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Monica Kimani Murder: Itumbi Romantically Embraces Maribe in Court as he Celebrates Her Acquittal

by Mustafa Juma

Kenyans witnessed an emotional and heartwarming scene in court as journalist Jacque Maribe was acquitted of murder charges in the Monica Kimani case.

The spotlight, however, shifted towards Dennis Itumbi, whose passionate reaction has since gone viral.

In a video capturing the moment, Itumbi can be seen tightly embracing Maribe just after Lady Justice Grace Nzioka announced the verdict of her acquittal.

The genuine display of joy and relief has resonated with many, as Itumbi took to his official X account to pen a heartfelt message for Maribe.

“Jacque Maribe is FREE! Maribe DID NOT kill Monica. Daaamn! I feel so vindicated!” Itumbi exclaimed in his post, shedding light on the six-year-long journey Maribe endured – a journey marked by shadows and unjust chains.

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Itumbi’s message didn’t shy away from addressing what he referred to as a “rogue” DCI boss, George Kinoti, who allegedly used Maribe as a pawn in his pursuit of sensational headlines.

The post emphasized the truth’s brilliance, dispelling the darkness created by “Kinoti’s lies” and a scripted narrative aimed solely at media attention.

“Today, the truth has unveiled its brilliance, dispelling the darkness. The darkness of Kinoti lies and outright script aimed for Media headlines and nothing else,” Itumbi passionately wrote.

He likened Maribe to a phoenix, encouraging her to rise from the ashes, emphasizing that while time may have been lost, the essence of her being remains untouched.

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Itumbi extended collective hands on behalf of friends, welcoming her back to the embrace of freedom.

In a show of unwavering support, Itumbi declared, “Let the record reflect that you have always been INNOCENT. The system failed you, and the rogue people who added you in this case just for headlines and creation of a circus should answer, and you must not let them walk out of the mess without questions.”

Acknowledging the pain Monica’s family endured, Itumbi expressed hopes for comfort to fill their hearts beyond the pursuit of justice.

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To Jacqueline Maribe, he concluded with a powerful message, “There is a reason storms are named after women. Storms, like focused women, cannot be stopped. You are a lovely storm! Be blessed.”

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