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Yusuf Abubakar is not a new name in the Coast region as he is known by many for defending those accused of terrorism.

Having practiced his profession for 23 years, he didn’t know the career he chose would make or destroy him. In a candid interview with Nation, he reveals how he has become an enemy to many.

The lawyer says that he has received threats many times because of defending the most-wanted terrorists in court.

He defended the late Sheikh Aboud Rogo and Salim Mohammed who is currently being sought by security agents. He takes pride that all those he defends have never been convicted.

His problems started when the police accused him of meddling in their affairs. Also, he has been perceived as an enemy by the community.

“But I will never regret the path I chose, because not only has it given me experience but it has also taught me lessons,” said Abubakar.

He further said his challenge is when he is defending a murder or terror suspect, because he is going against the State to prove that the accused is innocent.

He said since he defended Aboud Rogo and his wife, it has never been an easy journey for him.

People lashed out at him saying he is defending terrorists and criminals, adding that he is proud those he defended have never been convicted.

Abubakar said he has no security even when his life comes to danger, “My security is God only.”

He has received blames from the affected families, blaming him for defending suspects.

He also revealed that he also deals with murder cases. He said Omar Lali’s murder case where he was accused of killing Keroche heiress Tecra Muigai was a unique one.

He said although Omar Lali was a poor man fighting against a rich family, he is proud for succeeding in proving his innocence in Lamu before the case was transferred to a court in Garsen, Tana River County where he also succeeded in proving his innocence.

“When defending murder and terror you have to be keen, careful and gather enough evidence,” said Abubakar.

He added that Hemed Salim’s case is still fresh in his mind. This is after Salim was abducted in 2014 outside Masjid Musa in Mombasa and they are still following up on his whereabouts seven years later.

Despite being a tough lawyer, he also experiences hard times. He recalled some of his toughest cases being those of by-election petitions in Shela and Ganda wards.

“It is difficult for a petitioner to succeed in such cases but we won the Shela one in 2013 and Ganda in 2017,” he said.

He recalls his childhood days and what made him choose to be a lawyer. He said back then, they lived as squatters in their land with no place to call home.

His father didn’t own a title deed and this prevented him from getting a loan to send Abubakar to a good school.

Witnessing his father receiving threats daily rekindled his passion to go for law as a career.

Having been born and raised in Gazi, Kwale County, he went to Makongeni Primary School before proceeding to Barani School in Kanamai Kilifi County.

He later transferred to Serani Primary School in Mombasa County where he completed Standard Eight in 1986.

He later joined Shimo La Tewa High School where he sat for his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exams in 1990.

Abubakar then joined University of Nairobi for law between 1992 and 1996. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in 1998.

Since then, he has been practicing law and he said at 52 years, he is proud to have touched all fields of law.

Abubakar has tackled criminal, constitutional, land, Kadhi, terror and murder cases.

He declared that his interest is in politics currently. “In 2004, I contested the Kisauni MP’s seat under Shirikisho Party where I was Secretary General, But I lost and emerged number three.”

He said he believes he can balance politics and law and that is why he is going to try it in 2022 by contesting for a seat in Lamu County.

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High Court sitting on Tuesday morning rejected the decision by the state to roll out Huduma number cards ruling out that it was illegal.

Justice Jairus Ngaah during his ruling faulted the government for not conducting a data protection impact assessment before rolling out Huduma Number cards last year.

The High Court Has also ordered the government to carry out an impact assessment before rolling out the Huduma cards.

“Order of mandamus is hereby issued compelling the government to conduct a data protection impact assessment in accordance with Section 31 of the data protection act before processing of data and rolling out the Huduma cards,” ordered the judge.

This decision comes after Katiba Institute and law scholar Yash Pal Ghai challenged the roll out of the cards over lack of guarantees of theft of misuse of Kenyans’ personal information.

The lobby group and Yash Pal Ghai argued that the state failed to subject the fresh registration of Kenyans to data protection impact assessment (DPIA) which is a requirement under the law.

The assessment’s objectives is to flag risks that could reveal breaches of privacy, loss of data and unlawful use of information like names, date of birth, post codes and residences.

Currently, majority of Kenyans have received Huduma Namba cards after its roll out. The current national identity cards will be invalidated on December this year.

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When Florence Akinyi Omollo gave birth to her daughter in 2019, she was elated. Little did she know this joy wouldn’t last long as her baby began developing persistent chest problems.

She resorted to getting the best medication for her daughter Everlyne Tiffany Owino by going to India on October 3.

The girl was to undergo an open-heart-surgery at New Delhi’s Fortis Escort Heart Institute (FEHI).

Since their stay was to last for three months in India, and the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) having committed to pay Ksh 500,000 as part of the bill, she decided to travel while her husband, a mechanic in Umoja Inner core, mobilized funds through friends and relatives.

She found out she was wrong after realizing that the surgery would cost Ksh 1 million. A double price from the 500,000 NHIF had committed to pay.

Since October 33, the little girl has not been admitted due to lack of hospital fees. On October 6, FEHI wrote to confirm that they had received the NHIF’s Guarantee of Payment (GOP) but noted the estimated cost was higher than ‘GOP.’

The mother is now forced to stay with her daughter in an affordable hotel in India, the girl survives only on suckling or blended fruits.

Akinyi has maintained that nothing can stop her from finding the straight and hopes.

Her decision to move to India was as a result of the doctor’s warning that time was running out and that the surgery would have to be done before the end of October.

With the decision she made with her husband, she traveled to India with the baby while the husband remained in Nairobi to organize a fund drive. Her return ticket cost sh 94,000.

“Due to the complexity of the case and severe PAH (Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension), the baby has been referred abroad where the pulmonary measures can be managed,” wrote Kenyatta National Hospital’s Naomi Gachara, the KNH’s Pediatric Cardiologist.

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Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe on Wednesday October 13, 2021 stated that he is also tired of the new mode of operation in the country since Kenya reported the first case of Covid-19.

He appreciated the fact that Kenyans are tired with the different measures such as the nationwide curfew, set by the government to curb the spread of the pandemic.

The CS while speaking exclusively to a local radio station said that the government will soon ease some of the Coivid-19 restrictions once the country registers a positive rate.

“I am tired too and I am a Kenyan and I want to get back to normal life but it will take a while to get back to what we call normal life because even after opening the economy, things like wearing of masks and social distancing will remain,” said Kagwe.

According to the CS, Covid-19 fatality rate has dropped significantly as a result of the government’s intervention.

He further stated that Kenya has made improvements in the fight against the novel virus, stating that the country’s fatality rate is currently below the global average.

He attributed this drop to Kenyans’ adherence to Covid-19 protocols and the commitment by health workers in the fight against the virus.

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A former MP is on the spot as residents of Membley Estate in Kiambu have protested after he established a bar in their neighborhood.

The attempts of the residents to call on relevant authorities to intervene has bore no fruits as the former MP of Ol Joro Orok constituency John Muriithi Waiganjo has continued to operate his bar and restaurant against the residence’s bylaws. The MP has however denied the allegations.

The residents have complained of loud music, strangers thronging the area and hundreds of vehicles being parked outside.

The residential area called Plant House is on the Eastern Bypass in Membley Estate. Residents have said with his family of six children and his wife, he occupies the house at the same time selling alcohol.

Last year, residents of Membley Daykio wrote to the Ruiru sub-county administrator, Deputy County Commissioner, Ruiru sub-county and the Kiambu County CEC for Lands, Housing and physical planning to complain about the changes.

However,a week ago, the politician told his neighbors off after social and mainstream media highlighted their plight.

He posted a letter on Whatsapp groups claiming that the Kiambu County planning, technical committee held on May 3 approved change of user.

However, residents claimed the letter is fake and he got it with the assistance of his brother who is an MCA for Kahawa West.

Despite their complains in 2020, the former MP sought for change of user on February 10. The letter said he was seeking regularization of change of use from residential to commercial.

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Veteran journalist and news anchor Badi Muhsin who has been working at the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) will be buried on Saturday October 9, 2021.

His family has announced that he will be laid to rest at the Kariakor Muslim Cemetery. Sources reveal that his body was transported from Mombasa to Nairobi overnight.

However, his burial will be strictly according to Muslim burial customs and that is why men will only be allowed to go and see his body at the grave site.

Badi Muhsin died at the age of 67 years having working at KBC for over three decades. At the time of his death, he had made a comeback to the station after it rebranded.

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Veteran Kenya Broadcasting Corporation journalist Bahdi Muhsin is dead. The Swahili maestro died on Friday, October 8, 2021.

Muhsin is a legend and celebrated journalist who made his way back to KBC.

The news anchor made his name at KBC and rose to be among the best Swahili news anchors. He led a bulletin for retired and late President Daniel Arap Moi.

Reports indicate that in 2020, the journalist underwent surgery to remove stones in his kidney.

Badi Muhsin who was born in Kitui was presented with the Order of Grand Warrior award in 2011 by the retired President Mwai Kibaki for his long service in journalism.

Muhsin retired a few years back but made a return to the national broadcasting soon after rebranding

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Nelius Mukami, the wife of former nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura has opened up about depression. She candidly narrated this on her social media saying that living with depression costs her a lot. She stated that living with anxiety and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the hardest experiences she has faced in life.

“It has taken a lot from me and it continues taking. It just takes so much effort to avoid it and it still finds me even i my happiest of days and in my solitude,”said Mukami. She also said that she sometimes finds it difficult to wake up in the morning for her routines.

Mukami said nobody seems to understand how it drains her just to get out of bed. She said depression has robbed her memories, experiences and people. “I find myself being broke and unworthy,” she claimed. She added that she has lost herself and she sometimes stare at the mirror and cannot recognize herself.

In a past interview with World Is, she revealed that she faced a rough time after losing two-thirds of her triplets. She disclosed that she has been fighting depression since April 2018 after being discharged from the hospital. She said her mental health journey has been a roller coaster and many find it hard to understand her.

Mukami lamented that her condition is not a state of mind that can just be done away with without proper motivation. She said she is however grateful for the days she lives. “I know deep down I am not broken and I am worthy. I know there is till so much for me to conquer,” she said. She regretted that she took a lot of time grieving the woman she was and forgot the woman she was becoming. “I am a work in progress,” said Mukami.

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A group of dancers from Kajiado had a bad day and had to spend their night in a police cell after their event organizer failed to properly arrange for their transport back from an event where they entertained guests.

The 16 dancers comprising of 14 women and two men said that they had been invited on Wednesday to perform in an adults education forum by Kajiado County’s First Lady Edna Lenku. She however failed to arrange for their transport back home.

One of the dancers said that the First Lady told them to hire a vehicle to the event and they did so. They told the driver he would be paid on reaching the event. However, they didn’t know a disappointment awaited them when the First Lady told them, “I have been told by the PA that the vehicle you used belonged to the county, so the staff has been asked by Lenku to give you money for lunch instead of bus fare.”

An elder member of the dance group said that their attempts to reach to Mrs. Lenku turned futile and the driver decided to drive the group to the police station for a solution to their predicament. Sources reveal that it was only through the intervention of a former MCA and good samaritans that the group got bus fare back home.

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A French photographer is in trouble for violation of privacy over a picture showing President Emmanuel Macron in swimming trunks on holiday in the Mediterranean. Paris prosecutor’s office said on Sunday that the matter is under investigation.

The photo was among the paparazzi shots published by the Voici gossip magazines in August 2020 that reportedly irked President Macron. Some of the pictures displayed the 43 year-old president while on holiday at the Bregancon fort, relaxing with his wife and other family members on a boat while he was in his swim suit. Other showed the president riding a jet ski while bare-chested but had a life jacket.

A French radio called Europe1 reported that the president and his wife Brigitte had filed a criminal complaint for invasion of privacy. The photographer identified as Thibault Daliphard, told AFP he had been summoned to appear at a police station near his village. The photographer said that he was surprised with the president’s reaction saying that the jet-ski photo showed a ‘a young, dynamic president who who looks almost Kennedyesque and this was flattering.

He added that past French leaders always posed for photographs on holiday at Bregancon fort, starting with Charles Pompidou and Valery Giscard in the 19770s. But while recent presidents such as Macron continued with the same tradition, photographers have tried their best to capture them in their privacy moments. Macron however decided to avoid the long lens of the paparazzi and he had the fort endowed with a pool at a a cost of $40,000, but he later said that he preferred the sea.

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Public Service Vehicles in Nairobi are yet to be blocked from picking and dropping passengers in the city’s petrol stations. This is if a motion presented before the county assembly of Nairobi sponsored by Umoja One MCA Mugambi, goes through.

The MCA wants the executive and the Nairobi Metropolitan Service to issue a public notice prohibiting all PSVs from terminating at petrol stations to either pick or drop passengers. The MCA argued that the lives of Kenyans are being put at risk. Noting that petrol stations are places where highly flammable substances are sold. They are dangerous zones where deaths can easily occur in case of an explosion. Mugambi added that leaders have the task of saving lives. “There are better places where PSVs can do their business away from danger,” he said.

He said that most PSVs have colluded with corrupt county officials to set up such stations oblivious of the danger they pose. Sources reveal that most petrol stations in Nairobi offer parking and other services to matatus. The county government issued a similar directive in 2019 but it failed to take effect. The county is currently struggling with space as the Green park terminus which would provide an alternative is still closed.

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Kenya’s education sector is at risk of facing a crisis after the midterm break, school heads have warned CS George Magoha.

Through the Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association (KESSHA) Chairman Kahi Indimuli, the heads have decried Prof Magoha’s leniency to parents over school fees payment.

According to Indimuli, schools are currently facing financial constraints and wanted parents to be pushed to settle their arrears.

“Schools are only having a few percent of parents clearing the fees balances with the largest percentage failing to clear while others send their children to school without fees,” Indimuli complained. 

CS Magoha had earlier asked headteachers to allow students to learn without interference. 

The CS in March 2021, released a Ksh15 billion capitation fee for students and pledged to ensure schools get more fundings. 

Headteachers, however, complained that the amount was less and couldn’t meet all their needs. 

On July 26, 2021, all learners will start their first term for the 2021 school calendar. The term will end on October 1, 2021. 

Students will rest for nearly 10 days before they begin the second term from October 11 to December 23, 2021. 

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Private detective Jane Mugo has fired a warning to a section of Kenyans trolling her on social media after her video went viral in a documentary that was aired by BBC.

Mugo remained on the top trends on Twitter for the better part of Monday, January 25, after netizens noted what they termed as an embarrassment in the video.

However, the detective has warned that she was monitoring the comments coming from the troll that had been created on social media.

From her chef tasting food before she eats, vicious dogs led by one christened Hitler – to beating up the security team to toughen them – the detective’s life caught the eye of netizens.

The video also captured the Spy queen stunting on what she termed her best taekwondo moves which left a section of Kenyans unimpressed.

Many of the comments, however, ridiculed the detective’s theatrical presentations and absurd claims regarding her prowess. 

In a statement, Mugo claimed that some of the comments were from pseudo accounts and others from people who were only jealous of her achievements.

“Am slowly monitoring the comments… Idles, haters who have never appeared on local radio station or their village limelight. They cannot show us what they have done in their village struggling to put food on the table yet jealous souls,” she stated.

She added that there was minimal talk about her success and accused netizens of concentrating on a joke that she made intentionally.

“Nobody is speaking about my training or my range. I am an African woman and I don’t regret loving myself. I pray you stay longer to witness my blessings,” she continued.

Mugo added that she did not mind any kind of publicity, where it was good or bad.

“While the world  is  congratulating me for winning in a male-dominated job, I saw some cheap desperate bloggers  vomiting  hatred looking for cheap  publicity.”

Mugo trended the better part of Monday after the documentary was aired, with most poking fun at the piece.

“That BBC documentary on Jane Mugo is painful viewing. Should’ve come with viewer discretion for those who don’t want to burn their brain cells,” Gabriel Oguda commented.

Controversial blogger Robert Alai termed the documentary as total crap.

Mugo came into the limelight in 2019 where she was caught up in a scandal, was arrested and later claimed her life was in danger.

Ever since she has been on and off the public scrutiny for one reason or the other.

Yesterday, she trended for the better part of the day when she introduced her squad who according to her had to undergo “rigorous” training to help in the line of duty.

She claimed she is one of the best detectives in the world and her prowess was celebrated worldwide.

Watch the video below.

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Mombasa’s governor Ali Hassan Joho caught the attention of curious Kenyans after photos of him seemingly in a reduced weight than other days.

Besides being popular as a politician, Joho is well known to be a “fashion-killer”.

He has continuously displayed his unquenchable taste of fashion ranging from clothes, shoes and even the style of hair-cut.

The soft spoken governor apart from working in his office also works on his body and the results have been outstanding. He has left ladies drooling over his looks.

Various sites have described him as trendy and the most awoke politician in these times.

Joho has proven that even with older age, and his stomach which some said makes him look ” oldie”, one can still over look with the keen interest of an agent in a polling station, their sense of fashion.

What to wear and what to avoid, diet and physical fitness. Joho has gone a bit higher by even making sure that he wears the most expensive outfits which he displays in his Instagram account.

All these portray that Joho has been enjoying his life without much issues. However, what caught Kenyans unaware sending spasms of worry in their already shaken souls brought by the dilemma of BBI, is Joho’s sudden loss of weight.

In the photos shared online, Joho seems to have experienced a dramatic loss of weight which made inquisitive Kenyans ask questions whether the self-proclaimed sultan is well.

Photo: Joho (Center) with Uhuru Kenyatta/ Courtesy

Here are some of the comments from concerned Kenyans:
@Clement Richu Malikh, “He looks dilapilated…hope all is well.”

@Gilbert Tanui, “The Governor has lost much weight he as to reduce zoezi”

@Julie Wanna, “Kariuki Mwangi amekonda sana😳😳

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The government through the ministry of Interior and Coordination of National government has announced  that Saturday, October 10 will be a public holiday.

The interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i in a statement dated Thursday, October 8 said Kenyans will celebrate the holiday named Huduma Day.

The CS  stated that the day will be observed through national prayers that will highlight service and volunteerism to the community.

“Kenyans are encouraged to participate in the prayers and promote national unity, social justice, cohesion and sustainable development in their communities for the benefit of present and future generations,” Matiang’i stated.

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday, December 19, 2019, honoured former head of state Mzee Moi’s special request.

Through a cabinet meeting he chaired, the president approved the renaming of Moi Day which falls on October 10, as Huduma Day.

The change was in line with former President Daniel Arap Moi’s desire that the day be commemorated as a day of service and volunteerism.

On Wednesday, October 7, President Uhuru Kenyatta announced a national weekend of prayer.

President Kenyatta dedicated Friday, October 9 to October 11, 2020, during which Kenyans are encouraged to pray for the country.

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Nancy Macharia

Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has issued new guidelines to teachers on anticipated reopening of schools.

The teachers’ employer on Wednesday September 30, 2020 announced that the reporting of teachers still stands as it had earlier been communicated.

The new guidelines have come barely two days after President Uhuru Kenyatta stated that he would only reopen schools after the Education and Health Ministries guarantee the safety of learners.

TSC boss Nancy Macharia stated that all teachers should report to their work stations, then the clock-in system be operationalised.

The school heads were further directed to have staff meetings to discuss the implementation of strategies on the resumption of teaching and learning.

Teachers will be tasked with developing timetables, preparation of schemes of work, working on the Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development (TPAD), and updating the Teachers Management Information System (TMIS).

Teachers will also be required to come up with psycho-social support systems to strengthen the guidance and counselling committee.

TSC further directed the tutors to develop strategies to ensure observance of the Ministry of Health protocols.

All schools are also instructed to establish a Covid-19 disaster management committee.

TSC added that it would conduct visits to schools to ensure compliance to the measures.

Earlier on, TSC stated that teachers who did not report at the set date would face dire consequences.

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