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The United Nation in 2015 established 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a blue print to achieve a sustainable and better future for all by 2030.

Among them, Sustainable Development Goal 5 which concerns gender equality seeks to end all forms of discrimination, violence, and harmful practices that are against women and girls both in private and public spheres.

Kenya has had forums that have continued to champion the documentation of every milestone realized in the implementation of SDG 5 to complete the research cycle by identifying the existing barriers that prevent the realization of gender targets and in the recent.

A research was recently done by SDGs Kenya Forum in collaboration with Plan International to establish the gender gaps concerning the implementation of SDG 5 of the Agenda 2030.

It is noted that as much as counties are working towards developing gender policies, it has taken a lot of time to be realized. This is because there has been inadequate allocation in terms of human and financial resources where counties are only depending on the national legal and policy fame works.

The national government has, of course, invested in creating supportive legal policies and institutional frameworks but it becomes a challenge for counties to rely on them because of the nature of gender mainstreaming in that not one size fits all and so it becomes a challenge in different settings.

The developed policies at the national level do not give room for the participation of the stakeholders like allowing people to air their opinions first before developing the policies and so many of the drafts have been developed without their involvement.

It is noted that many counties have indeed established institutional frameworks for gender equality and empowerment but the gender departments remain incapacitated in terms of human and financial resources.

This now calls for Plan International and SDGs Kenya Forum to support the counties to develop gender policies and their costed action plans and monitor their implementation, facilitate capacity building of County Planning Units on the SDGs with a specific focus on the gender indicators and gender-responsive budget.

There is also a need to foster and strengthen the monitoring frameworks and mechanisms identified at the national and county level toward increased reporting on SDG 5 targets based on the agreed indicators.

The state Department for Gender and National Gender and Equality Commission (NGEC) should work closely with the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) by strengthening it to invest more in gender statistics data gathering at both the national and county level for effective reporting on SDG 5 because it can only be worked out based on evidence provided.

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According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Sickle Cell Disease is an inherited blood disorder that causes the red blood cell to form a sickle shape blocking blood flow and oxygen from reaching all the body parts of a person.

Joy Watitwa, 36, from Sinoko village, Bungoma County narrates on the pain of living with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) and goes ahead to call on people to be careful not to marry from families with SCD history.

She talks about her story of resilience after being diagnosed with the disease at 4 months old, battling with it up to now at the age of 36, now creating awareness about the disease and educating people about it.

She narrates

Sickle cell is caused by both parents when they happen to be carriers, for me my parents were both carriers meaning; the percentage is low and less dominant for them.

I turned out with SS after inheriting Hemoglobin S from each of them, for they both have AS. The pain of a SCD patient is caused when the sickle red blood cells fail to pass through the blood vessels because of the sickle shape and whenever they get stuck; it causes a lot of pain to the patient, causing low blood in the body which now results to a sickle cell crisis.

These cells mostly get stuck on the joint that is why you will find many sicklers complaining about severe pains on the joints. The limited supply of blood and nutrients in a sickler patient’s body causes low oxygen supply too and you will find that their eyes appear yellowish in color, something that we, as victims have to live with everyday.

We live on medicines that help to boost our immunity and blood supply in the body because whenever a small issue arises our bodies cannot withstand to fight back like that one of a normal person.

Some of the medicines that we are encouraged to take are Prophylaxis especially as sicklers from Western and Nyanza regions, areas that are prone to Mosquitoes’; we do take Paludrine to prevent Malaria.

I also do take Hydroxyurea medicine daily to help in boosting my immunity. This one depends on the age and the weight of a patient, and so you will find some patients taking more than the other depending on those two factors.

We also do take antibiotics to help whenever there is an infection from a cut or minor accidents, basically our lives revolve around medicines day in day out, we take medicines to survive because our bodies cannot fight on their own.

Whenever a sickler is in a crisis, the first thing that they do to us when we reach the health facility is to check the level of oxygen and blood in the body, if it is less they put us to supplements to revive the normal and needed amount in the body. They then do blood works to check what triggered the crisis and the pain and then they put you on medication depending on the findings.

Managing sickle cell is not easy, it drains one financially because apart from those medications one need to have a proper diet and to live a very delicate life with proper care.

We are supposed to limit ourselves on almost everything, we are not supposed to be stressed or angered and as human beings, this are common things that happen in our daily lives so we find it so hard to control and with that, one can easily be driven into a crisis.

Last year was so tough for me; I was in and out of hospital because I had other medical conditions that were triggered by sickle cell. I developed leg ulcers whereby I had wounds on both of my legs and it was so tough for me to a point where the doctors suggested that I undergo a process called Aphresis.

Aphresis is a process whereby the medical experts drain all the blood in your system and gives you a new one. The process is quite expensive and only done in a few hospitals in the country.

I underwent the process and was given new blood from a normal human being but it doesn’t mean that I am free from SCD, it just boosts my immunity and helps my body to at least function well, this I will say is what has kept me up to now.

I would advise the parents or people dealing with sickler to try and have them undergo the process, it costs around 250 Kenya shillings.

Living With Stigma

I remember when I was growing up, I could hear people talk about my situation saying that I might not get past the age of 12, it was and still is not true.

Sicklers can live normally so long as they be cautious to follow keenly on medical instructions from doctors, I am now above 30 years and others can go as far as 90 years depending on how you take care of yourself, SCD is not a death sentence.

I am a member of Sickle Cell Federation and I am also an advocate for the same. The reason to why I decided to join this movement is to create awareness because there is so much ignorance on this disease, SCD is not a death sentence, it is not witchcraft and neither is transmittable from one person to another, it is inheritable.

I have faced rejection and that is why I decided to amplify my voice on SCD.I don’t want my fellow warriors to face what I have faced all the way from primary school when my fellow kids wouldn’t play with me because they were scared that I will die on them or I might infect them.

I have been subjected to stigmatization at work and it has not been easy, I just had to accept myself and embrace my situation and push myself to keep going.

Sicklers need emotional support because dealing with the whole disease itself is so draining. I just appeal to everyone who is dealing with a sickler or gets to meet them, the least one can do is to give them a word of encouragement and support.

I also appeal for the government both at the County and the national level to intervene and make it easier for us in terms of accessing health facilities and medicines.

Some victims come from poor families and they cannot afford the medicine considering the fact that SCD is an expensive illness and so there is need for the government to get involved. Just like HIV/AIDS, we also need to be helped to at least acquire the medicines either free or subsidize the cost so that they can be affordable.

Medical Expert’s view on Sickle Cell Disease

Doctor Dickens Lubanga who is in charge of pediatric section in Bungoma county Referral Hospital says that  in that particular pediatric section only, they get to see up to a thousand children coming in with SCD issues in every month.

He notes that the burden could be higher if the screening is intensified and testing made affordable and available to more residents in the other sub counties like Webuye, Mt Elgon and Kimilili which is alarming.

He says that Bungoma County is gaining momentum as far as SCD is concerned unlike previously where it was much known in Kisumu County.

Dr. Dickens Lubanga.

Lubanga says that there’s need for the County government together with the national government to have a conversation over the rising of the cases in the county and help in finding a long lasting solution.

“SCD is inherited and the inheritance pattern is recessive, meaning both the husband and the wife must actually have the trait for it to expressed, we have had issues when the fathers don’t want to associate themselves in the this cases, mostly linking them to the women but we try to make them understand that it is a problem between both of them,” said Lubanga.

Dr Lubanga notes that a study was done in Bungoma County and up to 43% of the adolescent have the trait and goes ahead to encourage the residents to be keen not to intermarry from those regions because it continues to perpetuate the gene of SCD in the population.

“If you must marry from the same region then take a test first, we now have a machine in the county referral hospital that offers Hemoglobin electrophoresis and every test goes for 1500 Kenya shillings. We are encouraging people to take this test because it is way better and affordable to test than have to deal with children who are born sicklers, it is so expensive  and emotional draining,” said Dr Lubanga.

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The demolition of Kanduyi business stalls continues to receive different reactions as some support the move by the county government whose agenda is to pave the way for investors to build a mall and better trading stalls in the county while others differ with it saying that the decision didn’t involve the public.

Oscar Wamukota, MCA aspirant for Khalaba ward says that for the better of Bungoma County, the decision is good but it came at the wrong time when the economy is harsh and the affected people who run their businesses in the demolished areas were not given an alternative to continue with their hustle.

Wamukota notes that Kanduyi being the only big market in Khalaba ward, the move has affected many who bank their source of livelihood from the market and goes ahead to ask the county government to give an alternative place for the traders to continue with their business.

“This is the time where people are paying school fees; the economy itself is so high at the moment and by demolishing these hustlers’ stalls without an alternative is so wrong. During the campaigns, we promised to empower small business through bottom up but this is not it, let us walk the talk,” said Wamukota.

Speaking to the area Member Of Parliament John Makali, he asked the county government to have a public participation with the residents so as to make an informed decision over the same.

Makali went ahead to say that the traders are the ones who pay taxes and any move that jeopardizes their businesses should not be encouraged.

Athanus Wamunyinyi, the former Kanduyi MPs has also condemned the act saying that the current government should easen the life of the residents of Bungoma County instead of making it hard.

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Bungoma County elected leaders have been reminded to keep their manifestos in check and deliver on what they promised the locals.

Addressing the media at his home in Bungoma town, former MCA aspirant for Khalaba ward in Kanduyi Sub county Oscar Wamukota cautioned the elected leaders against squandering the  money that is meant for development in the county.

He urged the leaders to put public funds in proper use for the betterment of  the county and Kenya at large.

“I want to remind all the elected leaders all the way from the governor, the members of the parliament and those for the county assembly that 5 years is a short period of time and soon we shall be back on the ballot and those who will not have delivered to the people of Bungoma, more specifically Kanduyi Sub county and Khalaba ward, be rest assured that we will send you home,” he said.

Insecurity in Kanduyi

This is after the residents decried the rise of insecurity in different areas in Kanduyi and poor street lighting for the business people.

He went ahead to say that he will be on the lookout to remind them every now and then so that they deliver every single promise that they made to the people.

Bungoma Senatorial by-election

On By-election, Wamukota expressed his dissatisfaction at the turnout of the voters saying that it was so low and in future the residents should consider coming out to express their democratic right if given an opportunity and vote in leaders of their choice instead  of ignoring only to lament when regret later.

The low turnout of voters was experienced during the Bungoma senatorial by election on 8th of December.

The Bungoma senate seat was declared vacant by the Independent Electoral Commission and Boundaries (IEBC) after the then elected Senator Moses Wetangula was voted in as the speaker of the national assembly.

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The lifting of the ban on Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) food in Kenya has attracted mixed reactions among Kenyans and different organizations that advocate for consumption of indigenous food.

The cabinet that lifted the ban noted that they have done a wide consultation from the experts and  as a way to control hunger that is being experienced in different parts of the country, they settled on giving it a try to increase the response to the drought ravaging parts of the country.

Safety of GMO

PELUM Kenya, an organization that comprises 57 different groups and advocates for small farmers to embrace agro ecology conducted training on farmers from Rift-Western Kenya Zone to sensitize them on GMO and why them, as agro ecological champions are against it.

Beth Omae who is the zonal coordinator said that in agro ecology, they embrace art, science and technology but as champions, they want to ensure that food security is enhanced in the country.

“There was a test that was done by a scientist called Erick Seralini whereby he tried the GMO maize on some rats and they turned out to have a big tumor in their body and that’s evident that it is not safe for human consumption. We want to make sure that we have food that is safe and good for our health,” she said.

Agro ecological champions

She went ahead to ask the government to engage the agro ecological champions for them to put across their opinion on why they are against the decision of allowing the discussion of GMO being incorporated in the agriculture system in the country.

The Anglican Development Services (ADS) western region  led by Samuel  Akollo, the programs manager also disputed the decision by the cabinet saying that the government should look at the food security in wholesomeness and ensure the actualization of the constitution article 11 section 3b.

The article says that the parliament will enact legislation that will protect the indigenous seed and plant varieties for the community and the useful of the community but as per now nothing has been done to protect the ecosystem.

Akollo noted that the government needs to sit with the stakeholders and discuss the safety of the indigenous seed and the safety of GMO on human health.

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Former Bumula MP Mwambu Mambonga has been endorsed to succeed Moses Wetang’ula in the upcoming Bungoma Senatorial by-election.

The Bungoma senatorial seat fell vacant following Wetang’ula’s election as the National Assembly speaker.

In a prayer meeting that was held at the former MP’s home in Mwiyanga, Bumula Sub County, Mwambu Mabonga received endorsement from different attendees including the clergy led by Rev Francis Sarana.

They pulled their weight behind his senatorial bid saying that he is of age and has experience in politics, asking the Ford Kenya party leader to back him as his best replacement.

“We thank the president for considering our son Moses Wetangula for the position of the speaker and now we just ask him to back Mabonga because he is equal to the task,” said Sarana.

Mwambu Mabonga in his statement said that he is hoping that the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) fastens in declaring the seat officially vacant and announcing the dates on which the exercise shall take place.

Mwambu assured the residents of Bungoma County that he is strongly on the ballot asking the residents to elect him.

“I am appealing to the people of Bungoma to refuse being swayed or told on whom to vote for, let everyone sit down and give it a thought on the roles of a senator and weigh each and every person who has declared an interest on this seat then decide basing on the experience, the social capital, the political capital and the courage that they have to face issues when they emerge in this county,” said Mwambu.

The former law maker told the residents that he is confident and he meets the bill promising to move around the whole county to persuade them to vote for him.

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Men across Bungoma County have been urged to embrace family planning method practices as a way of support to their partners, who have been subjected to family planning methods by the society as their responsibility.

Vasectomy being the commonly known form of family planning for men, they were asked to practice it so as to help in controlling unwanted pregnancies for people to have planned and well managed families.

During an event that was organized at Bungoma County Referral Hospital, paediatric section to mark the World Contraception Day, the county reproductive health coordinator Christine Naliaka said that for a long time now, there has always been a low turnout of men seeking family planning services.

“There is a low male involvement in family planning because the community members think that family planning and use of contraception is the women’s responsibility which is not true. We want to encourage the stakeholder and the community that the male involvement in that practice is key,” she said

Matters on family planning service consumption in Bungoma County among the youths, Christine noted that only 13 percent f the youths who are sexually active do visit health facilities for family planning sessions out of 35 percent, blaming it on the myth and misconceptions from the community on use of contraception hence theming the day as ‘Breaking family planning myths in Bungoma’

She went ahead to urge the youths and the community members to seek information by visiting the health facilities to acquire information from the qualified staff especially on how they work, the side effects and the possibility of switching to a favorable one when need arises.

Moses Ouma who is a youth champion and also an advocate for Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health Network (RMNCAH) urged the youths to embrace family planning saying that as an organization, they have partnered with different organizations including Evidence for Action (E4A) and Stage Media Art (SMA)

Based on the data that has been analyzed by the Bungoma County Health Management Team, the officer noted that injection is the most used form of family planning followed by implants in Bungoma County.

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Mozzart New Boreholes a life changer for Lorogon and Kalodicha communities of Turkana County

Two new boreholes dug in Lorogon Primary School and Kalodicha Primary School in Turkana County have spread optimism as they will open a window of opportunities and make life better for the respective communities.

The water projects that have been fully funded by gaming firm Mozzart to the tune of Ksh 5.5 million were officially commissioned on Thursday 25th and Friday 26th August.

Calister Edichan, a village elder in the Lorogon community, said the water project would ease the burden on kids and women who previously spent time water hunting.

“They will now have more time to study and that is very important. The women in this community also have a huge burden lifted off their shoulders as water is now easily accessible. We are very grateful and cannot thank Mozzart enough,” Edichan said.

Judy Eregai, the Turkana South Sub County water administrator echoed Edichan’s sentiments and asked Lorogon and Kalodicha residents to take care of the two projects.

“Water has been a very big challenge in Turkana. We had made a request of 13 boreholes to serve most of the wards and thankfully Mozzart has dug two. These projects will help ease the burden and on behalf of the County Government of Turkana, I would like to thank Mozzart,” she said.

“As the county Government, we will help the people of Lorogon and Kalodicha in taking care of these projects because they are very important to the community,” She added.

“It hasn’t been easy for the kids and other people in the community in their pursuit of water due to the insecurity in this region but now that will be a thing of the past. Pregnant women, old women and school-going children really had a hard time but that is now over,”Lorogon Primary School Matron Mary Achua said.

Mariam Asekon, the Kalodicha ward administrator also thanked Mozzart for the project saying it has “put a smile on their faces after years of suffering.”

Mozzart Country Manager Sasa Krneta revealed that the covid-19 pandemic is what motivated the organization to launch the “ACTION 100 WELLS FOR KENYAN COMMUNITIES” project.

“The importance of safe water was emphasized at the onset of the Covid pandemic and we realized that it was huge challenge for Kenyan communities to get water. We are a strong organization because of Kenyans and we therefore felt it was the right time to support these communities,” he said.

“So far, the 10 boreholes we dug in different counties will truly impact the communities positively and that gives us motivation to continue with the project. We promised Kenyans 100 fresh water points and that is what we will deliver,” he added.

Mozzart Marketing Manager Okoth Ochieng’ while re-emphasizing the need to help the Turkana Community as they experience the Water shortage also underpinned that Turkana is the first County to receive two wells.

“Turkana people have been affected greatly by the shortage of this life giving resource for many years, and it is a deserved blessing for the community to be the first to receive more than one Borehole as part of Mozzart’s ambitious countrywide Water Project. So far, the other counties we’ve been to have only received one borehole each. Our goal is to drill a Borehole in at least each of the 47 counties, and we are proud that Mozzart is the first company in our Industry to improve the Lives of Communities in Turkana County through Corporate Social Responsibility.”

Apart from the boreholes, Mozzart has been involved in other CSR projects most notably donating crucial medical equipment to hospitals, sponsoring various sports entities and donating sports equipment to grassroots teams.

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Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya Coalition allied leaders have expressed their confidence ahead of the election petition that will be filed at the Supreme Court on Monday.

The Azimio allies drawn from the Western Kenya region have maintained that they will fight until their presidential candidate Raila Odinga becomes the 5th president of Kenya.

The coalition is set to challenge the election of William Ruto who was declared the president-elect in the just concluded General election.

While condoling with the family of Nairobi senator elect Edwin Sifuna who lost his grandmother Lukelesia Nafula Sifuna, Godfrey Osotsi, the senator elect for Vihiga County on ODM party ticket said that they have gathered enough evidence which they will use against the Kenya Kwanza team.

Osotsi went ahead to ask for electoral justice saying that the voters’ decisions must be respected.

He faulted the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) chairman Wafula Chebukati for going against the will of the people.

“It cannot be always that when Kenyans demonstrate their democratic right by voting, some few individuals like Chebukati ends up deciding for them who to be their president and that’s why we as AZIMIO One Kenya we are going to seek for a solution constitutionally to tackle those who were involved in this malicious act,” he said.

He went ahead to call out the president elect for going against the law by accepting  other political parties from AZIMIO One Kenya  to join Kenya Kwanza saying that he is manipulating them with money to join him and so risking losing  their seats according to the political parties act that says that they are not supposed to do so.

“I want to tell the deputy president to slow down, he is yet to be the president and he might not be because I believe that the Supreme Court is going to nullify it. We have enough evidence to show that the tallying process was corrupt and so where we stand as a country, we are yet to know who the president is,” he said.

His sentiments were echoed by Edwin Sifuna who said that the decision now lies in the hands of the supreme court and as AZIMIO One Kenya, they have prepared adequately and they are sure that justice will prevail.

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Kanduyi MP elect John Okwisia Makali has asked former MP Athanus Wafula Wamunyinyi to let the bygones go and come on board to help him work towards a better Kanduyi Constituency.

Makali,who held a thanksgiving mass at his home in Bungoma town said that it is time for his opponents to bury the hatchets and forgive each other.

He added that in his regime, he  aims to bring people together including his opponents and those who did not support him.

“I just want to ask Hon. Wamunyinyi to join us, we won’t even follow up on how he has been using the CDF money but if there will  be any need they we shall do so according to the law otherwise  we just want to work together harmoniously,” he  said.

The incoming law maker won the seat on Ford Kenya party against the incumbent DAP-Kenya party leader by garnering 32,099 votes.

Wamunyinyi garnered came second after garnering 20,240 votes.

Makali said that he intends to revive the economy in his constituency by coming up with a strategic plan that will see him accomplish what he  promised  the people during the campaigns, asking the elected leaders in Bungoma  to work together for the benefits of the county.

“We have agreed that we need to have a paradigm shift and work together for the benefits of our people. We are going to put our self interests aside and ensure that we work for the betterment for our people because we were elected on one day though the results were announced on different days but we will be judged also on one say,” he said

On matters of national politics, the former speaker of the county assembly of Bungoma said that as Kenya Kwanza, they believe that their presidential candidate William Ruto will be declared as the winner.

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Bungoma county residents have appealed to the national government to set aside 1000 acres of land from the 9000 acres that host Nzoia Sugar Company and build a medical university.

Benard Wangamati who is a medic from Boston in the United States of America said that he is willing to bring investors once the government which has shares in the said sugar factory agrees to lay aside a thousand acres of land.

He noted that there are various medical practitioners from Bungoma who are attached in renowned universities like Harvard and running different medical related projects across the world who are willing to cheap in.

Bernard, who aspires to run for the member of parliament seat for Kabuchai constituency in 2027 went ahead to ask the western  political leaders instead of asking the incoming government for top seats in the government like cabinet secretaries, they should push for the agenda of having a medical school in Bungoma county to materialize.

“Those top seats end up benefiting only a few people but when a medical school is set up, it will create employment opportunities for many people,” he said.

He went ahead to ask Bungoma county governor Wycliffe Wangamati, if reelected, to introduce scholarship for the bright students from the county to go out to the countries whose health system is of high caliber like the United States to study medicine in different fields and have a contract with the county in that when done, they come back and serve the people for at least three years.

On politics, Bernard who declared an interest for Kabuchai parliamentary seat said that he is set to join the race in 2027 and went ahead to ask the residents to elect a visionary leader who has their interests at heart.

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Ambassador Simon Nabukwesi, the permanent Secretary, state Department for University education and research has rubbished the claims linking him to the Kenya Kwanza coalition.

In a statement that was made by Rogers Simiyu, the Kimilili sub-county youth chairman, he said that Nabukwesi is not in any way engaged in Kenya Kwanza politics and people should stop spreading what he termed as fake news.

“We appreciate that we are in the campaign period and everyone wishes to be endorsed or supported but we take offence because the PS has endorsed the AZIMIO One Kenya and no one else, ”he said.

He went ahead to ask the residents of Bungoma to treat the propaganda being peddled by our mongers with the contempt that it deserves.

Rogers said that it is a malicious attack aimed at disorienting the PS from discharging the duties the hat he was mandated by the President to the people of Bungoma and Kenya at large.

“I have spoken to Amb. Nabukwesi and he has reaffirmed his commitment to President Uhuru Kenyatta and focused on what he was sent to do and so many empty talks should be ignored,” he insisted.

He noted that Amb. Nabukwesi is focused on ensuring quality education for the Kenyan child.

He called upon the parents and guardians who are yet to take their children to school to do so, saying that it will help in future when opportunities arise instead of being misused or spreading propaganda, causing chaos and destruction by politicians.

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A United Democratic Alliance (UDA) MCA aspirant in Bungoma County has hit out at President Uhuru Kenyatta-led government over the alleged Kazi Mtaani program scandal.

Oscar Wamukota who is eyeing the Khalaba ward MCA seat expressed his disappointment after claims emerged that some individuals in government have embezzled the funds meant to pay the youth participating in the program across the country.

Speaking to the press in Bungoma town on Tuesday June 14, Wamukota who is seeking  to unseat the incumbent Henry Majimbo said that the exercise was meant to keep the youths busy instead of them being idle and involving themselves in unlawful acts like drug abuse and theft.

He went ahead to point fingers at the government for altering the wages that the youths participating in the Kazi Mtaani exercise are supposed to get saying that  they are supposed to be paid enough for everyday use and saving and not peanuts.

Initially, it was alleged by the Kenya Kwanza Alliance allies that the government had slashed the payments from Kshs.1000 to Kshs.450.

On Monday evening , the self-proclaimed head of the non-existent Hustler Nation Intelligence Bureau (HNIB) Dennis Itumbi took to his official social media handles to make the claims.

Itumbi in his social media post also alleged that personal protective equipment such as aprons and gumboots had not been bought, noting that the funds meant to make the purchase had been embezzled.

Wamukota in his media conference went ahead to castigate the brokers involved and called for investigations to be done.

On matters of his preparedness towards the election, Wamukota said that it is time for the youths to take up leadership roles to showcase their capability for they are many in the country and him being one of them, he is braced to make sure that he beats his opponents’ pants down.

“I have been given this opportunity as a youth to lead Khalaba ward and so am asking my fellows to pull their support behind me so that we can bring change in leadership,” he said.

He said that once elected he will use the bottom up approach to uplift the common Mwananchi dubbed as ‘hustlers’ involving themselves in small businesses to rise.

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Bumula MP Moses Mwambu Mabonga has called out his opponents seeking to unseat him to stop criticizing his projects.

The lawmaker noted that critics have been saying that he is focused on building one side of the constituency and leaving the other.

He asked them to stop inciting the residents and focus on selling their manifesto to the people and leave them to decide on their own on election day.

Mwambu who was commissioning the 6 renovated classrooms at St Antony Mateka Primary School in Bumula sub-county said that in his first term he has tried to balance project distribution across the constituency and his competitors should not politicize everything but give credit where it’s due.

He went ahead to call out the AZIMIO-ONE KENYA presidential candidate Raila Odinga for the recent remarks on Mitumba businesses saying that he cannot relate to the common people who are hustling to make ends meet.

Raila when launching his manifestos to the Kenyans, he said that once elected he will revive the cotton industry saying that the importation of Mitumba has killed the textile industry in the country and Kenyans can get good clothes from within to sell, the remarks that revoked mixed reactions among the people.

“You are making us to use the taxpayer’s money to pay for the handshake and this Kenyan are not fools, come 9th of August we will stop you on the ballot,” he said

Mabonga went further to ask the residents to refuse being manipulated and lied to by candidates who are seeking various seats and instead vote in leaders who have a history of keeping their promise to the people.

He drummed up support for the UDA presidential candidate William Ruto saying that the presidential seat was not meant for the people with dynasty background but for everyone with ambitions of good will.

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Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati has been cleared to defend his seat in the upcoming August 9, 2022 general election.

This is despite the recent claims that he may be barred by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) for appointing his running mate Sitati Nangalama, a state officer who did not resign on time.

This forced Wangamati to land on another option, Evans Wekesa as his running mate.

Speaking at the IEBC offices in Bungoma town, Wangamati who could not hide his joy rubbished the rumors that had been going round that he may not be cleared.

He called out his opponents to brace themselves for a very tough battle and also asked them to conduct their campaigns in peace.

“There have been rumors going around that I won’t be cleared but today I have been cleared and am now prepared to move forward. I urge every person who is seeking to be elected on any seat to conduct their campaigns in peace because Kenya is bigger than anyone and it will have to go on after the 9th of August so let us demonstrate peace,” he said.

Tongaren MP Dr. David Eseli who was also present called out the Ford Kenya party leader Moses Wetangula to stop misleading the people of Bungoma by imposing leaders on them saying that he can choose where to take his one vote but let the people choose the leaders that they want.

The DAP-K party leader Wafula Wamunyinyi also condemned Wetangula for the remarks he made while escorting the senate speaker Ken Lusaka who was presenting his papers to the IEBC on 5th where he said that his team is ready to get physical during this campaign when need arises.

“We are not going to be shaken by any threats and if anyone thinks that he can engage in violence during this period then he should look for people who can condone that and not us. We as DAP-K and AZIMIO One Kenya coalition at large, we advocate for peaceful campaign period and elections,” he said

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Farmers across Bungoma county and Kenya at large have been encouraged to consider practicing agroforestry as part of their farming.

Speaking on Monday, June 6, 2022, during the World Environmenta Day celebrations at Kimaeti in Bungoma County which was themed “ONLY ONE EARTH,” the director of water, tourism and natural resources in Bungoma County government Robert Sawa said that farmers should embrace tree planting for it does not only improve the beauty of nature but also helps in controlling the climate change.

“The global warming is mainly caused by us as individuals, we emit a lot of gases into the atmosphere and this results to the earth warming and it is only the trees which cool down those temperatures but it is very unfortunate that instead the trees are being scrapped off because in the last few decades the curve has really gone down,” he said.

He went ahead to note that the percentage of trees in the country is very low compared to previous years and therefore asking the farmers to plant many trees and also suggesting that they can focus on income generating trees like fruit trees, Bamboo, Blue gum and many others that can generate income in different ways.

His sentiments were echoed by Beth Omae, the zonal coordinator for Rift-Western Kenya zone for PELUM Kenya who said that it is everyone’s responsibility to take care of the earth for there is no other alternative earth.

Omae went ahead to note that as PELUM Kenya, they encourage farmers to practice organic farming by using organic fertilizers and pesticides and that most of those organic fertilizers generate from the trees citing the need of having many trees around.

Dailytrends.co.ke writer Pauline Waswa planting a Grevillea tree during the World Environment Day celebrations on Monday, June 6, 2022.

The celebration was crowned by the plantation of close to 2000 Grevillea which is normally done on crop land for its rooting system doesn’t affect the growth of the plants that are grown under it.

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