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New Details On The Death of KU Student At Qwetu Hostels Revealed

by Yahil Felix

Fresh details surrounding the death of Kenyatta University student at Qwetu Hostels in Embu have emerged. The student, Neema Githae’s body was found on 0ctober 1, 2021.

As shown by a CCTV footage released by the hostel management, the lady is not seen leaving he room in a span of three days before her body was discovered.

The hostel management said that the last time she was seen leaving her room was on September 27, 2021 and that she returned on the evening of the same day.

It is reported that she spent most of her time in her room. She habitually switched on her lights at a corridor located next to her room. The cameras captured everything that happens within the open spaces but not wht happened inside the rooms.

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Since then, the lady never left her room until when her body was discovered. In another footage captured by another CCTV camera, the student is seen talking to a fellow tenant.

However on the day her body was discovered, three workers; a receptionist, a nurse and a security guard are seen peeping into her room. Moments later, the police are captured entering her room. They later left with her body.

Her mother identified as Linda Macharia said that the hostel management informed her that her daughter was no more. Macharia said she did not believe the version of what she was told by the management, she said she was informed 10 hours after her body had been taken to the morgue.

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She then demanded to be shown the CCTV footage arguing that something was not clear. It is also reported that the family had been given a suicidal note allegedly written by the girl, a note that her mother has since dismissed.

Sources say that the girl who was in her attachment in Embu had a history of mental illness. Her family have ruled out suicide as the cause of the death. Lawyer Danston Omari will represent the family as they lodge a formal complaint against Qwetu Hostels management.

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