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Senator Boni Khalwale’s Fighter Bull Kills His Shamba Boy

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Inasio, the prized bull belonging to Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale, has killed its dedicated caretaker and trainer, Kizito Moi, aged 46.

The unfortunate incident unfolded within the confines of the bull’s den, with Moi’s lifeless body discovered on Sunday, January 28, 2024, bearing severe injuries on the neck, stomach, back, head, and buttocks.

Moi, who had devoted 24 years of his life to working with Senator Khalwale, was passionately committed to the training and well-being of Inasio, the reigning champion of the renowned bullfighting contest in Ikolomani.

Inasio, a five-year-old bull weighing 120kg, had recently clinched the title of reigning champion on January 1, 2024.

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Senator Khalwale, expressing his profound shock, remarked that such incidents are rare, recalling the last similar event in Ikolomani, which happened three decades ago.

The tragedy unfolded when Moi failed to appear for breakfast, raising concerns among his colleagues. Upon investigation, his lifeless body was discovered in the bull’s den.

Speaking about the incident, Senator Khalwale said, “My farm has two sides – the dairy part and the bull. The deceased was purely working on the side of the bull – training it and taking care of its wellbeing. In the morning, he failed to report to work, and everybody got concerned. My wife asked his colleagues to check on him from his house. But while they were heading to the house, they checked in the bull’s den, and that is when they discovered his body lying in a pool of blood.”

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Austin Munasia, the treasurer of the Kakamega Bullfighting Association, has called for a thorough investigation into the incident, raising the possibility of foul play.

He suggested that the killer bull undergo traditional rituals in the bullfighting field, where people scramble for its body parts.

In line with the traditions of the Idakho and Isukha sub-tribes, when a bull participating in bullfighting kills a person, its body parts are shared while the animal is still alive.

Participants cut their share and run away until the bull falls dead, and the meat is then distributed randomly.

Senator Khalwale assured that the traditional process of managing such a disaster would commence promptly, with the conclusion slated for a day after the burial of the deceased.

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He emphasized that the incident would be treated as an unfortunate accident, following all the laid-down procedures to leave nothing to chance.

According to tradition, individuals caring for bulls in bullfighting contests are typically bachelors without children. The politician assured that he was coordinating with Mr. Moi’s family members to ensure the deceased receives a decent send-off.

Bullfighting is a cultural sport common in Western Kenya especially Kakamega county where people breed bulls for the purpose of fighting competitions.

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