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The Bungoma senatorial race is now getting hotter after various aspirants being cleared to battle it out with the incumbent Moses Wetang’ula.

Outgoing Bungoma Deputy Governor Charles Ngome Kibanani has vowed to floor the Ford Kenya party leader in the first round of the August 9 polls.

Speaking at the IEBC offices in Bungoma after being cleared to run for the senate seat, Professor Ngome said that he is ready to battle for the position and he is certain that he will unseat Wetangula.

Ngome went ahead to say that Wetangula has been the senator for Bungoma for two terms now and he has not given the people of Bungoma any solid reason to be reelected again this year, noting that it is time for him to be sent away for Bungoma to grow.

“The journey to send Wetangula home has officially begun and we are not going to look back until we achieve that. Bungoma deserves a better leadership system and leaders who are selfless and Wetangula is nothing close to that,” he said.

He went ahead to note that the sugar bill that was tabled by Kanduyi MP Wafula Wamunyinyi has been sitting in senate since the year 2020 saying that if Wetangula had a good will for the people of Bungoma where farming is the backbone of their income, he should have fought for that bill to be passed.

“If given this opportunity to become the senator of this county, my first agenda will be to look into the sugar bill that has been delayed in the senate by my opponent who is the current sitting senator. It was passed in the national assembly and it has been in the senate for concurrence because farming is a devolved function but has been stuck there since 2020,” he said.

Ngome went further to rubbish the opinion poll that was conducted by Mizani which showed that Wetangula was leading at 72.1% while he was at 16.4% saying that the true one will be revealed on 9th of August.

He said that Wetangula is paying people to conduct the polls in his favor and therefore asked the people to ignore those polls saying that the real ones will be on the ballot.

Ngome is running on a Democratic Action Party of Kenya (DAP-K party ticket

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Bungoma MCAs led by the majority leader Joseph Nyongesa have today endorsed Senate speaker Ken Lusaka for the county’s top seat.

The MCAs say that the county’s first governor has what it takes to put Bungoma county in a good place once again.

Speaking at the Ken Lusaka command Centre in Bungoma town, the 35 MCAs said they will support Lusaka since he is capable of reviving the economy and the normal functioning of Bungoma county.

The County has a total of 45 wards in its 9 constituencies.

Lusaka is set to be received officially by Ford Kenya as the party’s gubernatorial aspirant on 11th March at Bungoma Posta grounds.

The majority leader Joseph Nyongesa said that they will pull their weight behind Lusaka and support him fully to see him win the elections come 9th of August this year.

His sentiments were echoed by Elizabeth Tindi, Tongaren MCA saying that during Lusaka’s regime, the number of bags of fertilizers distributed to the farmers was 700 and now it is only 300 saying that the county is directing the funds that are meant to help the residents on unimportant things.

Lwandanyi MCA Tony Barasa also campaigned for Lusaka saying that many projects have stuck since Governor Wycliffe Wangamati took over.

He noted that it is just wise for the people of Bungoma to vote in Lusaka for the second time so that he can come in and finish the projects that he started as the first governor of Bungoma.

“Many projects have stalled since Wangamati came in and we are certain that Lusaka is coming to complete them”, he said.

The MCAs said that they have resolved to spread the gospel to every resident of Bungoma county and with that, they are set to have several rallies in every subcounty.

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Ford Kenya party leader Moses Masika Wetangula has been asked to stop forcing a leader of his choice to the people of Kabuchai Constituency.

While addressing the press in Bungoma town, Doctor Evans Wafula Makokha, an aspirant who is seeking to unseat MP Majimbo Kalasinga of Kabuchai Constituency noted that Wetangula has been actively participating in imposing leaders on the people of Kabuchai denying them an opportunity to practice their democratic right.

“This time around we are calling upon you senator Wetangula to leave the Kabuchai people to determine their leadership. We don’t want imposition of leaders in Kabuchai, ”he said.

Doctor Evans Wafula Makokha. Photo/Courtesy

He went further to say that it is time for Kabuchai to have a chance for it has been doing badly in terms of development compared to the other constituencies in the county, saying that he is fit to actualize that.

Dr Wafula went ahead to ask for a lifestyle audit to be done on the sitting MP Majimbo Kalasinga and the members of CDF in his constituency to determine the source of their wealth saying that they have been busy squandering public funds instead of putting it in good use.

“We have evidence that the current leadership in Kabuchai is so much corrupted in that the MP awards himself tenders through other people and some are bribing him to get the tenders instead of awarding them to people who deserve it, ”he said.

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Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula has lashed out at President Uhuru Kenyatta for imposing a president of his choice to the people.

The Ford Kenya party leader while speaking at Ford Kenya offices in Bungoma told the head of state to focus on finishing his term and retire peacefully.

Wetangula who had met Ford Kenya aspirants from Bungoma said that President Kenyatta should dare to embrace politicking above tribes and community asking him to pave way for the Kenyans to choose the leader of their choice.

This comes barely hours after the Sagana 3 meeting whereby President Kenyatta openly declared his support for ODM leader Raila Odinga.

“Take the example of your predecessor the former president Mwai Kibaki, when he finished his term he let Kenyans decide on who to be their President and God gave you the grace to be and so you should also do that and let the people decide, ”he said.

Wetangula went further to say that the constitution does not grant Uhuru the power and the authority to impose a puppet on Kenyans telling him to stop using the public resource in support of his own choice.

“Mr. President stop using public resources to determine your successor because am sure the Sagana meeting spend public resources. If there is public resources to play public politics then access that money to everyone and let us fight, ”he said.

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Bungoma deputy governor Professor Charles Kibanani Ngome has called out Senator Moses Wetangula to stop misleading Bungoma County residents in matters related to politics.

Addressing residents of Bungoma County, Prof Ngome said Wetang’ula is unable to choose a side to support but only keeps jumping from one side to another to fulfill his own interests.

He noted that in 2017 Wetang’ula supported Governor Wycliffe Wangamati and during the campaign, he was against senate speaker Kenneth Lusaka saying he was very corrupt and was not the right person for Bungoma.

Wetang’ula has declared his support for Speaker Lusaka in the race for Bungoma gubernatorial seat.

I Will No Longer Respect Lusaka and Wetangula" Fires Erupts In Bungoma As  Wangamati Declares War With Ford Kenya - KDRTV
Senator Moses Wetang’ula and Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka. Photo/Courtesy.

Lusaka was defeated by Wangamati in the 2017 polls.

Ngome said that Wetangula is doing things targeting at his own interests and not the interests of the people of Bungoma and he should therefore be cancelled completely.

“The big problem that is leading to Wetangula’s fallout with other Bungoma politicians is none other than money related and that is why Wetangula must go for Bungoma to change. If we were to follow what he wanted, this county could not have been where it is right now. The dual carriage and scholarship projects could have not taken place,” he said

He went further to call upon those who haven’t registered as voters to use the second opportunity that is starting today 17th to February 6th saying that it will give them an opportunity to choose the leaders of their choice.

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Kakamega senator Cleophas Malala has threatened to dump the One Kenya Alliance (OKA) should the coalition associate itself with ODM leader Raila Odinga.

The vocal lawmaker told off the former Premier to cease from deceiving other leaders for his own benefits.

Speaking while addressing locals in Bungoma town during the One Kenya Alliance (OKA) people’s tour of the the Western region on Friday November 26, 2021, Malala urged other leaders to refuse the mind games played by Raila.

The first time senator noted that Raila’s political game ends up benefitting him and his people alone.

Malala’s rant comes days after Raila attended the Wiper party’s National Delegates Convention (NDC) at the Kasarani Gymnasium where Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka was endorsed as the party’s flag bearer in the coming 2022 general elections.

Malala noted that in 2017, Western Kenya leaders united to support NASA whose flag bearer was Raila, who then went into a political marriage with President Kenyatta through the famous March 2018 handshake without consulting his co-principals.

The lawmaker argued that Raila was given Kshs. 250 billion to build up his supporters, but he instead went ahead to use the money for his own benefit.

“I want Wetangula, Mudavadi and Kalonzo to learn a lesson from Raila after he went into agreement with President Kenyatta he forgot about NASA issues,” he said.

According to Malala, Raila used the alleged funds to build his Kisumu region, neglecting the western region.

He warned that OKA supporters would defect to other alliances should the coalition bring the Orange party on board.

“If you are going to unite independently as One Kenya Alliance (OKA) we are going to support you but if you are going to include ODM then we promise to decamp,” he said.

In presence was the Bungoma senator Moses Masika Wetangula who noted that people should have faith in One Kenya Alliance for it is the one going to form the next government in 2022.

Wetang’ula further noted that OKA will not betray Kenyans but instead bring equity, employment and change
among Kenyans.

Also present during the OKA tour of the Bungoma County was ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi, his KANU counterpart Gideon Moi, Wiper’s Kalonzo Musyoka and former Presidential aspirant Cyrus Jirongo.

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Orange Democratic Movement leader Raila Odinga might have suffered a blow after One Kenya Alliance Principals made a new move to bar him from re-uniting with them.

The team has revealed that they will sign a coalition agreement that prevents them from joining any political coalition.

Sources have revealed that OKA technical committee are working tirelessly to have a coalition agreement signed by the principals as soon as possible.

The agreement will bring together six senior political bigwigs in the country, that is, ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi, Wiper’s Kalonzo Musyoka, KANU’s Gideon Moi, Ford Kenya’s Moses Wetangula and Cyrus Jirongo who recently joined the alliance.

Kimilili MP Chris Wamalwa has said that the technical committee has finalized the coalition’s instrument which seeks to bring the principals together.

The news about this coalition agreement comes a day after Kalonzo Musyoka vowed never to back Raila in his presidential bid. He said it is time for the ODM chief to support him having done the same for him in the last two elections.

Kalonzo also urged Raila to retire from politics noting that he is old enough to go home. Kalonzo expressed confidence that OKA is becoming a serious political challenger in 2022 contest and urged other political parties to join them.

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Kanduyi MP Wafula Wamunyinyi‘s communication director Storm Peter Ochieng has been brutally killed by unknown people.

Storm who is also a musician was found murdered on the night of Friday August 7, with the motive of his killers unknown.

He was murdered in cold blood after leaving a drinking joint in Bungoma Town where he was with the MP.

May be an image of 1 person
Storm Peter Ochieng. Photo/Courtesy.

Wamunyinyi has condemned the murder, calling for police to speed up their investigation and bring the killers to the book.

His body was lying in a pool of blood with deep cuts. Wamunyinyi has also urged the police to investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident, saying that there were two different accounts that are contradicting.

Reports indicate that his killers were on a motorbike while other reports indicate that the killers were using a motor vehicle.

May be an image of 4 people and people standing
Kanduyi MP wafula Wamunyinyi at the scene of the brutal murder. Photo/Courtesy.

According to Wamunyinyi, Storm left him for home and was thereafter informed by a police officer that his communications aid had been injured.

Upon rushing to the scene, they found him with deep cuts on the head and hands.

“Storm said he is leaving and my PA Sebastian paid the Boda Boda guy via Mpesa and they left together. As I was heading home, I was called by a police officer who informed me that my communications officer is badly injured. I went to the scene only to find the innocent boy with deep cuts on the head and hand,” said Wamunyinyi.

According to Storm’s cousin Andrew Munyagwa, he first heard of the tragedy through Boda Boda riders who he heard saying a man had been brutally cut around the area they reside.

Wamunyinyi has blamed Storms’s death on Ford Kenya party politics where he is embroiled in protracted leadership wrangles with Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula.

The MP sent his condolences to the family and pledged to help the family in giving Storm a befitting send-off.

Before joining Wamunyinyi, Storm used to work as a media and communications officer for Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa.

He is a renowned singer who shot to the limelight through his song dubbed brikicho. His other songs include Bindu Vichenjanga, Tabia, Another try, Popo, Pambana and many more.

Below is one of his music videos.

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The National Super Alliance (NASA) Co-principals Musalia Mudavadi, Kalonzo Musyoka and Moses Wetang’ula are planning to sue the Raila Odinga-led Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party over political parties’ funding.

The trio is also planning to officially withdraw from NASA after a fallout with the Orange party.

According to Mudavadi, the three coalition partners, Amani National Congress (ANC), Wiper and Ford Kenya are already formulating paperwork that will see the end to NASA coalition. The coalition agreement stipulates that NASA can only cease to exist if three partners decide to pull out.

The trio want to sue Raila Odinga’s party over political parties’ funds that have been disbursed to ODM since 2017.

Bungoma Senator and the Ford Kenya party leader Moses Wetang’ula said public resources have been channeled to one of the coalition’s partners who has completely refused to account, which he says may lead to legal challenges.

As NASA affiliates, Wetang’ula says they shall seek remedies legally starting with arbitration, tribunal and “maybe eventually the High Court”.

Wetang’ula further noted that Wiper’s Kalonzo Musyoka was mandated to address the issue with the ODM party leader but Odinga and ODM are said to have snubbed any negotiations with Kalonzo for the last six months.

A meeting that was meant to happen on May 7 failed to happen, after ODM deputy party leader Wycliffe Oparanya failed to show up, further complicating the matter.

ODM secretary general Edwin Sifuna has however rubbished the matter, claiming that ODM does not owe anything to the three parties.

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Flamboyant city lawyer Donald Kipkorir has revealed his plans to quit Nairobi life.

Taking to his official Twitter handle on Monday evening, lawyer Kipkorir noted that the Kenya’s capital is slowly becoming a big slum due to its congestion.

The corporate lawyer went further to reveal his plans to buy his own Island in the Coastal County of Kwale and a home in Europe as well.

“Don’t worry about my being AWOL from here … Gold mining is in deep tunnels underground …. I am working on buying my Island off Kwale & a home in Europe then I quit Nairobi that is becoming a big slum!” he tweeted.

Donald Kipkorir’s taste in the finer things in life and flashy lifestyle has often seen him make headlines on social media on several occasions.

In 2018, the lawyer flew in a designer from Italy to make him a suit worth KSHS.400,000 as therapy following the turbulent political season in Kenya.

The lawyer known not to shy away from controversy had last in 2017 received a backlash on social media after he posted pictures of his brand new Range Rover Sport HSE 2016 model with customized plates at the RMA Motors showroom.

A graduate of the University of Nairobi and Post-graduate student at the Kenya School of Law, Kipkorir started his journey to success in 1994 when he joined the Moses Wetang’ula law firm.

Wetangula, himself one of the most influential lawyers in the country served as the stepping stone or rather the ferry that carried Kipkorir over the rough chirpy waters of poverty to the shores of promised riches on the proverbial island of successful lawyers.

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Ford Kenya party leader Moses Wetang’ula has declared his final position on the Constitution of Kenya (Amendment) Bill, 2020, famously known as the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) referendum Bill.

The Bungoma Senator on Saturday May 8, 2021 through his official Twitter account defended his earlier position on the bill, saying that he was only a critic of the BBI referendum bill.

Wetang’ula on Tuesday made a surprise move, calling for radical amendments on the bill that has hence received a nod from the Members of National Assembly.

Wetang’ula who is a principal in the One Kenya Alliance said to be enjoying the blessings of President Uhuru Kenyatta, said the bill contains several provisions that will erode the gains the country has made.

Speaking during the debate on the Bill in the senate chambers on Tuesday, Wetangula said the provisions are a clawback and should be changed by parliament to realign them to the Constitution.

The senator took issue with the second schedule of the Bill that creates 70 constituencies, creation of the Judiciary Ombudsam, scrapping of 47 woman rep positions in the National Assembly and creation of the Youth Commission.

“I don’t understand why we are creating a Youth Commission. We have so many laws that govern our youth. Kenyans must learn to understand that youth is neither a disadvantage nor a disability. It is a transit state in human life,” he said.

The vocal lawmaker, a lawyer by profession, questioned the constitutionality, rationale and criteria for the creation and allocation of 70 constituencies to some 47 counties.

However, he has defended his position saying that he was only pointing out some of the shortcomings in the BBI bill.

He went ahead to declare his final position on the bill’s vote, saying that he will vote yes for the bill when it will be tabled in the senate.

“It does appear to me that many don’t understand the difference between a critic on a bill and opposing a bill. Pointing out shortcomings in a bill like I did on the BBI bill is a legislator’s duty. I will vote YES for the bill. It’s my and FK party position!” he said.

Wetang’ula’s statement did not, however, go well with a section of Kenyans on Twitter, who have condemned him for pointing out the shortcomings in the BBI referendum bill, but still going ahead to vote YES.

The seeming angry KOT criticized Wetang’ula for endorsing the BBI referendum bill with all the shortcomings he had pointed out.

Here are some of the KOT’s reactions.

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The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) has told the NASA co-principals to forget Raila Odinga’s support in 2022.

The Orange party’s secretary-general Edwin Sifuna on Tuesday, January 26 challenged Amani National Congress party leader Musalia Mudavadi, Ford Kenya’s Moses Wetang’ula and Wiper’s Kalonzo Musyoka to stop dreaming of being endorsed by Raila in 2022.

Instead, Sifuna has asked the leaders to take advantage of ODM’s public notice and apply to be the party flagbearer for 2022 State House bid.

A fortnight ago, politicians across the divide used the funeral service of Mudavadi’s mother to drum up support for his candidature for the top seat ahead of next year’s polls. 

“If you know you cannot win without Baba’s support this is your chance. Come into his house, pick forms, apply, sit and wait. Or forever hold your peace,” Sifuna added.

In an advert placed in local dailies on Sunday, ODM elections board, chaired by Dr Catherine Mumma, asked members to send applications to National Elections Board  if they want to be the party’s presidential candidate for 2022 General Election.

Mumma said interested candidates must pay Sh1 million non-refundable fee to the ODM account held at Kenya Commercial bank, Lavington branch.

Further, each applicant will be required to present the evidence of the payment to the party’s headquarters.

Yesterday, Mudavadi sustained his attacks on Raila, accusing him of breaching a promise he made in 2017 not to again contest the presidency.

Mudavadi said he had stood with Raila in his presidential bids over the years and it was time the ODM leader reciprocated.

Reports earlier indicated that Nasa was considering fielding one candidate to run against Ruto.

Nasa imploded following the March 9, 2018, handshake between Raila and President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Mudavadi said he won’t support any other person and criticised Raila for reneging on his 2017 promise to run for the last time.

“He said in 2017 that he had one bullet. He has now abandoned his gun because it has no bullets, and now he has taken another person’s gun because he wants to load bullets,” he said.

Mudavadi spoke on Sunday in Matungu when he campaigned for his ANC candidate Peter Nabulindo. He addressed supporters at Mukhweya, Namulungu and Mirere centres. 

Mudavadi also accused Deputy President William Ruto of dishonesty, deceit and disrespect to Kenyans and President Kenyatta.

He termed the DP’s support of the recently launched UDA party as a mockery of the tenets of democracy and party loyalty.

The ANC boss said the DP cannot distance himself from the undertakings of the Jubilee party and the government he formed together with Uhuru.

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Western Kenya region is yet again mourning the death of another MP, just weeks after Matungu MP Justus Murunga died.

Kabuchai MP James Lusweti Mukwe has died after a long battle with illness.

Lusweti, who was receiving treatment at the Nairobi Hospital for an undisclosed illness, died on Friday morning (December 4, 2020).

His death has been confirmed by Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula via his social media pages.

“It’s with profound shock and sorrow to learn of the passing on of Hon James Lusweti Mukwe, Kabuchai mp. He willl be remembered as a hardworking & loyal member of Fk party who served his people with utmost honesty, commitment & accountability. RIP kuka,”Wetangula tweeted.

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Leaders from Western region led by  Bungoma senator Moses Wetangula have called on Cabinet Secretaries who have been criss-crossing the region to provide evidence in the waiver of debts owed to the state by ailing sugar factories.

Wetangula dared Devolution CS Eugine Wamalwa and his agriculture counterpart Peter Munya to produce the documented evidence with the relevant instruments to confirm that Nzoia Sugar company debts have been waived.

 “The people of western region are not fools, they know what it means by development and they have seen the bad states of the companies and being told that the debts have been waived without evidence is zero work,” Wetangula said.

His statement was echoed by Dan Wanyama, Webuye West member of the parliament who said that the cabinet has no mandate to waive a debt without the input of the national assembly.

“We are the people who allocate resources, I tried hard to include in the budget but when we approached Munya he declined to factor in Money for the ailing factories and so farmers know the truth. If indeed the president is serious, he should bring a paper in parliament to the committee of agriculture to deal with the issue,” he said

Wanyama said that the parliament must understand the period and how these debts accrued before the decision is made.

“It might be crude creditors who want to pay themselves or the money ending up going to the wrong people. Munya was evasive by talking about the treasury making paper work since he knew the process was not right but came in to give Wamalwa PR to get political mileage,” Wanyama added.

This comes a week after the recent visit of CS Wamalwa and Munya who assured the farmers that the debts that were holding the companies down had been written off to allow the leasing of the companies for it to go back to its normal operation.

They however came in solidarity with the most recent declaration by the president who had ordered that the cabinet secretaries are not allowed to move out of Nairobi after the surge in Covid-19 cases across the country.

Wetangula stated that their meetings have been suspended following the rampant increase of the cases in western region most specifically in Busia County.

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Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula grand entry in Bungoma County went wrong.

The embattled Ford Kenya party leader on Friday June 19, 2020 had a confrontation with members of the security forces after he attempted to hold a political rally in Bungoma County despite the Covid19 safety guidelines issued by the government.

Wetangula made a triumphant entry in the county, in a convoy where he was joined by some of his allies in the region – sparking running battles with police.

They were first teargassed in Kamukuywa and Kimilili towns. Wetang’ula was in the company of Kimili MP Didmus Barasa and a section of Bungoma County MCAs.


His supporters were engaging police officers in running battles with several teargas cannisters having been lobbed at Wetangula’s vehicle.


Wetangula however, managed to force himself into Bungoma town despite the barricades raised by the police. Watch the video below.

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President Uhuru Kenyatta led Jubilee party has finally entered into a post-election deal with Kalonzo Musyoka’s Wiper Movement party and Isaac Rutto’s Chama Cha Mashinani (CCM).

The deal between the parties was signed on Wednesday June 17, 2020 at Jubilee Party headquarters in Pangani, along Thika Super Highway, Nairobi.

Wiper and CCM are the latest parties to enter into a post-poll deal with the ruling Jubilee party. This comes after Jubilee party and Kanu signed a coalition agreement.

The agreement saw West Pokot Senator Samuel Poghisio of Kanu being named the Senate Majority Leader.

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader Raila Odinga has been working with President Kenyatta since their March 9, 2018 handshake.

The two are pushing for the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) which is advocating for constitutional changes.

With Kalonzo and Rutto joining the deal with Jubilee, their NASA counterparts Musalia Mudavadi of the African National Congress (ANC) party and Ford Kenya’s Moses Wetang’ula have been left alone in the coalition that saw Raila raise its flag during the 2017 general polls.

Isaac Rutto who was part of the NASA brigade quit moments after the general elections that saw him lose his Bomet gubernatorial seat to the late Joyce Laboso.

Last month, the Wiper National Executive Council authorised Kalonzo to seal a co-operation agreement with Jubilee and Kanu.

The resolution was reached during a virtual meeting held by more than 50 members under its leader. The members unanimously backed the immediate implementation of the cooperation agreement.

The party NEC added that once the agreement is sealed, it will be signed by party chairman Chirau Ali Mwakwere and secretary general Judith Sijeny.

The party then held a National Delegates Conference to endorse the formation of an agreement.

During the meeting, Kalonzo said that its membership to the National Super Alliance (NASA) will not be altered by the coalition.

Will Wetang’ula and Mudavadi also give in and join their colleagues ahead of 2022 succession politics?

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