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Demonic sneakers with human blood that sold in less than a minute

by Ireri Steve

Arguably surpassing all profane instances that ever scorched the world is the trendy narrative that easily leaves one contemplating.

These black sneakers , Air max 97 associated with the American born rapper and singer Lil Nas who had the shoes purposely made to accompany his anticipated song Montero “call me by your name”.

The shoes have a bronze pentagram written Luke 10:18 that reads “I saw Satan fall like lightening from heaven”.

The ultimate profane signal is that the company was instructed to produce only 666 pairs of the Nike air max 97s as “Satan shoes”.

The sneaker has a Air Bubble sole that contains 60 Cubic meters (2.03 fluid ounces) of red ink and one drop of human blood.

MSCHF a small Brooklyn based company that is associated with the production said that each pair went for $1,018 equivalent to kshs101,800 and the perplexing fact is that the 666 pairs were purchased in a period of less than a minute despite the briskness in the process of sale.

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Nike has denied authorizing the making of the shoes and has sued MSCHF over trademark infringement for the customized Satan shoes.

Speaking at the US District Court of New York, Nike said it did not approve the controversial sneakers and asked the court to instantly stop MSCHF from selling the shoes though it happened that the sneakers were already bought.

The Bible verse on the mudguard of the shoes is numbers 10:18 which weirdly relates to the shoes retail price ,$1,018. The shoes were launched on March 29.

Jubilant fans applauding the standout expression of queerness have been quelled by conservative Leaders indifference amongst them the governor of South Dakota who expressed his anger by criticizing this act.

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The rapper who was behind all this remained unmoved even as this act seemed to divide people. . He hit back on the governor and other critics saying they should not be bothered by a sneaker.


Momentarily this sneaker remained so essential in the selling of the music . On launching the it remained the most streamed video ;on YouTube the video achieved 33 million plus views becoming the weekends most trending song. Getting to Spotify it got streamed more than 9 million times becoming the number one song on itunes.

Thematically, the song has managed to confidently speak about homosexuality where the Rapper regrets spending his entire teenage life in the dark with fear that he might get judged.

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Speaking about the lyrics the rapper explains that each word has its own stand out meaning. As he concludes he does it in an angelic humming “mmmmh” which he says is like a nod or a head signal and more of a mating call.

He puts it clear that he is doing it for his fellow LGBTQ community members whose voices have been shut by the conservative critics.

He started writing the lyrics right after visiting his boyfriend who he felt was not free and he felt he should talk about it.

The song remains a major hit allover though as it surfs the universe critics are coming up to speak up for what they believe in.

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