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Overcoming Drug Addiction

by Yahil Felix


Drug addiction can also be referred to as substance use disorder. It is best referred to a disease that affects a person’s brain or behavior and leads to the inability to control the use of a legal or illegal drug or medication.

There are various types of drugs like alcohol, marijuana and nicotine. Excess use of these drugs can cause drug addiction and diseases. It can cause effects like delayed puberty and lower bone mineral density and leads to continued use despite the harm it causes to the body.

Internet has played an important role in overcoming drug addiction for many youths who are battling with the said disease.
This is through the use of phones, laptops and other gadgets, there are also online games that are a great distraction to the youth to those who are battling with drug addiction those who are trying to overcome it and it also benefits those who are not using drugs too..

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These online games act as a form of entertainment. Some are paid for and others are free.You can download and watch when offline and you can click and watch some of it when online.

The platforms; https://www.solitaire.org/ offer a wide variety of games to suit all ages. The solitaire is highly preferred because it offers free browser based online games that you can play directly with no app downloads. Moreover there are no distractive ads, there is absolutely something for everyone. The wide genre to choose from makes you come back for more.

My favorite game is Mahjong. This is a simple and fun game anybody can play, and my younger likes Freecell Solitaire. I also like playing Golf Solitaire.

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These solitaire games platform has made my alcoholic brother so busy nowadays, in fact he no longer gets time to drink alcohol.

Look no further. Internet has provided a wide range of solutions to drug addiction. Grab your phone or laptop and you’ll find distractions to help overcome drug addiction.

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