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Charlene Ruto’s Secret Introduction Ceremony With Daddy Owen Leaves Kenyans’ Tongues Wagging

by Mustafa Juma

Hold onto your hats, folks, because it seems like the first daughter, Charlene Chelagat Ruto, has stumbled upon the recipe for love!

In the midst of the country’s festive chaos, Charlene was busy charming the in-laws in the scenic villages of Kakamega. Forget about Christmas traffic; this love affair is the real buzz in town!

While you were unwrapping gifts and raiding the fridge for leftovers, Charlene Ruto was off the market and deep into the heart of Eshifiru village in Kakamega, embarking on what can only be described as a meet-the-mother-in-law extravaganza. Move over, Christmas carols; there’s a new love ballad in town!

In a dazzling display of affection, legendary gospel maestro Daddy Owen played cupid in a private introduction ceremony at his rural abode.


Dressed to the nines, Charlene, flanked by her own security entourage and a troupe of Isikuti dancers, took center stage alongside her dashing divorcee suitor.

Daddy Owen separated from his then wife, Farida Wambui, back in 2021. Wambui is said to have left the crooner for a Gilgil-based tycoon.

Picture this: President Ruto’s daughter in a ravishing red dress, Daddy Owen rocking a brown and black designer shirt with a touch of mystery under a black hat. The chemistry was undeniable as they waltzed through the low-key affair, attended by close-knit family and a sprinkle of A-list friends.

The lovebirds didn’t just exchange googly eyes; they also exchanged gifts, echoing a scene straight out of a heartwarming family drama.

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Owen, in a gesture that would make Cupid himself proud, tied a lesso around Charlene’s waist, sealing the deal and making us all swoon.

And it turns out, this love story wasn’t born overnight. Back in November, Daddy Owen teased us with photos of a friendly basketball match between him and Charlene.

The internet detectives went wild, speculating that there was more brewing between them than just a friendly game.

Prior to their private event, the two were seen moving together in Nairobi City, jumping from one Nganya to another through different routes, dishing out Christmas gifts and vouchers to random Nairobians.

“Juzi together with Charlene Ruto we decided kuingia random matatus on different routes in Nairobi just to gift and surprise commuters with Christmas shopping vouchers plus kuwalipia fare!” Daddy Owen captioned a video posted on his official Instagram account.

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The two have also been spotted together on several occasions doing charity works and supporting talent.

As the curtains fall on this clandestine love affair, we can’t help but root for Charlene Chelagat Ruto and Daddy Owen.

Forget political drama; it’s all about the love brewing in the heart of Kakamega. Cheers to the first daughter and her newfound romance – may their love story be as epic as a holiday blockbuster!

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