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Roysambu Killing! Dailytrends Obtains Chats Between Butchered Girl, Killer

by Tiktoker

In a chilling revelation, Police have learned that the tragic demise of a 24-year-old university student at an Airbnb in Roysambu was orchestrated through Instagram.

Exclusive information obtained by Dailytrends unveils the gruesome details of the incident.

The lifeless and mutilated remains of the young woman were discovered inside a dustbin on a fateful Sunday morning, just a day after she had checked into the apartment accompanied by an unidentified man.

Sources indicate that the victim, whose identity remains undisclosed due to ongoing investigations and at the request of her grieving family, exclusively communicated with her assailant through Instagram. The assailant deliberately withheld other contact details, seemingly aware of the sinister nature of his motives.

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Details extracted from the private conversations, which we are bound not to disclose online, suggest that the victim was enticed from her home in Syokimau to TRM along Thika Road on a Saturday evening. The assailant, assuring her of a pleasant time, persuaded her to rendezvous at the bus stage in TRM.

Expressing skepticism at one point, the victim questioned the true intentions of her conversant, explicitly asking, ‘Do you want to kill me?’ The assailant vehemently reassured her that his sole purpose was to share a good time.

Departing from home on Saturday afternoon, the young woman informed her parents that she was meeting her cousin. Throughout her journey from Mombasa Road to Thika Road, she provided regular updates to her ominous counterpart.

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The unidentified assailant directed her to await him at the TRM stage, specifying his attire for easy identification. Their meeting point marked the beginning of a tragic sequence, leading to their check-in at a pre-booked Airbnb.

The man, believed to be of West African origin, made the reservation using an Airtel number registered to a woman. Despite being captured on CCTV, he managed to conceal his identity with a cap and sunglasses.

Law enforcement suspects that he may have drugged the young lady, engaged in sexual assault, and subsequently dismembered her body using a hacksaw.

The discarded body parts were callously disposed of in a nearby dustbin, while he absconded with the victim’s head. The police are currently working diligently to ascertain the identity of the perpetrator.

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