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Naivasha’s Dangerous Settlements That Have Become A Headache To The Police

by Yahil Felix

Naivasha is being mentioned for the umpteenth time for both good and bad.

For the police, the area around Moi South Lake Road, the slams of Karagita in the outskirts of this town is a den of dangerous criminals.

According to them, it is the new pain for security personnel in the area.

The densely populated shanty town is prone to crime as it is a home of hundreds of low income families working in flower farms and job hunters.

The jobless youth spend their time chewing miraa and engage in idle gossip. Others spend most of their time in secluded joints taking illicit brews.

Its dark alleys are a no-go zone for the timid. Many have fell victims of mugging, while women attacked and raped by the intoxicated youths. This place is common with bhang peddling and smoking in the shabby settlements, a situation made worse COVID-19.

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According to Nation Africa, four students in a local institution in the area are known for drug and alcohol addiction after being caught in possession of the hard drug. They were suspended and their situation is an evidence of the deep rooted problem that is rampant in most institutions of learning.

The Deputy County Commissioner Kisilu Mutua said that the area is chaotic and though it is hard, they are trying everything possible to bring stability. Three weeks ago, youths barricaded the road and blocked the Moi South Lake Road while protesting over the shooting of a fisherman.

The area remained a no-go zone for three days. Mr. Mutua said that the protests were permeated by goons who went on a looting spree in the vast area. They engaged the police in cat and mouse games for three days as the police lobbed teargas at them in an attempt to bring sanity.

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Youths who depended on the natural resource for their daily living are now finding it hard since the government regulated fishing activities in a bid to curb illegal fishing. The Deputy County commissioner confirmed that crime has increased since they tightened the measures to control illegal fishing.

Chilling accounts of past cases indicate the area is inhabited by heartless group that killed, raped and committed other crimes. A recent one being the killing of a 30 year-old woman by her estranged lover. The man stabbed her in the stomach, and she died while undergoing treatment at the Naivasha Sub-county Hospital. The suspect was arrested while trying to flee from Naivasha.

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A statement from a volunteer group known as Zion Singles said that at least six people, including five teenagers ailing from mental health related issues have been abused in the area. Mr. Mutua asked the area chiefs to be vigilant as social vices go up.

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