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Aquila East Africa Unveils New Pan-African Look, Leading the Charge in Africa

by Daily Trends

Aquila East Africa, a pioneering force in the marketing industry, has set a new standard with the unveiling of its striking new Pan-African look.

This bold move marks a significant milestone in the journey towards embracing African identity in the marketing landscape.

The unveiling event, held at The Location opposite Yaya center was attended by esteemed guests and senior brand representatives, including Betty Wamaitha, Chief Marketing Manager of Quickmart, Millan Kabata, Marketing Manager of Dairyland, and James Sogoti, General Manager Commercial at NMG.

The event also saw the presence of Dr. Wale Akinyemi, a recognized figure in the African business community, who served as the chief guest. Aquila East Africa’s new Pan-African look embodies the vibrancy and diversity of the continent, setting the agency apart from its competitors.

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Aquila East Africa Unveils New Pan-African Look, Leading the Charge in AfricaWith this rebranding initiative, Aquila aims to amplify the beauty of being proudly African, reflecting the richness of African heritage and culture.

During his address at the event, Dr. Wale Akinyemi emphasized the importance of African brands both within the continent and on the global stage. His inspiring speech resonated with the audience, highlighting the need to take pride in growing African brands and showcasing them to the world.

“We are thrilled to unveil our new Pan-African look, which represents a significant milestone in our journey towards celebrating African identity,” said Kester Muhanji, Director at Aquila East Africa. “With this rebranding initiative, we aim to redefine the narrative of African marketing and inspire others to embrace their African heritage.” Aquila East Africa’s commitment to authenticity and innovation sets a new benchmark for marketing agencies across the continent.

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The agency’s new Pan-African look is a testament to its dedication to promoting African brands and amplifying the beauty of African identity.

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