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Bungoma MCAs led by the majority leader Joseph Nyongesa have today endorsed Senate speaker Ken Lusaka for the county’s top seat.

The MCAs say that the county’s first governor has what it takes to put Bungoma county in a good place once again.

Speaking at the Ken Lusaka command Centre in Bungoma town, the 35 MCAs said they will support Lusaka since he is capable of reviving the economy and the normal functioning of Bungoma county.

The County has a total of 45 wards in its 9 constituencies.

Lusaka is set to be received officially by Ford Kenya as the party’s gubernatorial aspirant on 11th March at Bungoma Posta grounds.

The majority leader Joseph Nyongesa said that they will pull their weight behind Lusaka and support him fully to see him win the elections come 9th of August this year.

His sentiments were echoed by Elizabeth Tindi, Tongaren MCA saying that during Lusaka’s regime, the number of bags of fertilizers distributed to the farmers was 700 and now it is only 300 saying that the county is directing the funds that are meant to help the residents on unimportant things.

Lwandanyi MCA Tony Barasa also campaigned for Lusaka saying that many projects have stuck since Governor Wycliffe Wangamati took over.

He noted that it is just wise for the people of Bungoma to vote in Lusaka for the second time so that he can come in and finish the projects that he started as the first governor of Bungoma.

“Many projects have stalled since Wangamati came in and we are certain that Lusaka is coming to complete them”, he said.

The MCAs said that they have resolved to spread the gospel to every resident of Bungoma county and with that, they are set to have several rallies in every subcounty.

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Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati has been called out by Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) to stop using his power to humiliate every one who goes against his political wishes.

While addressing a press conference at the County Assembly of Bungoma on Friday January 14, 2022, Ndivisi ward MCA Martin Wanyonyi said that Wangamati had earlier on instructed goons to keep the county Deputy governor’s office closed denying him access because he had chosen a different political direction.

Wanyonyi reminded the county boss that every Kenyan has his/her own right to support candidates of their choice, under any political party.

He went further to note that the county is investing a lot of energy towards non-important issues instead of focusing on what’s important for the people of Bungoma.

He touched on the delayed salaries for the casual workers in the county saying that a lot of money was set aside for their salaries but up to now they are yet to be paid and they are still working for the county.

“I am asking the county government of Bungoma to tell us where the money went to. The casuals are not yet paid, instead they are using the money to move around in funerals and cause chaos,” he said.

His sentiments were echoed by his counterpart Tony Barasa, Lwandanyi ward MCA who said that the county stake holders need to get their priorities right.

Barasa said that ksh.136 million was set aside to cater for NHIF cards for the county casual workers but still they are unable to get quality services from the health facilities for the money doesn’t reflect.

He therefore asked the stakeholders to come forward and explain where the money went to.

He also urged village elders and the youths to refuse being used by politicians during this campaign.

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Two MCAs in Bungoma County are nursing injuries after being clobbered publicly by Governor Wycliffe Wangamati’s security detail.

According to multuiple reports, the two MCAs, Nominated MCA Fred Musebe and his Tongaren ward colleague, Elizabeth Tindi had stormed the governor’s event without being invited.

Reports indicate that governor Wangamati had convened a rally during the launch of an office of the ward administrator.

The situation went south when Tindi took to the podium to tear Wangamati’s development record apart accusing him of sidelining the ward. She was backed by Musebe.

“We Tongaren people are usually very keen before voting as we are straight forward people and if we will not have seen any development from you by 2022 we shall send you home parking,” stated Musebe.

While the latter was giving an address, the officers, who are attached to the security detail of the governor and that of his deputy, Ngome Kibanani, descended on the two leaders and snatched Musebe’s microphone.

The chaos that resulted after the encounter left Musebe and attendees nursing injuries.

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Bungoma county assembly was on fire Thursday May 7 when the members of the county assembly engaged in a very heated argument after the plan to impeach leader of the majority failed.

This came after the two sides, those supporting the motion and those against it failed to control their emotions leading to chaos, insults and fist fights, the county assembly turning to a wrestling ground.

Majority of MCAS had signed to impeach leader of the majority Florence Wekesa on what they termed as failing on her duties and conspiring with the executive and. 36 MCAs had appended their signatures to help kicking out of Mrs. Wekesa who is also the Maeni Ward MCA while 11 MCAs were supporting her.

Members of the majority party in the house; led by Ford Kenya want Mrs. Wekesa out for failing to play her role and being manipulated by the executive.

They further called out the assembly speaker Emmanuel Situma for also colluding with the executive disregarding his role as the assembly prefect.

The members had convened to extend the recess and they also wanted to table the motion to kick out the majority leader but it seems the speaker was bit elusive and was siding with the minority members who were supporting the majority leader.

The MCAs had proposed Tuuti Marakaru ward MCA Joseph Juma Nyongesa to take over as the majority leader replacing Mrs. Wekesa.

Nyongesa said that when the health committee members were stopped by the armed anti-riot police officers from interrogating members of the executive on their role in purchasing the most expensive jerrycans at Ksh. 10000 per 20 litre she went silent and never commented on the incident.

She was also accused of failing to convene a meeting to discuss on how they should have shared the Sh 100million from then assembly kitty meant for special programs in fighting Covid-19.

“She has failed us and so we have collected enough signatures and will be impeached through hook or crook, we can’t pretend to help Mwananchi yet we are colluding with the executives and failing in our oversight roles,” said Nyongesa.

However, Mrs. Nyongesa contradicted their sentiments saying that she has played her role very well as the leader of majority something that has united both the assembly sand the executive.

 “Those fighting and want me out feel that I have been an obstacle for them to achieve their selfish interests. I am still the leader of majority at the moment and I will serve Ford Kenya well and ensure that the party grows,” she ranted.

Watch the video below, Courtesy of Kenyan News Today You Tube Channel.

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