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Woman In Sonko’s Leaked Tapes Narrates How She Was Coerced to Implicate People, Promised Kshs. 20M

by Mustafa Juma

The woman who featured in ex Nairobi governor Mike Sonko’s leaked tapes has come out to clarify that she was under duress when she made the sensational claims against some judges and advocates.

In a police case filed under OB14/21/11/21 at Karen Police Station, Merry Nkatha narrated in a press conference how she was coerced by the former governor to implicate several people for which in return, she was promised a whooping Sh20,000,000.

According to her statement, Nkatha narrated how last week on Saturday she was carjacked at gun point by three men who identified themselves as police officers adding that the three men pushed their way into her car and roughed her up before giving her a script to read.

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Her police statement reads, “They then told me that Sonko will call me and for any question he asked me, I was to answer according the what was in the script.

“The documents were in form of a questionnaire and answers leading to implicate Advocate Cecil Miller and others. One man held a gun to my neck, while the other put a gun on my face.

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“When Sonko called, I was so shaken that I could not answer the way they wanted so one man slapped me around and asked Sonko to call back after I was calm.

“He called after a while and I answered the way they wanted. After that, they left me and threatened to kill me if I reported to the police.”

At the press conference, Nkatha even showed journalists her communication with Sonko from her call history, with the incoming calls and their durations from her phone to prove that the kidnapping actually took place.

“I have never met Cecil Miller, Bishop Mureithi, I don’t know Judge Kantai. I have never met the likes of Chitembwe. Everything people heard on these leaked Sonko expose on the judiciary, I was coerced to do it. Right now, I am living in fear because anything can happen to me.”

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She admitted that she has known Sonko for a while and they were friends.

“The reason he chose me for this project is because he knows me very well and he knows I am friend with the current governor Kananu, so I can be a credible witness in front of the Judicial Service Commission when they investigate the judges who ruled in favor of ousting Sonko.”

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