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“I Now Wear Diapers” Shooting Victim William Osewe Narrates His Sad Life Years After The Ordeal

by Yahil Felix

To William Osewe, the events that took place in December 1, 2016 are still vivid in his memories. On the fateful day, he was in his K’Osewe Restaurant in Kimathi, Nairobi.

In an interview with the Nation, he said that he went to Garden City Mall off Thika Road at about 2 pm to meet a friend who had building materials, as he had a building project in Kisumu.

While on his way, he changed his way from Thika Road and headed left towards Roasters Hotel. As he approached Garden Estate, he saw a familiar car which he learnt to belong to a friend who owed him some money but he hasn’t been answering his calls.

Osewe claims that when the man saw him, he started walking away. When he told him to stop for a talk, the man pulled a gun and threatened to shoot. “When he raised the gun and pointed it at me, I put my hands in the air to prove to him that I had no intention of harming him,” said Osewe.

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But unbeknownst to him, the man fired and hit him on the chest. It broke three of his ribs where he staggered and fell. As he was trying to lift himself, he got a second shot which hit his left arm and went through the other side.

While crawling to his car, he was hit by a third shot on his lower back and broke his spine. Luckily, the fourth shot did not hit him. Osewe refuted claims that he was shot by a man who had an affair with his wife.

He further revealed that the man went to Kasarani Police to report that he had ‘killed someone. Osewe said he was lucky to have survived four gunshots. He was bleeding profusely and his left hand having broke. He was rushed to AAR hospital for first aid then later Aga Khan University Hospital where he stayed for two months.

The bullets that his chest and arms did not lodge but the one that hit his lower back was stuck at the lower part of the spine. Doctors told him it had done an irreversible damage to his back, pelvic muscles and nerves.

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“That is why I am kaput from the waist downwards. Even walking a few steps is a struggle,” he said. He added that the shooting has entirely changed his life, he prepares for two hours before going out, he improvised things to help him in the house and he depends on other people for support.

“Everything from waist downwards is not functional. I cannot even wear shoes, neither can I drive my manual transmission pick-up truck to deliver supplies to my restaurant. I cannot do the simple things people do for themselves. I am so dependent on other people, and that pains me,” lamented Osewe.

He revealed that the damage on the pelvic region means he cannot pass urine well and he has to use catheters. And even worse he has to wear adult diapers all the time for stool. “It’s a tough rough, rough life for me, wearing a diaper at my age because I don’t want to soil myself or foul my bedding at home. And doctors tell me this is a permanent, irreversible condition. Basically, I will have to learn to live like this. And I can tell you it’s not easy.” said Osewe.

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He further said that apart from health sorrows, it also brought him financial woes. He defaulted on the loans he had taken previously as he laid for two months in hospital bed. He said the banks are currently advertising his blocks of flats in South C.

He revealed the reason for altercation that led to his shooting was a debt of Ksh 300,000 that Tom Mboya owed him. He said Tom Mboya was a tour operator whom he sometimes hired his services. Mr. Osewe denied that they were friends, emphasizing that he used to hire his services.

Osewe added that he later found out that indeed it was true that Tom had an affair with his wife which prompted the two to separate.

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