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Two Families In Agony As Sons Die After Demanding Their Memory Cards

by Yahil Felix

Two families are currently mourning their loved ones after they were killed for demanding their memory cards. The two scenarios that occurred in different incidents have shocked many.

According to DCI Chief Kinoti, A 21 year-old man identified as Owino was hacked to death in Busia by one George Oduori last week using a machete when he went to demand for his memory card.

‘So incensed was Oduori that he killed Owino on the spot and buried his remains at a shallow grave in his farm, under the cover of darkness. Unbeknownst to the deceased, Oduori had become so obsessed with the contents in the memory card, that he could not contemplate parting with it, opting to kill its owner instead,” said Kinoti.

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Reports said that Owino walked into Oduori’s compound at 9 pm at that day and demanded for his memory card. A furious Oduori struck him and left him dead in a pool of blood.

Oduori’s wife then reported the matter to the police on Friday evening after being threatened by the husband. The suspect was arrested and exhumed the body of the deceased for autopsy.

In another incident in Nairobi’s Huruma area, another family lost their school going son after being stabbed to death by a friend when the deceased demanded for his memory card on Friday night.

The form three student of Brainiac Secondary School succumbed to two stabs on the head and a third one on the chest. Reports say his assailant was unwilling to return the storage device, he brandished a knife and attacked the innocent boy.

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Members of the public who found the 19 year-old writhing in pain and soaked with blood rushed him to the hospital. He lost his life while being treated. The police are currently pursuing the suspect who escaped after committing the crime.

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