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Matteo’s Owner Francesco Checchini Doesn’t Want Africans in Matteos Restaurant in Karen

by Daily Trends

Nearly seventy years after independence, racist white people still think Kenyans are their slaves. Today, we were shocked and deeply disappointed by the unprofessional behavior displayed by one of staff members, presumably the owner at Matteo’s in Karen.

The incident which sparks of inbult racism occurred when one of the patrons accidentally broke a nail. Instead of addressing the situation with tact and understanding, the owner a faded Italian Francesco Checchini approached the patron in a confrontational and disrespectful manner, using offensive and deeply racist language and derogatory terms.

“Do you think this is a toilet? get out of my fucking restaurant, go break your nail outside my premises, Jinga sana” he fumed. This behavior was not only uncalled for but also completely unacceptable and racist.

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To the patrons dismay, the situation escalated further when the owner Francesco Checchini proceeded to insult and demean the patrons, referring to them as “fucking animals.” Such derogatory language and hostile behavior towards paying customers is entirely reprehensible and has no place in any establishment.

“As Kenyan patrons who have frequented Matteo’s establishment in the past, we were deeply disappointed by this experience. We believe that customer service and hospitality should be paramount in the hospitality industry, and the behavior exhibited by your staff member fell far short of these standards,” says a disgruntled customer Odongo who witnessed the sad situation.

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