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Coronavirus Millions go Missing in Bungoma as Governor Procures 20-Litre Jerrycans At Ksh 10,000 Each

by Gabriel Omolo

Bungoma County is again on the spotlight for yet another bad reason.

The Bungoma county government is on the spot over the misappropriation of Ksh. 6 million meant to combat COVID-19 in the county.

Speaking to members of the press on Tuesday, the Bungoma County Assembly Health committee accused the County governor Wycliffe Wangamati of sabotaging the probe on the allegations.

This is after senior officials and the county referral hospital superitendant failed to appear before the committee to answer the claims.

The committee chair Mr. George Makari expressed his disappointment after the committee secretariat was ordered not to appear for the grilling further accusing the house leadership of conspiring to cover up the scandal.

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MCAs Tony Khaoya, Joseph Maguda and Aggrey Mulongo said the county government was involved and further threatened to initiate an impeachment motion against governor Wycliffe Wangamati.

The MCAs further accused Wangamati of purchasing a total of 600, 20-liter jerrycans at a cost of 10,000 each. If this is true, then this will go down as another grand ripoff by the leadership of Bungoma County.

Currently, a 20-liter jerrican retails between 100 and 120 shillings. This means that the price of each jerrican was inflated by 8250 percent.

Lwandanyi Ward MCA Tony Barasa said that all efforts by a section of MCAs to get answers from the Governor concerning the procurement of the containers have gone unanswered.

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The MCAs have also claimed that some of the officials at the county of Bungoma are using the fight against Covid-19 to inflate prices of goods, some of which are not even purchased.

Governor Wangamati and his government are said to have procured the jerricans to help residents of the county maintain hygiene by washing their hands using soap and water to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

This is not the first time for such “funny” scandals to hit Bungoma County. Former Governor, now Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka was accused of purchasing wheelbarrows at the cost of more than 100,000 shillings each.

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