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Big Slum! Flamboyant City Lawyer Trashes Nairobi, Plans To Buy Own Island In Kwale

by Mustafa Juma

Flamboyant city lawyer Donald Kipkorir has revealed his plans to quit Nairobi life.

Taking to his official Twitter handle on Monday evening, lawyer Kipkorir noted that the Kenya’s capital is slowly becoming a big slum due to its congestion.

The corporate lawyer went further to reveal his plans to buy his own Island in the Coastal County of Kwale and a home in Europe as well.

“Don’t worry about my being AWOL from here … Gold mining is in deep tunnels underground …. I am working on buying my Island off Kwale & a home in Europe then I quit Nairobi that is becoming a big slum!” he tweeted.

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Donald Kipkorir’s taste in the finer things in life and flashy lifestyle has often seen him make headlines on social media on several occasions.

In 2018, the lawyer flew in a designer from Italy to make him a suit worth KSHS.400,000 as therapy following the turbulent political season in Kenya.

The lawyer known not to shy away from controversy had last in 2017 received a backlash on social media after he posted pictures of his brand new Range Rover Sport HSE 2016 model with customized plates at the RMA Motors showroom.

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A graduate of the University of Nairobi and Post-graduate student at the Kenya School of Law, Kipkorir started his journey to success in 1994 when he joined the Moses Wetang’ula law firm.

Wetangula, himself one of the most influential lawyers in the country served as the stepping stone or rather the ferry that carried Kipkorir over the rough chirpy waters of poverty to the shores of promised riches on the proverbial island of successful lawyers.

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