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Ambassador Simon Nabukwesi, the permanent Secretary, state Department for University education and research has rubbished the claims linking him to the Kenya Kwanza coalition.

In a statement that was made by Rogers Simiyu, the Kimilili sub-county youth chairman, he said that Nabukwesi is not in any way engaged in Kenya Kwanza politics and people should stop spreading what he termed as fake news.

“We appreciate that we are in the campaign period and everyone wishes to be endorsed or supported but we take offence because the PS has endorsed the AZIMIO One Kenya and no one else, ”he said.

He went ahead to ask the residents of Bungoma to treat the propaganda being peddled by our mongers with the contempt that it deserves.

Rogers said that it is a malicious attack aimed at disorienting the PS from discharging the duties the hat he was mandated by the President to the people of Bungoma and Kenya at large.

“I have spoken to Amb. Nabukwesi and he has reaffirmed his commitment to President Uhuru Kenyatta and focused on what he was sent to do and so many empty talks should be ignored,” he insisted.

He noted that Amb. Nabukwesi is focused on ensuring quality education for the Kenyan child.

He called upon the parents and guardians who are yet to take their children to school to do so, saying that it will help in future when opportunities arise instead of being misused or spreading propaganda, causing chaos and destruction by politicians.

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A United Democratic Alliance (UDA) MCA aspirant in Bungoma County has hit out at President Uhuru Kenyatta-led government over the alleged Kazi Mtaani program scandal.

Oscar Wamukota who is eyeing the Khalaba ward MCA seat expressed his disappointment after claims emerged that some individuals in government have embezzled the funds meant to pay the youth participating in the program across the country.

Speaking to the press in Bungoma town on Tuesday June 14, Wamukota who is seeking  to unseat the incumbent Henry Majimbo said that the exercise was meant to keep the youths busy instead of them being idle and involving themselves in unlawful acts like drug abuse and theft.

He went ahead to point fingers at the government for altering the wages that the youths participating in the Kazi Mtaani exercise are supposed to get saying that  they are supposed to be paid enough for everyday use and saving and not peanuts.

Initially, it was alleged by the Kenya Kwanza Alliance allies that the government had slashed the payments from Kshs.1000 to Kshs.450.

On Monday evening , the self-proclaimed head of the non-existent Hustler Nation Intelligence Bureau (HNIB) Dennis Itumbi took to his official social media handles to make the claims.

Itumbi in his social media post also alleged that personal protective equipment such as aprons and gumboots had not been bought, noting that the funds meant to make the purchase had been embezzled.

Wamukota in his media conference went ahead to castigate the brokers involved and called for investigations to be done.

On matters of his preparedness towards the election, Wamukota said that it is time for the youths to take up leadership roles to showcase their capability for they are many in the country and him being one of them, he is braced to make sure that he beats his opponents’ pants down.

“I have been given this opportunity as a youth to lead Khalaba ward and so am asking my fellows to pull their support behind me so that we can bring change in leadership,” he said.

He said that once elected he will use the bottom up approach to uplift the common Mwananchi dubbed as ‘hustlers’ involving themselves in small businesses to rise.

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Bumula MP Moses Mwambu Mabonga has called out his opponents seeking to unseat him to stop criticizing his projects.

The lawmaker noted that critics have been saying that he is focused on building one side of the constituency and leaving the other.

He asked them to stop inciting the residents and focus on selling their manifesto to the people and leave them to decide on their own on election day.

Mwambu who was commissioning the 6 renovated classrooms at St Antony Mateka Primary School in Bumula sub-county said that in his first term he has tried to balance project distribution across the constituency and his competitors should not politicize everything but give credit where it’s due.

He went ahead to call out the AZIMIO-ONE KENYA presidential candidate Raila Odinga for the recent remarks on Mitumba businesses saying that he cannot relate to the common people who are hustling to make ends meet.

Raila when launching his manifestos to the Kenyans, he said that once elected he will revive the cotton industry saying that the importation of Mitumba has killed the textile industry in the country and Kenyans can get good clothes from within to sell, the remarks that revoked mixed reactions among the people.

“You are making us to use the taxpayer’s money to pay for the handshake and this Kenyan are not fools, come 9th of August we will stop you on the ballot,” he said

Mabonga went further to ask the residents to refuse being manipulated and lied to by candidates who are seeking various seats and instead vote in leaders who have a history of keeping their promise to the people.

He drummed up support for the UDA presidential candidate William Ruto saying that the presidential seat was not meant for the people with dynasty background but for everyone with ambitions of good will.

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Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati has been cleared to defend his seat in the upcoming August 9, 2022 general election.

This is despite the recent claims that he may be barred by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) for appointing his running mate Sitati Nangalama, a state officer who did not resign on time.

This forced Wangamati to land on another option, Evans Wekesa as his running mate.

Speaking at the IEBC offices in Bungoma town, Wangamati who could not hide his joy rubbished the rumors that had been going round that he may not be cleared.

He called out his opponents to brace themselves for a very tough battle and also asked them to conduct their campaigns in peace.

“There have been rumors going around that I won’t be cleared but today I have been cleared and am now prepared to move forward. I urge every person who is seeking to be elected on any seat to conduct their campaigns in peace because Kenya is bigger than anyone and it will have to go on after the 9th of August so let us demonstrate peace,” he said.

Tongaren MP Dr. David Eseli who was also present called out the Ford Kenya party leader Moses Wetangula to stop misleading the people of Bungoma by imposing leaders on them saying that he can choose where to take his one vote but let the people choose the leaders that they want.

The DAP-K party leader Wafula Wamunyinyi also condemned Wetangula for the remarks he made while escorting the senate speaker Ken Lusaka who was presenting his papers to the IEBC on 5th where he said that his team is ready to get physical during this campaign when need arises.

“We are not going to be shaken by any threats and if anyone thinks that he can engage in violence during this period then he should look for people who can condone that and not us. We as DAP-K and AZIMIO One Kenya coalition at large, we advocate for peaceful campaign period and elections,” he said

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Farmers across Bungoma county and Kenya at large have been encouraged to consider practicing agroforestry as part of their farming.

Speaking on Monday, June 6, 2022, during the World Environmenta Day celebrations at Kimaeti in Bungoma County which was themed “ONLY ONE EARTH,” the director of water, tourism and natural resources in Bungoma County government Robert Sawa said that farmers should embrace tree planting for it does not only improve the beauty of nature but also helps in controlling the climate change.

“The global warming is mainly caused by us as individuals, we emit a lot of gases into the atmosphere and this results to the earth warming and it is only the trees which cool down those temperatures but it is very unfortunate that instead the trees are being scrapped off because in the last few decades the curve has really gone down,” he said.

He went ahead to note that the percentage of trees in the country is very low compared to previous years and therefore asking the farmers to plant many trees and also suggesting that they can focus on income generating trees like fruit trees, Bamboo, Blue gum and many others that can generate income in different ways.

His sentiments were echoed by Beth Omae, the zonal coordinator for Rift-Western Kenya zone for PELUM Kenya who said that it is everyone’s responsibility to take care of the earth for there is no other alternative earth.

Omae went ahead to note that as PELUM Kenya, they encourage farmers to practice organic farming by using organic fertilizers and pesticides and that most of those organic fertilizers generate from the trees citing the need of having many trees around.

Dailytrends.co.ke writer Pauline Waswa planting a Grevillea tree during the World Environment Day celebrations on Monday, June 6, 2022.

The celebration was crowned by the plantation of close to 2000 Grevillea which is normally done on crop land for its rooting system doesn’t affect the growth of the plants that are grown under it.

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Sirisia MP John Koyi Waluke has been cleared by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commissions (IEBC) to defend his seat despite the ongoing graft case.

Waluke was in 2020 convicted for acquiring Ksh 313 million through the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) fraud.

Just recently, Waluke’s name had appeared on the list of the aspirants who had been blacklisted by EACC because of integrity questions but he was on Tuesday May 31, 2022 cleared to seek reelection in his constituency.

He expressed his joy noting that the constitution of Kenya is supreme and he is protected by it saying that there was no one eligible to deny him a chance to vie for any seat in the country.

“I am very happy to have been cleared and I really appreciate the IEBC for standing firm to prove that indeed they are independent and they have done their work independently. Today is the day to show everybody in the country that I have been cleared and to make it clear to my opponents that am 100% in the race,” he said.

Waluke went ahead to ask the residents of Sirisia, Kenyans at large and also the political leaders and aspirants to ensure they observe peace during this campaign period, asking the youths to refuse being lured onto violence by politicians to cause havoc and destruction in the society.

Waluke went ahead to ask the residents for cooperation in building the constituency saying that he will work closely with the incoming president to ensure that Sirisia benefits largely in its government if reelected.

He also drummed up support for the AZIMIO presidential candidate Raila Amollo Odinga saying that he is the one forming the next government.

He asked the residents to be keen to protect their votes saying that they should not vote for the people that they are sure they cannot win.

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The Bungoma senatorial race is now getting hotter after various aspirants being cleared to battle it out with the incumbent Moses Wetang’ula.

Outgoing Bungoma Deputy Governor Charles Ngome Kibanani has vowed to floor the Ford Kenya party leader in the first round of the August 9 polls.

Speaking at the IEBC offices in Bungoma after being cleared to run for the senate seat, Professor Ngome said that he is ready to battle for the position and he is certain that he will unseat Wetangula.

Ngome went ahead to say that Wetangula has been the senator for Bungoma for two terms now and he has not given the people of Bungoma any solid reason to be reelected again this year, noting that it is time for him to be sent away for Bungoma to grow.

“The journey to send Wetangula home has officially begun and we are not going to look back until we achieve that. Bungoma deserves a better leadership system and leaders who are selfless and Wetangula is nothing close to that,” he said.

He went ahead to note that the sugar bill that was tabled by Kanduyi MP Wafula Wamunyinyi has been sitting in senate since the year 2020 saying that if Wetangula had a good will for the people of Bungoma where farming is the backbone of their income, he should have fought for that bill to be passed.

“If given this opportunity to become the senator of this county, my first agenda will be to look into the sugar bill that has been delayed in the senate by my opponent who is the current sitting senator. It was passed in the national assembly and it has been in the senate for concurrence because farming is a devolved function but has been stuck there since 2020,” he said.

Ngome went further to rubbish the opinion poll that was conducted by Mizani which showed that Wetangula was leading at 72.1% while he was at 16.4% saying that the true one will be revealed on 9th of August.

He said that Wetangula is paying people to conduct the polls in his favor and therefore asked the people to ignore those polls saying that the real ones will be on the ballot.

Ngome is running on a Democratic Action Party of Kenya (DAP-K party ticket

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Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa has dragged Azimio La Umoja Presidential candidate Raila Odinga into his car saga that had sent him into hideout.

The controversial lawmaker had early this week ran into hiding after police officers stormed his Nasianda home in Kimilili constituency after they got tip off from the members of the public that the lawmaker had turned a CDF vehicle into a campaign vehicle.

The officers impounded the vehicle, a ford ranger double cabin pick up belonging to Kimilili CDF that the lawmaker had already rebranded with UDA party colors.

He had also fixed the vehicle with fake registration number plates.

But on Wednesday May 25, the lawmaker came out of his hiding and joined a UDA campaign trail in Western Kenya that is being led by ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi and his Ford Kenya counterpart Moses Wetangula.

Didmus called on the government and the police to instead go after Raila whom he alleged that has been using government vehicles when he has never been elected to hold any government office.

Speaking in Sirisia market during the Kenya Kwanza rally, the angry lawmaker said that instead of the police following him up for changing the government vehicle’s number plate and branding it with United UDA colors for campaign purposes, they should shift their focus on Raila Odinga whom he alleged that he is using over 20 government vehicles for his campaign.

The police had on Tuesday 24th of May 2022 raided his home to get the car but they were denied access to the compound but forced their way in and took the car and drove it to the police station in Bungoma town.

Barasa went ahead to say that he bought the car as an MP in his constituency and he has every right to use it in whatever way that he wants.

“56 police were sent to my home because I am using the CDF car, I am the sitting MP, I was elected by the people and so I have the right to use the car and also the police should target the real criminals like Raila Odinga who are using government vehicles and yet they have never been elected anywhere and instead he swore himself in which is a big offense,” he said.

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Women have continued to shine as many of them have been considered in this year’s elections as running mates.

Just days after Narc Kenya party leader Martha Wangari Karua being picked as AZIMIO LA UMOJA flag bearer Raila Amolo Odinga’s presidential running mate, many governor aspirants have continued to unveil female running mates.

Jenipher Chemtai Mbatiany was on Wednesday May 18, 2022 selected as the running mate for the senate speaker Kenneth Lusaka who is eyeing the Bungoma gubernatorial seat on a Ford Kenya party ticket.

Speaking at Ken Lusaka command center,Jenipher who was overwhelmed by joy said that she didn’t see it coming considering she was the only woman among men who were eyeing for that position as the deputy governor should Lusaka manage to unseat the incumbent Wycliffe Wangamati.

“The search for a suitable running mate has been vigorous and am sincerely happy and humbled by the speaker for finding me fit for that position, I am eternally grateful and am going to hit the road running, I am going to deliver,” she said

Speaker Lusaka congratulated her noting that she is a dedicated, fearless, resilient woman of God and her contribution will affect the team positively.

He went ahead to ask those who were competing for the position but did not merit to stay put saying that there is more within the executive and the whole government assuring them that if he takes over the county government, they will be considered for other positions.

Webuye West MP Dan Wanyama who was also present backed Lusaka’s decision on settling on a woman as his running mate saying that he has demonstrated equity by making it clear that women are also good managers and able to handle huge leadership positions.

“You have broken the gist and we appreciate the fact that you have practiced inclusivity and making sure that the women are included and that they are fit for leadership positions and that our women are equal to the task to manage the people of Bungoma,”he said.

Tranzoia County hopeful and former Rift Valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya on Friday May 13, 2022 also picked a female running mate.

Natembeya unveiled Mrs. Philemona Bineah Kapkor as his choice for deputy governor at an event held at Democratic Action Party of Kenya (DAP-K) headquarters located at Chui House, Nairobi.

Philomena is a banker and Natembeya believes her experience and expertise will help the Tans Nzoia County grow should he clinch the county’s topmost seat.

Justina Wamae on Monday May 16, 2022 presented her papers to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) as running mate to Roots Party Presidential aspirant George Wajackoyah.

Wamae was accompanied by Adam ‘otto’ Kadernani the Roots Party Secretary General and party leader Wajackoyah.

In an earlier interview with a local media station Wamae, 35, claimed that she will take her first puff of bhang on their inauguration day if they clinch the country’s top seat in the August, 9 general elections.

Presidential hopeful Wajackoyah unveils running mate

In February, Wajackoyah officially launched his State House bid with a promise to legalize bhang and suspend the constitution within the first six months.

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Senate speaker Kenneth Lusaka who is also a gubernatorial aspirant in Bungoma county has officially launched a football tournament dubbed Ken Lusaka cup football tournament.

The tournament is aimed at promoting and mentoring talents.

Speaking while officially unveiling the tournament at Kufwela command center in Milimani, Bungoma, Lusaka who is vying on a Ford Kenya ticket said that he had started the program as a way of involving and nurturing the youths who have talents in sports, when he was the County’s governor in 2013-2017.

He noted that he has decided to bring back the program as he seeks to unseat the incumbent Wycliffe Wangamati of the Democratic Action Party of Kenya (DAP-K).

“We have launched this tournament and it is set to take around one and a half months and it is going to involve all the youths from every ward across the county,” he said.

The senate speaker went ahead to note that the initiative will aim at helping the youths to invest their time on practicing and building on their talents instead of involving themselves in unproductive activities like being used to cause havoc and destruction during this campaign period.

He further asked the youths who will participate in the tournament to make it friendly and not to promote hatred among themselves.

Lusaka also said that he looks forward to bringing coaches on board to train those who emerge stars so that some of them can join big teams in the country.

David Kalamu who is in charge of Lusaka’s tournament said that the games are going to help in national cohesion by bringing together different tribes to participate in one thing.

He also said that the scouts are being sent in every constituency in the county to identify those with talents in sport and bring them on board to participate in those games and after the games, there are many youths that will benefit from them.

“It is not the first time this tournament is being introduced by the speaker, they used to be there when he was the governor and am happy that it is being reintroduced again and Bungoma being bedrock of sports, many youths will shine,” he said

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Nzoia sugar company is set to close for a period of two months for to undergo repair and maintenance.

Speaking to the press at the company, the company’s Managing Director Chrispin Ogutu said that the sugar miller has been operating on old equipment which has affected the production.

He said that the company needs modernized equipment for efficiency in production of sugar.

The national government had recently allocated 500 million shillings to aid in reviving the miller and some of the money was used to import new equipment from overseas to at least boost the production.

Ogutu went ahead to note that 216 million shillings is going to be used for that exercise where by 150 million shillings will be used on spare parts while the remaining will be used to pay the experts who will participate in repairing the equipment and also paying the skilled casuals and laborers.

The managing director went ahead to ask the farmers whose sugarcane is ready for cutting to be patient and reserve them as they wait for the company to resume saying that when it resumes, it will be able to process more sugar hence more canes will be needed.

Ogutu also noted that the company still owes the farmers 787 million saying that since the reopening of the company in 2020 which was languishing in debts, it has paid to about 1.5 billion shillings debt as at April and it looks forward to pay more farmers when the company resumes.

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Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati has today unveiled the 7000 beneficiaries of governor’s scholarship 5th cohort 2022.

At an event that was conducted at Masinde Muliro grounds Webuye, Wangamati said that the county officials participated in visiting the beneficiaries’ homes to make sure that the scholarship is awarded to the most deserving students in the county who are bright and genuinely needy.

In his speech Wangamati said that the county government had initially targeted 3000 students but following the good performance from the needy students, they decided to increase the number to 7000 so as to enable bright but needy students to get their education equally like other children.

He went ahead to note that the program was initiated in 2017 and the pioneering class sat for their examinations in 2022, which 500 students who were beneficiaries sat for their exams and so far, the results received are from 281 students all with good grades.

One Tatiana Wabwire from South Bukusu ward Kimatuni village who scored an A after benefitting from the scholarship 2017 and heading to Pangani girls high school expressed her joy saying that coming from a struggling family, she didn’t know how the fate of her education would be until the program came by.

Tatiana Wabwire. Photo/Courtesy/Governor’s Press Service

“I have been raised by partly my grandfather and my single mother after my dad died in 2013 and it was really hard for me through my primary school education and I didn’t know if at some point I will be standing here with these grades, thanks to governor Wangamati’s scholarship that saw me through my high school education,” said Tatiana

Wangamati went ahead to warn his competitors to stop politicizing everything saying that his scholarship is only for the needy students and not the rich as alleged by his competitors.

“You people send me in the office as the second governor, to go and work and as you can see, I have delivered and I have the receipts for that unlike my competitors, so I want them to come with the receipts not empty talks,” he said

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The ruling Jubilee party has come out to address concerns over Sirisia MP John Waluke’s fate as the country heads to August general elections.

The lawmaker is facing a corruption case in court and there were rumors that he has not been cleared by his party to defend his seat in August over the graft case.

The Jubilee party through its Bungoma branch county office manager Edward Lubakaya has, however, rubbished the rumors saying that Waluke will be on the ballot.

While issuing the certificates to Jubilee aspirants at the party’s office in Kanduyi, Lubakaya said that Waluke was cleared and already has the certificate and also serving as the Jubilee party chairman in Bungoma county.

He went ahead to tell Waluke’s opponents to brace themselves for a tough fight.

Waluke was in June 2020 convicted of fraud involving Ksh.313 million in shady maize dealings with the National Cereals Produce Board (NCPB) which led to many concluding that he won’t be cleared to defend his seat on 9th of August 2022

Lubakaya further said Jubilee party in Bungoma county will throw its weight behind governor Wycliffe Wangamati’s gubernatorial bid since they all fall under AZIMIO One Kenya coalition and so it won’t have a candidate at that position.

“I want to make it clear that we as Jubilee party Bungoma county, we are going to support governor Wycliffe Wangamati, we won’t have a candidate on that level because we will gang behind Wangamati to see him reelected,” he said

One of the aspirants Dr Ferdinand Nyongesa who is seeking to unseat the DAP-K party leader Wafula Wamunyinyi of Kanduyi Constituency as the Member of Parliament expressed his confidence in Jubilee party saying that he is now ready to face his competitors fully.

“My supporters should now stop worrying and listening to  rumors that I have stepped down. I am in the race and let my competitors start parking to clear the space because I am coming with a different style,” he said.

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Bungoma County health workers have threatened to down their tools should the Wycliffe Wangamati-led government fail to address their concerns.

They have called out the county government for alleged negligence saying that it has failed to keep the promises that they made to them during the past industrial action.

The county government had promised to address the issues that the nurses were facing but since then nothing has happened.

Speaking to the press in Bungoma town on Tuesday, the secretary general of Kenya National Union of Nurses (KNUN) Bungoma branch George Barasa said that the county government during the past industrial action promised to look into the issues that the nurses were facing including the payment of enhanced risk allowance for all the nurses in the county, promoting the redesignation of  nurses and confirmation of those who have been employed on permanent terms of service but it is yet to be done.

“As the hospitals across the county continue to suffer with a shortage of nurses, the county government is just quiet yet they even conducted an interview in November last year and the county public service board is yet to produce the results of that particular exercise.

“There are even some of our staffs who have exited service and there is no replacement hence making the services in health facilities very bad,” he said

Barasa went ahead to say that the county government has been having meetings with them but nothing is being generated from those meetings since their issues have never been addressed.

“We are asking them as the union in this county, we want them to implement this issues that we have agreed with them fully, and we are saying the word is fully because the count time for 14 days that we are issuing this strike starts today, once this notice elapses, members will pull out of the service and we won’t be having services in public facilities,” he said

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The UDA nomination exercise in Bungoma County on Thursday April 14, 2022 turned ugly when a section of aspirants and their supporters engaged in a fist fight.

The UDA nomination process in Kimaeti ward, Bumula sub county in Bungoma County was forced to come to an end after some of the aspirants engaged in violence leading to two being hospitalized.

While speaking to the press at Kimaeti health center where the two-aspirants seeking the Member of the county assembly seats (MCA)were hospitalized, Bumula MP Mwambu Mwabonga condemned the act.

The lawmaker said that UDA as a party is an advocate, saying that it was so unfortunate for such behaviors to be experienced.

Mabonga went ahead to say that the aspirants that were involved in causing chaos will be disqualified and those who practice peace during the exercise can be considered as direct nominees.

The exercise in that ward which was being conducted at Kimaeti primary school was cancelled and postponed to further dates that will be communicated later according to the nomination’s supervisor MP Mwambu Mabonga.

The area MP went ahead to ask the youths to stop being manipulated by politicians to cause havoc and destruction saying that it will only result in them being jailed and the politicians will not be there to support them.

“Let me warn those young people that are being used by politicians to beat others, stop that behavior because the we shall find you and it will not be easy for you,” he said.

He then called out the police to investigate those who were involved in the chaos to be arrested immediately and the aspirants being disqualified from the party.

“I warned everyone yesterday, politics is not about beating or harming each other, sell your manifestos peacefully to the voters and allow them to decide on their own but it seems my words didn’t land in the ears and so, I will let the police take charge and find each and everyone who was involved in what happened today. We as a party we cannot condone that,” said the angry Mwambu.

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Bumula MP Mwambu Mabonga has asked president Uhuru Kenyatta to address the nation over the rising cost of living.

According to the lawmaker, the recently-read national budget dies not consider the struggling Kenyans.

The 2022/2023 budget proposal was delivered on 7th of April 2022 by Treasurer cabinet secretary Ukuru Yattani, coming out earlier than the usual dates of June.

Mwambu, during a public engagement with the residents of Siboti ward in Bumula constituency said Kenyans are suffering but it doesn’t seem to ring a bell to the president to come out and address the nation over the same and give a way forward over the ailing state of the economy.

“The president has kept quiet over the recent reading of the budget yet it has raised a mixed reaction among Kenyans, he needs to come out and say something on it because we can’t continue operating like this as a country,” he said.

He went ahead to say that President Kenyatta and his alleged project, the Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya flag bearer Raila Odinga do not relate to the problems of the common Wananchi.

Mwambu went ahead to drum up support for his UDA party boss William Ruto saying that he is the real hustler and can relate to each and every problem.

The quick-witted law maker went ahead to call out the Bungoma county boss Wycliffe Wangamati over his empty promises after he failed to deliver the promise of drilling water in the wards which has resulted in water shortages in Bungoma county.

Mabonga further asked the residents to vote for the leaders who can deliver and not those who come with lies and not receipts.

He, however, asked his opponent Jack Wamboka to stop causing chaos while seeking support from the residents saying that politics should not always involve chaos and insults, and should instead let the residents decide saying that for him he knows that he will beat him hands down.

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