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AAK Unveils New Brand Identity Aimed At Delivering Better Farming, Better Food & Better Health

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The Agrochemicals Association of Kenya (AAK)/ CropLife Kenya unveiled a new brand identity today that more strongly reflects the ongoing transformation on its strategy towards delivering “Better Farming, Better Food, Better Health” to its stakeholders.

In the wake of changing global food and health needs, AAK will continue focusing on ensuring “human well-being through food, nutrition and health, and the sustainable use of our ecosystems.”

At the heart of this rebranding is a new logo and identity that communicates and reaffirms AAK’s/CropLife Kenya’s positioning and philosophy of sustainable high-quality food production and associated health benefits.

“Food and health needs have changed the world over, requiring us to reinforce our positioning in line with these changes and market expectations,” said Patrick Amuyunzu, the AAK Chairperson. “To this end, we are excited to inform you of the proposed sharpened positioning and benefits of AAK as seen through the eyes of our stakeholders.”

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Speaking during the unveiling of the new brand identity during a breakfast meeting held in Nairobi, Mr. Amuyunzu said that as the leader in pest management, AAK is building on its position as a “reliable and trusted source” of information and networking for all stakeholders.

“AAK is a facilitator, collaborator and reliable advocate of the policies and strategic linkages for improved food production and positive social contribution,” It will broaden its appeal and be able to expand to a new space. Today’s event will help increase relevance and value and drive growth to our members – Mr. Wachira Mureithi, Vice Chairperson of AAK

The new brand image resonates with offering solutions… not just issues of crop protection. “Our new position in the market will be a brand that reinforces our commitment to human well-being (food, nutrition & health) and sustainable use of ecosystem services and is envisaged to drive and solidify AAK as the authority in the market on matters concerning sustainable farming practices.”

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Our new brand outlook will also build and leverage on our international partnerships with CropLife international, CropLife Africa Middle East and other development partners, so as to further achieve our common objectives.

The AAK stakeholders and membership is drawn from the Ministry of Agriculture, the Pest Control Products Board (PCPB), partners, and AAK member companies. AAK would like to reiterate its commitment to work with the government and all its stakeholders towards the delivery of 100% food security, safety, and nutrition commitment in a sustainable manner now and in the future.

AAK has a rich history spanning 64 years with a focus on improving the lives of Kenyans through the provision of life-changing technologies for farmers.

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In 2005, AAK registered CropLife Kenya as a shift towards alignment with the global pesticide industry. AAK is therefore a member of CropLife Africa Middle East and consequently a member of CropLife International, which is the global representative of the pesticide and plant science industry.

The association stewards its products throughout their life cycles, from manufacture, distribution and use. In addition, following product use, the industry has developed programs to collect and recycle empty containers, to train pesticide users, extension agents, agrodealers and manufacturers in the responsible use of pesticides, AAK also runs awareness programmes to protect end users from the negative effects of counterfeited pest control products among other initiatives.

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