of the 2022 elections.

She also expressed concerns why some regions have no network totally yet some regions are set for an upgrade of 3G to 4G.

In as situational brief on September this year, IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati told CA to solve the issue of of 3G internet network, which the commission says only covers 83.6 percent of the country.

However, Mr. Chiloba on Monday told the senators that 3G network coverage now stands at 97 percent of the country.

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Confusion engulfed a family in Kavaluka area in Kithimu, Embu North when a woman who got lost 45 years ago resurfaced.

The family that lost their mother was today caught in dilemma on whether to celebrate or not because they were not sure whether that was their mother despite having identified her name in resemblance of that of their mother.

According to the woman’s daughter, Emmaculate Mugo who is now 56-years-old, their mother got lost in 1975 when she was 9 years old.

She recalled how their mother left them at their grandmother’s home to go to the farm then pass by and pick them in the evening but never came back again.

She says that a woman came last week and sought refuge at a family within Kavaluka area in Manyatta in Embu north and introduced herself as Teresia Kina.

The host identified as Dominic Kathuri would do an announcement at a local radio station and that is how the family started following up.

Emmaculate due to the confusion surrounding her and the woman having mental disorder, they are not sure whether it is their mother because it’s been long since she lost.

The host recounted how the visitor mad her way to his home compound.

He gave her food and water, the woman then requested for a place to sleep since she was tired. Faith Wambeti who is a leader of Nyumba Kumi Initiative in Kavaluka area said when the woman saw children suspected to be hers, she ran where they were and hang on one of them.

The family has said hey will go for DNA test on her and other family members to ascertain whether it’s their mother.

The woman however could not speak well due t her mental state and gave a light of where she has been and how she got lost.

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Two teachers on Tuesday caused a scene at Kambu police post after storming the post to escape the wrath of an irate mob baying for their blood.

It is alleged that the two Makueni-based teachers declined to share a million shillings from a politician who was campaigning in the area.

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations Chief, George Kinoti, the two teachers teaching at two local primary schools stormed Kambu police post and went straight behind the report office desk with dozens of motorbike riders hot in their pursuit.

The duo took cover behind surprised officers manning the desk. They bled with them to protect them from an angry mob that was baying for their blood.

“The officers who had a difficult time trying to clam down the mob learnt that the two men seeking refuge behind their backs, had allegedly been given a token of Ksh 1 million by a politician who was camping in the area earlier in that day,” said Kinoti.

The irate riders claimed that instead the two sharing the incentive with them and women selling merchandise in the market, they took off with the money.

“While officers tried to manage the situation, some members of the unruly mob became impatient and started hurling projectiles at them demanding that the two be released to face instant justice,” said Kinoti.

Reportedly, the officers had to recall a reinforcement from Mtito a Ndei Police Station. They managed to disperse the crowd but some of the infuriated riders who could not come to terms with the loss, kept peeping to catch a glimpse of the ongoings in the police post. Kinoti has said investigations into the matter have began.

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President Uhuru Kenyatta has moved to the court of appeal to file a notice of appeal against the High Court’s order that requires him to appoint six judges he had rejected over alleged integrity issues, within 14 days.

The President had refused to appoint the six judges citing intelligence briefs from the National Intelligence Service (NIS).

However, the Judicial Service Commission, which did the vetting of 41 judges to be appointed argued that the brief did not provide evidence.

The President has said he is not happy with the ruling rendered a week ago by Justices George Dulu, William Musyoka and James Wakiaga. Through lawyer Wawru Gatonye, he intends to appeal against the entire 69-page judgement.

The appeal comes two days after Attorney General Paul Kihara Kariuki also filed a similar notice, signaling that the impasse may continue.

The attorney general lodged his notice through deputy Chief State Counsel Emmanuel Bitta.

The President and the AG are aggrieved by the court’s ruling that the Head of State can be sidestepped in the appointment of judges.

Both want to challenge a finding by the court that should the President fail to make the appointments and facilitate an oath-taking ceremony within 14 days, he will lose control of the process and the judges will be deemed dully appointed.

The judges at the center of the legal dispute are George dunga, Aggrey Muchelule, Joel Ngugi and Weldon Korir, together with Mombasa Chief Magistrate Evans Makori and High Court Judith Omange.

When the 14 days given to the president lapse, it will be presumed his power or authority on the issue will be deemed duly appointed to their respective offices, said the High Court.

Subsequently, Chief Justice Martha Koome and JSC will be at liberty to take all necessary steps in having the nominees sworn in and assigned duties.

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Days after serial killer Masten Wanjala’s family disowned him for fear of curses, elders from Bukusu community have come out to reveal what can be done to the body to avoid the curses.

According to them, the killer’s body can be buried by the banks of any river to make the family safe. Isaac Misiko an elder who addressed the media said the only way to ensure the family’s safety from curses is by burying their son away from home.

“The only option for the family is to bury the body of Wanjala away from the homestead and along a river bank,” said Misiko while addressing the media. He added that he should be put in his grave at night.

He said rituals should be performed before he is buried so that evil spirits that might haunt the family are done away with.

According to Misiko, burying someone near the river means that the family will forget about what he did in the past, as the memories will be driven downstream.

He also said before his body is picked from the morgue, one is expected to engage him in talks at his native home. What follows then is being spilled with some concoction to cleanse him and the whole family.

Misiko further said the person who will have conversations with Wanjala will be gifted with a bull and while leaving the compound, he is expected not to look behind until he arrives home.

This comes three days after Wanjala’s family disowned him, saying they will not lay him to rest and asked the government to bury him instead.

The self-confessed serial killer who said he had ended lives of more than ten children was lynched by locals in the evening of Thursday, October 14.

“As a family we are not ready in any way to bury him as it might bring curses and that will not be good to the family,” Robert Watila, father to Masten Wanjala said.

He said this after the whole family missed his post-mortem which was done at Bungoma County Referral Hospital.

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Ngungani police officers in Kitui County are on spot after allegedly injuring the private parts of a 22-year-old man. The man from Mumoni said that the officers beat him while he was in their custody.

Japheth Mutinda in an interview at a local TV station narrated what happened during the fateful day. He said his agony began when he asked a Boda boda rider to take him home after having a few drinks from a local bar.

He said the rider had agreed to take him home for a Ksh 50 fee. Midway, he claimed the rider refused to honor their earlier agreement and demanded for double pay.

It is at this time that they disagreed leading to the rider assaulting him.

“I told the Boda boda rider to take me home after having a few drinks at a bar. The rider then stopped midway and demanded a double pay of the initial agreement which I could not afford at that time. I asked him to allow me to pay the following day but he refused,” said Mutinda.

Mutinda claimed that the rider went on and reported him to the area assistant chief, framing him for him up. The assistant chief subsequently came to arrest him at his home in company of police officers from Ngugani.

He said during the arrest, he was asked to give out the knife he used to threaten the rider. When he decline having a knife, he was threatned to be taken to an unknown destination if he doesn’t produce it.

Mutinda further said when they reached the Ngugani police station, the station’s OCS started beating him demanding the knife. He said the OCS and his fellow officers beat him while naked.

He said that it is during this beating that his private parts were injured. Mutinda is currently receiving treatment at Mwingi Level IV Hospital.

He calls upon the Independent Police Oversight Authority to investigate the matter and take appropriate action.

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Law Society of Kenya President Nelson Havi has called on the British government to surrender the British soldier suspected of killing a woman in Nanyuki for probe and prosecution.

Havi’s response comes a few days after The Sunday Times ran an investigative piece alleging the soldier’s involvement in the killing of Agnes Wanjiru and subsequent cover-up.

During an interview with Spice FM radio, Havi said it’s time the British High Commissioner to do something more than talking.

“There could be a motive to conceal the crime. That explains why this particular case has taken time to unfold. They must surrender the suspect as soon as possible for investigations to be concluded and the suspect prosecuted for this heinous murder.

When the story was released, the British High Commissioner Jane Marriott said the British government is cooperating with Kenya’s investigation authorities.

She noted that the British soldiers’ conduct in Kenya is important to the High Commission.

Nelson Havi added that crimes by the soldiers in question are prevalent and questioned what they’re doing in Kenya.

He said their transgressions had prevailed and recently, they lighted a fire that killed an elephant and no action was taken.

The bosy of the 21-year-old Agnes Wanjiru was found decomposing by a hotel worker while running his daily routine in March 31st, 2012.

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As football enthusiasts focused on the match between Manchester Unite and Liverpool on Sunday, the students of Kirimara Boys High School in Mathira were unlucky after the school allegedly denied them a chance to watch the match.

According to area senior Chief Ephraim Wathua, the learners were angered by the fact that the hall where they used to watch football had been tuned into a dormitory to create space for students during the pandemic.

He added that the students wanted a mid-term break claiming the weeks they will stay in school for third term are too many.

Consequently, the school was closed on Monday when the learners returned to school after spending the night out.

The much hyped match ended well for Liverpool fans after the team ripped off Manchester United 5-0 at Old Trafford on Sunday.

Liverpool’s Mohammed Salah led with a hat-trick which extended his score record to 10 straight games in all competitions. Klopp equally received praises for the whole of his attack.

Subsequently, the humiliation Manchester United faced during the match has sparked uproar as the team seeks to have a come back amidst talks of changing the management.

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As the countdown to 2022 general elections continues, there are 15 vote-rich counties that are possibly the determinants of the winner in the presidential contest between Deputy President William Ruto and ODM leader Raila Odinga.

In an analysis done by Nation.Africa, the two most recent presidential elections shows the 15 counties made all the difference between Jubilee Party’s double wins and the opposition’s losses.

It indicates their huge bearing on the August polls if past voting patterns are repeated.

In 2013, Uhuru Kenyatta beat his opponent Mr. Odinga by a thin margin of 800,000 votes, and only 8000 ballots separated them from going into a run-off based on the electoral rules that require a winning presidential candidate to secure above 50 percent of total votes cast.

While in 2017, President Kenyatta garnered more votes and the margin between him and Raila Odinga widened by 1.5 million votes. This change was immensely contributed by the 15 counties which all gave Jubilee Party 1.1 million votes.

In seven of these counties; Murang’a, Nyandarua, Marsabit, Kisii, Nyeri, Kirinyaga and Nyamira- Raila’s votes reduced by over 80,000 in 2017 compared to 2013. While Mr. Kenyatta’s votes gained almost 500,000 extra votes in the seven counties in 2017.

This has made Mr. Odinga to work hard in campaigning in these counties to woo Jubilee voters.

The other counties that assisted Uhuru Kenyatta to lead were Kiambu, Nakuru, Tharaka Nithi, Meru, Embu Turkana, Uasin Gishu and Laikipia.

The current political rivals, Raila Odinga and DP Ruto have camped in these counties lately as campaigns gather momentum, showing an analytical approach to the rivals’ vote-hunting strategies.

Although the Supreme Court nullified 2017 results, the figures are the only reliable numbers to compare voting patterns with 2013.

Importantly, these 15 counties account for a third of the recently projected new voters that IEBC targets to register by next year’s General Election.

The counties are home to approximately 2.8 million of the potential 9.2 million new voters that the electoral body aims to register.

What this means is that the presidential aspirants must work hard to get the high voter turn out in these regions.

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A UDA aspirant is on spot over a woman who has cried out for help in Saudi Arabia. The 29-year-old woman is asking to be rescued from her employer in the Arab country before she ends up dead.

Nice Nayaz, a university graduate has been working as a house help in Saudi Arabia for the past three months. She alleges that she has never received her salary and she has been assaulted severally when she asked for her dues.

Sources say that an agency owned by an aspiring MCA for Kangema Ward Sultan Mundia took her to the country promising that she would be working as a cleaner in a company, only to end up working as a maid.

The politician is vocal about his candidacy on United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party and is currently busy campaigning for his seat in Kangema.

The woman’s family has written to the agency to repatriate her back to Kenya, arguing that there has been a breach of contract between her and the company.

According to a letter from advocate Gregory Ndege addressed to Echo Media Technology Co. Ltd located at Kimathi House in Nairobi, Nice claims that she has been sexually harassed by her employer.

The lawyer has demanded for her immediate release and return to Kenya, saying her parents are ready and willing to pay for her travel expenses.

Also in a voice recording to the agency, Nice says she has been working without rest or sleep.

“They locked me inside like a prisoner with CCTV watching me every time. It’s modern-day slavery. If I choose to come back home, why can’t I be released? This is too much. Kindly do something,” she said.

She added that there are other 36 girls going through the same ordeal and action should be rescued. She said she is tired and fatigued as she wakes up at 5:30 am and sleeps at 11:00 pm.

“I need to rest. They treat us as if we are stones. I just want to come back home. I will die here. My body cannot continue anymore,” Nice said.

In response, the owner of the company, Sultan Mundia, claims the lady has refused to work and this has brought a problem with the company’s payment system. He said the lady will receive her payment by Thursday, October 28, 2021.

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Deputy President William Ruto on Friday 22nd October, 2021 revealed that he has a water-tight plan to protect his votes from being manipulated by the deep state.

While addressing a crowd in Kakamega, he stated that he will ensure that the group does not stop him from ascending to power should he win the elections.

The second in command exuded confidence that he will win the presidency in next year’s polls should his supporters come out in large numbers to vote.

He also told of the Mt. Kenya Foundation that as been holding series of meetings with his competitors.

He claimed that they are wasting their time thinking they have the wherewithal to decide for Kenyans who their next president is.

“Hotel and boardroom meetings shall not bear fruit in the next presidential race. The decision on the leadership of Kenya shall be made by millions of Kenyans comprising the youth who are faced with unemployment menace and poor women who struggle to put food on the tables,” he said.

He emphasized the shift of economic model from the trickle-down model to his preferred bottom-up economic model.

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