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How to Hire the Right Live Entertainment

by Mustafa Juma

Going for live entertainment above canned music or something on a TV is really going the extra

It’s a way to add a heightened sense of fun and excitement to the already enjoyable time
that is your party.

However, like the food and the venue and the guest list that you put a lot of time into figuring out, the live entertainment is something you need to determine, as well. And by that, we mean: how do you hire the right live entertainment?

Live performers have a tendency sometimes to put guests on the spot, don’t they?

There are the magicians who request a volunteer from the audience, the comedians who want to interact with the audience to make things seem more personal, and the actors who bring the party guests into their theatrics.

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What types of events will call for these possibilities? How can you make things not awkward and ensure everyone enjoys the performers you’ve hired? We’ll give you some tips.

Think of the Clientele

You’re hiring this entertainment for your guests, right? So, when you’re considering what kind to hire, think of your party guests as the performers’ clientele.

Your guests will surely have an overarching personality to them. What kind of people are they? Young and wild? Maybe get a rock band to perform.

Older and more given to traditional parties? Perhaps a suave emcee might do well.
Whatever you do, when you search “entertainment near me” online, make sure you choose
appropriate entertainment from the options you see.

Think of the Mood

Another thing to consider is the mood you want to cultivate at this event of yours. Obviously, you’ll want your live entertainment to mesh with the feelings at the party.

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Having a birthday party for a 90-year-old? A rock band ain’t gonna cut it. Maybe go for something more traditional, such as a jazz band or relaxing singer.

On the other hand, if you’re throwing an extravaganza for a seven-year-old, why not go all out on the fun and get a magician to come and do magic tricks while also throwing in some comedy?

There are plenty of options out there for these kinds of performers.

Match up the entertainment with the party, and you’ll do just fine.

Think of the Performer’s Adaptability

You know, not every performer can be everything to everyone. There are areas where an entertainer specializes.

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That’s going to be his or her strong suit. If you like this aspect of a performer but not that, see if the person can alter some aspect of his or her usual show.

Entertainers who work for hire are not rigid authorities who offer you one type of performance and won’t budge on any detail.

They will probably be happy you’ve chosen them out of all your options and will be more than willing to work with you on the specifics of what you’re planning.

Watch for this kind of flexibility in the entertainment you hire, and you’ll do much better. Keep all these things in mind when hiring live entertainment, and your guests should have the time for their lives.

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