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President Ruto Takes Swift Action After Embakasi Gas Plant Explosion

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In a bold move to address the aftermath of the gas filling plant explosion in Embakasi, President William Ruto has taken decisive action by ordering the immediate dismissal, arrest, and detainment of government officials responsible for issuing licenses to the ill-fated facility.

The president, speaking during the groundbreaking ceremony for Chekalini Market in Lugari, Kakamega County, expressed his concern over the operational status of the gas filling plant, emphasizing that it was in direct violation of the law.

President Ruto revealed that unscrupulous government officials had granted permits to the gas dealer, allowing them to operate in a residential area, thereby putting the lives of Kenyan citizens at risk.

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He sternly demanded the removal and apprehension of these officials within a tight timeframe of 24 hours, ensuring they face the charges brought against them.

During his address, President Ruto attributed the explosion to a combination of laziness, deceit, and corruption within government offices.

He highlighted the negligence of those who approved the establishment of the gas filling plant in a residential zone, leading to the tragic incident in Nairobi that resulted in numerous injuries.

“I have instructed the Ministry that those responsible for granting the license should be fired, arrested, and detained today,” declared President Ruto, underlining the urgency of the situation.

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He further pointed out that the government officials involved had succumbed to bribery, turning a blind eye to regulations and compromising the safety of the community.

The head of state also shed light on the prior warnings given to the gas filling plant owners, instructing them not to establish the facility in the specified area.

However, due to the influence of bribery and a lack of discipline, the license was issued, ultimately culminating in the tragic explosion on Thursday night.

President Ruto’s swift and firm response underscores his commitment to eradicating corruption within government agencies and ensuring the safety and well-being of Kenyan citizens.

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As the nation grapples with the repercussions of this incident, the president’s actions send a clear message that accountability and adherence to the law are non-negotiable in the pursuit of a secure and lawful society.

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