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Bungoma MCAs Put Governor Wangamati On Spot Over Intimidation Claims

by Pauline Waswa

Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati has been called out by Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) to stop using his power to humiliate every one who goes against his political wishes.

While addressing a press conference at the County Assembly of Bungoma on Friday January 14, 2022, Ndivisi ward MCA Martin Wanyonyi said that Wangamati had earlier on instructed goons to keep the county Deputy governor’s office closed denying him access because he had chosen a different political direction.

Wanyonyi reminded the county boss that every Kenyan has his/her own right to support candidates of their choice, under any political party.

He went further to note that the county is investing a lot of energy towards non-important issues instead of focusing on what’s important for the people of Bungoma.

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He touched on the delayed salaries for the casual workers in the county saying that a lot of money was set aside for their salaries but up to now they are yet to be paid and they are still working for the county.

“I am asking the county government of Bungoma to tell us where the money went to. The casuals are not yet paid, instead they are using the money to move around in funerals and cause chaos,” he said.

His sentiments were echoed by his counterpart Tony Barasa, Lwandanyi ward MCA who said that the county stake holders need to get their priorities right.

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Barasa said that ksh.136 million was set aside to cater for NHIF cards for the county casual workers but still they are unable to get quality services from the health facilities for the money doesn’t reflect.

He therefore asked the stakeholders to come forward and explain where the money went to.

He also urged village elders and the youths to refuse being used by politicians during this campaign.

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