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Government Urged to Set up a Medical School in Bungoma

by Pauline Waswa

Bungoma county residents have appealed to the national government to set aside 1000 acres of land from the 9000 acres that host Nzoia Sugar Company and build a medical university.

Benard Wangamati who is a medic from Boston in the United States of America said that he is willing to bring investors once the government which has shares in the said sugar factory agrees to lay aside a thousand acres of land.

He noted that there are various medical practitioners from Bungoma who are attached in renowned universities like Harvard and running different medical related projects across the world who are willing to cheap in.

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Bernard, who aspires to run for the member of parliament seat for Kabuchai constituency in 2027 went ahead to ask the western  political leaders instead of asking the incoming government for top seats in the government like cabinet secretaries, they should push for the agenda of having a medical school in Bungoma county to materialize.

“Those top seats end up benefiting only a few people but when a medical school is set up, it will create employment opportunities for many people,” he said.

He went ahead to ask Bungoma county governor Wycliffe Wangamati, if reelected, to introduce scholarship for the bright students from the county to go out to the countries whose health system is of high caliber like the United States to study medicine in different fields and have a contract with the county in that when done, they come back and serve the people for at least three years.

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On politics, Bernard who declared an interest for Kabuchai parliamentary seat said that he is set to join the race in 2027 and went ahead to ask the residents to elect a visionary leader who has their interests at heart.

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